Why Are 96,000,000 Black Balls on This Reservoir?

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Dracolegacy - 2 minuter sedan
i couldnt have been more unaware of this system and im glad i got to see it
Lady Mercury
Lady Mercury - 11 minuter sedan
Chlorinated water is never safe to drink.
Sayed Muhammad Adnan
Sayed Muhammad Adnan - 13 minuter sedan
Those plastic balls warmed by sunlight would for be releasing some plastic carcinogen into the water.
bruno dias
bruno dias - Timme sedan
jackercrackbox - Timme sedan
these would be great to build a house out of ot put on your roof
{AWG}Darkbolt - Timme sedan
ask a question then point the camera away and cut to a different guy LOLZ FAIL!
CC Pederson
CC Pederson - Timme sedan
I'm glad I don't live in California
Jeff Gehman
Jeff Gehman - Timme sedan
The way that bird went ... when my time's up, that way would be fine.
dj Royal Tee
dj Royal Tee - Timme sedan
FFWD 20 years aaaaand .."a new Cancer study shows..." #djrtnyc
Jon Mack
Jon Mack - Timme sedan
brilliant LA, you've invited another problem to deal with years from now
Hori Manuirirangi
Hori Manuirirangi - 2 timmar sedan
0:38 I’m looking at 96million atoms right now
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins - 2 timmar sedan
Because you want to leak plastic chemicals into the water
A Darndest Lamprey
A Darndest Lamprey - 2 timmar sedan
Imagine swimming in those
TomTom35645 - 3 timmar sedan
What a vapid experience watching this video. We are all doomed.
dispmonk - 3 timmar sedan
None of this should even exist. Reestablish beavers in California!
adam M
adam M - 3 timmar sedan
What happens if a body is put into the reservoir? like noone will be able to see it and it will contaminate the water, no?
Bud King
Bud King - 3 timmar sedan
When your games loaded but your textures haven't
Sofia Santamaria
Sofia Santamaria - 3 timmar sedan
96000,000 daammmnnn
briantrudy leupold
briantrudy leupold - 4 timmar sedan
When held for pleasure their the balls that I like best.
hdhd jdjd
hdhd jdjd - 4 timmar sedan
Let's get 96mill dislikes boys
Mike Oh yeah
Mike Oh yeah - 4 timmar sedan
A bird died when the Thai plane showed up
DobermansRock - 4 timmar sedan
That's how the ball bounces.
MivecEVOxMR - 4 timmar sedan
Billions of gallons of rainwater are wasted and drained into the ocean each year. Southern California has been in drought for years, yet the state wanted to spend billions on a stupid bullet train instead of building better water collection systems.
Blaster Elforg
Blaster Elforg - 4 timmar sedan
And after spending billions including leeching substantial amounts in federal assistance the bullet train went nowhere and the project was quietly dropped. Another leftie pipe dream. And now in the unusual wet season the dams are on the verge of breaking. Leftie priorities.
laura iancu
laura iancu - 4 timmar sedan
sad... they created a more bigger issue and this they will see when others die. timing is every thing...sad
Wayne Gatfield
Wayne Gatfield - 5 timmar sedan
Everyone trying to be smarter than the last comment
Mâx Šçî-fí Ťøŕêñţ
Mâx Šçî-fí Ťøŕêñţ - 5 timmar sedan
What about the fish they can't live in the dark 24/7. Theirs something dodge about it!
Jizmo Jimmy
Jizmo Jimmy - 5 timmar sedan
People use to drink this water—with no issues—except maybe 1%. And it’s subjective saying that the drinking water causes issues to this 1%. We pay out our backsides for this subjective epa regulation stuff. It’s all out of control, this is why our dollar doesn’t have no buying power any more.
Ted Bergmann
Ted Bergmann - 5 timmar sedan
Hormone therapy for LA? That's scary.
Clarity journey
Clarity journey - 5 timmar sedan
Highly toxic
Joe Chang
Joe Chang - 5 timmar sedan
All the lights on all the stars and planets, in all the places, are shining simultaneously now.
