Andy Cohen Talks Fatherhood, WWHL & Housewives Drama

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Cilba Magazine
Cilba Magazine - 12 dagar sedan
He looks great for 51!!
Esty Tailor
Esty Tailor - 13 dagar sedan
He looks 70 why? 😀
Felicia Hunt
Felicia Hunt - 14 dagar sedan
So proud of theses two! A star on the walk of fame!
REALITEA PARODY - 15 dagar sedan
I think Andy should lose his virginity to Wendy. I’d pay to see him top her.😂😂
castodivo - 17 dagar sedan
He is so adorable. I love him so much!
Eli G
Eli G - 18 dagar sedan
I can't stand this guy
Lalay Coco
Lalay Coco - 18 dagar sedan
8:09 what is that sound lmao
Magenta Tea Carlton
Magenta Tea Carlton - 18 dagar sedan
I couldn’t tell if Andy was interviewing Wendy or Wendy was interviewing andy
Nick Oxborrow
Nick Oxborrow - 18 dagar sedan
Two of my favourite people ❤️❤️
Paul Kihiu
Paul Kihiu - 19 dagar sedan
They need to do this more often
They literally look like a pair of messy best friends
Paul Kihiu
Paul Kihiu - 19 dagar sedan
OMG look how happy she is 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
mykelcohen - 19 dagar sedan
All I see is a messy man.
William Aleman
William Aleman - 21 dag sedan
Wendy can talk for days, but atleast she can entertain. Xo
William Aleman
William Aleman - 21 dag sedan
Andy is cool.
Kevin Löffler
Kevin Löffler - 21 dag sedan
i liked him - but he is a real backstaber..ask kathy griffin!
Freshangel E.N
Freshangel E.N - 22 dagar sedan
memedicine - 22 dagar sedan
Andy is very youthful looking
memedicine - 22 dagar sedan
aw Ben is a cutie!!!!
Ed San
Ed San - 22 dagar sedan
racist messy queen, we see you
Tina - 22 dagar sedan
Love Andy!
J R - 22 dagar sedan
Messy Andy
Miguel Pacheco
Miguel Pacheco - 22 dagar sedan
This foo makes me wish I wasn't gay 🙄
Dez OilOfUlay
Dez OilOfUlay - 22 dagar sedan
Andy Cohen....Cowardly Cokehead, Misogynist lowkey racist just like Trumps but plug at TMZ Harvey Levin #WakeUp #TheyDontRespectUs
Mary Graham
Mary Graham - 23 dagar sedan
I like this Wendy much better. I hope she gets every thing in her divorce.
Brittany Hustle
Brittany Hustle - 24 dagar sedan
I LOVEEE Andy! great watch.
NextStop - 24 dagar sedan
This is wild 🥺
Mark Mwendwa
Mark Mwendwa - 24 dagar sedan
He ripped that bandaid off, HAAAAAARRRDD!!!!
Nida Noor
Nida Noor - 24 dagar sedan
Vee - 25 dagar sedan
Wendy seems so different. I like this Wendy.
anna hill
anna hill - 26 dagar sedan
Andy just now see you on Wendy Williams show (YouTube online) and loved every minute of it can't wait to see her on your show in September (Wendy please don't cancel) Love you Andy Cohen for always keeping it real even if you are a lil messy sometimes.
Loved_nomatter_what Garner
Loved_nomatter_what Garner - 26 dagar sedan
Deandra Ford
Deandra Ford - 26 dagar sedan
Wendy has got her spark back and I am loving her even more!! So glad she is finally happy again
Ifeoma Makolo
Ifeoma Makolo - 26 dagar sedan
It seems that Wendy has a crush on Andy
Kiara Williams
Kiara Williams - 27 dagar sedan
Stop. Don’t try to get the gays to conform. He’s a real gay lol
Raven Whitechapel
Raven Whitechapel - 27 dagar sedan
Hey he actually looks sober good for you Andy
Eve Storm
Eve Storm - 27 dagar sedan
Wendy without that monster is my absolute FAV😍😍 we love you wendddy
Lori Jenn
Lori Jenn - 28 dagar sedan
"Corduroy in July?" "Those shoes are worn out" lmao 😂
Antonio Alves
Antonio Alves - 28 dagar sedan
My husband being interviewed by Wendy, without my permission, without me hahahahaha Oh I thought I had a crush on him but today I melted! Andy, be my valentine please! hahahaha
turi319 - 29 dagar sedan
Andy is such trash.
Julia Blascoe
Julia Blascoe - 29 dagar sedan
Maybe there is a reason why he stayed away for 6 years. Why ask about his sex life. She did that last time:(
Michael Godoy
Michael Godoy - 29 dagar sedan
I want to like Andy, but I can’t get out of my head how he treated Kathy Griffin. Plus, how he took over her New Year’s Eve spot with that back-stabbing Anderson Cooper. It was a cheap swoop-in.
