Trump's Super Secret Agreement With Mexico

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Noah Umana
Noah Umana - 4 dagar sedan
Still waiting for Mexico to release the deal
Corrado Campisano
Corrado Campisano - 6 dagar sedan
6:20 nice fingers, nicer nails...
does he bites them on his own,
or does he call rudy for that?
bellajuventina - 8 dagar sedan
I love you Stephen but maracas are not a thing from Mexico. They are used for music in the caribbean.
larry fulkerson
larry fulkerson - 9 dagar sedan
Steven Colbert definately has some of the best writers in the industry.
JustLykeMusic - 15 dagar sedan
Somehow, not "racist" allusion to baby teeth placed into maracas...,as 45th, not having been the one to have said such shenanigans..,go figure..,lol
Hong Fei Bai
Hong Fei Bai - 15 dagar sedan
The media will analyze it? Of course. That's their job.
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo - 18 dagar sedan
I know one thing for sure ! Whoever is doing the advertising is MOST DEFINITELY GOING TO PRISON FOR AN EXTREMELY LONG LONG LONG LONG LONG TIME ! I know that anyone that knows me or likes me or wants to remain out of jail would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS PUT THOSE OBNOXIOUS ADS DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY ! I got pictures of them - so they certainly are not going anywhere and if your located internationally you have to go on the internet to make money and that's going to be taken from you ! So it doesn't matter how many billions you have your going to get kicked off the platforms ! Bye bye bye !
Rita Hassing
Rita Hassing - 19 dagar sedan
OMG, just remove him.
Magog - 21 dag sedan
Very tiring presidency.
amber friend
amber friend - 22 dagar sedan
Laughter is so good for us! Thank u Colbert 😂
jessica M
jessica M - 22 dagar sedan
All the tariff effecting so many family farmers and still doing it SMH
Tim D
Tim D - 25 dagar sedan
Beautiful letter? It's like he wants to hump anything in site. As for that, Trump can STOP PUTTING HIS GRUBBY LITTLE FINGERS ON THE AMERICAN FLAG. LEARN SOME ETIQUETTE TRUMP. You don't hug the flag and you never let it touch DIRT.
big john
big john - 27 dagar sedan
political suicide for trump and his cronies.a gang of racists.
Andy Lopez
Andy Lopez - 29 dagar sedan
For those idiot amaricans who put trump in office because of the racist rants lol you put mexico above you and made every foreign country better than the USA
Andreas Venizelou
Andreas Venizelou - Månad sedan
Australia loves you Stephen. Love the Trumpy Dumpy impersonations.
alyas hashem
alyas hashem - Månad sedan
Trump,s address give us no chance to staying focus with him with witty mouth the onely things trump good at it his joks do u belive u ganna make americ great again by joks love u man
Diego Suarez
Diego Suarez - Månad sedan
It's scary that Trump has no problem lying outright to the American public. 😳
minitwink16 - Månad sedan
These farmers need to speak out
kly rand
kly rand - Månad sedan
Dufus Trumpoline
kly rand
kly rand - Månad sedan
trump is good at giving threats. He cant wait to come out of the closet and declare his full blown dictatorship
townman1 - Månad sedan
Colbert is on fire today , it would be funny .....if it was'nt true.
anna neumann
anna neumann - Månad sedan
Leonard Covarrubias
Leonard Covarrubias - Månad sedan
Everyone is saying he will remove tariffs with Mexico if they shut down the door Trump pinata Factory...... Mexico said double hockey sticks....
Victor Chew
Victor Chew - Månad sedan
No wonder the ambassador wrote that the president is incompetent, inept etc. Seems like brain damaged.
redtails 1942
redtails 1942 - Månad sedan
Trump: Kenobi! Vote for me or you’re my enemy! I and the best! Believe me!
Kenobi: Only a Sith deals in absolutes
Kokila Sree
Kokila Sree - Månad sedan
True color of your face... Oh my gosh that made my day..
wayne Last
wayne Last - Månad sedan
Don’t be fooled people. Celebrities bash trump and give him notoriety so that Trump will reduce their taxes .
Tim Duggan
Tim Duggan - Månad sedan
I lost it at Sherwin Williams #405 "Beached Squid:.....
