Slipknot - Unsainted

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QuickShepard - 7 timmar sedan
God why is this mixed so poorly
gustavrendon Show
gustavrendon Show - 7 timmar sedan
El rock and roll no tiene edad 🖤🖤🖤
La'Keisha Where Art Thou
La'Keisha Where Art Thou - 12 timmar sedan
this music is about as cool in 2019 as Rush was in 1998
James Lisfranc
James Lisfranc - 17 timmar sedan
I hate people who stand in the middle of a pit and air guitar to the music.. always people who've never touched a guitar in their poser lives
jbmusicman1 - 17 timmar sedan
Musicians playing instruments. Singer actually singing. A well written song......all on tv??? I didn't like heavy metal until now, thanks Jimmy!
Iron City Rob
Iron City Rob - 18 timmar sedan
Their new album/tour is going be huge... It will be a reaction to the pop/hop crud that has permeated music for way too long.
Random Roleplays
Random Roleplays - 18 timmar sedan
Eh... crappy sound?
Frodo Baggins
Frodo Baggins - 21 timme sedan
who are you tortilla man?
Nick Marcotte
Nick Marcotte - Dag sedan
I love it!!! \m/
Sean M
Sean M - Dag sedan
I want the "beat the keg with a baseball bat in a clown suit job.." SO dm me bro... ill bring my own bat...
aguinaldo - Dag sedan
The Clown still crazy!
JJ Mara
JJ Mara - Dag sedan
Thank you Kimmel 😩
Joshua Hardy Lee
Joshua Hardy Lee - Dag sedan
Super genial
singson marco
singson marco - Dag sedan
what!,this band is still alive
Jam Jamawama
Jam Jamawama - Dag sedan
Good yes goooood bring the pits back in this dead crowd era
Matteoj - Dag sedan
Where's Alan Keys when you need him?
Mike Cosslett
Mike Cosslett - Dag sedan
How awesome is this song slipknot back to there best 😎
SheWolf94 - Dag sedan
Thank u jimmy 🙏
Jay Seha
Jay Seha - Dag sedan
Thank god there is still bands pounding your ears with real instruments. Mad love to the metal and rock that still lives
Blake Carlson
Blake Carlson - Dag sedan
I dig the masks, everyone of them.
Ranaes Mendoza
Ranaes Mendoza - Dag sedan
Slip knot makes me feel a mixture of pitty and laughter
dimazavr1988 petrov
dimazavr1988 petrov - 2 dagar sedan
Чё блядь с ними стало
misscat - 2 dagar sedan
The moshpit is brutal....
I love it 🤘
Muppet Blaster
Muppet Blaster - 2 dagar sedan
Sid looks like that dude from star wars. (I forgot his name because I only watched star wars once)
Muppet Blaster
Muppet Blaster - 19 timmar sedan
Dr. K Vittro Yeah, that guy.
Dr. K Vittro
Dr. K Vittro - 20 timmar sedan
Captain Chong Palpatine
luis martinez
luis martinez - 2 dagar sedan
por tu amor eh sufrido tanto ahora que lo estás aquí
Cody Ormin
Cody Ormin - 2 dagar sedan
Sounds almost the same I love slipknot for that
Joseph Ortolani
Joseph Ortolani - 2 dagar sedan
I miss #3 chrises original mask.
Jungy Brungen
Jungy Brungen - 2 dagar sedan
This song gives me cancer
Júlio Marin
Júlio Marin - 2 dagar sedan
Corey gordasso
it's Daniel Wilson. OKAY!!!
it's Daniel Wilson. OKAY!!! - 2 dagar sedan
Depressed guy : metal is dead
Slipknot: no it's not we got our new song out
Mumble rappers: uh oh that's not good
:333 - 2 dagar sedan
Gary Edwards
Gary Edwards - 2 dagar sedan
Jimmy Kimmel blows, only here for Slipknot.
Tired Tyler
Tired Tyler - 3 dagar sedan
We are so lucky to have gotten this in 2019...
IbeAwesome - 3 dagar sedan
Amazing performance, however i think coreys mask looks really strange xD
Isadore Willis
Isadore Willis - 3 dagar sedan
Shitty song. For real. Also Corey looks like old Corey... But if he drown and wasn’t found for a week. Hahaha
Joe Lee
Joe Lee - 3 dagar sedan
I’ve seen soooo many bands in my time, Slipknot still remains the best show I’ve ever seen!
