Fortnite World Cup - Week 6 Finals

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Mr. Llama
Mr. Llama - 17 timmar sedan
Deanna Hunt
Deanna Hunt - Dag sedan
Is ninja going to be there
Walfrido Silva
Walfrido Silva - 6 dagar sedan
Sestao bem gordinhos
Mannessee Rachel
Mannessee Rachel - 9 dagar sedan
Nice Thumbnail
Raymond Carbonell
Raymond Carbonell - 10 dagar sedan
It's reallll
ATS_ FilipeYT
ATS_ FilipeYT - 12 dagar sedan
God luck
Safia so
Safia so - 14 dagar sedan
Bonjour epic game j'ai perdu mon compte c'est jijiamad
Springer Joseph
Springer Joseph - 15 dagar sedan
works omg
Jesse DeBois
Jesse DeBois - 17 dagar sedan
Who won
Rizwan Patel
Rizwan Patel - 18 dagar sedan
Martim Miguel
Martim Miguel - 19 dagar sedan
GhøuLL - 20 dagar sedan
Dear fortnite, please take out the tac shotgun and add back the pump.Please and i say please add back siphon and take out the boom bow.Also, make the drum gun a higher rarity (keep the same stats)
Iqra Adeel
Iqra Adeel - 21 dag sedan
Everyone wants pump back
Arnav Singh
Arnav Singh - 23 dagar sedan
and vault combat shotgun
Arnav Singh
Arnav Singh - 23 dagar sedan
bring bavk pump
4SurEast1 - 23 dagar sedan
the background
Arielx DexteRz
Arielx DexteRz - 23 dagar sedan
Mongraal is a fudging god
Nour Osman
Nour Osman - 23 dagar sedan
when mum says last video like if agree
Krussell86 - 23 dagar sedan
I put 3 comments in random videos 2 days ago literally just saying
Zain 7
Zain 7 - 23 dagar sedan
Tfue vs faze
Like for tfue
Comment for faze
Zain 7
Zain 7 - 23 dagar sedan
Anime Stream Legend
Anime Stream Legend - 23 dagar sedan
We're is Poland 😐
Karrie Fortenberry
Karrie Fortenberry - 23 dagar sedan
Fortnite bring back the peely as a robot
Mr Kyogrechar3
Mr Kyogrechar3 - 23 dagar sedan
Bikerboy YT
Bikerboy YT - 23 dagar sedan
5:38:23 ninja shoots threw a wall and kills tfue
Quick Clips
Quick Clips - 23 dagar sedan
Bikerboy YT that was the replay
Janet Francis
Janet Francis - 23 dagar sedan
FeAr HALIDOXX - 23 dagar sedan
iKONIK Skin Redemption Steps
1. Download Fortnite on your Galaxy Beyond from the Samsung folder > Galaxy Apps and tap on the Fortnite Banner.
2. Tap INSTALL AND OPEN in the Quick Installation Pop-up, then read through and accept the terms and conditions.
3. Once logged in, go to Store to get your iKONIC Skin. It should be listed at $0 price.
4. After you tap on the item, you will notice a pop-up that asks you to register your credit card f or future in-app purchases.
5. Tap Next to go through the steps to register your credit card. If you have already registered a credit card, you will be brought back to the store screen with the iKONIC Skin.
Katja Gehde
Katja Gehde - 24 dagar sedan
Hallo Mutti
_Gabriel - 24 dagar sedan
5:38:02 ninja mata a tfue
E Es
E Es - 21 dag sedan
_Gabriel hasta lo remata
Freya !!
Freya !! - 24 dagar sedan
I like big Chungus
Trigzyツ゚ - 24 dagar sedan
Tfue and Faze took straight out of Compton and made it straight outta faze.
Sub to Pewdiepie
Sub to Pewdiepie - 24 dagar sedan
Why are vehicles banned in Competitive and Arena ??
