Solving The LEVEL 10 Packman Cube Puzzle!!

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Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay - 3 månader sedan
Hanayama Top 5's?
kwyntyn martinez
kwyntyn martinez - 9 dagar sedan
No u r
hadablockers - Månad sedan
Chris Ramsay how come I can’t find a video of you solving the Ramisis by sonic warp??
limey slimey
limey slimey - Månad sedan
gordan ramsay + puzzles = chris ramsay
cleveage - Månad sedan
I figured out the answer to the end part like straight away
BJM Vlogs
BJM Vlogs - 2 månader sedan
Chris Ramsay representing the Houston Astros 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽 GO H-TOWN
PsYc0M4nt1s - 8 timmar sedan
Thats more level 3 then lvl 10, i was literally screaming at the screen for u too disassemble the tool 5mins in.
Shad0w Gamer
Shad0w Gamer - Dag sedan
That's blue mah dude
Joe and Raelina Miller
Joe and Raelina Miller - 2 dagar sedan
Am I the only one questioning is Houston Astro's hat when he lives in Canada?
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 2 dagar sedan
I think he is color blind at 0:55
Tommy Van Atta
Tommy Van Atta - 5 dagar sedan
Can you please stream while doing puzzles? I think it would be really fun to also get the audience involved with the puzzles/give suggestions so we can all figure it out together. I'm sure you don't really respond to public comments, but I have been doing puzzles for 22 years, I just can't afford most of these puzzles. So if there is any possible way that I can participate besides comments, that would be fantastic
itbemario5 - 5 dagar sedan
"packman" ha, very funny chris
William Zhang
William Zhang - 6 dagar sedan
He lives there
hi bro
hi bro - 6 dagar sedan
OnyxRising - 8 dagar sedan
When everyone is saying the satchel is actually blue but i saw it as purple
A!yssa Paige
A!yssa Paige - 10 dagar sedan
Houston Astros!! :))
S H - 11 dagar sedan
Low price??? It cost $48US a bit high for a toy.
Wydia Becton
Wydia Becton - 13 dagar sedan
*Pauses vid at 57 secs*
Chris that satchel is 4 sure BLUE!!! Not even remotely purple. Do we have another “why color is this dress” situation right now?🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂😂
Apracity - 14 dagar sedan
Hey guys id like to start solving puzzles...this looked like the kind of puzzle i would enjoy (pretty easy) . Anyone have similar puzzles you recommend
Roar! I'm a Fishy
Roar! I'm a Fishy - 15 dagar sedan
I imagine the coordinates are the home address of the puzzle master mind
Siobhan W
Siobhan W - 15 dagar sedan
the most mind blowing thing in this video was when you said the year 2000 was nearly twenty years ago.... which, obviously...2019.... but why does that freak me out? aha
Edward Freeman
Edward Freeman - 16 dagar sedan
I fail to see how this counts as a puzzle. 😕
Bhaktisamadhi Pappagiorgio
Bhaktisamadhi Pappagiorgio - 17 dagar sedan
year 2000 ... we had another puzzles to solve during the years
Nelson Silverio
Nelson Silverio - 17 dagar sedan
puzzle maker: ok lets make this puzzle very hard by hiding the key. Lol
Free_Eagle86 - 18 dagar sedan
1:45 from the year 2000 almost 20 years old. Thanks for making me feel old lmao
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez - 19 dagar sedan
r we thinking to deep!.. og thats fucked up that was diabolical!!!!
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez - 19 dagar sedan
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez - 19 dagar sedan
man they cheated i just saw the tool!! that wasnt fair brother
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez - 19 dagar sedan
lol this is too hard brah
tae - 20 dagar sedan
I've been sitting here wondering who you sound like when all of a sudden it hit me. You sound just like marshal from How I Met Your Mother
JayJ - 24 dagar sedan
Knew that tool came apart the second I saw you pull it out the bag! Fairly obvious
034 686
034 686 - 24 dagar sedan
ask mevin if he made the one whole right for tool.
034 686
034 686 - 24 dagar sedan
034 686
034 686 - 24 dagar sedan
two go's in too.
yusri najmudin
yusri najmudin - 24 dagar sedan
where did u got ur puzzle bro?
Izaan Shaikh
Izaan Shaikh - 25 dagar sedan
Stairng at the cube for 10 minutes.
10 minutes later realises: i havent checked the bag yet
Presley Anderson
Presley Anderson - 25 dagar sedan
1:23 he said pee pee hehehehe
Francis Lee
Francis Lee - 27 dagar sedan
Excellent, chef
Blue-Maned Hawk
Blue-Maned Hawk - 28 dagar sedan
How does one determine the "level" of a puzzle?
Janelle honey-Badger
Janelle honey-Badger - 29 dagar sedan
One thing I don't get with these puzzles, how do you know when you've really solved it? Do they tell you what you need to accomplish? Some I've seen, they open a box but it doesn't seem completely finished. Maybe I should get one & see for myself.
TheBeschikbaarheid - Månad sedan
U are really diabolical
Dat Gurl
Dat Gurl - Månad sedan
Take a shot every time he says puzzle or puzzles
Jayden Malugin
Jayden Malugin - Månad sedan
Am I the only one who think the bag is blue not purple
KING RUHUL - Månad sedan
0:52 He say purple little bag, in my little I, I see a blue bag. So is it a blue or puple bag what do you think?
