9 Most Amazing Deleted Scenes Of All Time

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Scenes can be cut out of movies for any number of reasons. Sometimes they grind the plot to a halt, while other times they clash with the tone of the rest of the movie. Often, they’re just totally unnecessary. These deleted scenes, however, are some of the greatest ever filmed which makes it even more of a shame that they ended up on the cutting room floor.
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It | 0:19
The Avengers | 1:18
Avengers: Infinity War | 2:14
Spider-Man 2 | 3:17
Unbreakable | 3:57
The Silence of the Lambs | 4:39
Jaws | 5:50
Lethal Weapon | 6:45
The Wizard of Oz | 7:36
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billsfan1970 - 3 månader sedan
No Aliens directors cut? Some of those scenes REALLY needed to remain.
Trixster Million
Trixster Million - 4 månader sedan
The beginning of the end of his demise? What?
Aurastag - 4 månader sedan
"The beginning of the end of his demise." That sentence really bothered me.
iAMaVOIDtripper GutterSlush666
iAMaVOIDtripper GutterSlush666 - 4 månader sedan
Um..... Langoliers are the eaters of worlds...... Just saying....
Nitara Jones
Nitara Jones - 4 månader sedan
Chris Evan's body is INSANE in Captain America. Just crazy
King_Feanor - 4 månader sedan
you forgot jacobs ladder
Adam Y.
Adam Y. - 4 månader sedan
Robert shaw poker scene in the sting = amazing
eddie lauz
eddie lauz - 4 månader sedan
African Canadians in movies in Canada were played by black actors
Me Meagain
Me Meagain - 4 månader sedan
9 out of 10 demonic clowns use Crest.
ericlogos - 4 månader sedan
I'm glad ALL of these scenes got cut. They're terrible.
Ignis Ferrum
Ignis Ferrum - 4 månader sedan
Pennywise isn't an "evil demon", btw. It is an eldritch monster known as a Glamour, from the Macroverse.
TheTruth IsOutThere
TheTruth IsOutThere - 4 månader sedan
When the tin man has a piss his helmet gets rusty.
ACK Preacher
ACK Preacher - 4 månader sedan
film hits the cutting room floor for a reason --
Ted Wilson
Ted Wilson - 4 månader sedan
The beginning of the end of his demise...wut?
Azathoth Hastur
Azathoth Hastur - 4 månader sedan
505 oh made a killer? by abuse? no you choose to kill no excuse you wre abused no excuse at all and so much made up abuse in history jsutifices tax theft and regulation theft is why world poor
Azathoth Hastur
Azathoth Hastur - 4 månader sedan
m knight shalaman sucks this is shit and this aanouncer sucks
Azathoth Hastur
Azathoth Hastur - 4 månader sedan
gommorah so ugly how is she fameous? 3:00
Azathoth Hastur
Azathoth Hastur - 4 månader sedan
uh how is old white frsutrated guy, who is almost all pwoerful lol so why frsutrated? and why odl if so powerful can regenerate body? and why his daughter black? lol zomg cant wait for alt hero
Azathoth Hastur
Azathoth Hastur - 4 månader sedan
they made thanos a pissed of fold white frustrated guy? how minorityish and anti white american how very jewish
Azathoth Hastur
Azathoth Hastur - 4 månader sedan
they made thanos a pissed of fold white frustrated guy? how minorityish and anti white american how very jewish
jigga jaw
jigga jaw - 4 månader sedan
Pennywise wasn't a demon, he was essentially an alien. He was from the same planet as the monstrous creatures from the movie "The Mist".
jigga jaw
jigga jaw - 3 månader sedan
@Jakk Frost But both times it was revealed to be some form of insect-like creature. Something with an exoskeleton. Once it was dead and its abilities were turned off, that is what was left on both occasions with two separate members of that species. I'd have to do some digging, but iirc King did say at one point that it was from the same world as the Mist creatures. I'd probably have to go over to the stephen king forums to find out exactly.