TRN Thunder
TRN Thunder - 24 dagar sedan
Ill sub to anyone who subs to me and likes this post
Sammy Maravilla
Sammy Maravilla - 25 dagar sedan
Hi ninja
MY GAME - 25 dagar sedan
I wish someone could subscribe to my channel 😭
Aidan - 25 dagar sedan
peely slurp plz
Esteven Grandon Ulloa
Esteven Grandon Ulloa - 25 dagar sedan
Nevan Bhai
Nevan Bhai - 25 dagar sedan
whos watching this in 1997
xd xeno
xd xeno - 26 dagar sedan
Jce - 26 dagar sedan
Everybody be killin LYGHT:) rip
ct350r - 26 dagar sedan
What happen to that fiveskill guy he still around
Mauro Wilson
Mauro Wilson - 26 dagar sedan
Actually soooo good
Dennis Sokol
Dennis Sokol - 26 dagar sedan
Oh and btw bring the pump back
Dennis Sokol
Dennis Sokol - 26 dagar sedan
Yo epic pls read and comment this: What theme will you put for season 10
Dennis Sokol
Dennis Sokol - 14 dagar sedan
Why u so toxic kid
The Thot Slayer
The Thot Slayer - 24 dagar sedan
Dennis Sokol why would they tell you? They haven’t told anyone else so why would they tell a nobody like you
Darx_ x
Darx_ x - 26 dagar sedan
Epic games can you make it so you can choose the default skin u want to use
Jonne Hiukka
Jonne Hiukka - 26 dagar sedan
The only thing you want is views
tntdaandaniel - 26 dagar sedan
tntdaandaniel - 23 dagar sedan
Arielx DexteRz yea
Arielx DexteRz
Arielx DexteRz - 23 dagar sedan
Was that just a time stamp for yourself or something
gaMEX David
gaMEX David - 26 dagar sedan
Who was the winner?
Kempo Playz
Kempo Playz - 26 dagar sedan
Epic can you give me the prison to get a map code my epic name is kempo playz I don’t have the ability to publish maps and I am a YouTuber so I will give you a shoutout if you do this please and thank you
Buttercup Cutie
Buttercup Cutie - 26 dagar sedan
Guess ninja is better than tfue, how dare u tfue I believed in u
Timothy Drake
Timothy Drake - 24 dagar sedan
Buttercup Cutie he was searching for his 80%
NoobYT - 27 dagar sedan
I really want to buy vbucks but its on english not poland ;-;
Karolin Kasemaa
Karolin Kasemaa - 27 dagar sedan
word cup sukcs
survival luly
survival luly - 27 dagar sedan
Pourquoi sur xbox on ne peux pas jouer nouvelle maj x jordan ????
Timothy Drake
Timothy Drake - 26 dagar sedan
survival luly ha bon? Sur PC la mise à jour est accessible
Danielgamer Cafferata
Danielgamer Cafferata - 27 dagar sedan
No puedo jugar en Xbox one a fortnie me pide que tenga Xbox one gold
OTF_ Jetsonblue
OTF_ Jetsonblue - 27 dagar sedan
Fortnite, Can you add a team selection to the basketball skins I whould love that. I bought it but I was kind of dissapointed please add team choices to the OG B-Ball skins
Руслан Зияшев
Руслан Зияшев - 27 dagar sedan
Fortnite is not working on the phone
Roni Törnqvist
Roni Törnqvist - 27 dagar sedan
I am watching this in a school
Ragav Tamil Gamer
Ragav Tamil Gamer - 27 dagar sedan
What is this Fortnite still severs not up what the fuk or you doing
KitKatBarChance - 27 dagar sedan
Go live
Jay Bourne
Jay Bourne - 27 dagar sedan
bring the normal guns back games cringe
Vaski Flores
Vaski Flores - 27 dagar sedan
Fortnite you need to delete the glitches gun i found one of them and1 a youtuber glitches gun
TPS FPS - 27 dagar sedan
Just one million viewings
PatJellyJelly - 27 dagar sedan
Fortnite fix your game please
shanna barkaoui
shanna barkaoui - 27 dagar sedan
Epic Games fais une mise à jour de Viber v Buck
Mantas Jarušaitis
Mantas Jarušaitis - 27 dagar sedan
This game is way to easy and pls i have dreams abut the pump BRING et back pls fortinite
ZSX KHAOS - 27 dagar sedan
Banana noob
Lola Aliu
Lola Aliu - 27 dagar sedan
Can you add the shadow stones to the consumables gallery pls