All living things are living simultaneously now.
All matters are moving and vibrating simultaneously now.
All existing and happening are at forever ongoing now.
Past and future are man's dreams.
Scientists lied detected gravity wave from the past and seen light from the past.
Do you understand?
Handofseeds - 6 timmar sedan
32 million dollars for black balls? Somewhere there’s a politicians brother who owns a plastic ball factory.
Robert Rericha
Robert Rericha - 6 timmar sedan
Most people know that black absorbs heat
dd dd
dd dd - 6 timmar sedan
my chef asked me today if i knew what bulba was, i said its a drink with black balls floating in it, and he was really impressed i knew that. it a unknown drink here but i learned that from this video. so thank you i could make a good impression at work!
BigSmartArmed - 6 timmar sedan
absolutely everything about this screams coverup. literally. and at the cost of 30 million dollars.
it is a good place to dump a body though, so you don't have to drive to Vegas...
Zanoix - 6 timmar sedan
0:37 go look at pewdiepie's sub count...
Josef K
Josef K - 6 timmar sedan
Cost of balls: $1 for every 3 balls which equals around $32M.
Lifetime of balls: 10 years
Reasons for balls:
- Evaporation is reduced by 80-90%
- Bromate is carcinogenetic and is formed when bromine and chlorine are in direct sunlight
- Stops algae from forming so you need almost no chlorine to disinfect the water
- The balls are inert and cause no harmful side effects
nzoomed - 6 timmar sedan
Using an outboard motor in drinking water? lol what about the exhaust from the motor polluting it?
DJ00F 00F
DJ00F 00F - 7 timmar sedan
Liberty’s Right OnConstitutionalRights
None of this would be needed if they just kept the poisonous Chlorine CL out of it. Extremely toxic to the body according to the CDC this is another stupid democrat decision. This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen.
David Brandenburg
David Brandenburg - 7 timmar sedan
god help you if you fell in without that life preserver, you would find it extremely hard to swim in those balls!. also how does it affect the fish populations?
TruthSleuth - 7 timmar sedan
Why don't they use food grade hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine In the water? Bet you can't guess!!
Nikolai Golikov
Nikolai Golikov - 8 timmar sedan
Massive genocide castration, Trump?
Nancy Jones
Nancy Jones - 8 timmar sedan
Can I get these for my pool??
D.J.EBAZAPELO - 8 timmar sedan
OK, Motorized boat in a drinking water reservoir, yeah real smart.
Patrick Coston
Patrick Coston - 8 timmar sedan
You forgot to ask what happens if you jump in without a life vest? Will you be held under water? Is this the ultimate death trap?
Aaron Park
Aaron Park - 8 timmar sedan
I was on 5 freeway going to Yosemite and saw I was amazed
aradhya gupta
aradhya gupta - 8 timmar sedan
The technique is really great but isn't there any kind of aquatic flora or fauna getting effected from lack of sunlight in the reservoir?
migfsx - 8 timmar sedan
The future of our oceans and seas? i want to die
Shilonious Monk
Shilonious Monk - 8 timmar sedan
They film fake space below
trollking99 - 9 timmar sedan
$32 million worth of balls.
CBM 215
CBM 215 - 9 timmar sedan
Wait a minute, these ball are interfering with nature by keep the birds from the water. Where are the birds now. Can they get to adequate water. Has there been any studies done yet on its affect on bird life? And so there is no life now in the water?
Oudini AuRepo
Oudini AuRepo - 9 timmar sedan
I got a test on this subject, in France. Sad that I didn't have that video at that time.
Andrea Juillerat-Olvera
Andrea Juillerat-Olvera - 9 timmar sedan
Why do the captions end 1/2 way thru? I got Deaf friends who want to watch this!
Jack Campbell
Jack Campbell - 9 timmar sedan
What are they made of.
Coolio Ash
Coolio Ash - 10 timmar sedan
Why not... just put a roof... over it... like a building.....