Ghost Princess
Ghost Princess - 29 dagar sedan
Is the mobile in the clubhouse?
Ghost Princess
Ghost Princess - 29 dagar sedan
Hahaha HighLarious!
Dee Fitzgerald
Dee Fitzgerald - 29 dagar sedan
I love Andy....
LaTonea - Månad sedan
Ya'll he was higher than a kite. lol Go Andy!
Elizabeth Harris
Elizabeth Harris - Månad sedan
I’m from Potomac and we have more whites than blacks. Your show just picked out all blacks and to me that is racist. You just wanted the fighters to make money. Potomac people do not act the way they do. It’s a big lie. FOR RATINGS!
y s
y s - Månad sedan
11:30 How you doin' mister staff member!
Providence Tarot
Providence Tarot - Månad sedan
I’m a gold star gay too!
Dyana Larios
Dyana Larios - Månad sedan
Wendy is so much better off without her ex!
RHOAZ - Månad sedan
Andy has never looked better, damn boy!
queque_ - Månad sedan
Andy must do coke to hype himself up. Buddy geekin lol. He is too turnt
tosheatower - Månad sedan
Eww are they both high. The way they are acting doesn't seem normal.
bedshaped85 - Månad sedan
Each time Andy brushed his nose I immediately thought of former cocaine abusers. Am I alone here?!
Stephanie Zaragoza
Stephanie Zaragoza - Månad sedan
I freakin love Andy !!!
J E ss E Y
J E ss E Y - Månad sedan
Andy is a snake! We know what you did you Kathy Griffin, coke whore
Teresa Brinkman
Teresa Brinkman - Månad sedan
Andy!That baby boy, COULD BEN BE ANY CUTIER???!!! Get Jenny McCarthy Walburg, & Anderson to host your STAR! congratulations !!
Jamaican Beauty
Jamaican Beauty - Månad sedan
Happiness looks good on you Wendy.
ABC ABC - Månad sedan
Stacey Brownlee -SDAT-
Stacey Brownlee -SDAT- - Månad sedan
SCREAMING WENDY YESSSSS.... Andy yes!!!! The truth is the light. This her girl is BACKKKKKKK
Sezz Bo
Sezz Bo - Månad sedan
Kevin Cunter
A. Lopez
A. Lopez - Månad sedan
I love Andy!!!
LOVE your HAIR and love your show !!! Happy BIRTHDAY
ChicTiff - Månad sedan
Chile. I need to tell my friend I’m not a fan of her husband.
kenakaren - Månad sedan
Did Andy got pregnant?
A Dwek
A Dwek - Månad sedan
He’s so creepy
Nicole Scott
Nicole Scott - Månad sedan
Aura Colucci
Aura Colucci - Månad sedan
Andy should watch himself on video your dead eyes stare straight ahead and u dont blink and then your mouth moves ugily all over your face stop moving your mouth like that its horrible
Lisa Was here
Lisa Was here - Månad sedan
Shady lady. Kevin doo-doo bye
Danyelle Hunt
Danyelle Hunt - Månad sedan
Did anyone notice how QUICKLY Wendy deflected when Andy spoke his truth about Kelvin .. I really hope she speaks her truth once this is all over with .. But I guess for now we have to keep listening to her fake PC responses 🤦🏼‍♀️
Simmer Pete
Simmer Pete - Månad sedan
Can we stop milking the single Wendy crap. She isn’t single and probably won’t ever be.
D Ferrell
D Ferrell - Månad sedan
I really feel like wendy...ive been with a person for 16 years almost 17 in january ..not married..have four kids together ..the oldest is 15.. Then 14 then 11 then 9....i don't know nothin else... ..this relationship has run its course but im struggling with letting go.. Together at him29 and me 18.. Its hard...real hard..i can go on but imma let it go rite here ..
LOVE life
LOVE life - Månad sedan
I love him! & his show
Ithaka Yakame'
Ithaka Yakame' - Månad sedan
Shoe thing turn off.
cam12 cam12
cam12 cam12 - Månad sedan
When Wendy said: you just get used to give... She was revering to her relationship. The pause was everything between them. He knew what she ment
daddyhp - Månad sedan
Andy Cohen is absolute perfection in every way what I’d do for 5 mins with him GRRRR!!!
Sammy Keogh
Sammy Keogh - Månad sedan
I don’t like him at alll
Nicole White
Nicole White - Månad sedan
My favorite duo of all time!
J F - Månad sedan
This guy is a Cee U Next Tuesday!
Adams Newman
Adams Newman - Månad sedan
/ Andy. Ever since the lvp stuff. I am over it and him.
2VEGAS - Månad sedan
Baby nurse wtf