JOKER - Teaser Trailer

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Joe Brouillette
Joe Brouillette - 2 timmar sedan
Kind of tasteless IMHO that Holmes is the name of the pharmacy. Even Screenrant picked up the connection to the Dark Knight shooting in Colorado. :(
Victor Oraegbunam
Victor Oraegbunam - 2 timmar sedan
"If you just smiled"
Me(the 999th time): *smiles*
Saahil Mohammed
Saahil Mohammed - 2 timmar sedan
I think marvel should watch out now. After seeing this trailer of one the most iconic comic characters in the world, I think dc is gonna give us hope.
Pb 2000
Pb 2000 - 2 timmar sedan
The cinematography and music is just so incredible
Gage Garlitz
Gage Garlitz - 2 timmar sedan
This trailer alone is already better than everything else DC has put out in the last 7 years combined.
John Marston
John Marston - 2 timmar sedan
25th April - Happy Birthday to the Clown Prince of Crime!
Sea Kay
Sea Kay - 3 timmar sedan
I wish that movie trailer’s musical scores could win oscars because this is just fucking fantastic
Sea Kay
Sea Kay - 3 timmar sedan
This is honestly one of the most beautifully composed trailers I’ve ever seen/heard. The brightness of the music at first that slowly built up into the climax of the same cheery yet sinister music perfectly encapsulates the Joker’s descent into madness. I wouldn’t even be mad if this movie turned out to be bad because the trailer was so good lol. 1:24 give me chills every. Single. Time.
Shisha S
Shisha S - 3 timmar sedan
Why do I feel like this
Hafiz Tajuddin
Hafiz Tajuddin - 3 timmar sedan
Joker >>>> endgame
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson - 3 timmar sedan
This actually looks pretty damn good...... I like seeing other people's version of characters. I really don't understand why so many people bitch and cry about it. "But Heath Ledger was better!".... shut up, who gives a fuck.
Danny DeLorean
Danny DeLorean - 3 timmar sedan
What a piece of garbage...
wakiswakis bakisbakis
wakiswakis bakisbakis - 3 timmar sedan
Best joker laughter
SwampyTing18 - 3 timmar sedan
Gaming Postman
Gaming Postman - 3 timmar sedan
I love this video it's very similar to one of my own video's.
NODAS - 4 timmar sedan
i think that black woman is his wife and he doesnt smile so much and maybe she will leave him because that joker said on 2012
Bernard3 ._.666
Bernard3 ._.666 - 4 timmar sedan
1000subsnovideos - 4 timmar sedan
The first time I watched this I legitimately got jump scared at (1:11) 😑
Shadow - 4 timmar sedan
Wonder Woman, Aquaman,Shazam and now this. DC is coming back everybody!
Tonis67GR - 4 timmar sedan
Kinda disappointed that they didn't cast Creed Bratton but this is awesome
zakir jaigirder
zakir jaigirder - 4 timmar sedan
No one bits heath ledger's joker ever
Thedarkknight1014 - 4 timmar sedan
Marvel - One man destroys most of the world.
DC - Most of the world destroys one man.
fino alla fine
fino alla fine - 4 timmar sedan
Bala Creations
Bala Creations - 5 timmar sedan
Next year one super movie definitely Oscar win
Hyderabad Talkies
Hyderabad Talkies - 5 timmar sedan
Again and again watching am I addicted? Definitely Yes
My last account was Sister exposed
I can NOT fucking wait
trm - 5 timmar sedan
Gamers rise up
Bryams Sama
Bryams Sama - 5 timmar sedan
Huelo a Óscar
Joel’s Maunder
Joel’s Maunder - 5 timmar sedan
Can’t say I’ve been this excited for a film in a long time. It looks fantastic I can’t wait.
Asrian Brown
Asrian Brown - 6 timmar sedan
That's some deep stuff
Akshay Sakpal
Akshay Sakpal - 6 timmar sedan
I can feel the vibe here of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy which had motivation, real life situation and more related to life ,this movie will be another master piece
Yarmong Ozukum
Yarmong Ozukum - 6 timmar sedan
It's my 5 th tym watching this
Shahzeb Hassan Zaidi
Shahzeb Hassan Zaidi - 6 timmar sedan
Maybe the greatest trailer of all time.
