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And any teen will tell this is clickbait
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I am commenting this with my phone in a plastic bag y'all
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The best video!!!😗😗😗😀
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This is a video so amazing
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This is a video so amazing
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Video is nese
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Vid: body cream + cocoa then apply on skin
Ants: what a big meal
Who else is scrolling through the comments while wacthing the video?
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Aaand say hello to skin cancer...
the toxic infectors
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the hacks are cool but it wastes too much stuff
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I wish my avocados look like that...
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There are those who work
There is an inventor
You have created, distinguished and won, thank you
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10:57 that face though
Facundo Mendes Martins
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pek 😍
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2:00🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮 yucky
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11:14 2mil iq nibbas
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10:58 when he comes in one minuite
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Atlas Ideas with Rasha
Some more summer hacks
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Kocham was
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Came here to give a disike for 0% quality bye!
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0:35 who takes a paper clip to the beach
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Make this blue if you’re an OG fan of 5 minutes craft
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Omg ! I like the vidéo!
But i don't believe my eyes : an avocado without seed ??!
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Woooww....an avocado with no seed -_- so~ real.... *face palms*
( 7:09 )
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Y'all don't need to decorate your h&m bag
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Bizimi kandırıyonuz kadın fısfıs sıkmadan önce yüzündeki şeyler yoktu
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7:28 dOnT miND me jUSt PutTiNG fR e SH a vAco DO iN mAi hAIr....
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Love Alfred
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amazing, but mybe not try all hacks
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Hahha keren keren
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10:58 that face tho🤣
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Subscribe to me
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Idk guess people like flit flops ._.
Ω ντε λεμονί
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I'm going to the beach tomorrow thnx for the help
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0.03 yeah let me just grab the himan-sized water balloon I have lying around
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Ive tried all these , they help
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Why the avocado has no seed
Sakina Mohammed
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The avocado is like ice cream and no seed inside🤔🤔🤔🥑
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Am I the only one who came to comments to see who else realised there was no seed in the avocado
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Can I join you guys videos of 5 minute craft
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Apakah ada org indonesia disini?
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That avocado was pre cut and filled with pulp.
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all talking about avocado having no seed ...
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You should make more videos just like that
Bindi Boatright
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You do cool stuf
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Don't be stupid and bring glass to the beach.
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0:53 brazil?
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I know theres no Vicky
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8:01 жизааааа😂😂👌
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10:07 Corl's intro music
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How come the avocado looks used it’s like mushy 7:09
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0:35 me when my sibling touches me
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7:29 so , to help your hair dunk guacamole on your hair. perfect idea I can't think of any reason not to do that 😲😲😲😲😲😲
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tˀhˀeˀyˀ rˀeˀmˀoˀvˀeˀdˀ tˀhˀeˀ sˀeˀeˀdˀ
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7:23 Everyone totally would put an avocado with no pit on their hair...
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Not a single soul:
5 minute crafts : wHERe’s My tAn
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la botellas plasticas no se exponen al sol. eso puede ocasionarte cancer.
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Who watches this just for fun
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I have a crush un the first girl
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without glue this channel wouldn't exist
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You are bored? See a video by: "5 minutes" and you feel better!
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Ей тъй кат стане все тъй става
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I'm new upcoming force from Pakistan.
Remember Techmo Manser
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In here,if you have Tan skin people Will make fun of you:'(((