Trump's Super Secret Agreement With Mexico

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Surud Patel
Surud Patel - 2 timmar sedan
The Way goes the US Presidency goes the Nation. Any questions or Doubts call POTUS.
Richard Green
Richard Green - 2 timmar sedan
Djackass Drumpf, the little boy who cried wolf!
Gavin McNeal
Gavin McNeal - 8 timmar sedan
People would trust the media if stars like Colbert weren't throwing away their credibility with 100% biased coverage. He doesn't have a single positive thing to say about the adminstration, not that it should be unconditionally given, but the point remains that this channel has become completely one-sided like an echo-chamber. There's no point to watch any of this. Its just reinforcing common mainstream media points while alienation any former conservative viewers he may have been holding onto. Hope it was worth it. Guess we'll find out in time.
Tyg Rahof
Tyg Rahof - 8 timmar sedan
Lying sack of shit. Impeach the tyrant!
John Taylor
John Taylor - 8 timmar sedan
The jokes don't write themselves, but he makes it easy. I've met a lot of people in my life...he is the most non-smartiest being on the planet.
don reed
don reed - 8 timmar sedan
Oh, by the way, I'm a Trump supporter, if you didn't guess that from my last entry.
don reed
don reed - 9 timmar sedan
You want brilliant comedy? Try juxtaposing Trump's entry into politics with the opening credits scene from the movie, "Hairspray." I wish I could work for Colbert!
Darlene Heerschop
Darlene Heerschop - 9 timmar sedan
More than likely you could wipe your ass with that paper and get more use out of it😂😂😂😂
stan pierce
stan pierce - 9 timmar sedan
If someone was to clown the Clintons like this, he would have committed suicide by shooting himself in the head 2 times by now. Please look up the people that have died standing up against the Clintons. The networks decide which side of the story you hear and feeds it to you, you guys eat it with a spoon. Sure Trump is a babbler that's full of himself, and very easy to make fun of, he don't give a damn what narrow minded folks with their hand out think about him. He is not a politician. He is a cut and dry businessman, sure business is dirty, but not even remotely as dirty as politics. He has very few years left on this earth, he is not doing this for his self gain, he has way more than his kids will ever spend. lol, I guess that's Trump has no agenda but making this country the powerhouse it once was. Politics have diluted our way of life for no ones benefit but the politicians.. Imagine starting a new job that paid absurd amounts of money with perks you never dreamed were possible...… Well that's been the way of life for our politicians for a very long time.,.... Well now imagine a new boss was hired that didn't need all that crooked money all the employees have gotten accustomed to for decades..... Let me answer that for you... You and everyone else in your line of work would now have a new agenda...…. Get rid of the new guy at all cost..... Do some research without looking at biased news outlets, I know they are hard to find this day and age, but please do...
stan pierce
stan pierce - 8 timmar sedan
@don reed I typed it out on a computer. It doesn't look nearly as long winded on a PC, maybe 6 or 7 lines of text. Replying to you on my phone where my comment looks to be 50 lines long. Lol, so If you're reading it on a phone it does appear to be long, but it's actually not.
don reed
don reed - 8 timmar sedan
Yes, I really admired the entry. It's better than I could of written. Keep at it.
stan pierce
stan pierce - 8 timmar sedan
Thanks I think. Wasn't trying to be funny besides the part of "more money than his kids could ever spend". That should be funny about any parent with lots of money.
don reed
don reed - 9 timmar sedan
Hey, this is VERY GOOD! But it's over long and not at all funny.
David Paul
David Paul - 10 timmar sedan
Trump's damn hair is Getting out of hand at this point. Someone get him a new modern hair system already. Fire your barber.
Charles Lee
Charles Lee - 11 timmar sedan
Stupid trump
H A - 11 timmar sedan
Trump is an idiot. Once trump found out that Mexico would impose they’re own tariffs on the corn sector Trump steeped back knowing he would loose many votes. Come on America wake up. This circus has gone way to long. Impeach Trump!
Vinnie Wilson-Torbert
Vinnie Wilson-Torbert - 12 timmar sedan
LOL, trump only speaks to his supporters, LOL
Jeremy Littlefield
Jeremy Littlefield - 12 timmar sedan
I think that was the best ending ever. I think he's the weakest mentally
Nestor Casaravilla
Nestor Casaravilla - 13 timmar sedan
Reminde me of 1938 films of Neville Chamberlain showing the pact paper at the airport signed by Hitler!
infamyseemsshort - 13 timmar sedan
I'm embarrassed for Trump. God when will this cluster fuck of a presidency end?
