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22 473
Anubhab Laskar
Anubhab Laskar - Timme sedan
What is the Instagram account of Charlotte...Anyone??
Mike T
Mike T - 2 timmar sedan
“I got bullied in school but I deserved it” is probably the best pick up line of all time
ZM HD - 2 timmar sedan
I love how everyone thinks jj is poor
Levi Mirza
Levi Mirza - 6 timmar sedan
Why was harry not in the thumbnail
Captain Jack
Captain Jack - 11 timmar sedan
Was anyone else really concerned and sad when Harry wasn't there for the first fiew
Cärlä Herrerä
Cärlä Herrerä - 13 timmar sedan
I'm lost lol
example 2844
example 2844 - 15 timmar sedan
That bloke who came in was bloody enormous
Hollie Hanslip
Hollie Hanslip - 16 timmar sedan
Where was Harry at the beginning
Gacha Tube
Gacha Tube - 16 timmar sedan
Who else hates KSI
He thinks money can buy love 😕😑😬😖😶😔no
BENMJR - - 20 timmar sedan
18:33 noooooooo :D
BENMJR - - 20 timmar sedan
16:28 lmao
BENMJR - - 20 timmar sedan
12:04 lmao so rude..
Beáta Szabó
Beáta Szabó - Dag sedan
the legit guide That have actually worked from my end is on - *GETHACKS. NET* (Witthout Spaces) 😛
VannessaGamer9 - Dag sedan
Simon is cute than KSI

Sorry KSI..
Community - Dag sedan
Antonio Caneda
Antonio Caneda - Dag sedan
Out of all of them, KSI was the worst one
You're Serious Yup
You're Serious Yup - Dag sedan
At least I know what NOT to do 😂😂😂
Melany Sanson
Melany Sanson - Dag sedan
14:54 loved his part 😂
Alex Delisle
Alex Delisle - Dag sedan
yo what was on ethans phone at 28:43
N - Dag sedan
yall do vic so dirty hes like the cutest of all
nasima syeda
nasima syeda - Dag sedan
I feel sorry 😐 for when ksi said u cant see my sixpack to the other guy
Synnöve Raaska
Synnöve Raaska - 2 dagar sedan
I wanna date Harry
Alyssa Mcneme
Alyssa Mcneme - 2 dagar sedan
Harry is the best lmao
makayla ._.
makayla ._. - 2 dagar sedan
I'm not surprised KSI got rejected so much, he used to be genuine now he is just obsessed with money lmao
Amanda - 2 dagar sedan
I want to know what Ethan showed that girl on his phone @ 28:39
Rita I
Rita I - 15 timmar sedan
it was the "Add a Contact" page so she could add her number
W Karpiey
W Karpiey - 2 dagar sedan
I love how almost every girl don't like KSI's look or attitude
Darcy Lindley_2009
Darcy Lindley_2009 - 2 dagar sedan
Me and harry live in da same island I’m so mother frikin happy 😃
MistyT Hildén
MistyT Hildén - 2 dagar sedan
Do they know who KSI is ???
Berty Chilcott
Berty Chilcott - 2 dagar sedan
Why is harry not in the thumb nail
Daisyøxø - 2 dagar sedan
I swear every time Ethan opened his mouth I hated that he didn’t say “what’s up I’m in Ethan and I’m 14”
Playboi Paki
Playboi Paki - 2 dagar sedan
That girl at 10:00 knew that was ksi the whole time
Fanny Weijs
Fanny Weijs - 2 dagar sedan
2nd girl: af@€&*# gold digger
Ali Shemshedini
Ali Shemshedini - 2 dagar sedan
Simon getting all these bitches😂😂
Georgia M
Georgia M - 3 dagar sedan
Why is Harry not in the first two
The amazing Garrett
The amazing Garrett - 3 dagar sedan
I came here because of Harry
Jonathan Diego
Jonathan Diego - 3 dagar sedan
that last girl
dwayne the ROCK johnson
dwayne the ROCK johnson - 3 dagar sedan
Try not to cringe challenge
Aronne Rasura
Aronne Rasura - 3 dagar sedan
Rasclart funny thing is his chain is worth more than hers and most mans yard lol 😂😂
Ashley king
Ashley king - 3 dagar sedan
I felt sorry for vik
BlenZ - 4 dagar sedan
First girl looks 46 no cap 💀
Ismael Samater
Ismael Samater - 4 dagar sedan
13,47 wat tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny ksi is toooo funy
Dryidea - 4 dagar sedan
My little sisters name is Jacqueline but she’s 8 years old
Marie Gource
Marie Gource - 4 dagar sedan
i can’t at 5:23 😂
Coskykid - 4 dagar sedan
Rip viks height
VS Bros
VS Bros - 5 dagar sedan
The one that girl that made friends with the boys and Simon is the only that it not, that was literally so funny
Foxy Girl
Foxy Girl - 5 dagar sedan
Rip Headphone users
P.s. that’s me
Xbox Addict
Xbox Addict - 5 dagar sedan
almost 27 million views, there must be a part three!!!!!!!
Xbox Addict
Xbox Addict - 5 dagar sedan
so funny
Aleena K
Aleena K - 5 dagar sedan
TBNR Nilloc
TBNR Nilloc - 5 dagar sedan
Bro Tobi is honestly a sweetheart
Sara Rønning
Sara Rønning - 5 dagar sedan
vikk is so precious wtf, leave his height alone omg
DiverseEagle - 5 dagar sedan
Josh ugly af
nick Dagm
nick Dagm - 5 dagar sedan
I was like oh mother fu*ker at 5:25
Evan McLean
Evan McLean - 5 dagar sedan
I think Harry was the only genuine one in all this haha
DijoKuroDiji XD
DijoKuroDiji XD - 5 dagar sedan
The third girl looks like JJ’s mom
Flame 2011
Flame 2011 - 5 dagar sedan
Side men are so cool
Flux - 5 dagar sedan
"Your too short" Wth
anotherbillieeilishfan - 5 dagar sedan
Lmao I love this
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith - 6 dagar sedan
jj has one expensive shirt, a chain and a watch and thinks he is biggie cheeze. he only could afford that cause he sold his car
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith - 17 timmar sedan
Zaid, wooooosh
Zaid - Dag sedan
He could afford it coz he's fkn rich. He's an actor, boxer, rapper, youtuber etc. He has made money in every single field he has been in.
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith - 6 dagar sedan
it is funny cause jj can afford nobu. he did for fitness february