STRANDED AT SEA FOR 24 HOURS (shark-filled waters)

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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
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Varaktighet: 15:50


Yes Theory
Yes Theory - 4 månader sedan
What survival challenge should we do next?
1000SubsWithoutAnyVidsChallenge ??? :D
Underwater for 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 yrs.
Mason Townsend
Mason Townsend - 2 månader sedan
David Eustache
David Eustache - 2 månader sedan
Darien jungle between Panama & Columbia 😎🌴
zachary leduc
zachary leduc - 3 månader sedan
Survive in a dessert
Soumik Biswas
Soumik Biswas - 3 månader sedan
I'm the last comment on this comment!!! lol
Oscar L
Oscar L - 15 timmar sedan
There was a hole in the life raft? That's reassuring... D:
nour kouseibati
nour kouseibati - 22 timmar sedan
Should’ve got flex tape
Lauren Lee Adams
Lauren Lee Adams - 23 timmar sedan
stay in the woods for 24 hours survival challenge
Maddie Burnison
Maddie Burnison - Dag sedan
Howd they pee
Fear My Clique
Fear My Clique - Dag sedan
"shark filled waters"
The sharks are home its human filled water
Kayla Marie
Kayla Marie - Dag sedan
Yes Theory you and mr beast should do a collaboration!!!!!! I think it would be rlly cool and u guys would get a long well
Royal Gamer
Royal Gamer - Dag sedan
Charlie L
Charlie L - Dag sedan
"at worst you are *just* gonna loose a limb."