F.W - 6 timmar sedan
All the dislikes are from Marvel
Nizar Alsaidi
Nizar Alsaidi - 7 timmar sedan
I never expected that this trailer would have more than a million likes, normally trailers like Man of Steel and BvS would only get 300k or more even the second Suicide Squad trailer only got 600k likes despite having 87 million views. It looks this movie is going to be very anticipated
Sheran BT
Sheran BT - 7 timmar sedan
i hope this film will be epic and have a great plot. need to see a new movie to take out shawshanks redemtion and the godfather from top rating imbd. since endgame still cant.
KomandorKretes - 7 timmar sedan
He's the Joker we need, but not the one we deserve
QwerterFive !
QwerterFive ! - 7 timmar sedan
Is it me? Or hes laugh sounds like bigjigglypandas laugh? From vanossgaming
Adam zoabi
Adam zoabi - 7 timmar sedan
I really hope he's as good as the joker in the dark knight, that guy was an absolute genius!!
Coffee Madness
Coffee Madness - 7 timmar sedan
When did the mighty joker start having mommy issues??
Gio Tan
Gio Tan - 7 timmar sedan
Avengers Endgame : What is so funny?
Joker : I used to think uh, DC was a, i realised it is a comedy.
Oliver lawrance j
Oliver lawrance j - 8 timmar sedan
behind the expectation.. soulful
Naveen Prasanth
Naveen Prasanth - 8 timmar sedan
Movie of the year : Endgame
Joaquin Phoenix: : Hold my beer..
jay jal
jay jal - 8 timmar sedan
How to make a joker?
1951: Throw him into a chemical cylinder.
2019: Throw him into the society.
Mr. Geo
Mr. Geo - 8 timmar sedan
I just hope it doesnt take half of or the whole the movie to see him become the joker... I wonder how many serial killers this film is grooming ? lol jk just a joke
Throw communists out of helicopters
Mr. Geo Isn't this supposed to be an origin story? I thought it's supposed to show how he turned into the joker, not what he did while the joker.
Shreyans Singh
Shreyans Singh - 8 timmar sedan
Anyone realised how difficult it was to climb the stairs for him at the beginning and how he did that at the end.
George Feb
George Feb - 8 timmar sedan
It's getting crazier bro! ☺
SUPRIYADI - 8 timmar sedan
I like joker
Gibbons & Griffiths Inc
Gibbons & Griffiths Inc - 8 timmar sedan
I hope DC will do a trilogy film series of Batman Villians like Penguin, Riddler, Two Face, Top Hat, Poison Ivy and Mr Freeze
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts - 8 timmar sedan
Finally a DC movie that won’t be dogshit, this looks so 🔥🔥🔥
Tarh Rana
Tarh Rana - 9 timmar sedan
Hello everyone.. Can anybody tell me d song name which starts when he is dancing with his mother..... Anybody pllzzz..
NPC 138
NPC 138 - 8 timmar sedan
Ramdho Putra Utama
Ramdho Putra Utama - 9 timmar sedan
Come here again after watching endgame, i think this movie will absolutely great
rex rex rex rex
rex rex rex rex - 9 timmar sedan
After i watched this it made me feel superhero movies are childish
Mandana Rezvani
Mandana Rezvani - 9 timmar sedan
Can you keep your calm when you watch it
Electric Fan
Electric Fan - 9 timmar sedan
Endgame. Done.
Joker. Waiting.......
Tony Montana
Tony Montana - 9 timmar sedan
Dark knight trilogy vibes
Winnipeg2oh4 - 9 timmar sedan
I walked the line hahahahahhahaha
Sultan Mahmud
Sultan Mahmud - 9 timmar sedan
Shafat Masood
Shafat Masood - 9 timmar sedan
So that's how joker became the worst enemy of batman.
Only One Another Me
Only One Another Me - 9 timmar sedan
NegrogtheThotSlayer - 9 timmar sedan
At the end of the movie, I bet we will see Joker 20 years into the future at Arkham Asylum watching the news about Batman. He has the scars and he smiles awakening from his catonic state.
Akhil Modgil
Akhil Modgil - 10 timmar sedan
Ladies and gentlemen! This is DC.