NickR - Månad sedan
So simple it’s hard
FUBAR MOFO - Månad sedan
Lmao how did u not know that?? Always at the start check entire packaging and see if parts are interchangeable or work together. U must of had an off day, that was rookie mistake
Hifumi Takimoto
Hifumi Takimoto - Månad sedan
thank you
j g
j g - Månad sedan
MAN_ON_WHEELZ - Månad sedan
Coordinates (Using google earth) took me to a property in Washington, looks very much like a place a puzzle maker would live.
Christopher Velez
Christopher Velez - Månad sedan
Yeah, I was like what?! why
JamesWhisky - Månad sedan
Maybe the coordinates was the psychologist after you ended cryin husk after tryin solve the puzzle where you can go with the bag adn cry there on someones shoulder :D
Mark Bozon
Mark Bozon - Månad sedan
New subscriber; awesome video! I'm also curious as to another poster's take on it: Wouldn't you need to find a way to get the tool inside the puzzle as well, or is this common in puzzles where there's a "puzzle" component and also a potential "tool" component that's understood to be apart from the solution? Also super curious as to some good starter puzzles like this for me. Gamer, board game fan, puzzle fan, but have never messed with stuff like this. Super cool.
SE Ferdabois77
SE Ferdabois77 - Månad sedan
You didn’t actually do it they said ALL the parts that includes the tool
Justin Dotson
Justin Dotson - Månad sedan
the tool should fit in as well. this is a level 7
i420x Gaming
i420x Gaming - Månad sedan
You should try beat Dr. Nim :D
Travis Pisani
Travis Pisani - Månad sedan
Uses Google Maps streetview trying to get clues on a puzzle from 2000. Lol. Good luck!
Okabe Rintaro
Okabe Rintaro - Månad sedan
It is Wednesday my dudes
_Realizes there's a secret compartment_
Me Grimlock Me Jamaican
Me Grimlock Me Jamaican - Månad sedan
Yet,,, no one can solve the Actual Pacman Arcade.
Pratik Sonawane
Pratik Sonawane - Månad sedan
yes we would love to see
shrek Minecraft
shrek Minecraft - Månad sedan
If anybody needs to copy the cords
47°27'30.8"N 121°59'11.4"W
It leads somewhere in Mirrormont Washington.
shrek Minecraft
shrek Minecraft - Månad sedan
47* 27’30.8”N
121* 59’11.4”W
Mr.salty - Månad sedan
You are just stupid
Ser Satch
Ser Satch - Månad sedan
the hardest puzzle to solve = women
JaclynDiane - Månad sedan
You from Htown?
Skank Mc’Skankson
Skank Mc’Skankson - Månad sedan
I subbed to ya ages ago but youtube unsubbed. Wtf
Te Arohana Edgar
Te Arohana Edgar - Månad sedan
7:12 villager noise
jgwright08 - Månad sedan
Diggin' the Houston Astros cap 🤘🏻
TheOnlyOnwuma - Månad sedan
But..... the tool in the bag is part of the puzzle... doesn't it have to fit inside as well???
TheOnlyOnwuma - Månad sedan
@bunzz Great thought, but doesn't it assemble into it's "completed state" differently than it's initial state? The creator could have made the puzzle so that the completed state is able to contain the tool, but I suspect you're correct.
bunzz - Månad sedan
You need it to take it apart, how can you put it inside you won't be able to solve the puzzle
wyldanimal2 - Månad sedan
But the tool is not hidden inside the cube...
Chrawesome - Månad sedan
07:12 those too sounds you made are straight outa minecraft i swear
Rasmus Andersen
Rasmus Andersen - Månad sedan
Jay Young
Jay Young - Månad sedan
Not all the parts were I missing something? You have parts leftover.
HeroGaming 2
HeroGaming 2 - Månad sedan
Those "parts" are the two pieces of the tool. You dont need to fit the tool in the box.
Guanabana2244 - Månad sedan
Who else thought he spelled PacMan wrong when you saw this video?
Smoll Bean boi
Smoll Bean boi - Månad sedan
Wait purple??? But it’s blue
C S - Månad sedan
C S - Månad sedan
rod centre hole
swissgunner - Månad sedan
Sneaky little foxes ! But what are those coordinates ??
Kidsonic Official
Kidsonic Official - Månad sedan
@Chris Ramsay I think i may have figured out why there's coordinates. Washington = WASHER which is INside and you TURN it. So i think it was a clue guiding you into using the tool to get the little washer out of the box to allow you to fit the pieces.
DENIN DANTE - Månad sedan
Where did you get all this puzzles???
dirrDtv - Månad sedan
Such a cool *purple* satchel!
BelchmanGaming - Månad sedan
you are a fucking faggot ass moth3er dfucker
BelchmanGaming - Månad sedan
yessir #gxng nigazxs
BelchmanGaming - Månad sedan
gxng in dis hope 100
BelchmanGaming - Månad sedan
hell yea nigga u right
nick thorn
nick thorn - Månad sedan
I PP😂😂😂
nick thorn
nick thorn - Månad sedan
I’m 2
Wha - Månad sedan
That address is way too close to mine
Teodoro De Jesus
Teodoro De Jesus - Månad sedan
Are u gordon Ramsays cousin or brother
Elias Papa
Elias Papa - Månad sedan
Your intriguing attitude has made me subscribe
XbellaX - Månad sedan
My favorite thing about this video was not in fact the puzzle but the avada kedavra tattoo on your middle finger