wtf is this
surfinmuso - Dag sedan
Why are u whispering? The sharks have already worked out that u are there. doi
JadeisreadyforComedy Week
Okay but why don't y'all ever think of selling this series to Netflix I would def only buy Netflix for it
Stranger Grass
Stranger Grass - Dag sedan
I would have such a huge urge to stand up and I would probably get a panic attack
Pharao Ramses II.
Pharao Ramses II. - Dag sedan
I like how this guy that kept you safe is the most excited about the liferaft expanding :D
Serena Martens-Mullaly
Serena Martens-Mullaly - 2 dagar sedan
i am not scared of the water or claustrophobia, but this... geez i could never do this. not for for $1 million
HANNAH PENALOSA - 2 dagar sedan
Imagine dying because of vlogging
sacha - 2 dagar sedan
camping on sea
Grace_Alana - 2 dagar sedan
Howwww would they find you so you can get back?
Try Angel
Try Angel - 2 dagar sedan
What when the warship thinks that there in real danger??
Awesome Lawsons
Awesome Lawsons - 2 dagar sedan
Fauzan Adhima
Fauzan Adhima - 2 dagar sedan
"They won't eat your whole body, so you will just lose a limb."
SuperTeds Dead
SuperTeds Dead - 2 dagar sedan
Seek discomfort, have 12 naps a day.
Wiliana Guzman
Wiliana Guzman - 3 dagar sedan
my anxities killing me watching this
The Rice Man
The Rice Man - 3 dagar sedan
Just imagine the life raft flipping over while your sleeping.
Graham Hynes
Graham Hynes - 3 dagar sedan
this is horrifying
Eventerminator - 3 dagar sedan
“Three Men Found Dead After Whale Hit Raft. Investigators Say”
duckboi - 3 dagar sedan
Sponges are used to collect dew on a raft for drinking water I believe
Nobel Tv
Nobel Tv - 3 dagar sedan
i would lowkey do this
E Girls Beauty tips
E Girls Beauty tips - 4 dagar sedan
At night why were they whispering because its not like there gonna wake anyone up lol 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🐬🐳🦈🐋💧🚤🛥⛴🛳🚨🍤🌊🌊🌊🌊🐬🐳🦕
Gracie Evans
Gracie Evans - 4 dagar sedan
“Oh don’t worry it was just our own water supply”
Bra Pin
Bra Pin - 4 dagar sedan
Why are you whispering in the middle of the ocean
Non-Existant Relevancy
Non-Existant Relevancy - 4 dagar sedan
why are we here,just to suffer.
Lyla'sLushySlushy's - 4 dagar sedan
What ocean is this? There are so many amazing dolphins, wales and sharks! + A passing WARSHIP ☺️
Honestly Draya
Honestly Draya - 4 dagar sedan
Honestly I would just sleep
Kaylin Gabrielle
Kaylin Gabrielle - 4 dagar sedan
I love these guys
Blake Sluyter
Blake Sluyter - 4 dagar sedan
Ammar was an NPC in this
Aditi Reddy
Aditi Reddy - 4 dagar sedan
Please collaborate with mr.beast and plant 20 million plants
Zayaan Sallie
Zayaan Sallie - 4 dagar sedan
they should’ve been left for another 24 (but everyone else just stopped contacting them and didn’t tell them that they aren’t coming) just to see if they could survive with the panic lmaoooo
LTX - 5 dagar sedan
Do a 24 hours surviving in the woods with only 15 dollars
Rewnar Bros
Rewnar Bros - 5 dagar sedan
I wish i could hang out with my friends like this...
RoyalOpps - 5 dagar sedan
Even with an emergency crew on standby, i would be having extreme anxiety attacks in that life raft lol...that's one of my top 3 ultimate fears, being stranded in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. Especially when the whales were swimming directly next to them... Coast Guard would have been air lifting my ass right out of there lol
Arianna Harley
Arianna Harley - 5 dagar sedan
Mako sharks are known to really enjoy jumping into boats and biting whatever they can get to
Jared Micho
Jared Micho - 5 dagar sedan
13:10 it’s so creepy that the water is that calm
Arianna Harley
Arianna Harley - 5 dagar sedan
Connor Bowlin
Connor Bowlin - 5 dagar sedan
does the egyption guy lose he's balls every poside ive seen hes always panicking wicked hardcore. such a beta
Commander Bravo2
Commander Bravo2 - 5 dagar sedan
they kinda made this look fun
Blackpink Isn't in my area
Blackpink Isn't in my area - 5 dagar sedan
3 dudes~ sitting in a life raft... 0 feet apart because they’re....
ethan hays
ethan hays - 5 dagar sedan
That’s Chinese not Japanese. 中文, 不 日本文
Taylor Jarrett
Taylor Jarrett - 5 dagar sedan
Seamen 🙂
onnor - 5 dagar sedan
Aah i wanna do this too!! Looks so cozy in that hexagon boat raft thing 😃
RLS Vidz
RLS Vidz - 5 dagar sedan
Lmao lmao “she used to make life raft crackers or soemthing lol”
Finaz - 5 dagar sedan
The sea is my worst fear I could not do this
Saisankeerth Pakala
Saisankeerth Pakala - 5 dagar sedan
If there r sharks there r sharks 🤣🤣🤣
Jonathan ben-moshe
Jonathan ben-moshe - 5 dagar sedan
EXPLORE LIFE - and find yourself in the process
christina - 5 dagar sedan
Go in the woods and camp there
endereyeman artz and gacha
endereyeman artz and gacha - 5 dagar sedan
I hate the ocean like not hate it like i just hate being in it
maria Lutsenko
maria Lutsenko - 6 dagar sedan
Lmao I died laughing when the lady said that the sharks will probably check them out hahaha
Britney Torres
Britney Torres - 6 dagar sedan
Bravest people ever!!!!!!!!!
The Disney Type
The Disney Type - 6 dagar sedan
Next time you do any sea adventures, definitely get a Switlik raft. Very high quality
Cave_man_ 619 _
Cave_man_ 619 _ - 6 dagar sedan
10:18 take a screenshot and put it in google translate it kind of interesting
Worldwide Nerd
Worldwide Nerd - 6 dagar sedan
3:32 C H O N K Y S E A L