Gordon Ramsay’s 10 Millionth Subscriber Burger Recipe with Sean Evans

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The best Centi
The best Centi - 2 timmar sedan
I feel like Gordon just chucks random shit in and then does like one or two impressive things
BubblyWaffle - 2 timmar sedan
Samontray Milledge
Samontray Milledge - 3 timmar sedan
Last 15-20 seconds, dropped 2 F-bombs 😂😂
Billie Illie
Billie Illie - 5 timmar sedan
All you tubers should do this when they reach 10 million tf
Brandon Butler
Brandon Butler - 5 timmar sedan
I can see your coke addiction
Shollks Al Shollks
Shollks Al Shollks - 5 timmar sedan
Congrats 🎉 ... im a great fan of your work and you should cook arabian food that called “ machboos deyay “ 😂👍
Chicken Alfredo
Chicken Alfredo - 6 timmar sedan
Smoking these meats.
Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart - 6 timmar sedan
How long do you cook the burger meat
Lina Langi
Lina Langi - 7 timmar sedan
Bacon edit was on resting grill then back on grill, this was an edited shoot. Tricky!
Thomas Wepfer
Thomas Wepfer - 7 timmar sedan
where is the lamb sauce?
cablebrain - 7 timmar sedan
Hey Gordon, you forgot the kitchen sink!! .........Which of course you'll want to season appropriately.
Code-G - 8 timmar sedan
Ingredients please?
Kirubel Zebene
Kirubel Zebene - 8 timmar sedan
9:37 there we go.... yeah yeah aawwwwwwv
Kurt Persigand
Kurt Persigand - 8 timmar sedan
The legend says that the burger’s still not eaten
wolf shadow
wolf shadow - 8 timmar sedan
I love his show
Kirubel Zebene
Kirubel Zebene - 8 timmar sedan
Can his hands feel the fire?
Super Mario Omar
Super Mario Omar - 9 timmar sedan
WWE smackdown
Gordan ramsay vs. the hot sauce
Huntstyle - 9 timmar sedan
I dunno man, from here the mushrooms and buns look burnt and the bacon looks limp.
AstralAssault :/
AstralAssault :/ - 9 timmar sedan
The second you speak and do that weird hand clap thing you know the real god has awoken
50,000 Subscribers without videos
Dude jumps from 10m straight to 20m lmao thats ramsay for you
kampfighter jet
kampfighter jet - 10 timmar sedan
not so good. I like my burgers eatable.

It looks delicieous but not handy at all.
Blake Denton
Blake Denton - 10 timmar sedan
I guess the mushroom with the egg on Sean’s burger got lost in transport?
Zack TheDestroyer
Zack TheDestroyer - 10 timmar sedan
At 30mil he releases the formula of his kid friendly mouth
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete - 10 timmar sedan
They say the grill is still cooling down
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete - 10 timmar sedan
Missing onion like Gordon
Luiz Macedo
Luiz Macedo - 10 timmar sedan
god bless U!!! Thanks
David Basque
David Basque - 11 timmar sedan
“Dont go too high heat to begin with”
-patty burst into flames
C S - 11 timmar sedan
I’m so high right now and that burger is looking like.....whoa.
Jon G
Jon G - 12 timmar sedan
So much wrong here. A burger that you can't hold in your hands or take a bite of without either smashing it all down or having everything blow out the other side. I love Ramsay but his 8-inch-tall burgers are ridiculous.
Carson Unick
Carson Unick - 12 timmar sedan
He said moist 😏
The legendary elements
The legendary elements - 13 timmar sedan
0:27 I would like to apologize for absolutely nothing

He has us in the first half not gonna lie
Prenzipe Phzype
Prenzipe Phzype - 13 timmar sedan
That’s too much salt
Cason Morgan
Cason Morgan - 13 timmar sedan
Miad Developer
Miad Developer - 13 timmar sedan
Who else opened their mouth to take a bite of the burger when he shoved it in front of the camera?
Miad Developer
Miad Developer - 13 timmar sedan
step 1: buy a $10k grill
lodevijk - 13 timmar sedan
The burger is supposed to be eaten, not stacked like a fucking mountain. It's no art to just put a shitload of stuff on it. It needs to hold together and fit in your mouth. I'm not a fucking crocodile.
Lucifer Dark Prince
Lucifer Dark Prince - 13 timmar sedan
Beautiful man.
JobiWobi Games
JobiWobi Games - 14 timmar sedan
Happy 10 million subscribers, also your like the Bob Ross of food. Again Congragulations, live your content.
A A - 14 timmar sedan
When Gordon has his own ads on his videos
old gregg
old gregg - 14 timmar sedan
I loved that little cameo, but come on, that clearly wasn't the same kind of burger.
lewd dragon
lewd dragon - 14 timmar sedan
Congrats chef^^
Gab S
Gab S - 14 timmar sedan
that is NOT the same burger wtf!
Najam MK
Najam MK - 15 timmar sedan
should be amazingly tasty but how can I eat so thick burger :/
Blugo - 15 timmar sedan
You would think white people are allergic to seasoning their food based on the comments lol
Bryce D
Bryce D - 15 timmar sedan
Gearz86 - 15 timmar sedan
Holy salt
Changbastard - 16 timmar sedan
The comments are more entertaining than the video!
M D - 16 timmar sedan
GR is the truth.
mindaugux - 19 timmar sedan
Burger seasoning gone wrong, sodium overloads, arteries got clogged... (in da hood) (almost died)
Mel Dacillo
Mel Dacillo - 19 timmar sedan
@Gordon Fish and Chips or Burger? which one would you choose?