Chernobyl (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

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Mohd Ahmed
Mohd Ahmed - 27 minuter sedan
Just finished watching it one of the best thing I have ever seen in my whole life
Степа Ильин
Степа Ильин - 35 minuter sedan
I especially liked the ridiculous scenes where children dance in radioactive ashes at 2 am🤦‍♂️. And another man drinks vodka from a metal Cup without snacks, like drinking juice. Where is the bear in the ushanka hat and a balalaika on the edge 🤔🤪
reko lord
reko lord - Timme sedan
after i watched Chernobyl...i want to know everythings about nuclear reactors
Zan Zan
Zan Zan - 6 timmar sedan
The series is really great, very much. But there is one problem, namely, the fucking anti-Soviet propoganda in all its manifestations, starting with the "dilapidated houses of Pripyat" (the city was 10 years old at the time of the accident, and it seems as if 50 years old did not care), continuing with vodka consumed endlessly (surprised that the "young children walking along at night" did not use it), and ending with the constant threats of execution, accompanying armed soldiers and other false muck. For an ignorant Western man, this is really a chic series, showing the USSR (through small details and hints) as hell on earth, with an interesting plot and "close to reality." And for people who know and understand the situation and history, this is a qualitative, but at the same time ugly and deceitful propaganda series aimed at highlighting the memory of the USSR and the modern Russia (as receivers of the USSR). You know, I'm not a big fan of the USSR (There were both + and -), but while watching the show, the hand stretched to the stop button, from the insanity shown on the screen.
And the funniest thing is that the creators of the series act according to the postulates of those with whom they fought in 1939-44 and whom they saved and sheltered in 1945 (as Goebbels said there:
- To achieve this goal, any means are good, as long as propaganda is effective;
- besides the “white”, truthful information, it is necessary to use “gray”, that is, half-truth, and “black” - frank lie: “we are not seeking the truth, but the effect”;
- “the more monstrous the lie, the more willing it is to be believed” and the faster it spreads.)
Deathboy XX
Deathboy XX - 7 timmar sedan
This cast is AMAZING and this story is horrifying and tragic.
Angelo Guarino
Angelo Guarino - 9 timmar sedan
Quando esce il film?
Nat M
Nat M - 9 timmar sedan
Amazing movie! I was in middle school back then and don’t remember much, but I read Chernobyl Notebook and Chernobyl Prayer and it was even scarier. Movie is made with so much respect for ordinary people and details are so precise. Those PAZ buses!
Henrique jose
Henrique jose - 10 timmar sedan
1:25 what does sirens are saying??? anyone knows?
Rebecca Harmer
Rebecca Harmer - 13 timmar sedan
This is why Russians wont button fly Levi's Chernobyl fallout
Salu Sanal
Salu Sanal - 13 timmar sedan
You didn't see the graphite. Because it is not there....
Roger ANDRES - 14 timmar sedan
Because they do not make a HBO series of Hiroshima especially those scenes of the United States army counting the damage, if they can even have some information about it.
Göktuğ Kaya
Göktuğ Kaya - 15 timmar sedan
Man Dyatlov is not a fortunate name. Dyatlov pass and chernobyl...
Zombie3110bd - 15 timmar sedan
Am i the only one who wants to punch some of the people in this series inside out?
Starting with Dyatlov
james burton
james burton - 16 timmar sedan
The woman giving out the evacuation alert, oh boy it’s creepy
r/reddit daddy
r/reddit daddy - 16 timmar sedan
I came to say that after the area 51 raid WE SHALL RAID CHERYNOBLE
Rambler - 17 timmar sedan
После этого сериала такая ненависть появилась к тем, кто его снимал, что пиздец.. У кого также?
Ещё раз повторю: "Война переместилась на экраны ТВ. Но это несправедливая война, так как никогда русским не позволят открыть хоть частичку правды про американцев или англичан (по крайней мере в ближайшее время), т.к. для них лгать- это как дышать.
Arun Yadav
Arun Yadav - 18 timmar sedan
"What is the cost of lies?"
ওন্দা জমরাজ রেজিমেন্ট
খুব ই দুঃখিত ব্যাপারে
مستر درعمه#
مستر درعمه# - 19 timmar sedan
Mimania mimania.
new movies links only here
new movies links only here - 19 timmar sedan
Please tell me someone this series is good to see or waste of time😐 plz
new movies links only here
new movies links only here - 14 timmar sedan
Ok ! Thank you so much 😊 I m going to watch it now
NU'EST's trash
NU'EST's trash - 15 timmar sedan
It's super good.. only 5episodes, you won't waste your time
iamburak - 21 timme sedan
Rob Oter
Rob Oter - 23 timmar sedan
1986, i was 6, a german kid shortly before my 6th Birthday. And at that day, my save childhood ends and i truely figured out that the world of the adults is full of shit. My green heart rises that day and i wanted it deep inmyself, that i never want to be grown up 🥺
Utkarsh Jain
Utkarsh Jain - Dag sedan
Please make a series on Bhopal Gas tragedy
Abhith Kumar Shetty
Abhith Kumar Shetty - Dag sedan
1:12 goosebumps movement 🙌
Ruturaj Dharav
Ruturaj Dharav - Dag sedan
It's available in Hindi language ??