Chris Petersen
Chris Petersen - Månad sedan
Only in America can a clinical degenerate become president..
Guillermo Soberanes
Guillermo Soberanes - Månad sedan
In the past agreements with the U.S. were very different, they were negotiated harshly but fullfilled religiously. Anything that we agree on could be trusted. In Mexico we miss that time when american diplomacy was ruled by professionals.
luvmibratt - Månad sedan
I know you'll tell me when its time but when its time il let you know😐
B Callahan
B Callahan - Månad sedan
Truly sad. A major issue, who's the moron. You or him?
As well as 10 million acres of farmland being flooded.
And apparently you're not. Well off enough to have your California home burned by wildfire.
There's an issue at hand at the borders. Both sides agree. Just funded 4. Something billion.
Find better writers, Not funny, Get a life.
Donald James
Donald James - Månad sedan
What have you done for Americans???? Other than run your cock holder... You are so stupid your dad should have shot you in the toilet...Why didn't you attack the Obama administration,Oooooh they was always on vacation at tax payer expense, Y'all can't buy him so your pissed. He's a self made billionaire and y'all mother fuckers can't control him like so many other presidents..
Killa stuff
Killa stuff - Månad sedan
8:20 oh no. He got tucker face😭
Phill Bar.
Phill Bar. - Månad sedan
I’m Mexican and I approve the Maracas joke😂😂😂😂😂
Dorth Surreal
Dorth Surreal - Månad sedan
Trump's going to have tanks at his fourth of July celebration well he better have a force field cuz I hope someone with the balls who's tired of all the s*** that's going down of the dead migrants of women being reduced to almost nothing of the lies in the deceit I hope somebody out there among the hundreds of thousands of people that are going to be attending that the Fourth of July celebration I hope someone assassin D2 Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill Kennedy he was the scapegoat someone with the right vantage point the balls and the know-how could assassinate them and then poof disappear like smoke and they'd have to blame somebody else but that's the American way isn't it
Dorth Surreal
Dorth Surreal - Månad sedan
Well Donald might not get the f*** Ivanka Junior but he's sending her overseas on diplomatic missions where she's probably going to f*** and suck these foreign dictators into her father's pocket real nice there Donnie but then again you are a white Christian Republican pedophile just like the rest of them yes that goes for all of you
Jesus Fajardo
Jesus Fajardo - Månad sedan
I think white people would prefer guacamole instead tortillas 😂🤣!!!
Stephen Duquette
Stephen Duquette - Månad sedan
As America slowly bankrupts its farmers , the farmers might just realize that they are the losers and the public will feel it when hunger becomes a problem in the great USA !
I Created An Account For This
It’s a lot of work to be this dumb
Ian Martin
Ian Martin - Månad sedan
How does one ALIEN president of the USA constantly talk about other illegal aliens an yet still get away with saying it? Just a thought lol # just tell the truth so humanity can move on. Peace an love xxx
Bob Bob
Bob Bob - Månad sedan
Eleven herbs and spices, eleven.
Amicus Dei
Amicus Dei - Månad sedan
I thot Americans were crazy to give George Bush the office but with Trump, y'all just went overboard
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller - Månad sedan
Imagine JinPing showing up and putting a 9mm bullet between Trumps crooked eyes!
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller - Månad sedan
Secret agreement i.e. More BS from Trump!
B K - Månad sedan
What is with Trump's hair. Looks like it's holding on for dear life.
B K - Månad sedan
You keep the best things concealed and hidden.
I guess that's why no matter what news station you turn to, you see Trump. To expose him from day 1.
B K - Månad sedan
No Stephen, all women are scared of the perverted old grandpa. He is a sexual predator.
Andy L
Andy L - Månad sedan
I still love Colbert, but I think Meyers is better at the moment.
Dean William
Dean William - Månad sedan
Why was this in his pocket and where was he taking it too?
Alonzo McCoy
Alonzo McCoy - Månad sedan
Trump... what the f*** is wrong with you
Tomma Rowland
Tomma Rowland - Månad sedan
Colbert you are a d bag
Just A Guy Production
Just A Guy Production - Månad sedan
It's not very secret now that everyone knows.
