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Filip Matasaru
Filip Matasaru - 4 minuter sedan
all these women are ugly lol
BobbyKing - 4 minuter sedan
Can someone tell me what resturant they were talking about?
Lee Everett
Lee Everett - 29 minuter sedan
Harry? Wtf
Blue Giraffe 11
Blue Giraffe 11 - Timme sedan
I’ve watched this vid 4 times
Ray Chiino
Ray Chiino - Timme sedan
J.J comes of as a real jerk
kmk 9400
kmk 9400 - Timme sedan
Don't get grandma's next time.
Jaks Craigvlogs
Jaks Craigvlogs - Timme sedan
KSI thinks that some of them are gold diggers
NafriFN - Timme sedan
Pls More
Ghost 100
Ghost 100 - Timme sedan
Hey tobi im 15 and i have size 13 feet
Memo Cabrera
Memo Cabrera - 2 timmar sedan
y is vik trying to make him self tall
Rip Poppy Gloria
Rip Poppy Gloria - 2 timmar sedan
These people ugly the first girl looked like she work in a school kitchen
KSlime Official Music
KSlime Official Music - 2 timmar sedan
Alot of no's
BiGdAwG420 - 2 timmar sedan
Why didn’t ski say he fought Logan Paul
Dominic Raymondo
Dominic Raymondo - 2 timmar sedan
That third lady looked hella old 3:15
Alejandro El Causa
Alejandro El Causa - 2 timmar sedan
26:50 the best😂
Pukar Banjara
Pukar Banjara - 2 timmar sedan
My hands are quite rough like the sexes we're gonna have 😂😂
Silentgamer Garcia
Silentgamer Garcia - 3 timmar sedan
KSi needs girl respect
Venus Projemo
Venus Projemo - 3 timmar sedan
how many ages does vik have???
Post t05
Post t05 - 4 timmar sedan
Notice how ksi puts on the big chain when the girl who is swiping is hot
• BLNK •
• BLNK • - 4 timmar sedan
They need to do this again
Christopher Mendoza DML
Christopher Mendoza DML - 4 timmar sedan
19:20 Perfectly good
multifrags - 4 timmar sedan
27:00 girl is hot
Asif hussain
Asif hussain - 4 timmar sedan
Do a sidemen tik tok challenge
iiSmxleii - 4 timmar sedan
Jaqueline looks waaaayyy older than 28.
tripdiv cats
tripdiv cats - 4 timmar sedan
Vik be getting them Minecraft stds
Brody Hail
Brody Hail - 5 timmar sedan
I like everybody except for KSI here it’s just because I’ve seen some things that are kind of messed up
Max Rondini
Max Rondini - 6 timmar sedan
Sweet revenge for the ring girl, nice play 😂
Kathy Nguyen
Kathy Nguyen - 6 timmar sedan
Am I the only one getting triggered with their roasts for jj because they think he is broke
BobbyKing - 3 minuter sedan
What resutrant were they talking about?
joooj - 6 timmar sedan
30:03 the most whitest woah
Canson Lam
Canson Lam - 6 timmar sedan
The title of this video should be changed to “Bullying JJ For 31 Minutes” 😂
Emperor Shain
Emperor Shain - 6 timmar sedan
200 dollars says that I always get swiped left 😂😂😖
Joonas Aravirta
Joonas Aravirta - 6 timmar sedan
17:58 JJ wtf where is your respect to women man unsubscribe
Embrace the Quantum
Embrace the Quantum - 6 timmar sedan
Natalia makes me want to start a crusade
Judith Albiter
Judith Albiter - 6 timmar sedan
Girl must feel dumb when she searched up KSI an found out he can afford newboo
iTheman 6s
iTheman 6s - 6 timmar sedan
Please do this with American women!
iTheman 6s
iTheman 6s - 7 timmar sedan
Anyone else see the Bulgarian flag on the floor in the thumbnail?
Daniel Watkins
Daniel Watkins - 7 timmar sedan
The real question is where did Tobi get those techwear pants?
MockDisstrack - 7 timmar sedan
MockDisstrack - 7 timmar sedan
This is why America wanted freedom from Britain
iSaul XD
iSaul XD - 7 timmar sedan
Tobey outfit looks fire
Dannyboii - 8 timmar sedan
That natalya is a slaggg
James Cole
James Cole - 8 timmar sedan
Its actually crazy how this is on track to be the most viewed video on the sidemen channel in just 3 weeks.
nikk serna
nikk serna - 8 timmar sedan
I get bullied
YsL4L_ _
YsL4L_ _ - 8 timmar sedan
Luna Liens
Luna Liens - 8 timmar sedan
Does somebody know what Ethan showed THE girl in His phone
Blanca Bonilla
Blanca Bonilla - 9 timmar sedan
i cant believe i watched the whole thing
Ashton Fayne
Ashton Fayne - 9 timmar sedan
Part 2plz
Ssshadow _
Ssshadow _ - 9 timmar sedan
Give us a part 2
Polish Jerry
Polish Jerry - 10 timmar sedan
Aids Zackmyass
Aids Zackmyass - 11 timmar sedan
Pause at 11:23 and look at tobi
Anothai Jitamonrat
Anothai Jitamonrat - 11 timmar sedan
Eat Ass
Eat Ass - 11 timmar sedan
Low key in love with simran
X X - 11 timmar sedan
18:00 LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hydro trilogy
Hydro trilogy - 11 timmar sedan
How many swipe rights did vik get
Cae Steffens
Cae Steffens - 12 timmar sedan
Anyone else love hearing Ethan’s laugh?