Abdul Marabuti
Abdul Marabuti - 10 timmar sedan
At 05:50 the bird goes into the mixer
Jose German
Jose German - 10 timmar sedan
Cant believe I saw this whole video....But yes it was interesting I must admit!!!!!!
donkique956 - 10 timmar sedan
I too love vulva.
Lilwng 28
Lilwng 28 - 10 timmar sedan
Maybe it's to keep chemtrails out.
Thomas Hurl Hi
Thomas Hurl Hi - 11 timmar sedan
So what happens when you run all the birds off 🎅
Jonathan Hartwig
Jonathan Hartwig - 11 timmar sedan
Wait, did you describe B&H as a "mom and pop shop"? Haha. Admittedly I've never been to their Manhattan location but we order every bit of production gear we need from there and it's high dollar, so it's hard to imagine them as a smaller entity.
Jan Scott
Jan Scott - 11 timmar sedan
Why would you allow a filthy petroleum and oil powered boat to drive in a drinking reservoir?
Platinum Givenchy
Platinum Givenchy - 11 timmar sedan
Leo May
Leo May - 11 timmar sedan
Lol describing birds as loitering
H No
H No - 12 timmar sedan
Leave it to LA.
Drop Mono Lake.
Take away Owens Lake.
So eliminate bird's access to fresh water in our human-impacted landscape.
Next stop: Audobon's take on this measure.
Dennis Anschau
Dennis Anschau - 12 timmar sedan
Oh yea! That's great! All that black plastic being heated by the sun releasing all that crap that's in plastic into the water!!!
Great stuff!!!
Dihydrogen Monoxide
Dihydrogen Monoxide - 8 timmar sedan
These don't leach material as stated in the video
Playne Monty
Playne Monty - 12 timmar sedan
Songs Mirth
Songs Mirth - 12 timmar sedan
How very impressive. Throw Trump in there and the whole thing would be poisoned. ho hum Seriously, this is pure genius. :) Songs
Dennis M
Dennis M - 12 timmar sedan
96,000,000 black balls > 99 red balloons
Matt Maroney
Matt Maroney - 12 timmar sedan
I hope the boat they are driving in our drinking water is electric at least lol
Norman Lee Morris
Norman Lee Morris - 13 timmar sedan
this video could've been shortened down into one sentence.
Philip Croft
Philip Croft - 13 timmar sedan
Shawn Jerome
Shawn Jerome - 13 timmar sedan
I thinkI'd be more worried about that gas engine driving around my drinking water than them black balls in there it should have absolutely electric 100% powered boat that has no grease at all in the water of any kind
tree Climbing
tree Climbing - 13 timmar sedan
I thought they found out the Black Balls...
Caused molds & mildews to contaminate the Reservoir
I do believe.
Trident of God
Trident of God - 14 timmar sedan
Don't u think just planting lotus seeds might helped u Naturally
maszek - 14 timmar sedan
Bromide harmless? Wait till somebody finds out that it causes autism spectrum disorder.
Murad Beybalaev
Murad Beybalaev - 14 timmar sedan
Mold and fungus must love these balls.
tegoblue - 14 timmar sedan
Myth: they're gonna some money payback when they "recycle" the old balls. That world is changing. I hope this reporter does a follow up when it comes time to change out the balls. Where we gonna put 96 million plastic balls?
Adam Sanders
Adam Sanders - 14 timmar sedan
Amazing how there is the appearance of "grain boundaries" like in metals that you see in the overhead shots. Always very satisfying to see microscopic phenomena on a macro scale!
Zach Parr
Zach Parr - 14 timmar sedan
I'm here because I watched the video about going viral.
Mr Hadron
Mr Hadron - 14 timmar sedan
I thought they're there so fish can't breed or be there
The Lost History Channel TKTC
The Lost History Channel TKTC - 15 timmar sedan
Great video and YES!! I have been seeing this thumbnail EVERYWHERE on yt and eventually gave in and clicked! Glad i did! Excellent video with a great WOW Factor!
D B - 15 timmar sedan
Only REDUCES the poison formation. Genius. Poison in the water. Genius. Proof that our methods of determining IQ or intelligence are painfully immature.
