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Yes Theory
Yes Theory - 14 dagar sedan
What survival challenge should we do next?
YF Calibre
YF Calibre - 6 dagar sedan
24 hours in me mums house
Lala Pepe
Lala Pepe - 6 dagar sedan
Yes Theory stranded in Antartica for 24 hours
Tilds 435
Tilds 435 - 13 dagar sedan
24 hours in the Australian outback
HortenseSnow23 - 13 dagar sedan
Try to survive in a runaway hot air balloon/plane/any other flying vehicle
eli - 13 dagar sedan
survive underwater for 24 hours
galnamedtal - 19 minuter sedan
I’m so anxious watching this omg
Emerald City Treasures
Emerald City Treasures - 2 timmar sedan
I love that the adventure people were soooo all about it.
BlackMambaLady88 - 2 timmar sedan
Wow ty for the video.
Also this crew seems super nice, totally gonna book a tour there.
Zolfried - 3 timmar sedan
rations are made to last super long, and the expiration date is like its guaranteed to not go old by that date.. whats give or take 3 months :D

Doing this in a controlled enviroment is nothing compared to a real situation.. you guys went into this knowing it would last 24 hours.. imagine not knowing if it is gonna be 24 hours, a week, a month, 2-3 months? no rescue? also being with friends is different than being with strangers.. surviving at sea is alot more about mental then physical.

All that said though.. props for even trying to partake in this experience.
Valentin Starnberg
Valentin Starnberg - 3 timmar sedan
I made vacuum cleaner shoes and hung upside down from the ceiling. If anyone wants to see the video, here is the link:
and yes, I advertise my channel here ;)
Dejah Denise
Dejah Denise - 4 timmar sedan
Weirdly obsessed 😫
Dom daVinci
Dom daVinci - 4 timmar sedan
24 hours in a sense deprivation tank
P J - 5 timmar sedan
please don’t tell me you usually throw food away just because it’s over the expiry date 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Matyáš Nazaretský
Matyáš Nazaretský - 5 timmar sedan
Ammar is such a Taurus!!! Eating and Sleeping is so Taurenian 😃😃
GOD BOT Dimitri
GOD BOT Dimitri - 8 timmar sedan
was not 24hours more like 14h so yhea challenge denied,
Shab. B
Shab. B - 9 timmar sedan
Joann have a nice hair
Random Chaos
Random Chaos - 9 timmar sedan
Yes Theory is like Mr Beast, but they're actually decent, intelligent human beings.
Nicholas Wong
Nicholas Wong - 9 timmar sedan
i reckon you guys should try to spend a day in a treehouse you guys built in like a jungle
TTVJackriot - 10 timmar sedan
poor amar :(
Slim Shady
Slim Shady - 10 timmar sedan
I think they copied their idea from an German YouTuber called “survival mattin”
Melissa Cruz
Melissa Cruz - 12 timmar sedan
Plot twist: Matt lost a leg 🦵🏻🦈
Nischie Okata
Nischie Okata - 12 timmar sedan
Will Burkhart
Will Burkhart - 12 timmar sedan
There is nothing that can simulate being trapped in a life raft. I have spent 4 days in a life raft after my boat hit a partially submerged shipping container during an offshore race. This was in the southern ocean known for its unforgiving nature. Nothing and I mean nothing can sum it up
Edit: if you easily get seasick try taking stugeron. I believe it’s only available in Europe but I’m sure you can get it shipped here. So far I have never had anyone get seasick while taking it. Ginger also helps
Kilikus - 13 timmar sedan
Life rafts generally don't come stocked with that many snacks but ok.
Deep Thought 101
Deep Thought 101 - 13 timmar sedan
Bro that’s looks kind of fun
Deep Thought 101
Deep Thought 101 - 14 timmar sedan
Hello. My name is Winston and I want to get some merch but my parents won’t let me cause of money issues and when the I go to the website it says there is nothing. I don’t know what to do 😩😭
isaias T
isaias T - 14 timmar sedan
Survive in the jungle everyone on their own for 2 days
John and Ana
John and Ana - 14 timmar sedan
How did you go potty?
Mc Fortnut2821
Mc Fortnut2821 - 14 timmar sedan
How’d the ship know where to pick them up
Cheryl Chee
Cheryl Chee - 15 timmar sedan
Exactly like this real life story
Gadde Nagendra
Gadde Nagendra - 16 timmar sedan
Live in north Korea
Crunchy - 17 timmar sedan
dude, i wouldn't use a raft that a shark could easily pop with 0.01% of the sharks power..
Elle and Wallis
Elle and Wallis - 18 timmar sedan
Wait but where did the boat go in the drone shot?
danzegiovanni _
danzegiovanni _ - 18 timmar sedan
Y’all should get blindfolded and dropped of in a completely random place with nothing at all it would be even cooler if it was in a place where they don’t speak English LIKE SO YES THEORY CAN SEE
Urspin Maxis
Urspin Maxis - 20 timmar sedan
what happens if u have to take a shit?
Pedro Aquino
Pedro Aquino - 22 timmar sedan
This video is fucking hilarious
Camillo De gregorio
Camillo De gregorio - 22 timmar sedan
Yes Theory: Spends 24 hours in life raft
MrBeast: Are we a joke to you?
Ryan Mtb
Ryan Mtb - 23 timmar sedan
If i was amar i would have said no i dont care if we say yes i say no this time
DCassidy42 - Dag sedan
The ocean is scary AF.
cassie peters
cassie peters - Dag sedan
Why were you guys whispering?? If it was whales.. they would love your voice lol ok dunno
cassie peters
cassie peters - Dag sedan
7 days with that food supply would be more realistic
FT Dragneel
FT Dragneel - Dag sedan
Whatever you rich dumb dumbs chose a safe place.
Regen Lluvia
Regen Lluvia - Dag sedan
U guys can make a really good documentary on global warming. Idk y but I just feel it lol
mieroc - Dag sedan
Must follow ur theory..
Lance is HereTV
Lance is HereTV - Dag sedan
I'd Probably Hyperventilate and panic
neil gwaba
neil gwaba - Dag sedan
“semen” lmao 😂😂
AlltoStand - Dag sedan
These 3 are the next jonas bros
Psychotic Movie Database
If you guys try and survive in a forest can I join?
Jack Sparks
Jack Sparks - Dag sedan
Very interesting how just asking for the subs prompted such a boost in subscriber counts for this video!!! Thoroughly deserved boost may I add :-)
Nathan Green
Nathan Green - Dag sedan
Can you be stranded for a predetermined amount of time???
Chiqui - Dag sedan
Why are they whispering? The whales or shark wouldnt understand anyway
Dylan T7299
Dylan T7299 - Dag sedan
The stars must’ve looked beautiful
Kimbo Nice
Kimbo Nice - Dag sedan
24 hours? Should've done 7 days and lived off of military emergency rations if this was supposed to be a challenge.
Tamrha Echols
Tamrha Echols - Dag sedan
This is legitimately my nightmare. STAHP.