Here's a Tour of a $200,000 Custom Mercedes Sprinter Van

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Danny 09
Danny 09 - 9 sekunder sedan
idk if anyone said this but

Doug the type of dude to wear a denver shirt in California.
Liam S
Liam S - 4 timmar sedan
I'm rather glad you didn't turn the "black" light on as the amount of cumstains on that bed are probably unreal
phunkyfeelone - 8 timmar sedan
Meh. Doug, stick to production models with factory options.
Andrew Rabbitt
Andrew Rabbitt - 9 timmar sedan
The van looks like it is going faster than my dads jaguar fs
Andrew Rabbitt
Andrew Rabbitt - 9 timmar sedan
I think 🤔 if I were rich I don’t think I would want to waste my time watching you blabbering on about a 100 💯 year old car
Andrew Rabbitt
Andrew Rabbitt - 9 timmar sedan
Just 200000 dollars 💵
LiquidBlackWolf - 12 timmar sedan
I drive a straight 4 cylinder diesel Iveco daily... 160hp... yeeer...
Benjamin Ibanez
Benjamin Ibanez - 13 timmar sedan
when the child molester says he has a playstation in his van
Jay Wade
Jay Wade - 15 timmar sedan
Yo.. that fuel door is smart AF!! Hate if you want but that's awesome!
Jay Wade
Jay Wade - 15 timmar sedan
That bed isn't for a pet, children, or snoozing.. lmfao
XxWOLFxX - 21 timme sedan
WiFi: fam I’m slow I can’t handle 1080p
Also WiFi: 360p take it or leave it
Stay Frosty
Stay Frosty - 21 timme sedan
KaiRaphixx - 22 timmar sedan
200k? Someone clearly got scammed
Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald
Interior's quality is very American
Saibal Ghosh
Saibal Ghosh - Dag sedan
did they even sold one single van ?
Lorenzo Notarianni
Lorenzo Notarianni - Dag sedan
It's horrible.
Gyrenaica 135
Gyrenaica 135 - Dag sedan
Van: $30 - 40K
Add ons: $30 - 40K
Sell price: $200K
Nick Cirillo
Nick Cirillo - Dag sedan
Doug, the type of guy to hit the kill switch if they party guests play with the star lights !!
Jordy van Betten
Jordy van Betten - 2 dagar sedan
why didn't you show the light in black mode though?
Rubentje - 2 dagar sedan
So much aliexpress crap
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry - 2 dagar sedan
I had somthin else in mind about the bed in back. :-)
31186dan - 2 dagar sedan
200,000 half dollars? Lol
cosgrove notts
cosgrove notts - 3 dagar sedan
Muricans love to talk big numbers
It's a European mini bus lol... that's tarted up
Remember those words :big numbers
Arnold K
Arnold K - 3 dagar sedan
The shade Doug threw....I wasn't ready for that!
melito lustre
melito lustre - 3 dagar sedan
You talk too much, show the van inside.
Adin Tijerina
Adin Tijerina - 3 dagar sedan
Doug demuro is 6'3 wow! Guys who knew!
xDerTopflappen - 4 dagar sedan
Guess the only expensive thing about this is the overly powerful A/C and seats
AV - 4 dagar sedan
it's a cheap ugly interieur design
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy - 4 dagar sedan
Hayden Boaler
Hayden Boaler - 4 dagar sedan
Designed for 14 year old nerds. Cheap looking and childish.
Tt Ss
Tt Ss - 4 dagar sedan
Does this man research anything he reviews I’m guessing not this normal sprinter was never designed for rving etc it was designed as a work van with most of those sales being of Fedex express followed up with amazons purpose this year being close to half a million. That logo has been like that for years. That door handle you claim is there to get out of a 6 inch space isn’t there for that reason again think utility it’s commonly used again for say Fedex where they are in and out of the back doing their thing. Anyone that pays 200g for a sprint with two TVs and 4 captains chairs is out of their mind base model sprinter and 500 in material plus the TVs you’d have better. Add in 1500 more for the rear roof mounted minisplit. Interesting in the drivers area the missing STANDARD touch screen with gps and controls for everything isn’t there ironically the cheapest model bought by both amazon and Fedex all have them.
Cam Whitman
Cam Whitman - 4 dagar sedan
What a heap of junk for 200k
c4pt1n54n0 c4pt1n54n0
c4pt1n54n0 c4pt1n54n0 - 5 dagar sedan
If I pay 200k for something, the remote better not literally be branded as an RF controller.
Gift Langa
Gift Langa - 5 dagar sedan
Doug the type of guy who never forgets the boot escape latch
Johannes - 5 dagar sedan
This guy is rambling about lights when all it is is a 5$ alibaba led strip lol
Laurentiu Trifan
Laurentiu Trifan - 5 dagar sedan
I'd prefer that ... to a Bentley, Rolls, Maybach etc ... at the same price.
stefan kulesko
stefan kulesko - 5 dagar sedan
Thisssssssssssssssssssss on every video
anonymoose - 5 dagar sedan
ok those remotes are a disgrace. looks like the shit u get if u order a 5 dollar light strip directly from china. I am disappointed by Mercedes. Doug either lives under a rock or his opinion is a direct result of how much this dealership slipped over.
balzonurchin - 5 dagar sedan
What? No beer glasses?
What a piece of shit.
PopGamerNation - 6 dagar sedan
That's a prom van plus cant I get that in limo just smaller
TheMlado13 - 6 dagar sedan
Dough the type of guy that farts in your car while he reviews it
Fardan Ahmed
Fardan Ahmed - 6 dagar sedan
Doug the type of guy to wear 12$ clothes in a 200,000$ sprinter van
ZionHillCalling - 6 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who would like to kick Doug's teeth out for not showing the black light??
Cristi Zubcu
Cristi Zubcu - 7 dagar sedan
This guy loves to count.
Andrew Bass
Andrew Bass - 7 dagar sedan
Lets give it a Dog 🐕 score
Figge Berglund
Figge Berglund - 7 dagar sedan
I can't help looking for the Fedex sign. 😂

