The Lion King | 2019 NEW Trailer | Official Disney UK

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RedPaintedPaw - 5 dagar sedan
The nostalgiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....
Seyir TV
Seyir TV - 25 dagar sedan
Looks like a nice movie.
Aylin Sa
Aylin Sa - Månad sedan
OMG I can’t wait it’s my favorite movie and my boys to they love it
Vanda Carneiro
Vanda Carneiro - 2 månader sedan
Vanda Carneiro
Vanda Carneiro - 2 månader sedan
Prashant Meshram
Prashant Meshram - 2 månader sedan
I like the small one.
prashant meshram
prashant meshram - 2 månader sedan
Wall e is better film than this trailer.
T5 G
T5 G - 2 månader sedan
Amazing CGI in this movie probably the best movie they’ve made
Maxi Immortality
Maxi Immortality - 2 månader sedan
Joe Falotico
Joe Falotico - 2 månader sedan
So excited for this movie!!
pm - 3 månader sedan
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody - 3 månader sedan
Are they bringing any original casts from lion king the animated version.
purextc692008 - 3 månader sedan
Where is the emotion??? None of the characters have any at all... Very disappointing. Visually great, but without any expression from the characters it will loose audience connection to them.
Darling Pretty
Darling Pretty - 3 månader sedan
Arbeli Rozenberg
Arbeli Rozenberg - 3 månader sedan
Back in the past Disney used to make wonderful hand drawn animation. Now they just take clips from National Geographic's channel
Tito Amanwa
Tito Amanwa - 3 månader sedan
I've been getting the goosebumps and showing everyone this trailer. Scar looks mean, intimidating and as wretched as he should be. Chiwetel Ejiofor's voice may not be as frightening as Jeremy Irons, but he's perfect for the remake. Brilliant cast if you ask me. I'm a die hard fan of the Lion King and this trailer is magnificent.
leanne tauro
leanne tauro - 3 månader sedan
I can’t wait!
BeatSmith Laden
BeatSmith Laden - 3 månader sedan
I've watched this trailer like 50 times now
Marley Ray
Marley Ray - 2 månader sedan
It’s BOOGRI - 3 månader sedan
I wonder how realistic they made . Goosebumps
Random RK
Random RK - 3 månader sedan
Finally see timon and pumba
Coleonwheels Sings Matilda the Musical
Both look sooooo good and I am going to see both in theatres
MICHELLE - 3 månader sedan
I’m already crying fml
Tzeentch - 3 månader sedan
I can't hate this it's just so well done hopefully the actual movie is just as good but seeing it's a Disney remake I'm not holding my breath
Andrew Layton
Andrew Layton - 3 månader sedan
bizarre cast, fam
Kane Dash
Kane Dash - 3 månader sedan
Not impressed with the trailer at all. Just looks like a live action remake. And we all knew they were gonna end the trailer with that scene.
Sapphire Jack
Sapphire Jack - 3 månader sedan
What is up with Scar?
Student Freeman Morgan
Student Freeman Morgan - 3 månader sedan
I can’t imagine this failing because they just took the original and made it cgi, unlike when the Dumbo remake came out and got torn up because you took out some very memorable moments, so this might work. But still, you are pretty much watching the same exact movie this one, and I am actually not interested in the first place.🤔
BotPlayerLegacy - 3 månader sedan
Full of 4K experiences
DeOnn Norton
DeOnn Norton - 3 månader sedan
Can you feel the hate tonight? Cause this movie is just
bullwinkle524 - 3 månader sedan
I’m not disappointed by Scar. Jafar on the other hand...
Jay Croix
Jay Croix - 3 månader sedan
Thats a TIGERS roar disney! So much disrespect for the lion.
Trillionaire Account
Trillionaire Account - 3 månader sedan
One question guys: Diseny has collaborated with National Geography or Animal Planet.
_Night_Step_Shadow_ - 2 månader sedan
Jesus Christ yes.
Tom Holland Underwear
Tom Holland Underwear - 3 månader sedan
Ugh that meme song at the end ruined this trailer!
Ridge Josephs
Ridge Josephs - 3 månader sedan
this is gonna destroy box office
NANDA KUMAR - 3 månader sedan
Lion is perfect example for care
Ridge Josephs
Ridge Josephs - 3 månader sedan
Awsommmmmmmme!!!!!!cant wait, im gonna cry all over again
jacob drolet
jacob drolet - 3 månader sedan
Great looking trailer but scar adult Samba pumba also the hyenas looks to grey very dark hot mess too this worries me about the me not good hope does good love the original movie etc
nany montalvo
nany montalvo - 3 månader sedan
Sucks if the original people are not going to be in it scars character voice sucks
Tsai Tan
Tsai Tan - 3 månader sedan
scar looks like a malnourished lion
Azula The Devil's Wench
Azula The Devil's Wench - 3 månader sedan
RedVelvetReaper Yeah, but at least he was a cool villian!
RedVelvetReaper - 3 månader sedan
Scar always looked like a malnourished lion.
christina stanfield
christina stanfield - 3 månader sedan
the movie that will inspire a whole new generation of furries
Ralph Ortega
Ralph Ortega - 3 månader sedan
The original version looked better.
Azula The Devil's Wench
Azula The Devil's Wench - 3 månader sedan
Ralph Ortega In every meaning of the word, too!
Josh Travis
Josh Travis - 3 månader sedan
guess im the only one that likes scar's look..ok

the voice could be better tho but i aint mad at it
hollow Slayer
hollow Slayer - 3 månader sedan
Shari Miller
Shari Miller - 3 månader sedan
Andrew Meyer
Andrew Meyer - 3 månader sedan
I'll give this movie's animation credit: it looks fantastic.

*HOWEVER* this is such a downgrade. The characters don't look expresive in the slightest. No one asked for this movie. This one should've stayed as the cartoon
by 22fifa
by 22fifa - 3 månader sedan
David Ortiz
David Ortiz - 3 månader sedan
Look up Kimba The White Lion
Martin Kreps
Martin Kreps - 3 månader sedan
I'm in LOVE with this trailer. I really want to see this SOOOO bad!
Alejandro Gomez
Alejandro Gomez - 3 månader sedan
I don't know if it's nostalgia from hearing that song for the first time when I was like 7, but that, was magnificent.
CyckOne - 3 månader sedan
I love how the photo realistic CGI completely misses the charm and personality of the original’s facial expressions!
I love how Adult Simba looks exactly like Mufasa!
I love how something as simple as Simba drinking across the way from Nala is devoid of all passion and intimacy because it essentially now boils down to one bored dead pan lion looking at another bored dead pan lion!
I can’t wait to do Lion King all over again, only worse!