Here's a Tour of a $200,000 Custom Mercedes Sprinter Van

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Nathan Shoenthal
Nathan Shoenthal - 2 timmar sedan
Where do you buy this
Karl Bartelt
Karl Bartelt - 3 timmar sedan
The fuel door there is also as security measure. You can't open it unless you can open the cabin.
PUNKem733 - 3 timmar sedan
Except for death valley it NEVER gets to 125 anywhere in the southwest.
Bugumir - 4 timmar sedan
Not impressive. Tasteless excess on a budget. And I bet they didn't do anything to the mediocre Mercedes suspension, which ought to be vital in a luxury van.
Fellow Homosapien
Fellow Homosapien - 4 timmar sedan
The emergency door is pretty standard in a lot of vans and busses, it exists in case of an accident, let's say the vehicle flips so the main door is blocked, you can still get out using the emergency exit and not get trapped...
duckedup - 4 timmar sedan
200k could buy much better,.js.....
Alan Zhen
Alan Zhen - 6 timmar sedan
So basically the sprinter is just a rip off of a limo
And also, 8:37 Doug was really rude to dat poor man
chazz Lucas
chazz Lucas - 7 timmar sedan
Who decorated this dumpster ??? It looks Vegas gaudy : ( YUCK !
julian frikken
julian frikken - 8 timmar sedan
BURN TYLER BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sclogse1 - 8 timmar sedan
When I think of how comfy and the cabs appear to be in those cross country Peter Builts, etc. I think of your next review.....
Parminder Singh
Parminder Singh - 8 timmar sedan
I bet that the ps4 is the cheapest part of the whole shabang
Lfe_Time_Humor - 8 timmar sedan
So what your saying is, I can buy a house for 300k way less luxurious then this can. It can’t drive and I won’t get a free ps4 and two TVs and messaging chairs and a free luxurious bed. Bro I’m buying this van instead, it already has all the furniture. This is better then a house. Always traveling that’s fun.
Dreem Yootoob
Dreem Yootoob - 8 timmar sedan
My aunt just bought one of those things and a week later a bunch if kids were drunk and flew up the street ant hit it and it also my uncles month old Wrangler Rubicon
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 8 timmar sedan
I wanna buy one where can I
Doc Will Joe
Doc Will Joe - 8 timmar sedan
Fuck naw😂
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - 8 timmar sedan
A year has passed since I've last watched a doug video
And the "doug the type of guy" jokes are still and I can proudly say
I'm so proud of this community
Neil Master
Neil Master - 8 timmar sedan
Seems like it could really use a permanent back up camera projected on the rear view mirror, like some vehicles have.
Neil Master
Neil Master - 8 timmar sedan
Stay Frosty
Stay Frosty - 9 timmar sedan
"doUg tHe tYPe oF gUy" ass niggas got to be the most annoying commentators on YouTube
林枫 - 9 timmar sedan
Did you ever review electric vehicle?
name - 2 timmar sedan
He's reviewed several, such as the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3.
That Dude
That Dude - 9 timmar sedan
Mercedes Should've Just Put A Screen On The Partition On The Driver Side For Backing Up.
That Dude
That Dude - 9 timmar sedan
That Dude
That Dude - 9 timmar sedan
Charlie Shomette
Charlie Shomette - 9 timmar sedan
Can’t stand the sound of his voice I’d love to watch his reviews but he sounds like Sheldon cooper ekkkk
Charlie Shomette
Charlie Shomette - 9 timmar sedan
See what I did there i pulled a Doug made a long winded explanation that could of been way shorter tisk tisk Doug got me fucked up
Charlie Shomette
Charlie Shomette - 9 timmar sedan
Also his explanations of features are too long and that’s not cause there a lot of features lmao I’d say 15 cup holders, Champagne flutes, beverage storage etc Doug makes that a whole paragraph of “a nice decadent place to hold your champagne flutes while you drive around in luxury in your excessive private van of privilege and style” like bro just list the shit and show it Wtf with this fucking novel shit you sound like you write for the newspaper or me when I need to write a ten page essay and just make everything longer just to get my word count up so it seems like I really researched this thing but really I had just 3 points and a conclusion and talk around the same slice of logic reasoning out the same point in manny different ways. 😂Doug Killeen for view time over here Jesus it he’s just naturally long winded either way I can’t handle it
MattInthebible - 11 timmar sedan
The shade he threw at that guy was real 😂
Ariel Mejia
Ariel Mejia - 11 timmar sedan
Doug, the ripe of guy to think that 190 horsepower is performance vehicle level.
kanisrex - 11 timmar sedan
$35,000 for van, and $15,000 for cup holders & lights. So where did the other $150,000 go ?
Devoid - 12 timmar sedan
I commented on a previous video about how high the pitch of Doug’s “This” was. It is confirmed that Doug is attempting to say a higher pitch “this” with every new video.