[QRR]JackMetal - 12 timmar sedan
*Aye someone who is from Hemel Hempstead*
nani - 12 timmar sedan
damnn vik got even rejected with money in his hand 😭😭😂
360.landon - 12 timmar sedan
Why is everyone in England so ugly
yoongiholic - 12 timmar sedan
damn i forgot yall
Declan Turbett
Declan Turbett - 12 timmar sedan
Ethan used to be funny until all he talks about is his physical change
SteadyFive4 - 12 timmar sedan
19:54 a magnitude 90 earthquake
Thomas Tuddenham
Thomas Tuddenham - 12 timmar sedan
Harry is litteraly me in these situations😂
Ben Boyd
Ben Boyd - 12 timmar sedan
God please do this again!!
Nikos Antoniou
Nikos Antoniou - 12 timmar sedan
17:58 👌🏻
Bold Suitcase
Bold Suitcase - 12 timmar sedan
Does pushups

Instant regret
VIP Pickles
VIP Pickles - 12 timmar sedan
Jayden Fait
Jayden Fait - 12 timmar sedan
Ksi got roasted
Charlie Vincent
Charlie Vincent - 12 timmar sedan
Like if Harry made this video 10x better than it already was 😂
Its Nickk
Its Nickk - 13 timmar sedan
*Damn he really went for that move Lmao.*
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - 13 timmar sedan
s tier
Morgan Phelps
Morgan Phelps - 13 timmar sedan
14:56 'sidemen TINDER in real life'??
Alayna Zolman
Alayna Zolman - 13 timmar sedan
Angel Kontor
Angel Kontor - 13 timmar sedan
What they all talked about:
Simon:random things
Vik:being normal
Harry:childhood problems
Josh:random things aswel
Carizma’s Vlogs
Carizma’s Vlogs - 13 timmar sedan
vikkkk ily
J Smith
J Smith - 13 timmar sedan
U looked good until u opened ur mouth
Marc Abou Jaoude
Marc Abou Jaoude - 14 timmar sedan
Harry has more yes than JJ
Rosegold Beats
Rosegold Beats - 13 timmar sedan
cause jj is fat and joking around
Ishaan Sikka
Ishaan Sikka - 14 timmar sedan
wait... why cant harry vote?
Togetic14 - 15 timmar sedan
They should’ve brought in Talia to do it 🤣
Monkey.D. Law
Monkey.D. Law - 15 timmar sedan
Ethan: wankanda for.......ever?
Yt Tylarzz
Yt Tylarzz - 15 timmar sedan
Rah mans got bigger feet than Toby mans got size 13 but mans 12 Year’s old
Monkey.D. Law
Monkey.D. Law - 15 timmar sedan
KeiLeuk - 15 timmar sedan
Harry made this video so good
Tekkerz X Gaming
Tekkerz X Gaming - 15 timmar sedan
How comes the thirst time vik cam up he said he was 23 the second time he said he was 25
Zhehao - 15 timmar sedan
12:59 she kinda looks like ijustine
Africana Rambless
Africana Rambless - 15 timmar sedan
They should do tinder with worst pick up lines
Abiegail Tapallas
Abiegail Tapallas - 15 timmar sedan
1st 3:09
2nd 6:22
3rd 7:36
4th 9:06
5th 10:45
6th 12:10
7th 12:53
8th 14:25
9th 15:13
10th 17:03
11th 18:46
12th 20:03
13th 21:08
14th 22:29
15th 25:32
16th 26:49
17th 28:43
18th 29:42
Just Some Person
Just Some Person - 15 timmar sedan
That lady was pretty sassy when she swiped like look at the flick of the wrist
Monkey.D. Law
Monkey.D. Law - 15 timmar sedan
no CAP KSI was salty asfffffffff in 5:16, why he got to do her like dat LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
Christian Colonna
Christian Colonna - 15 timmar sedan
Have they ever said yes to vik
FortniteClipz 9000
FortniteClipz 9000 - 15 timmar sedan
17:58 had me so dead
Ethan Kent
Ethan Kent - 15 timmar sedan
Will u be my tinderella😂😂😂
Kxng Ghxtto
Kxng Ghxtto - 15 timmar sedan
These females was not fine 😂
Łunar Søuł
Łunar Søuł - 15 timmar sedan
What a banger 😂
Harry made this video an absolute gem.
Ripa Samiel
Ripa Samiel - 16 timmar sedan
Why like everyone from London?
Maria Day
Maria Day - 16 timmar sedan
Caecelius est in horto 😂
Dexi Tofu
Dexi Tofu - 16 timmar sedan
Jesse Ramirez
Jesse Ramirez - 16 timmar sedan
Who wants a pt 2 but with the sidemen in their $10,000 outfits :)
K T - 16 timmar sedan
Trash trash trash
Nela Marceta
Nela Marceta - 16 timmar sedan
Everyone didn't know who ksi was exepet one girl
Indigo Roblox
Indigo Roblox - 16 timmar sedan
Why did no one believe that he was rich 😂