The "Stranger Things" Cast Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are

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HaloQueen - 47 minuter sedan
Does anyone else feel like Caleb was annoyed to be there for some reason?
Ep3lexre 666
Ep3lexre 666 - 47 minuter sedan
My real friends describe me as Psychotic
sam smith
sam smith - 56 minuter sedan
6:20 I SHIP
Theresa Sanchez
Theresa Sanchez - Timme sedan
Wheres Joyce and Murray
Theresa Sanchez
Theresa Sanchez - Timme sedan
Where’s Dustin ???
cowabunga86 - Timme sedan
Finn Wolfhard is indeed funny after all he's also Richie Trashmouth Tozier from Stephen King's IT and Richie is funny
GhostPants - Timme sedan
I got Lucas LOL
Rayven bird
Rayven bird - Timme sedan
Savannah Amos
Savannah Amos - Timme sedan
where’s scoops troop :(
Chayenne Reuter
Chayenne Reuter - Timme sedan
I'm Eleven!!! 😍😍
Çâla - Timme sedan
Çâla - Timme sedan
Çok değişikler :D Eleven ne kadar değişik bu videolarda :D filim de farkılar burada farklı
lil souls
lil souls - Timme sedan
me the entire time: where is Steve?

Sonic The The skeleton
Sonic The The skeleton - Timme sedan
Were Missing Someone JOE KERRY!! XD
Sonic The The skeleton
Sonic The The skeleton - Timme sedan
I know right we also Need Gaten Mattarazo
Bree B
Bree B - Timme sedan
Give us David harbour plays with puppies while answering fan questions
Ranra Jadre
Ranra Jadre - 2 timmar sedan
Where’s Dustin ?
Hamza Rahmani
Hamza Rahmani - 2 timmar sedan
A speedster is WAY faster than teleportation and you could do infinite more things as a speedster
Hamza Rahmani
Hamza Rahmani - 2 timmar sedan
The best video I have ever seen
joao vitor
joao vitor - 2 timmar sedan
l love you,you're very cool.
joao vitor
joao vitor - 2 timmar sedan
Do you speak portuguese?
Alexei Smirnoff
Alexei Smirnoff - 2 timmar sedan
They didn’t have any cherry slurpees so i didn’t go to buzzfeed.
andrew something
andrew something - 2 timmar sedan
Millie was going for eleven
Dalia Ralchevska
Dalia Ralchevska - 3 timmar sedan
I did the test and I got will ! Xx
Inculcated Frankenbean
Inculcated Frankenbean - 3 timmar sedan
Buzzfeed reminds me of a corpse being fed on by flies. Lots of flies. Smells something rotten...
This video is incredibly boring and made me constipated.
Molly Sulecki
Molly Sulecki - 3 timmar sedan
it's weird seeing billy being nice
Eugenia del carmen López Hernández
No enteni ni v3rg4
Achillesx32 Jeff
Achillesx32 Jeff - 3 timmar sedan
I just did it and got eleven
Kamilciaa - 3 timmar sedan
I got Eleven
Lolalak Lolic
Lolalak Lolic - 3 timmar sedan
millie was legit making fun of noah when she said he was harazmatic, like she sounded so sarcastic and was laughing with finn..
{*Šam*} Animates
{*Šam*} Animates - 3 timmar sedan
Is anyone sad that Dustin or Steve wasn’t there :C
Achillesx32 Jeff
Achillesx32 Jeff - 3 timmar sedan
Super speed u can slow down time and time travel
Lolalak Lolic
Lolalak Lolic - 3 timmar sedan
Is it just me or is Millie kind of ignoring Noah?😒
Jordan Isweird
Jordan Isweird - 3 timmar sedan
PinkyPear10 - 3 timmar sedan
2:53 i’m not allowed to pick em all?
ɧơŋɛყ ƈơɱც
ɧơŋɛყ ƈơɱც - 3 timmar sedan
I knew Millie would say bitchin’
J K - 4 timmar sedan
mohamed gamal
mohamed gamal - 4 timmar sedan
i got eleven
ROBLOX GURL - 4 timmar sedan
I was eleven😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤣😍😍🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💝💝💝💝💝💝💝🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖💖🚨🚨💖🚨🚨🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
wesh MAMMADOU - 4 timmar sedan
Euhh my man will tryna flirt with my gurl Millie
Wetyx 11
Wetyx 11 - 4 timmar sedan
That was such a gnarly kickflip dude, I’m so stoked dude, sick dude
Ava Moniz
Ava Moniz - 5 timmar sedan
Dustin? Steve? Robin?
dani free
dani free - 5 timmar sedan
I wanted to see everyone up close if it was a dream for me.
Faith Trix
Faith Trix - 5 timmar sedan
Noah ; I think I’d be responsible “
Millie; you’d definitely not”
Anum Yaqoob
Anum Yaqoob - 5 timmar sedan
Omg I love you guys! 😇😇
Laney b.
Laney b. - 5 timmar sedan
Will/Noah is such a third wheel
Katie Trudell
Katie Trudell - 5 timmar sedan
i didn’t know half the cast was British
nesquiko - 5 timmar sedan
is that billy? ewwwww.... but honestly we love dacre.
leah x
leah x - 6 timmar sedan
where are gaten and joe?😭😭
Andrés Boltyrov
Andrés Boltyrov - 6 timmar sedan
I'm Will Byers.
FNBR Playz
FNBR Playz - 7 timmar sedan
I got a Harry Potter ad thingy and mayor Kline looks like voldermourt with a nose and hair😂