Parmjeet Brar
Parmjeet Brar - 12 timmar sedan
I wonder if you can take the ps and put xbox
Count Dracula
Count Dracula - 13 timmar sedan
Doug the type of guy to tell us about black light but not show them.
John Fisher
John Fisher - 13 timmar sedan
Check out Turkish customizer Ertex, they provide an altogether different level of excellence, trust me. Think Bentley Mulsanne in a luxury Mercedes Klassen van, that's Ertex.
Fabio Falci
Fabio Falci - 14 timmar sedan
The quality (alignment) of the buttons to control the seats are embarrassing.
kingz Calderon
kingz Calderon - 14 timmar sedan
It's so big, but that's what makes it American murrica !
Wakey Bakey
Wakey Bakey - 15 timmar sedan
poor hoovie
David Hall
David Hall - 15 timmar sedan
The Van has no functionality other than drinking alcohol. My Roadtrek 210 Versatile was a Hotel on Wheels- at a fraction of the cost. All the comforts of Home- anytime and any place.
Trinity D.
Trinity D. - 15 timmar sedan
Getting kidnapped doesn’t look so bad after all
Jobs B
Jobs B - 16 timmar sedan
Is CNC selling this van or renting it for prom nights.
Malik Stevenson
Malik Stevenson - 17 timmar sedan
Doug, I really love your videos. Could you possibly do one on the 1994-96 Chevrolet Impala SS? I wanted one so badly when I got out of the Marines in 1996. Life had other plans.
Solis - 17 timmar sedan
I think Doug will find that the fuel door has that placement on most huge vans, at least European ones. Heck, even my VW Caddy has the same placement.
And back up cameras on vans are for plebs. :P
Apollo Frequency
Apollo Frequency - 18 timmar sedan
I was expecting it to be a V12 mid engined van.
Carl Oppfeldt
Carl Oppfeldt - 18 timmar sedan
This is What happens when you have reviewed every single car ever
Gary Basra
Gary Basra - 18 timmar sedan
Alright, not buying a house. Just gonna get this van instead.
Chad Tyers
Chad Tyers - 18 timmar sedan
8:37 😂😂
Sock - 18 timmar sedan
And here i was thinking the fuel cap was always located right next to the drivers door...
but if it seems so interesting for him it might be a nature of german vans... (VW does that lid at the same spot too with their Transporter series)
Sock - 18 timmar sedan
Actually i took a look at a lot of our european vans just now. and pretty much all of them have the lid right at the drivers door edge...
EakcoTV - 19 timmar sedan
Ehhh those cheap ass Chinese remotes come with every LED lighting system nowadays.. same one for my pc, tv backlight and individual light bulbs at work. What this van should have come with installed is the top spec Harmony universal remote with easy setup for the kind of coked up idiots that will be ferried around in this party bus.. ;)
Dylan Middleton
Dylan Middleton - 19 timmar sedan
Doug can you please start a channel for modified cars???
joseph dickinson
joseph dickinson - 19 timmar sedan
Sorry, sticking up for my fellow brits: best car dealership is either Redline or Tom Hartley cars #bestdealership
Samar Jan
Samar Jan - 19 timmar sedan
Ford 1992 grand Marquis✌ do it !
El Señor Jesus
El Señor Jesus - 20 timmar sedan
Boring Channel
Boring Channel - 20 timmar sedan
Oooo hoovie
OJ GAMERSPL - 21 timme sedan
Buy a house: :(
Buy a car: :|
Buy a sprinter: :)
thebigdustin - 21 timme sedan
For 200 grand you would think the buttons on the bottom of the seat would be square and nice looking, not haphazardly placed anywhere.
Bass _ ic
Bass _ ic - 21 timme sedan
There is 24 buttons on the remote not 28
happy joe
happy joe - 21 timme sedan
Wow...this would be great....for about ten minutes.
karma SJ
karma SJ - 21 timme sedan
16:15 thats completly normal here in europe, all vans have it located there
Silverbreaker - 22 timmar sedan
doug is a fuckin robot from the future. i know everything he will say in advance
Silviu Lupu
Silviu Lupu - 22 timmar sedan
Doug, you don't need music, you fucking show people why. Your biggest fan, this is not Stan. You are the american dream through enthusiasm to lots of people.
Rock on!
john jay
john jay - 22 timmar sedan
john jay
john jay - 22 timmar sedan
Bob Smith
Bob Smith - 23 timmar sedan
Boring. I fell asleep and dropped my tablet. Good bye.
paul irvine
paul irvine - 23 timmar sedan
i rather keep my money very expensive for chinese electronics
The Usual Suspect
The Usual Suspect - 23 timmar sedan
13:00 Thank god for that.
ken tech
ken tech - Dag sedan
You insult hooveies garage
Jiah Linn
Jiah Linn - Dag sedan
Why does this car reminds me of Justin Bieber?
Keith Doran
Keith Doran - Dag sedan
Looks like it was done in the mid 2000s.
