World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

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The veil between life and death is no more. Discover what lies beyond the world you know in the next chapter of the World of Warcraft saga--Shadowlands: Coming 2020. Learn more at
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Stellarheim - 3 timmar sedan
This is pretty much how LGBT\Feminists\PChildren see the gaming industry. Little do they know, they will be the ones who will be devoured by their own fruitless ambition.
Matt Ostovitz
Matt Ostovitz - 9 timmar sedan
When buddhism gets hardXcore a.f.
Mondamelf - 10 timmar sedan
Wow is now at the point where a dnd master has lost control over its player stuck with over powered gear...seriously ???this is were you are at?? you've lost me Blizzard...
Draggon Reaper
Draggon Reaper - 10 timmar sedan
Lich King is a watertype. He's weak to rock.
Amira Locke
Amira Locke - 12 timmar sedan
I quit after Cataclysm, but still find the trailers of the expansions fun. Though no idea wtf is going on xD but i've always found the lore of WoW too complex anyways
Ilman Saidari
Ilman Saidari - 13 timmar sedan
im not played the game before........can someone told me what appen to arthas' frostmourne.......sorry bad eng
Cody White
Cody White - 15 timmar sedan
Really excited for this expansion! Been a proud player since 2004 and every expansion I have loved. This new one, Shadowlands, looks like it will be great!
Vizharan - 16 timmar sedan
It could have been just bad, but the voice acting made it terrible
Okthankyou Wang
Okthankyou Wang - 17 timmar sedan
So basically a Lv 130 Hunter soloed a Lv 80 death knight boss w/ adds and couldnt ware plate loot so she pissed off at everyone and created an expansion
Regis Franc
Regis Franc - 17 timmar sedan
Defeating Lich King is not that hard these days, and quite popular, see? But.. World first drop helmet and shes disenchant it? What a noob..
EM H - 17 timmar sedan
Bolvar clearly hasn't been grinding out those levels over the years. :P
KoriCo Frostbiyte
KoriCo Frostbiyte - 17 timmar sedan
Also Arthas woulda lowkey clapped her for tryna solo ICC, Bolvar is a B-tec Lich King
KoriCo Frostbiyte
KoriCo Frostbiyte - 17 timmar sedan
I mean, she kinda got her soul boonk-ganged by Arthas so
zyrvy - 18 timmar sedan
bolvar is WEAK
Hema Doha
Hema Doha - 20 timmar sedan
This is actually the most disliked trailer blizzard ever made
HReezy - 21 timme sedan
Tirion would have put up a better fight if he took the crown...
Carlos 11220
Carlos 11220 - 21 timme sedan
Imagine being a peasant and watching all this unfold
Peasant: What the actual f*** now?!
Eduardo N
Eduardo N - 19 timmar sedan
I think the Azerothian peasants just don't care anymore. I mean... they have seen the attack of a massive undead army, a catastrophical elemental apocalypse caused by a dragon, an invasion of space demons, and then a huge sword stabbing their world. I think this is just another normal day to them.
Verner Palk
Verner Palk - 23 timmar sedan
who dat fake arthas tho
Тихон Жук
Тихон Жук - Dag sedan
Go to 2:35 and play on 0.25 speed to see Sylvanas do a WAT face
Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci - Dag sedan
The like/dislike ratio he's way over balanced.
Perfec - Dag sedan
Nazrul Hady
Nazrul Hady - Dag sedan
You guys realised Sylvanas is a level 120 Hunter solo leveling Icercrown Citadel?
chen shijia
chen shijia - Dag sedan
Sylvanas: You are all nothing!
Me after watching trailer: .... yes we are nothing my queen
Eduardo N
Eduardo N - Dag sedan
They can kill her already
Votso Sothu
Votso Sothu - Dag sedan
Arthas could have crushed her !
Becky Ritter
Becky Ritter - Dag sedan
(After watching the entire video)

Yep, she's nuts. Well, more nuts than I thought, anyway.
pro pro
pro pro - Dag sedan
The only prison is you mother ff i hate that girl
Rashawn Diallo
Rashawn Diallo - Dag sedan
Why aren't you releasing these in 4K??
ZenmasterX1 - Dag sedan
He had no chance the helmet without frostmourne and Ner'zhul is gone for sure now.
cTB1440p - Dag sedan
I hope SO MUCH Shadowlands will be a GOOD Expack! For the love of Arthas and his History and whole Legacy: I hope Shadowlands will have a Plot or something so the whole; Bruh, I destroy a Symbol of many Players (Crown of Domination) because I can do it! - btw, I, as many I think, have Start Playing and LIVING WoW because of ARTHAS and his Story!! Blizz, pls DON'T kill his Story and Sacrifice with Shadowlands and Sylvanas, or WoW will be dead for me after this p_p
!!!!!!Think very well WHAT you do I bag you
Yeet Mgeet
Yeet Mgeet - Dag sedan
Mass genocide much sylvanas?
Ngasta Kvata
Ngasta Kvata - Dag sedan
4:30 Goatse
ColtsNation12 - Dag sedan
another convoluted storyline by blizzard that makes zero sense and sh*ts on another important lore character for plot! *thumbs up*
Azumi - Dag sedan
Writers: How much should be buff Sylvanas?
Blizzard: Yes
MegamanZero410 - Dag sedan
Huh. Didn’t realize I was playing Castlevania Symphony of the Night.
Tech News for Tech Noobs
I have long thought that Sylvanas' voice always had a sultry and seductive tone to it, even when she was pissed...then when I saw the voice actress, that magic went away. Nothing against her, she is great...but now seeing Sylvi but knowing who voices her...just don't see her the same anymore. lol
Archer - Dag sedan
Can’t wait to see how this will develop on hearthstone.
Sacrifer - 2 dagar sedan
Mh what happens with the scourge now without a LK taming them?
Twixo38 - 2 dagar sedan
for stupid guys who's saying sylvanas is too OP. Yes, she is but thanks by Jailer who's giving her that power x) Study more about jailer when u do not know
蔡溢恩 - 2 dagar sedan
anyone know why bolvar's chest fire(and eyes fire) change color?
Jerico Aquino
Jerico Aquino - 2 dagar sedan
0:34 She stepped like Arthas
mutegrab666 - Dag sedan
He was channeling the power of the helm. Without that artifact he has very little power on his own.