Michael Davis
Michael Davis - 3 dagar sedan
Ever since Joey got fired and the old bass player died 😭 this band doesn't have it's fire anymore
Pau Tangcalagan
Pau Tangcalagan - 3 dagar sedan
wow its good to see this guys kicking again and the crowd is just awesome.
Galuh Puspita
Galuh Puspita - 3 dagar sedan
24 tahun bertahan gile... jarang loh berasa kayak balik ke tahun 90an dan penontonnya mosh pitt
Angel ptos
Angel ptos - 3 dagar sedan
Que pinche miedo, yo solo vengo por el meme que anda en mexico jaja
Camile Drew
Camile Drew - 3 dagar sedan
Eu tou gostando de uma prostituta ■●
Geronimo - 3 dagar sedan
I' Love *COREY TAYLOR's Vocal Timbre _ Because
'Clarity of Vocal Articulation is Accurate' .
mike - 3 dagar sedan
If you look carefully you see a group of males with unhealthy hatred and anger. It’s looking like a ratio of 100 to 1 male/female. Slipknot and the crowd/followers need to be quarantined and sit down with a shrink.
Cristian zamudio
Cristian zamudio - 3 dagar sedan
Why does Cory remind me of the kid from Willy Wonka
Lord Tachanka
Lord Tachanka - 3 dagar sedan
4thousand people where headbanging so hard they hit the dislike
super bro
super bro - 3 dagar sedan
The new member needs a work on it it should be like son of the clown
Javier Jacinto
Javier Jacinto - 3 dagar sedan
Como que porque se empujan ?
Es un ritual o acaso paso una rata y se espantaron ?
kaapo kuokkanen
kaapo kuokkanen - 3 dagar sedan
2:40 R2?
Fahrul A. Tamima
Fahrul A. Tamima - 4 dagar sedan
me : Metal is dead
crowd : Hold my phone.. (then do moshpit)
Overtaled - Realm Royale
Overtaled - Realm Royale - 4 dagar sedan
Shawn: Alright guys, new masks!
Mick and Craig: Nah.
Drew Jackson
Drew Jackson - 4 dagar sedan
Jim’s stage presence is coming back, I dig it lol
Tony Orpiano
Tony Orpiano - 4 dagar sedan
Lucas Sebastián
Lucas Sebastián - 4 dagar sedan
I thought I wouldn't see them getting older because of the masks but Corey's losing hair :/
Flu - 4 dagar sedan
why the scary mask first time watcher ??
Sad Cowboy
Sad Cowboy - 3 dagar sedan
Its part of their show
PlasmaStrider 7777
PlasmaStrider 7777 - 4 dagar sedan
2:41 what the heck was that noise
PlasmaStrider 7777
PlasmaStrider 7777 - 10 timmar sedan
Woah that actually sounded dope
Exposing The Truth
Exposing The Truth - 3 dagar sedan
@Christian That's Sids turntable.
Christian - 3 dagar sedan
PlasmaStrider 7777 craig doing his magic 😏
Schenker Fox
Schenker Fox - 4 dagar sedan
Bu but the neck you can't see the neck
kalvig123 - 4 dagar sedan
Jimmy Kimmel has some balls to have slipknot perform on his show, the man has good taste
Matt Fields
Matt Fields - 4 dagar sedan
I’m finally holding on to letting go
NocriZle - 4 dagar sedan
honestly it sounded way better live than the recording
Baz Irvine
Baz Irvine - 4 dagar sedan
Record at night next time.
King Thatcher
King Thatcher - 4 dagar sedan
Corey needs a joker face paint under that mask
hi oof
hi oof - 4 dagar sedan
Going to see these guys in August🤘🤘🤙
HyPe Carrion
HyPe Carrion - 4 dagar sedan
I just don't like Corey's new mask
But the son is awesome
Wave - 3 dagar sedan
HyPe Carrion it’s awesome. Looks like he’s the joker. Heath Ledger kind of joker.