Jakk Frost
Jakk Frost - 3 månader sedan
@jigga jaw ~ Delayed response, sorry. I do remember from the book that there were two main reasons they were able to hurt/kill it. One reason was that it was stated *It* was, in a supernatural sense, bound by the rules governing the shape it took, ie silver bullets/projectiles could hurt or kill *It* when it was a werewolf. The other main reason they were able to hurt *It* was that they had to _believe_ that what they were doing could hurt it, and *It* was somewhat bound by their perceptions. (Like that bit with Stan saying his inhaler was battery acid). Therefore, when *It* was in spider form, they perceived it as a corporeal being, thus it became vulnerable to physical attack. Not very "realistic" if you look too deep into it, mind you, since a spider that size should have had proportionate strength that would make it like at least two or three times stronger than Spider Man, based on "the rules governing the shape it took" that I mentioned earlier.
jigga jaw
jigga jaw - 4 månader sedan
@Jakk Frost I'm not sure about that... they did kill it after all. By stabbing it repeatedly in the guts. And it did leave a corpse. Also, the gunslinger killed another one iirc, that fed on laughter. Only thing is it would force you to laugh until you died. It too resembled a giant bug of some sort, when it died. All he did was give it a few new holes with his revolver, suggesting that it does have a corporeal form. It fools you into thinking its... well whatever it wants, but if you had an anti telepathy helmet on (like say Magneto has) then you'd just see some nasty big bug there, that you'd kill some way or another. Cause I'm sure you could sense its malevolence towards you. The insect-esque appearance lends credence to it being from the "mist world" or "the void", since it resembles the other awful creatures that live there. It may survive there the same way, just feeding off of whatever it can trick them into thinking or feeling, even if they are just animals of some kind.
Jakk Frost
Jakk Frost - 4 månader sedan
@jigga jaw ~ You're operating from a flawed conclusion, though. We don't know what Pennywise's true form looks like, just that the spider form is the closest the human mind could come to comprehending It. That doesn't even mean Its true form had legs _at all._ It could simply mean that in terms of human experience, a spider was the closest they could come to approximating Its _nature._ (IE trapping young people in Its "web" of fear and then slowly coming to either devour them, or leaving them dangling til later when It becomes hungry.)
jigga jaw
jigga jaw - 4 månader sedan
@Jakk Frost He may have had abilities that we would consider "supernatural" but he was definitely from a planet, as were the myst creatures. Their bodies were set up to deal with gravity. Hence the legs and ability to walk. Probably there are planets of some kind in this void, who knows. But he walked on legs when they finally caught up with pennywise and killed him, and he strongly resembled the creatures from the myst. It may be that the mist creatures were all just animals basically, but pennywise's species had intelligence. Alien just means foreigner, outsider, so technically alien applies here. Just not one from this universe... we think. The doorways constructed by the dead civilization in the dark tower series, don't really get specific on which universe exactly, each one leads to. It seems like some of them lead to the same universe as the builders of the doors, while others lead out of it. Like to ours, and to the void.
Tacocat backwards is tacocat Pizzaazzip
The spider man scene wasn’t cut
Jakk Frost
Jakk Frost - 4 månader sedan
I think it was cut from the original theatrical release, but may have been added back in in an extended version, or as a post-credits scene.
Danish Rizwan
Danish Rizwan - 4 månader sedan
Pennywise : Here take the boat Georgie
Georgie : Umm No Bye
*Roll Credits*
rockstarcrossing - 4 månader sedan
Regan's Spiderwalk in The Exorcist...
11sdownie - 4 månader sedan
Looper really licks Marvel’s ass don’t they
C S - 4 månader sedan
Same song every video, hard to watch these anymore..
TheLun4tic - 4 månader sedan
"Ask for her number, you moron"
- Men, always remember, Stan Lee whenever I have aproach anxiety :D
NejiHina100 - 5 månader sedan
You really should state out the numbers. You went from It to Avengers and for a few seconds I legit thought Captain American was once one of the kids from Derry, even though I knew better. There was no pause or notification but in the small right corner people hardly look at to let me know otherwise.
Russell Thomas
Russell Thomas - 5 månader sedan
So cool how did you find these?
pustulio81 - 5 månader sedan
Well, one thing is for sure, Thanos really did love Gamora as a daughter. You can go so far as to say that Gamora loved Thanos in some way. She was semi-devastated when she thought she killed him.
SimplyLimbo - 5 månader sedan
Thank you ! I cant believe how the sotl scene got under my radar.
Jacob Hansen
Jacob Hansen - 5 månader sedan
Why the crappy music in the background?
