JOKER - Teaser Trailer

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l_inconnu 83
l_inconnu 83 - 21 minut sedan
I need new trailer !
AJ Aguilera
AJ Aguilera - 22 minuter sedan
Mmmmmm... I kinda like it can anyone convince me to watch it a bit more
uriel999 amaya
uriel999 amaya - Timme sedan
why so serious? 🃏
Akki Umre
Akki Umre - Timme sedan
Which song is this I'm background??
Maurice Delamauricie
Maurice Delamauricie - Timme sedan
I feel like the guys who beats him in the subway and make him crazy once and fore all are the same that will vote for Thomas Wayne because The Joker is a real threat for Gotham.
Brizey - Timme sedan
This is gonna do what Venom couldn’t and i can’t wait
V2 Freaky
V2 Freaky - Timme sedan
I fuck with the movie I just don’t like his face paint like they coulddd do better no cap
Personthat exists
Personthat exists - Timme sedan
Dont worry, all the dislikes are from Australia. There ain't any dislikes...
redcobra 92
redcobra 92 - Timme sedan
Am I the only one who doesn’t really think this trailer is that good?
Sebazattack - Timme sedan
After watching this trailer wayyyy too much, I’ve noticed some things. In the beginning of the trailer he’s walking up the concrete stairs in remorse. He’s depressed. He seems to be a husk just drifting up the stairs, with no mental direction whatsoever. Near the end of the trailer he is decked out in his suit and makeup. Not just walking down the stairs, but dancing. He found out that his mask isn’t the makeup, or even the actual mask he throws in the garbage in the train scene. The true mask WAS Arthur. Joker is who he is meant to be. Now that he has found his true self, the fun can truly begin. Enter the clown!
Blue Cloudd
Blue Cloudd - Timme sedan
Wish they had Jared Leto playing joker Instead
Blue Cloudd
Blue Cloudd - Timme sedan
The guy playing joker was a horrible choice
Pratham Verma
Pratham Verma - Timme sedan
When is trailer-2 is coming
Blue Cloudd
Blue Cloudd - Timme sedan
I have to say I wish they had someone prettier and younger play joker
Vandana Singh
Vandana Singh - 2 timmar sedan
The more you hurt me the more I laugh and make world cry -joker
Hunter Wright
Hunter Wright - 2 timmar sedan
I want this to be good so bad
Tenzin.D - 2 timmar sedan
do you guys think this joker would be in Robert Pattinson's batman?
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh - 2 timmar sedan
October seems like a year I wish I can see it right now
Robbe Washington
Robbe Washington - 2 timmar sedan
This seems like society now, very dark
Mikael Melo
Mikael Melo - 3 timmar sedan
Chills! Depressão, melancolia, queda! Vai ser incrível!
Kashif Reza
Kashif Reza - 3 timmar sedan
The one movie where everyone is rooting for Joaquin Phoenix to become the Joker and destroy Gotham
Kali Rkr
Kali Rkr - 4 timmar sedan
there is zero green screen effect in the work... good work
Akansha Shaw Jaiswal
Akansha Shaw Jaiswal - Timme sedan
MCU fanboy attacking the this movie
Alaisa Mapa
Alaisa Mapa - 4 timmar sedan
Ok is the Batman Joker or a story about a killer clown
Alaisa Mapa
Alaisa Mapa - 4 timmar sedan
Nevermind the first part of the video didnt mention gotham then i found out
CoNvERsEKiDd09 - 4 timmar sedan
Hmmmmm definitely intrigued
Gothicc senpai
Gothicc senpai - 4 timmar sedan
does anyone else feel isolated? living in a society that hates you, always bullied, beat up and called names, trying your best and being friendly only results in pain and more bullying. am i alone, is the west paradise for all.
Ichsan Ramadhan
Ichsan Ramadhan - 4 timmar sedan
Comeee ooon just release the traileer pleaseeeee
Michael Scott
Michael Scott - 4 timmar sedan
*10 million* views are from me.
KAY-09 Gaming
KAY-09 Gaming - 6 timmar sedan
Some people born to be villains same as some people born to be heroes. It's the person inside you that will awake because of some reasons, in this case society wakes the true evil that lived inside joker. Without that evil thoughts and personalities no one can make you as another joker.
I Neon
I Neon - 5 timmar sedan
@KAY-09 Gaming Can't deny it tho. You'r right.It all about how strong can your heart in other way your spirit is. I do have some mental issues about anger but hey! I didn't kill anyone.