Pillama de rayas
Pillama de rayas - 5 dagar sedan
Cuanto mugroso y que asco de genero
танат мармар
танат мармар - 5 dagar sedan
Вы идёты
танат мармар
танат мармар - 5 dagar sedan
Вы идёты
Wicaksono Gitawan
Wicaksono Gitawan - 5 dagar sedan
Bass sounds nice but looks terrible honestly
Michael Payne
Michael Payne - 5 dagar sedan
I feel like 2001 all over again LOL
Alexis Mol-Hdz
Alexis Mol-Hdz - 5 dagar sedan
Coreys mask has got to be the ugliest mask any slipknot member has ever had
Nek0maniac - 5 dagar sedan
Sure it is, but that's why I love it
Cory Van Treuren
Cory Van Treuren - 5 dagar sedan
Looks like heath ledger's joker I love it
Alexander - 5 dagar sedan
Why would anyone dislike this video, I mean COME ON
Alexander - 4 dagar sedan
Eric Hernández Really? I pay attention to the music , plus the mask isn’t that bad
Eric Hernández
Eric Hernández - 4 dagar sedan
Alexander For the mask of corey lol
B Richards
B Richards - 5 dagar sedan
Sometimes you just need to know when to throw in the towel, it's about that time boys..
Nuhus fake
Nuhus fake - 6 dagar sedan
Joe Cool
Joe Cool - 6 dagar sedan
haha the moshpit is awsome
Alejandro Caudillo
Alejandro Caudillo - 6 dagar sedan
Alguien más lo vio con música de banda?v:
Itsya Booiii
Itsya Booiii - 6 dagar sedan
Was that Cory singing???
Dan Clarke
Dan Clarke - 6 dagar sedan
I love the fact that Mick Thomson, Jim Root, and Craig Jones still haven't changed their masks, or barely have, over the years
PSMTCHEF - 6 dagar sedan
Why do they still make the bass player stand in the back? Paul would be up front
San der
San der - 6 dagar sedan
Iets make metal popular again
Liam Wilson
Liam Wilson - 6 dagar sedan
no phones lol
Josy Souza
Josy Souza - 6 dagar sedan
Eu piroooo nesse sooom , I love slipknot. 😍
wolf argo 44
wolf argo 44 - 6 dagar sedan
Is anyone having a tough time understanding what Corey Taylor saying when he's growling
Not Bill Gates
Not Bill Gates - 6 dagar sedan
Hell yeah, Sting is killing it on Guitar!
panzer 1
panzer 1 - 6 dagar sedan
Its a very poor track. They are nothing like they were back on the first 2 albums. A bit of a gimick at this stage.
Matheus da Silva Nunes
Matheus da Silva Nunes - 6 dagar sedan
Long live Slipknot \m/
Shirokuma Otaku
Shirokuma Otaku - 6 dagar sedan
I bet at least half the audience doesn't even listen to Slipknot
NO LOVE - 7 dagar sedan
No more crazy headbang. Because not young any more 🤣
Big Up Liquid Chilli
Big Up Liquid Chilli - 4 dagar sedan
Really Dora?
Oscar Solano
Oscar Solano - 7 dagar sedan
Por tu amor he sufrido tanto ahora que no estás aquí ...
Si Pandhu
Si Pandhu - 7 dagar sedan
hell freeeeaaakinnn yeaaahhhhhh
Pete Fanelli
Pete Fanelli - 7 dagar sedan
Love Slipknot, great performance as usual! Even though Kimmel is an idiot.
Richard Qashikow
Richard Qashikow - 7 dagar sedan
I wish Chester Linkin Park, 😭
Mateo Alejandro Ray
Mateo Alejandro Ray - 7 dagar sedan
V Mans Bass Guitar sounds sick af!
Michael B.
Michael B. - 7 dagar sedan
Corey turned into Benedict Cumberbatch?
Rick Sanchez c137
Rick Sanchez c137 - 7 dagar sedan
Ye circus is in the city?
Gustavo Gonzalez
Gustavo Gonzalez - 7 dagar sedan
3:00 les falto otro cover en el DJ😑
Wendy Santos
Wendy Santos - 7 dagar sedan
Metalhead - 7 dagar sedan
archim3dis - 7 dagar sedan
he should wear a joker mask with that hair :D
paul babuik
paul babuik - 7 dagar sedan
One more thing i love about metal , consistency
赤ーMxAxTxU - 7 dagar sedan
I thought the crowd will be dead

I was wrong🌚