Fortnite World Cup - Week 6 Finals

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Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.


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Chaib Azaryah
Chaib Azaryah - Månad sedan
BleTrick - Månad sedan
I really wish Ninja and Reverse Qualified 😔. They were so close, 2 points away. It’s sad.
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Luke S
Luke S - 2 månader sedan
All the comments from people asking for pump back hahaha it’s back now
faze defortnite boI
faze defortnite boI - 2 månader sedan
Plz add marvel weapon to creative 😡😡😡
tryhard chakeal
tryhard chakeal - 3 månader sedan
Subscribe or like please
Mr. Llama
Mr. Llama - 3 månader sedan
Deanna Hunt
Deanna Hunt - 3 månader sedan
Is ninja going to be there
Walfrido Silva
Walfrido Silva - 3 månader sedan
Sestao bem gordinhos
Mannessee Rachel
Mannessee Rachel - 3 månader sedan
Nice Thumbnail
Raymond Carbonell
Raymond Carbonell - 3 månader sedan
It's reallll
ATS_ Filipe_YT
ATS_ Filipe_YT - 3 månader sedan
God luck
Safia so
Safia so - 3 månader sedan
Bonjour epic game j'ai perdu mon compte c'est jijiamad
Springer Joseph
Springer Joseph - 3 månader sedan
works omg
Jesse DeBois
Jesse DeBois - 3 månader sedan
Who won
riceman is gay
riceman is gay - 3 månader sedan
GhøuLL - 3 månader sedan
Dear fortnite, please take out the tac shotgun and add back the pump.Please and i say please add back siphon and take out the boom bow.Also, make the drum gun a higher rarity (keep the same stats)
Iqra Adeel
Iqra Adeel - 3 månader sedan
Everyone wants pump back
Arnav Singh
Arnav Singh - 3 månader sedan
and vault combat shotgun
Arnav Singh
Arnav Singh - 3 månader sedan
bring bavk pump
4SurEast1 - 3 månader sedan
the background
Dexters Story
Dexters Story - 3 månader sedan
Mongraal is a fudging god
Nour Osman
Nour Osman - 3 månader sedan
when mum says last video like if agree
Krussell86 - 3 månader sedan
I put 3 comments in random videos 2 days ago literally just saying
Zain 7
Zain 7 - 3 månader sedan
Tfue vs faze
Like for tfue
Comment for faze
Zain 7
Zain 7 - 3 månader sedan
Anime Stream Legend
Anime Stream Legend - 3 månader sedan
We're is Poland 😐
Gold gaming
Gold gaming - 3 månader sedan
Fortnite bring back the peely as a robot
Mr Kyogrechar3
Mr Kyogrechar3 - 3 månader sedan
LuGia YT
LuGia YT - 3 månader sedan
5:38:23 ninja shoots threw a wall and kills tfue
Quick ClipsYT
Quick ClipsYT - 3 månader sedan
Bikerboy YT that was the replay
Janet Francis
Janet Francis - 3 månader sedan
MC HALIDOXX - 3 månader sedan
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4. After you tap on the item, you will notice a pop-up that asks you to register your credit card f or future in-app purchases.
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Katja Gehde
Katja Gehde - 3 månader sedan
Hallo Mutti
_Gabriel - 3 månader sedan
5:38:02 ninja mata a tfue
Sektema - 3 månader sedan
_Gabriel hasta lo remata
Freya !!
Freya !! - 3 månader sedan
I like big Chungus
Trigzyツ゚ - 3 månader sedan
Tfue and Faze took straight out of Compton and made it straight outta faze.
Sub to Pewdiepie
Sub to Pewdiepie - 3 månader sedan
Why are vehicles banned in Competitive and Arena ??
TRN Thunder
TRN Thunder - 3 månader sedan
Ill sub to anyone who subs to me and likes this post
Sammy Maravilla
Sammy Maravilla - 3 månader sedan
Hi ninja
all over the world
all over the world - 3 månader sedan
I wish someone could subscribe to my channel 😭
Aidan - 4 månader sedan
peely slurp plz
Esteven Grandon Ulloa
Esteven Grandon Ulloa - 4 månader sedan
Nevan Bhai
Nevan Bhai - 4 månader sedan
whos watching this in 1997
xd xeno
xd xeno - 4 månader sedan
Tien Dinh - Elev Rosenfeldtskolan 5B
Jce - 4 månader sedan
Everybody be killin LYGHT:) rip
ct350r - 4 månader sedan
What happen to that fiveskill guy he still around
Mauro Wilson
Mauro Wilson - 4 månader sedan
Actually soooo good
Dennis Sokol
Dennis Sokol - 4 månader sedan
Oh and btw bring the pump back
Dennis Sokol
Dennis Sokol - 4 månader sedan
Yo epic pls read and comment this: What theme will you put for season 10
Dennis Sokol
Dennis Sokol - 3 månader sedan
Why u so toxic kid
The Thot Slayer
The Thot Slayer - 3 månader sedan
Dennis Sokol why would they tell you? They haven’t told anyone else so why would they tell a nobody like you
Adamskiii YT
Adamskiii YT - 4 månader sedan
Epic games can you make it so you can choose the default skin u want to use
Jonne Hiukka
Jonne Hiukka - 4 månader sedan
The only thing you want is views
tntdaandaniel - 4 månader sedan
tntdaandaniel - 3 månader sedan
Arielx DexteRz yea
Dexters Story
Dexters Story - 3 månader sedan
Was that just a time stamp for yourself or something
gaMEX David
gaMEX David - 4 månader sedan
Who was the winner?
Kempo Playz
Kempo Playz - 4 månader sedan
Epic can you give me the prison to get a map code my epic name is kempo playz I don’t have the ability to publish maps and I am a YouTuber so I will give you a shoutout if you do this please and thank you
plankton me
plankton me - 4 månader sedan
Guess ninja is better than tfue, how dare u tfue I believed in u
Tim Magnus
Tim Magnus - 3 månader sedan
Buttercup Cutie he was searching for his 80%
Karolin Kasemaa
Karolin Kasemaa - 4 månader sedan
word cup sukcs
survival luly
survival luly - 4 månader sedan
Pourquoi sur xbox on ne peux pas jouer nouvelle maj x jordan ????
Tim Magnus
Tim Magnus - 4 månader sedan
survival luly ha bon? Sur PC la mise à jour est accessible
aguacate c
aguacate c - 4 månader sedan
No puedo jugar en Xbox one a fortnie me pide que tenga Xbox one gold
Joseph Dotterer
Joseph Dotterer - 4 månader sedan
Fortnite, Can you add a team selection to the basketball skins I whould love that. I bought it but I was kind of dissapointed please add team choices to the OG B-Ball skins
Руслан Зияшев
Руслан Зияшев - 4 månader sedan
Fortnite is not working on the phone