KAY-09 Gaming
KAY-09 Gaming - 5 timmar sedan
@I Neon and you talk about spirit. Yeah I was talking about kinda like that. Spirit differ from the birth
KAY-09 Gaming
KAY-09 Gaming - 5 timmar sedan
@I Neon that's BS. Do you heard anything about mental issues? Yeah some people born with mental issues and there are hospitals for that. First of all you need to understand people are different. If you have a brother or sister you can clearly see you two are different but you both grew up with same parents same house and most of those things are same yet you two are different so it means people born different to each other from the birth. Yeah people change with their surroundings but you need to understand that a person will go through the same things as this joker but everyone will not be the joker. It's because there's a person inside you living with you. If I hit you today you will be mad but you will forget but at the same time there will be a person that will remember that thing and shoot me to dead next day. Why? People are different. Research about some serial killers and you will learn some people have no reason to what they do.
I Neon
I Neon - 5 timmar sedan
I do like your thought bty.
I Neon
I Neon - 5 timmar sedan
Nah, not everyone born as heros or villains.People are born as People. Good,bad,hero,villain..It all depend on you and your environment in other word it depend on the society you are living in. If someone who don't have a strong spirit to withstand the judgement of others.Then he will fall into the darkside percisely.That's how villains are made.Joker is just one of those people who stop fighting his darkside and surrender and a madness just consume his innocence self. And that Sir! That's how joker born.
hange zoè
hange zoè - 7 timmar sedan
I had com From the Future to tell you this movie is masterpiece
ProPixel_ - 7 timmar sedan
3 months to go
Marlon levy
Marlon levy - 8 timmar sedan
Charlie Chaplin 1:35 ???? Wonder how that ties in
RidingwithSam - 8 timmar sedan
Yeah F every cinematic universe.... I just Wan a good film !!! And in joker I might just get what I Wan!
sophia Dmello
sophia Dmello - 8 timmar sedan
this trailer it self gives me chills i wish they had oscars for the best trailers too ❤
Joseph Womer
Joseph Womer - 10 timmar sedan
I don't think I like this new clown faced joker.
A Z - 10 timmar sedan
I watch this trailer everyday.
Ms. Lamp
Ms. Lamp - 10 timmar sedan
1:23 I thought that was Nessun dorma😅
SimpleMan.45 - 10 timmar sedan
The movie is going to be ok. But this trailer is awesome.
Melis Özden
Melis Özden - 10 timmar sedan
white dom
white dom - 11 timmar sedan
im gay
Marlon levy
Marlon levy - 8 timmar sedan
white dom 🤡
Ben Williams
Ben Williams - 11 timmar sedan
Hope it be as good as heath ledger's joker... Joker is the only villain that i love..hell i love him more than super heros
GC_isme - 12 timmar sedan
This is basically the average white guy in 2019 without them actually turning into the joker...
BTS is the Best :)
BTS is the Best :) - 12 timmar sedan
See how society turns innocent people into villains smh
Hiroyuki Heisosumi
Hiroyuki Heisosumi - 13 timmar sedan
Looks like pure trash
Joseph Beltran
Joseph Beltran - 13 timmar sedan
I believe something's wrong with my cousin. He said that Joaquin's performance wasn't really good in this teaser. Also that this teaser "put him to sleep". I think he needs to appreciate what a masterpiece this teaser really is. Even my siblings and dad have mixed feelings.Only me and my uncle think this will be a great movie. And even though I do prefer Marvel over DC most of the time, I am really excited for this movie because this trailer...really does make me smile. It's just too good in every way :)
Fox line
Fox line - 6 timmar sedan
A wise man once told me " The death of the creator is a rise to its *competitors* "
Zoe March
Zoe March - 13 timmar sedan
(Sarcasm) Ooh! That looks sooo fun!
Prettyhq K
Prettyhq K - 14 timmar sedan
Without a hero who’s gonna stop hem
Deedar Umar
Deedar Umar - 14 timmar sedan
thanos😈 left the chat
Prettyhq K
Prettyhq K - 14 timmar sedan
Joker is gonna be cool
Furious Movie Clips
Furious Movie Clips - 14 timmar sedan
No one replaces Heath ledger
mitchell freedlund
mitchell freedlund - 15 timmar sedan
This maybe the start to future good dc films.