Ghosthead83 - 14 timmar sedan
I'm officially ashamed to call myself an American 🙄
Ray Godfrey
Ray Godfrey - 14 timmar sedan
How did this total idiot get his own show, can’t wait for 2020 elections to prove Donald Trump sims another election
Valore Dramack
Valore Dramack - 15 timmar sedan
Donald Trump has quite the talent for being able to "out-stupid" himself. Every time I think that he can't say something even dumber, he still manages to lower the bar of intelligence even further. It's scary to think that at least 1/3rd of Americans are they themselves moronic enough to even elect such a nimrod.
R0berto Amador
R0berto Amador - 15 timmar sedan
Go Bernie Sanders go
Beverly Rhame
Beverly Rhame - 18 timmar sedan
Are we now governed by Mexico? WOW that’s great who knew
Beverly Rhame
Beverly Rhame - 18 timmar sedan
It’s a very long and great agreement that only needed one page to hold it all .....
Must be a poem🤡🤡🤡
scott bowling
scott bowling - 18 timmar sedan
Lucy Lee Benson
Lucy Lee Benson - 18 timmar sedan
sometimes we just need to not talk quite..Amen.
Steven Downes
Steven Downes - 19 timmar sedan
Forest Trump or Donald Gump you can run but your not going to win never again now that the American people k now it was a sin to vote you in your an embarrassment to the fine people of America and a poor excuse for a person all you do is whine whimper and most of all bully and threaten total waste of skin
hawk wiley
hawk wiley - Dag sedan
Only a Trump supporter would accept this as truth. If you have accomplished anything beneficial toward this nation, why would you not have your supporters informed immediately? He treats his supporters as if they are children and don't know any better!!! "A LIE FOR A VOTE", PATHETIC!
Yngvar Følling
Yngvar Følling - Dag sedan
The Emperor's New Immigration Agreement.
Thomas James
Thomas James - Dag sedan
I am constantly amazed at the stupidity of this man. Total show is built on making fun of people, sarcasm, and making up stories about people that arent true.
Oh wait, that's right, Colbert is not actually even funny. If you actually remove the prerecorded laughter they play on this show, and just listen to him without it, it is pretty sad and awkward.
I wonder if Colbert was one of those nerds at school who wasnt popular and got made fun of and this is his coping mechanism. When will Fox come to its senses and realise how sad this is? Im not saying that people wont watch the show. Of course they do, its just MORE people would watch a show that actually entertained - #SNL with Dave letterman now that was entertaining and actually funny. In fact I would even watch SNL with Jimmy Fallon before I would watch Stephen Colbert. There is literally nothing funny about this man nor entertaining.
Imagine the ratings you would get Fox!!!!!
Love is everything
Love is everything - Dag sedan
obama hunted mexicans like they where terriest for eight years. and put people who offered water to illegal immigrants in prison.and put mexican kids big cages but You didn't say anything about obama.
Paula Bain
Paula Bain - Dag sedan
He couldn't read the paper...IT WAS A BLANK SHEET!!! He's pulled it before. Sheesh!
Taunter Atwill
Taunter Atwill - Dag sedan
The orange moron is getting more insane by the day.
John Echols
John Echols - Dag sedan
Colbert your pathetic. Regardless if the agreement you can't even see a need for such an agreement and deny the border crisis allowing human trafficking, abuse of women and childten, influx if drugs and criminals all run by the cartel and promoted and paid for by the UN. Yes Mexico needs to secure thier own borders and potential immigrants stay there to see if they qualify for asylum, which most don't which is why the majority don't show up for thier hearings making a mockery of our system all while sucking off the public coffers. And they mostly work under the table never paying into the system, many scam in with multieple fraudulent food stamp and welfare claims All because the Demtards can't reform the broke immigration system. Colbert you're an idiot
TheAndasolo - Dag sedan
With trump in office it will be a CINCO DE MULA....
jerico641 - Dag sedan
All the while Trump is waving that piece of paper around, the housekeeper at Maralago is turning the kitchen upside down looking for her grocery list...
Julie Marini
Julie Marini - Dag sedan
langa 22
langa 22 - 2 dagar sedan
Saw a great comment today "TRUMP he is a SPECIAL kinda STUPID"
Dander Spat
Dander Spat - 2 dagar sedan
Please please please
Come back David Letterman
Almagiri Mai
Almagiri Mai - 2 dagar sedan
The worse Trump gets the better you get Stephen. His presidency has really honed your skills! Thank god, your humour makes me laugh when the actual situation is absolutely abysmal.
Gerry Cruz
Gerry Cruz - 2 dagar sedan
God bless our President Trump.
Alonzo McCoy
Alonzo McCoy - 2 dagar sedan
shame the people have voted for him. But until 2020 hits God help us. I don't want to live in this reality anymore
Sandy Idiot
Sandy Idiot - 2 dagar sedan
Hal Devasher
Hal Devasher - 2 dagar sedan
“Beached Squid...”