I'm Only A Man And I Will Die Some Day
I wonder if Pennywise's true form is actually a psionic/telekenetic alien, trapped here on earth for god knows how long, without a way home. Maybe the only survivor of a crash. Otherwise, surely there would be many, many more of these creatures (sexual or asexual reproduction) throughout the world or at least North and maybe South America. Poor thing, all alone, could have gone completely insane. With that said, it predates on humans and must be destroyed like a rabid animal or hunted down, captured, and studied.
Speed Racer
Speed Racer - 5 månader sedan
That Avengers scene would had gave more character insight on Cap's isolation.
Matt·Dylan - 5 månader sedan
too much capeshit,otherwise pretty good
Leviwosc - 5 månader sedan
1:56 is that Stan Lee?
Rose J
Rose J - 5 månader sedan
The narrator is excellent!
one badmoto
one badmoto - 5 månader sedan
Hannibal wasn’t showing empathy, it was only self pity. His story shows why he would understand it, but obviously like all psychopaths he only understands himself, not others.
Dcard Dcardian
Dcard Dcardian - 5 månader sedan
The only thing I did what to have left in, in a movie was blazing saddles. When they are in the dark room and she sayes: What they say about you people, it is ture, it is ture. Than a second passes and he is like: Ma'am that is my arm.
Dcard Dcardian
Dcard Dcardian - 5 månader sedan
The only thing I did what to have left in, in a movie was blazing saddles. When they are in the dark room and she sayes: What they say about you people, it is ture, it is ture. Than a second passes and he is like: Ma'am that is my arm.
ontarioknivesNS7 - 5 månader sedan
Odd, my copy of lethal weapon, that scene is left in and part of the beginning.
Speed Racer
Speed Racer - 5 månader sedan
Thats the director's cut
Advocate For A TYT Canada
Advocate For A TYT Canada - 5 månader sedan
1:11,... "After all, the murder of Georgie was the beginning of the end of his demise??" ??The beginning of the end??,... So it's the beginning - OF THE END - of this death??????? just sayin' *: )*
E-MAN - 5 månader sedan
I wish the school yard sniper was kept on
E-MAN - 5 månader sedan
5:50 I strongly disagree
irish66 - 5 månader sedan
Whatever about the others, The silence of the Lambs one didn't work for me. Hopkins delivery failed to convince me.
Eugene - 5 månader sedan
Do you realise that half of your video is unnecessary introductory filling money crap?
Chuck Lotro
Chuck Lotro - 5 månader sedan
Billy has a pet........
MRPROH - 5 månader sedan
I didn't subscribe and i didn't smash the like button
Michael Bisceglia
Michael Bisceglia - 5 månader sedan
I have a version of Jaws that shows that scene
sizlax - 5 månader sedan
The cut scene from IT, well, it wasn't really a cut scene so much as an extra scene. If they'd run it with the scene, it woulda essentially had the exact same scene done two ways, and playing consecutively, one after the other. That woulda just been confusing (especially if they played the so-called 'cut' scene, after the original).
#Fashwave - 5 månader sedan
Full of crappy Super-Queero movies, great video for 12 year olds. and grown man-children.
B. McClure
B. McClure - 5 månader sedan
david tomlin
david tomlin - 5 månader sedan
Light cliper omnibus fllower and wharp time line the fast company space jumper link
Dorth Surreal
Dorth Surreal - 6 månader sedan
They cut a Stan Lee Cameo? Wtf?
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - 6 månader sedan
You forgot where Pennywise says "Aw, Shit."
Terri Meakin-rosario
Terri Meakin-rosario - 6 månader sedan
Riggs is someone I can understand. thanks for the add in. I loved that character!
Jonathan Berman
Jonathan Berman - 7 månader sedan
The end of The Goonies was supposed to have a big fight with a giant squid... only drawings of the scene remain, and the scene was never shot, but there's still dialog in the end hinting at its plausible existence when Data talks about it and everyone just assumes he';s just exaggerating as usual... nope, that scene he describes was originally intended.
Charles Herold
Charles Herold - 7 månader sedan
The first two scenes weren't remotely amazing. How did this get so many upvotes when it's so worthless?
Adeili Maya
Adeili Maya - 7 månader sedan
The original IT was better.
Carson Welch
Carson Welch - 7 månader sedan
That spiderman 2 part wasnt cut? I saw that in the movie