Ben Quinney
Ben Quinney - Dag sedan
Naked minors?
David47 - Dag sedan
I've been obsessed with chernobyl since STALKER
now i'm more obsessed..
fuehwbdb - Dag sedan
This movie series is really good you should watch it.
Beatle Maniac666
Beatle Maniac666 - Dag sedan
0:40 i thought the guy on the right next to Gorbachev looked like Michael Caine
eddy wardo
eddy wardo - Dag sedan
Best tv ive ever seen, anyone who disagrees i will fight you and probably win
Utroll - 16 timmar sedan
Sherlock no question.. BBC > HBO .. well according to your native culture may be.
aneesha nehwa
aneesha nehwa - Dag sedan
Hbo really great work guys.....
Baroness Six Mile Bottom.
It's not entertainment. If you think it's entertainment - wrong. A good documentary should also wake you up to the reality of a world wherein you are told 'such & such' guarantees security. The first warnings of the insecurity of early civil-nuclear-power came from America. Three-Mile-Island, 1979. There are many similar warnings in the US today about emergent technologies that will save us from this, spare them from that, protect earth from us all.
Gillian Wilson
Gillian Wilson - Dag sedan
Usama Saneel
Usama Saneel - Dag sedan
Vnimanie Vnimani - HBO make a miniseries on Bhopal Gas Tragedy
- A Sri Lankan 🇱🇰
Usama Saneel
Usama Saneel - 16 timmar sedan
Utroll yeah. Just now found that HBO is a NY based company.
Utroll - 16 timmar sedan
no way, there's no russian but an American Texas based company...
Baroness Six Mile Bottom.
The Fallout plume made it to scotland and has been killing people until recently. True story.
I knew a guy who worked in an asphalting team, in Ayrshire I believe. they had been working extensively (full-time) laying tar on road surfaces just after the meltdown. My friend told me how one-by-one his work colleagues died from lung and metastatic cancers.
I haven't seen him for 6 or 8yrs now. Presumed dead too.
There are photographs on google, i have one, of sheep grazing in Ayrshire and beyond, their fleeces dyed with purple dye; meaning 'unfit for human consumption or use' (not even for wool).
Murphy's law states that if an event is possible, then it will happen. I predicted in 1985 to Radio Moscow Science desk that an accident was inevitable following my research.
They took my 2 × A4 letter seriously enough to reply to it on Radio Moscow International.
Nonetheless, a matter of months after I made this communication, Chernobyl exploded.
So, it's saddening for me when i hear people on talk-radio or highly ranked scientists warning about the dangers of AI, or a host of other emerging technologies which we need to adopt to mitigate so-called climate-change (as nuclear power is now classified as "a renewable"); and they are mocked, or worse more predictably, people go on searching for decadence, self-indulgence, hedonism, various addictions; myself included I suppose but I'm ~62 yrs now, so what the hell do you expect me to do for you? There are greater dangers coming to all mankind than civil nuclear power.
Notexactlybooknerd - Dag sedan
It reminds of BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY in India...
INc3pTion IV
INc3pTion IV - Dag sedan
the best serie of word.
The Serpent
The Serpent - Dag sedan
Are making a *remake* ?
Ana Stevic
Ana Stevic - Dag sedan
This „njam njam “ scares me so much 🤭🤭
Yoseph Tamang
Yoseph Tamang - Dag sedan
Best background music ever heard
vers_1995 - Dag sedan
Dyatlof looks like diplo
Apurv Surya
Apurv Surya - Dag sedan
15000 roentgen coming out....
Dyatlov: He is in shock, get him out of here, I hv seen worse
psych Memento
psych Memento - 18 timmar sedan
*15000 roentgen
moodfucking - 2 dagar sedan
*A M A Z I N G*
Wild Fire
Wild Fire - 2 dagar sedan
Me after watching GOT:Winter is coming.
Me after watching Chernobyl: Radiation is coming.
menckencynic - 2 dagar sedan
The 80's were fucking dangerous as shit. First Able Archer almost killed all of us in a nuclear fire. Then Chernobyl almost killed us all in a nuclear fire. Then we started thinking Bill Clinton would make a good president. How are we fucking ALIVE?
Flamma2512 - 2 dagar sedan
Its an incredibly manipulating series, they don't even mention the real responsible for this accident which was the CIA. The objective was to weaken the Soviet Union and strengthen the pure American capitalism. Of course in the show it's all Soviet Union's fault. Disgraceful. I can't believe how manipulated people are about the Soviet Union and Chernobyl.
Maxim75M - Dag sedan
I fully support that this is a monstrously mind-manipulating series. He came out on the order of the US State Department of despair, what to do with recalcitrant Russians. Only in this way can the devil (USA) fight the light (Russia), i.e. with the help of lies, slander, distortion of facts, arrogance and great cowardice..
Edmond Dantes
Edmond Dantes - Dag sedan
You post this mendacious paranoid stupidity and you complain of " manipulation"? Use your brain for something besides sitting on.
Action Scene
Action Scene - 2 dagar sedan
Where are movie link
GearingLeft Roblox & More
GearingLeft Roblox & More - 2 dagar sedan
Why can’t I stop listing to the alarm
Raulll Zoom
Raulll Zoom - 2 dagar sedan
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