NWO 2033
NWO 2033 - 10 timmar sedan
I hope he's not as bad as heath ledgers joker
Dominikiller!!! - 10 timmar sedan
First venom got his own solo movie and now joker?! Damn comics nowadays are trying to make fans happier lol
GUARDIANS OFFICIAL - 10 timmar sedan
i like joker old.....the dark FORGET OLD JOKER
MARVEL STUDIOS - 10 timmar sedan
This trailer made me cry😩😭miss u joker
ArseneWenger - 10 timmar sedan
Making origins for characters like the joker is a tragedy
Mythical Jones
Mythical Jones - 10 timmar sedan
Who else were waiting for this trailer in the cinema when u are watching endgame
ayy lemau
ayy lemau - 10 timmar sedan
Honk honk
Throw communists out of helicopters
ayy lemau *Honk honk!* Honk Honkler
Adrian Pepłoński
Adrian Pepłoński - 10 timmar sedan
This trailer is addictive
Luciana Aguilar
Luciana Aguilar - 11 timmar sedan
Me encanta la canción, esta buenísima 🎶👍
grace b
grace b - 11 timmar sedan
why am i so fucking obsessed with this trailer.
Zev Libin
Zev Libin - 11 timmar sedan
On its way to break the most viewed trailer of all time
Dilogical Indian
Dilogical Indian - 11 timmar sedan
This is *Dark* and also has *Phoenix*
And Marvel thinks that they have Dark Phoenix!
svord00 - 11 timmar sedan
Christ I miss Ledger, he would have been perfect for this.
Devin Burg
Devin Burg - 11 timmar sedan
That is going to be a good movie
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter - 11 timmar sedan
racism still exists... watch any 'black' trailer reaction.... they only 'light up' when Zazie Beetz or Paperboy show up in the trailer. not fans.. just racist 'pretenders'........ real fans wanna see Arthur Fleck. ..and he kills it!
Throw communists out of helicopters
Peanut Butter white people are the least racist people nowadays.
Amru - 11 timmar sedan
This is one of the worst trailer I’ve ever seen although I am still looking forward to watching this movie
Riyan S
Riyan S - 11 timmar sedan
Riyan S
Riyan S - 11 timmar sedan
Shammila Mambo Ondoua
Shammila Mambo Ondoua - 11 timmar sedan
Vikram Regar
Vikram Regar - 11 timmar sedan
The power of this epic trailor for. Me is that
Before going to bed I must say let's put a smile on my face again😁
Genkarp Swag
Genkarp Swag - 11 timmar sedan
Una obra de arte
Nomad - 11 timmar sedan
Hey can you pass me another Capri sun
Demolition Turtle
Demolition Turtle - 12 timmar sedan
Well I’m back to make sure this wasn’t some cruel dream
just meee
just meee - 12 timmar sedan
Wow just wow 👌
PLUSHY - 12 timmar sedan
I can't believe how amazing Endgame was.
This looks good too.
Rain Mochi
Rain Mochi - 12 timmar sedan
I cant stop to watch this trailer:(
안테로 - 12 timmar sedan
Dragged by tragedy of life.
Internalizing fake smile.
Burning corrupt city..!
PLATINUMARCH - 12 timmar sedan
This look dumb af
Aizen Sosuke
Aizen Sosuke - 6 timmar sedan
quit hating dawg
Big Johnson
Big Johnson - 12 timmar sedan
Is it Robert di Niro singing????
Big Johnson
Big Johnson - 6 timmar sedan
Ye my bad lol. I thought it sounded like his voice
Throw communists out of helicopters
Big Johnson Not at all
NWO 2033
NWO 2033 - 10 timmar sedan
Big Johnson noo
Starguard the Cosmic Comic Reader
waiting for a Villain Pub reaction to this Joker.
Sam Samson
Sam Samson - 12 timmar sedan
*Joker, please crossover with the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon. Season 2 is coming out tomorrow.*
say no to new world order 72
say no to new world order 72 - 12 timmar sedan
Based on this trailer the Oscar should be his, or will they ignore him and his obvious talent once again
Thắng Vũ
Thắng Vũ - 13 timmar sedan
Oscar domination, oscar domination mother fucker.
Yuvesh ram
Yuvesh ram - 13 timmar sedan
Hit it If you know
That Batman Sucks
ScreaM Saiyajin
ScreaM Saiyajin - 13 timmar sedan
Best joker I've seen so far. I mean Heath Leadger is dope and I think Joaquin Phoenix is also gonna be dope af
Gray Frank
Gray Frank - 13 timmar sedan
I wonder if the director thought about Phoenix “hey all we got to do is paint his normal face no cosmetics needed
Aldi Eksa Nugraha
Aldi Eksa Nugraha - 13 timmar sedan
2:05 best of catwalk
adie ozborgn
adie ozborgn - 13 timmar sedan
Oscar movie..