Nelson Sánchez González
You suck rich kid
Sean Maine
Sean Maine - Dag sedan
Surprised he hasn’t been to Park Place Motors Ltd yet
Junkrat Pr
Junkrat Pr - Dag sedan
I love this van
Lilia Teslea
Lilia Teslea - Dag sedan
d1353lp0w3r - Dag sedan
Terrible and tasteless, design inspired by a casino or karaoke machine. No celebrity or executive would be seen dead in that thing, it's more suited for hen dos/bachelorette parties. If it were true luxury it would have a glass roof or bigger windows - those small windows with 90% tint makes it completely dark inside, nicer materials inside and no crappy plastic switches with exposed screws, tasteful bespoke and subtle lighting not cheap eBay RGB lightstrips, an iPad to control everything instead of four 1980s remote controls, completely white interior not just the seats and personally an all black stealth exterior. I'm guessing CNC are going to have trouble shifting that thing for more than 50 grand.
Justin Harrison
Justin Harrison - Dag sedan
Taimur Ahmed
Taimur Ahmed - Dag sedan
Looks like a mini bus
Scott Hunter
Scott Hunter - Dag sedan
Two minutes in and I had to stop the video. couldn't take dude flapping his hands one more second!!!
RoRBus3196 - Dag sedan
House that I live in is about 4200 Sq. Ft. as of 6/16/19
SuckMy PeenDawg
SuckMy PeenDawg - Dag sedan
These americans only wants a cup holder in car
Rockport1911 - Dag sedan
Decked out vans are nice, but this one is never ever woth 200k. It isnt even fully loaded from the factory ( i.e. LED- Headlights) and the tech isnt very exclusive :)
Even 100k would be a longshot for this thing, the mods arent done that nice...
Vans are great and much more versitile than SUVs, but maybe Doug can find some real good examples of converted campervans or Executive- Busniess- vans...
fredrik bergquist
fredrik bergquist - Dag sedan
The star pattern doesn’t look like a night sky, it is too regular and all stars have the same intensity.
shubhankit gautam
shubhankit gautam - Dag sedan
what if the person close the door with Mercedes logo first and the other door the Mercedes logo break?
Steffen Scheibler
Steffen Scheibler - Dag sedan
for $200.000 that van is actually exceptional value. It is a commercial vehicle and you need to calculate 'value' very differently than for a private car as it generates revenue. Given what a good limo service costs in SoCal, the $200.000 price should give decent ROI. Not absolutely brilliant ROI probably, but good. More than a 5 IMO.
Turnip Kogaku
Turnip Kogaku - Dag sedan
I think this van was made in a rush or they just had too much demands to meet without a big enough budget cuz there are so many ways that it can be improved.
Koome - Dag sedan
-So why is this Van so expensive?
+Cup holders and RGB!!
The Winspear
The Winspear - Dag sedan
It's like GTA 5 why did I buy this for my vehicles.
Dean Randolf
Dean Randolf - Dag sedan
Honestly this thing is a STEAL for 200k.
ChristopherTheSaint - Dag sedan
Doug DeMuro: The 2020 Mercedes Van is practically a Limo.
Taurus Johnson
Taurus Johnson - Dag sedan
Giving this a score w/o having someone else drive you while you chill in the back is doing a great deal of dis service 👎🏽
Kei The Reaper
Kei The Reaper - Dag sedan
More expensive than the Alphard
P0IS0N - Dag sedan
That yellow Mini convertible at 0:48 deserves a Doug review.
Hasan Sabah
Hasan Sabah - Dag sedan
Can you plz do more of these cars you made my dream to be a racer so thank you
Chai Lee
Chai Lee - Dag sedan
You dudes are roasting each other.. 😂😂😂😂😂bustards
BoR _Zenith
BoR _Zenith - Dag sedan
Damn Daddy Doug throwing shade
Raeke Vie
Raeke Vie - Dag sedan
It is an ugly one.
Dickiboy biggest
Dickiboy biggest - Dag sedan
I would love to see him buying a car form the dealership..
ConLee - Dag sedan
Goddam being 5’10 really pays off when it comes to the automotive industry. I can hop around in a Mercedes van and comfortably drive a Miata for example (small car). Shits nice lol.
Sufyan Asif
Sufyan Asif - Dag sedan
I dont like this car
Daan Demeyer
Daan Demeyer - Dag sedan
The seats look nice but the electronics look cheap as hell
watajob - Dag sedan
I must have missed the part where you insert your... uh... manhood to be fellated.
Henri Bergeron
Henri Bergeron - Dag sedan
Doug just casually roasting people
Jake Leibowitz
Jake Leibowitz - Dag sedan
Doug with the shade
Julio Amaya
Julio Amaya - Dag sedan
Can you choose what console? Cause I would like an Xbox
Daniel Polo
Daniel Polo - Dag sedan
Those wavy painted sides mouldings... Cheesy. Looks like a Maaco job