I'm a 🇸🇪 boat mechanic. This is an ordinary van filled with boat stuff from Amazone (or in Sweden). I'm not impressed at all.
It's About China
It's About China - 7 dagar sedan
The black light mode is for finding stains
Wolff - 7 dagar sedan
Jesus Christ wtf... $200,000? This van is such a rip off lmao, cheap tech and whoever designed this should stay away from vehicles. Or even houses. If you want good value for money, check out Klassen.
Inglejuice - 7 dagar sedan
Finally a video where Doug doesn’t mention his hei..... oh wait never mind.
Phaner Renahp
Phaner Renahp - 7 dagar sedan
Fake Taxi
MyMMC - 7 dagar sedan
Gyolo gsbrothers
Gyolo gsbrothers - 7 dagar sedan
Ok ok we got it
Doug has a passion with cap holders
axetu - 7 dagar sedan
like trying to listen to Elizabeth Warren doing a commercial. 30 seconds was enough.
Sherry - 7 dagar sedan
Seems good for my hacking van 😏
CanadianCCP - 8 dagar sedan
So is van living only for dirty weirdos who for some reason have a thing against having showers? Fuck sakes if i was to be a creep living in a van I would make half the space a shower so at least I wasn't a greaseball.
Sharp -Agario
Sharp -Agario - 8 dagar sedan
More like a house tour
Harrison Sutton
Harrison Sutton - 8 dagar sedan
0:45 digging those SLRs!
Me - 8 dagar sedan
300 lb-ft of torque for that big ass van?
Zak Srdanovich
Zak Srdanovich - 8 dagar sedan
Yah when I look at that u think omg it’s a rich guy, he probably abally lives in a big mansion. I don’t think of a child predator, or a fucking utility worker.
Potato Man
Potato Man - 9 dagar sedan
11:50 ever rented a uhaul?
Edgar Clark
Edgar Clark - 9 dagar sedan
Tyler Hoover is a crazy person from Kansas
Arthur R
Arthur R - 9 dagar sedan
Why not mention the paddle shifters? I've driven the base version of that van. Also an older one with more features that has the center console gear selector that let's you change gears manually
Claudio Itsnoneofyourbusiness
Looks like Xzibit and West Coast Customs put their hands on.
Dakota Valdes
Dakota Valdes - 9 dagar sedan
I love the love between you and hoovies garage
gp johnson
gp johnson - 9 dagar sedan
Come with a free "tit-busting logo" on the back door when you open or close it ..@ 18:25
Norm - 9 dagar sedan
One video your 6'3 this one 6'4, and I've heard 6'2.... What is it?
Norm - 9 dagar sedan
Lol that starlight remote a just a generic $5 rgb control
Just Traveling
Just Traveling - 9 dagar sedan
This, is where you jumped the shark It’s down hill from now on
Carl Valle
Carl Valle - 10 dagar sedan
fun factor is way more than 5 and cool factor is over the top depending on who the passengers are
BillHK - 10 dagar sedan
Where's the ice maker?
Decline - 10 dagar sedan
Tacky van
Krzysztof Stachnik
Krzysztof Stachnik - 10 dagar sedan
Who else thinks it's n ugly van vs the previous years?
Jacob Nguyen
Jacob Nguyen - 10 dagar sedan
8:35 when Doug roasted that guy🤣
Daniel - 10 dagar sedan
This looks like a whore house on wheels 🤣🤣👍
Josh Wood
Josh Wood - 11 dagar sedan
Black Lights Matter!
Henok Jones
Henok Jones - 11 dagar sedan
sick video great descriptions👌🏿
Genio Torres
Genio Torres - 11 dagar sedan
Barely big enough to fit dog dejew big ass nose
Alexis BESSON - 12 dagar sedan
The real version :
BPRIME - 12 dagar sedan
CaptainCapital8 - 12 dagar sedan
Doug...that's a pimp mobile