M Sn
M Sn - Månad sedan
Oranges word is less than the stained tp in my toilet bowl. And he really must have the intellect of a child, that was what an 8yr old would do... SMH
JRZBELLE - Månad sedan
I love how Stephen always follows through to get rid of his imaginary props! 🤣😂🤣😂😍
MrTuxee - Månad sedan
"Foiled by his arch nemesis sunlight and reading." Fantastic.
AGENT X SECURITY - Månad sedan
AWildBard - Månad sedan
Reminds me of the first scene in the pilot episode of Suits
Dillon J
Dillon J - Månad sedan
Trump 2020 make America great again🇺🇸🇺🇸
gdgood1000 - Månad sedan
You suck Colbert.
Jack Harter
Jack Harter - Månad sedan
Well we'll have to see with the millions and millions and millions of free advertising you give Donald Trump. It's hard for me to believe that you really want Trump to win. But you have to take into consideration what people do not what they say. Ono Ono I don't want Trump to be president again.
That's why I'm giving him millions and millions of dollars of free publicity.
30 Century Man
30 Century Man - Månad sedan
trump clearly hasn't heard of the "famous piece of paper"waved by Neville Chamberlain, on his return to England, after meeting Hitler. The piece of paper was a metaphor for the deal, flimsy and without value.
When is steve going to come out as gay?
smile forme
smile forme - Månad sedan
😅😂😂😄😄😄This Ass of a President is too funny !!!!Steven you nailed it today !!!!
P.J.C. jnp
P.J.C. jnp - Månad sedan
With no clue you cry
Jack Wells
Jack Wells - Månad sedan
This stuttering monkeyhead no talent where's Waldo cocksuck lefty knows nothing about politics, he is worthless and weak, he makes no sense whatsoever !
Space And Time Dweller
Space And Time Dweller - Månad sedan
To any conservatives: if u increase tarriffs on Mexico it would hurt their economy where in turn cause an influx of Mexican immigrants, the very thing you are all afraid of. So you see Trump is sort of betraying u. Use your brain.
J s
J s - Månad sedan
Mimicking promotes bullying...
J s
J s - Månad sedan
Colbert won't have material if Trump leaves
Jason Reese
Jason Reese - Månad sedan
He truly is a negotiator better than "O bummer" aka Obama. You liberals just hate all he does works ! You all are haters, racist and criminals but if you acuse the other side long enough you'll convince morons that you all are telling the truth! Can't fool me! great economy (best ever) low unemployment, immigration is the haters (your side DO NOTHING Pelosi fault) So stop hating and use your brain cells to elect good candidates not criminals like Hillary next time!!!!!
Skipper in Indianapolis
Skipper in Indianapolis - Månad sedan
So true.
Mattycakes - 2 månader sedan
11* herbs and spices, get it together Colbert.
Jon Jonzz
Jon Jonzz - 2 månader sedan
Colbert is a Pimp who panders to his mentally limited audience. He would do and say anything for $$$
J B - 2 månader sedan
The “agreement” was visible in a photo and has been published.
It is nonsense, written in trump speak
Slick Wellington
Slick Wellington - 2 månader sedan
What a dope Trump is.
S Thunda
S Thunda - 2 månader sedan
Colbert proves that white people are petty and idiotic. You bash a person for 3 years straight without any validity but just because you can and will. Let the guy be president and move on from it. White people have no true reason to hate Trump...just sustain bitterness and resentment because they hold generational grudges.
Darryl Thompson
Darryl Thompson - 2 månader sedan
Just like that fake letter he said was from Mexico wow he really trying but no one like him matter every foreign power hate him even his puppet master Putin ... fake letter like his hair but Mexico bust his bubble saying it not true
Darryl Thompson
Darryl Thompson - 2 månader sedan
He trying bankrupt the farmer they hate him another imagination playing in his head
Luke Spacewalker
Luke Spacewalker - 2 månader sedan
The hatred people have for Trump needs to be scientifically studied. That is why it's good to vote for him 2020, so we have 4 more years to study people's maddening hatred.
Thirst Fast
Thirst Fast - 2 månader sedan
Wait, is it 7 herbs and spices? I thought it was 11! Is the KFC recipe from 7/11?