Anirudh Swaminathan
Anirudh Swaminathan - 15 timmar sedan
Anyone here after his "how this video went viral" video?
Maggie'sGrace - 15 timmar sedan
They're dumping plastic into a reservoir? The same people who banned straws and plastic bags? Why not just dump your plastic bags on top of it? Wouldn't it be easier, really, to stop stealing water from the other part of the state?
Terri Sharp
Terri Sharp - 15 timmar sedan
Charcoal cleans water. plastic heated up puts out a hormone, .....?
Magnús Örn
Magnús Örn - 15 timmar sedan
just saying 'plastic' is like saying 'steel' there are MANY types of plastic and they have varying properties
Terri Sharp
Terri Sharp - 15 timmar sedan
is the motor blades enclosed
Ayan Sengupta
Ayan Sengupta - 15 timmar sedan
Didn't Veritasium post a similar video a few years/months back?
swebbmann - 15 timmar sedan
96,000,000 Black Balls? WHERE ALL THE WHITE WOMEN AT!?
108-loving-Self-alignment - 15 timmar sedan
would it not be more clever to substitute the chlorine???
108-loving-Self-alignment - 15 timmar sedan
or cdl?
108-loving-Self-alignment - 15 timmar sedan
ozone would also help with the algae???
sheri williams
sheri williams - 16 timmar sedan
The names of the balls to me sounded like “shave” balls. Is that the name? And a “bobuh “ food? What is that? Otherwise, good, looking to safe solutions for people and environment.
sheri williams
sheri williams - 15 timmar sedan
ah ha! thank you
Magnús Örn
Magnús Örn - 15 timmar sedan
shade balls
JimisonfirE Parralax
JimisonfirE Parralax - 16 timmar sedan
Why black?? It attracts heat and from that can cause more bacteria. The should be white.
JimisonfirE Parralax
JimisonfirE Parralax - 15 timmar sedan
+Magnús Örn oh my bad! Good thing then thanks!
Magnús Örn
Magnús Örn - 15 timmar sedan
watch the video jim they literally talk about this
Joost Kranendonk
Joost Kranendonk - 16 timmar sedan
In The Netherlands, tap water is save to drink. I am not used to drink bottled water, so seeing this feels somewhat weird to me. How save is the water from this reservoir to wash, bath, cook or even drink?
Side note: tap water in The Netherlands has the same or better quality than bottled water. Why? Its age is usually no more than 48 hours from groundwater to tap, whereas bottled water is often much older. Next to that bottled water is at least 125x as expensive than tap water: at least € 0.20 for a liter of bottled water or roughly € 1.50 for 1000 liter of tap water (depending on your yearly usage).
Peter Schubert
Peter Schubert - 16 timmar sedan
That's $32M dollars worth of balls - I think that is hard to justify that amount of money. How many people are dependent on this one reservoir? I guess if the balls last for ten years then that's $3.2M per year, and if there are 100,000 people need this water, then it's about $32 per year per capita. Yeah, ...still sounds like a bit - I will look at my water bill now, ...and wonder what the shade-ball component is...
Martin D A
Martin D A - 17 timmar sedan
Forget about the balls...Did you go with her for boba?
Mr Madrox
Mr Madrox - 17 timmar sedan
Magnús Örn
Magnús Örn - 15 timmar sedan
why do you feel like you have to comment about it?
Kuritonkana _
Kuritonkana _ - 17 timmar sedan
I have scrolled so many times past thia video and I am glad I didnt at this time😁
Andy G
Andy G - 17 timmar sedan
how come it is safe to drive a boat on what is meant to be drinking water?
Josh Christian
Josh Christian - 17 timmar sedan
At least they got rid of those pesky loitering birds?... I love the kiddie pool tech... pretty sure this was cooked up by "The corporation".... your naturally harmless algae tinted tub water (ewwwww?) is no longer an issue we have crystal clear plastified water... bring on those cancer treatment profits
Lucky Chippy
Lucky Chippy - 18 timmar sedan
If the balls were white all the butt hurt snowflakes would be hysterical and claiming it to be racist 😉