Joshua Scholar
Joshua Scholar - 2 dagar sedan
The scary part is that Republican voters love him and are eager to replace the Constitution, rule of law, democracy, civics and freedom with everything he demands or blathers.
DAI - 2 dagar sedan
This is the best so far hahahahahahahahahaha
Phyllinda I Am
Phyllinda I Am - 2 dagar sedan
Colbert.. you are the best🥰😍🥰😍🙂
Susanne Strange
Susanne Strange - 2 dagar sedan
In Trumps left side of brain is nothing right, and his right side has nothing left
Marty Miller
Marty Miller - 2 dagar sedan
Y'all missed it. Trump pulled a 1970's move. The ink appears from black lights... psychedelic. secrets :-)
joel repp
joel repp - 2 dagar sedan
FDJT unhappy birthday pos
Mr Sausage
Mr Sausage - 2 dagar sedan
Colbert just loves to hang off of President Trump's nuts. That's all he ever talks about.
Kurnia Utama
Kurnia Utama - 2 dagar sedan
The weirdest American President ever
chucky - 2 dagar sedan
ANOTHER 300 BILLION??? He must be well past what the US actually imports from China...his numbers have always been fictional anyway, so it matters none what number he pulls out of his ass... hahahaha
landwarrior82 - 2 dagar sedan
4:55 'One page of a very long and a very good agreement'
LOL, America you know rest of the world is laughing at you?
John Here
John Here - 2 dagar sedan
Seriously, isn't there anyone to check him before he goes out and talk, before he moves any limb?
Aylbdr Madison
Aylbdr Madison - 2 dagar sedan
trump (yes, lower case) saying he has an agreement with Mexico, is like saying hitler (again with the lower case, only respect deserves respect) had an agreement with Churchill.
ZEROINFO - 2 dagar sedan
i would give you gringos some tortillas
Jonathan Still
Jonathan Still - 2 dagar sedan
Donnie Sump hasn't drained the samp he's just added an addition to it.....the tween - aged society division and gossip /secrets central . What an underaged child !
Cj G
Cj G - 2 dagar sedan
colbert...what a waste of airtime
RaymondGW - 2 dagar sedan
Those 7 herbs and spices, eh...
Nysi Tay
Nysi Tay - 2 dagar sedan
Satan's favorite minions
Nysi Tay
Nysi Tay - 2 dagar sedan
Stephen loses what African Twa Irish blood in shucking and jiving for euro barbarians
Ami Dark
Ami Dark - 2 dagar sedan
The worst thing about America is that stupid people believe every lie Trump says just because they are voting for that team. Ugh...
Ericka one
Ericka one - 2 dagar sedan
Colbert is having to much FUN . You can't make this up .
Benjamin Sandoval
Benjamin Sandoval - 2 dagar sedan
It Must Be The Redacted Version Of The Mexico Agreement!!!!LMAO
Rick Joneshy
Rick Joneshy - 2 dagar sedan
Lets leave Rick out of this..😒
jey gonzales
jey gonzales - 2 dagar sedan
You keep talking to trump about what he do... what did you do keep America safe from illegal aliens that getting free health insurance and better service than our veterans!!’
Michael Moore
Michael Moore - 2 dagar sedan
Maybe Trump will _____ ________ soon.
We can only hope.
Mario Gutierrez
Mario Gutierrez - 2 dagar sedan
My sympathy goes out to my American friends, Trump is just hilariously unfit for the highest office of your great nation...
Greetings from Mexico and I'm sure you will oust him in 2020
mastermooky - 2 dagar sedan
OMG! why haven't we run this cretin out of town , on a rail, tarred and feathered !
Alfonso Ponthieux
Alfonso Ponthieux - 2 dagar sedan
Trump's words have no value at all, he is a criminal and belongs in jail.
CHARLES STYRON - 2 dagar sedan
steven Colbert. man you going down, your all over pizzagate, Hillary sings like a bird and calls you out by name. Lawyer up Colbert
zomaarwat9 - 2 dagar sedan
USA, the worlds laughing stock.
Franz Grueter
Franz Grueter - 2 dagar sedan
George Carlin was right when he said that this country is finished before he died. And here we are in 2019 circling the drain to oblivion. We have an absolute criminal, mafioso and despot in the white house and the "normal" media simply cannot get control over this piece of shit. And they still keep calling him "president." This is called fascism. You never hear that word from the smiling CNN and MSNBC spouters because, ultimately, they are very much part of fascism.