Louie Rektsyou
Louie Rektsyou - 27 dagar sedan
i hate you epic games roblox is better roblox is made in 2005 or 2006 and your shutting down roblox theres games in roblox and some games has a billion visits roblox is better roblox have a hq too roblox is better epic delete fortnite
Atomic. Jose
Atomic. Jose - 27 dagar sedan
Epic please make the nintendo switch version have better fps because I have quit fortnite because of this
Saidhanush Sai
Saidhanush Sai - 27 dagar sedan
Why you are always putting an update my WiFi GB is less
Hugo A-T
Hugo A-T - 27 dagar sedan
Pls thanos grative plss 😫
Some Kid
Some Kid - 27 dagar sedan
This game is so bad now lol. Broken shotgun, broken drum gun, no siphon, bots get all the rng, lame cosmetics. Yup, this game will finally die soon
The Man
The Man - 27 dagar sedan
risk for short
risk for short - 27 dagar sedan
Take out the Dynamite it is soo bad
Srvicente _1713
Srvicente _1713 - 27 dagar sedan
Sigan así crack
Julian Mendoza
Julian Mendoza - 27 dagar sedan
U should make a gun into a pick axe ⛏ by using it the other way around
gamer boy
gamer boy - 27 dagar sedan
gamer boy
gamer boy - 27 dagar sedan
I want 3000 v bucks
gamer boy
gamer boy - 27 dagar sedan
My name in fortnite is public_tiger721
FOX GAMER - 27 dagar sedan
ياكلاب رجعو البومب ولا رجعو الفلوس
Play smith
Play smith - 27 dagar sedan
Add the pump back in to the game
Jovany Reyez
Jovany Reyez - 27 dagar sedan
Fornite yo hablo en español metan fornite para androy
APPLEBABY - 27 dagar sedan
X F5M - 27 dagar sedan
My bing200
X F5M - 27 dagar sedan
فورت نايت نبي سيرفر عربي انا بنقي٢١٤
Emmett Evans
Emmett Evans - 27 dagar sedan
mystery gamer
mystery gamer - 27 dagar sedan
im quiting fortnite im sorry i hate new combat shotgun i will comeback if you bring back pump shot gun
RecklessSmurf - 27 dagar sedan
I need a teammate for duos! I hit my shots and pretty good at building. Add my psn: recklesssmurf369
RecklessSmurf - 25 dagar sedan
emiriled minecraft I started playing by the end of season 3
emiriled minecraft
emiriled minecraft - 25 dagar sedan
RecklessSmurf what season did u start
Clyde Drext
Clyde Drext - 27 dagar sedan
Can you please fix your game! playground is bugged, audio is bugged, guns are a joke cmon
Gaming Master
Gaming Master - 27 dagar sedan
Remember dead fire yeah so this is what I call him I call him a nightmare hunter
Simone J
Simone J - 27 dagar sedan
Make Fortnight End game Again
Simone J
Simone J - 27 dagar sedan
Make for night in game again
The Chees 227
The Chees 227 - 27 dagar sedan
Epic please return to remove the skin Jhon Wick in the store please ask them and been playing for full days the save the world trying to get coins V mode.
Please, I ask you just one more day please
Ultimate Uncle gene
Ultimate Uncle gene - 27 dagar sedan
Bring back omega challenges
Like to help fortnite see this
Ultimate Uncle gene
Ultimate Uncle gene - 27 dagar sedan
Captain AL thanks lol
Captain AL
Captain AL - 27 dagar sedan
Welp, 2 likes...
Linda Navarro Solsol
Linda Navarro Solsol - 27 dagar sedan
Your game is sucks
World of Plushies
World of Plushies - 27 dagar sedan
a fortnite haunted hills need some changes you know its untoched
my fortnite username is thug life lol
Hey thx foR the cOmbot bat shotgun is so so good
Gaming Gomez
Gaming Gomez - 25 dagar sedan
Finally someone agrees
I’m going Sicko Mode
I’m going Sicko Mode - 27 dagar sedan
Will The John Wick Skin Ever Come Back?
Adam Ward
Adam Ward - 27 dagar sedan
Skadoo skadae epic took my kids
Eric Mz
Eric Mz - 27 dagar sedan
AnAcondA - 27 dagar sedan
Matty Boi
Matty Boi - 27 dagar sedan
Epic please bring back the pump shotgun