Elvia Giron
Elvia Giron - 2 dagar sedan
A mi me utilizaron mí apellido y nombres así que lo testificó con el poder de Jehová amén
Elvia Giron
Elvia Giron - 2 dagar sedan
Perdón y perdón y perdón y perdón pero sucho es de ti y trump y Kate del Castillo lo testificó con el poder de Jehová amén
Mark Harris
Mark Harris - 2 dagar sedan
JEEEEZ, what an absolute dumb, lying, schmuck ! He's got a signed agreement, waves it at us, but, of course, can't show us !! Like a used car salesman who's got a great runner for you but won't let you look under the hood !! He's NOT FIT FOR THE OFFICE !! IMPEACH NOW !! ..M,dem
Kay Omholt-Montague
Kay Omholt-Montague - 2 dagar sedan
A one-page agreement? People with any brain cells KNOW this is total BS!!
SCARGUT - 2 dagar sedan
He has helped the farmers greatly......all that fertilizer falling out of his mouth has improved crop growth.
Chris - 2 dagar sedan
Stephen Colbert would make the best president evar.
Vincent Von Dudler
Vincent Von Dudler - 2 dagar sedan
Trump: "I just give you my word."
Stephen: "We would prefer something of value."
lololololol *savage*
Greek Gallavich Love
Greek Gallavich Love - 2 dagar sedan
Very ironic. No. 45 on trending.
Baritone45 - 2 dagar sedan
Trump: "I give you my word!"

Colbert: "We'd prefer something of value."
WVU Woods
WVU Woods - 2 dagar sedan
Trump for 2020! liberals are so mad he is doing well
samsiteone - 3 dagar sedan
Trump: "The rest of the paper is written in magic ink, believe me, believe me."
Steven Shelton
Steven Shelton - 3 dagar sedan
And then you have this clown every night mocking the president like a child. You have all been turned into sheep and following your fake leaders
Steven Shelton
Steven Shelton - 3 dagar sedan
Since when as American feel that buying from communist country that uses child labor unfair labor unfair work environment just so you can buy your toaster at a cheaper cost it's disgusting and we have a president standing up and putting America first which is American people back to work
Devki Jensen
Devki Jensen - 3 dagar sedan
Thank you for your high class sketches!
kane whare-paikea
kane whare-paikea - 3 dagar sedan
I could see this wimp running from trump if trump stepped to him
william hill
william hill - 3 dagar sedan
Attacking Trump, wow so original. He really distinguished himself from all the other late night hosts. Quit whining about 2016, he won. Dems can move farther left and get their asses handed to them again.
Alan Roberts
Alan Roberts - 3 dagar sedan
Dumb Donny
Albie Zdebiak
Albie Zdebiak - 3 dagar sedan
You suck Colbert... love Canada ...
Seetiyan - 3 dagar sedan
This deal is so secret that I doubt even Mexico is aware that they agreed to it.
Google stop it
Google stop it - 3 dagar sedan
"It's my decision, not Mexico's, and I'll let you know when they tell me what I decided."
傭兵Cloud - 3 dagar sedan
Pretty sure most farmers wanna punch Trump's mouth for bankrupting them.
Mindy Hitchcock
Mindy Hitchcock - 3 dagar sedan
Beached squid? Are you sure you don't mean beached whale? He looks like the Prince of Whales...
pam cheslock
pam cheslock - 3 dagar sedan
Of value like “Mexico will pay for that Wall - Mark my words” yes and now it’s a Socialist program like our newest Socialist program called “Funding the Wall “ that all of us have to pay for and bailing out the farmers thanks Dumpty Douchebag Donald aka Pres Spanky me with a Bone Spurs and a Forbes Magazine
pam cheslock
pam cheslock - 3 dagar sedan
Come on Stephen you must run for President “our country is full” of Maggots = MAGA supporters and MAGA Moronic Assholes Governing America and you own President Spanky, President Bone Spurs, President Unpatriotic Don aka and my own “The Orange Turd 💩 “ fairly simple because he’s Orange and he’s always talking shit about others! He hates it when others call him names shat we have for An American President is a lying, cheating, stealing, bully, coward, crybaby or a spoiled American BRAT that gave the super rich the largest and permanent tax breaks while driving up our National Deficit another 2trillion = Conservative and fiscally responsible NOT and guess who’s making money off the Deficit interest yes the super rich and now each and every US taxpayer owes over $180000 and the super rich passed that onto us! Why is no one even talking about this catastrophe of our nation at a record 22 trillion!!!
taher tufenkeji
taher tufenkeji - 3 dagar sedan
Beached squid hahah
Alter Ego
Alter Ego - 3 dagar sedan
Late night t.v. bastion of lefty wisdom.
ma ga
ma ga - 3 dagar sedan
the Nincompoop in Chief strikes again.