Gordon Ramsay’s 10 Millionth Subscriber Burger Recipe with Sean Evans

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As a thank you for hitting 10 Million Subscribers on SEzone, Gordon is in his backyard to show you, his fans, how to make the most delicious burger ever. Perfect for July 4th or any outdoor BBQ! You can find the ingredients below with a link to the recipe or order it now on the secret menu at Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.
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Full Recipe: www.gordonramsay.com/gr/recipes/gr10million
1 lb 85/15 ground beef (chuck and brisket)
2 oz frozen unsalted butter
1 Tbsp Granulated Garlic or Garlic Powder
1.5 Tbsp Maldon Salt
1 Tbsp Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
2 Slices Swiss Cheese
2 each Large Portabella Mushroom Caps, stem and gills taken off
2 each Large Eggs
TT Maldon Salt and Cracked Black Pepper
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
4 Slices Thick Cut Applewood Smoked Bacon
1 Cup Baby Arugula
1 each Roma Tomato
TT Maldon Salt and Cracked Black Pepper
2 each Brioche Hamburger Buns
Butter for Toasting
Sriracha Mayo
¼ Cup Mayo
2 Tbsp Sriracha Sauce
TT Salt
Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit - po.st/REpVfP
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bolieve 1310017
bolieve 1310017 - Minut sedan
Wouldn't even fit in my mouth without deconstructing the burger or having a mess.
Mario Esquivel
Mario Esquivel - 4 timmar sedan
Gordon Ramsay's yes we need hot sauce your Burgers a piece of shit fucker without hot sauce
seba:D b
seba:D b - 5 timmar sedan
I prefer THICC burgers
Jack Harrison
Jack Harrison - 6 timmar sedan
Frozen butter. Get it in fresh you panini head
mr ade
mr ade - 8 timmar sedan
I tried a similar burger.

Bun (check). Sea Salt grinder (check). Margarine (check).

Step 1. Cut bun in half.

Step 2. Empty contents of sea salt grinder on to bun.

Step 3. Add a big dollop of margarine.


It turned out ok, but it was a bit salty.
Chris Hauser
Chris Hauser - 8 timmar sedan
i like to make hamburgers but the fall apart ??
0 0
0 0 - 9 timmar sedan
Gordon Ramsey swore 9:59

Billie Pineda
Billie Pineda - 11 timmar sedan
“God Bless
Fucking hot sauce”
hippieFOS - 12 timmar sedan
“F*cking hot sauce. Really?”
SAMI_ST 1 - 16 timmar sedan
He forgot to season the grill befoure cooking
Hm - 17 timmar sedan
I'd probably fail to meet up to gorodns taste buds.

Look at the amount of fucking salt he's putting there.
Nyhuru Wolfgang
Nyhuru Wolfgang - 18 timmar sedan
Gordon: you have to season those shoes. He seasons everything in his life👌
Nathan Wooding
Nathan Wooding - 19 timmar sedan
This man really does season EVERYTHING
Juan Arocha
Juan Arocha - 21 timme sedan
Never underestimate the importance of a great but
Dont let it get soggy
Joshua Han
Joshua Han - Dag sedan
once we get to 30 million, he'll finally give out the perfected lamb sauce and he finally won't yell at the chefs for such terrible lamb sauce
BEEZEE BENZO - Dag sedan
*gordon goes to make a bowl of cereal*

“Olivol in”
Chezezyxgod Xiong
Chezezyxgod Xiong - Dag sedan
I like the way he says siracha
Isa Ngo
Isa Ngo - Dag sedan
Fuckimg helll, the amount of salt he uses.
Salt is not good for you.
Too sodium
Gray Medal
Gray Medal - Dag sedan
Gordon Ramsay: *puts egg on mushrooms*
Literally Everyone: confused happiness
EmptyWalletMultimedia - Dag sedan
bastard asent a clue how to make a burger. this dude is as bad as that australian burger guy
Marvin Kitfox
Marvin Kitfox - Dag sedan
This burger is 40% thicker 8:49 than the one that Ramsay threw out as IMPOSSIBLE TO EAT- TOO BIG in this https://youtu.be/D5Y-pJDgJT8?t=51
Hypocrisy, anyone?
Marvin Kitfox
Marvin Kitfox - Dag sedan
Some salt and pepper.
and... some salt & pepper
some more salt and pepper
YET MORE salt and pepper

He actually applies pepper and *generous* salt EIGHT TIMES!!!

Has he undergone a mental health test recently? I'm a bit worried about him, this behaviour would have had aspiring chefs physically thrown from his kitchen in previous times.
KORO Sensei
KORO Sensei - Dag sedan
Gordon being fierce and cursing looks normal to him and he’s fun to watch being that but the Chinese Devil Chef Alvin Leung? He’s just a clown
Generic Wamen
Generic Wamen - Dag sedan
There is one thing I need gordon to put on his burger

iT Is tHe lAmB sAuCe
Bcoz Gaming
Bcoz Gaming - Dag sedan
We realy dont need a fuckin hot souce in our burger
Hamza Mohammed
Hamza Mohammed - 2 dagar sedan
Scythe Bainsy
Scythe Bainsy - 2 dagar sedan
Gordon: The Key is to not make the bun soggy
Also Gordon: pours whole bottle of olive oil on top
Mikezz - 2 dagar sedan
2:26 did my man touch fire
Thereal1PM - 2 dagar sedan
Me: sir kitchen is burning
Gordon : beautiful
Me : beautiful 😥
roy kueny
roy kueny - 2 dagar sedan
This man is fakin crazy
roy kueny
roy kueny - 2 dagar sedan
He says literally too much and not in the right context
crabtrap - 2 dagar sedan
GORDON , you salted that burger like the Ohio Turnpike in January
aaza targaryan
aaza targaryan - 2 dagar sedan
Subscribed my dude
aaza targaryan
aaza targaryan - 2 dagar sedan
That’s a burger you would take from a child if ya had too
Adam South
Adam South - 2 dagar sedan
Bacon spoiled the burger
Jovan shadow Knight
Jovan shadow Knight - 2 dagar sedan
Irl lost of bugs would be attacking him
Jacob Whitney
Jacob Whitney - 2 dagar sedan
I bet he cooks his bacon medium rare to keep the flavor 😂
Roberto Gonzalez
Roberto Gonzalez - 2 dagar sedan
“Dad i broke my hand”
Gordon: Did you lightly season it ?
SMALLY - 7 timmar sedan
Nicola Barbaro Ik bro it’s just pointless like it’s not even funny what a spaz
Nicola Barbaro
Nicola Barbaro - 7 timmar sedan
@SMALLY you are completely right my man, hes a mongo
SMALLY - 14 timmar sedan
Roberto Gonzalez that’s the worst joke I’ve heard like these seasoning jokes aren’t funny at all maybe the first but that’s not even a joke that’s you being a mongo😂😂
Roberto Gonzalez
Roberto Gonzalez - 2 dagar sedan
Gordon Ramsay’s peppery pepper melt burga
Elizabeth Liones
Elizabeth Liones - 2 dagar sedan
Legend has it that Ramsey got inspired from the “cowboy burger” from that one kitchen nightmare episode
Ethan Montechello
Ethan Montechello - 3 dagar sedan
Aaron5616 - 3 dagar sedan
Sorry but that burger looks terrible. 👎
Ryan West
Ryan West - 3 dagar sedan
We jus gonna ignore the burgers look nothing alike😂
Diabetes - 3 dagar sedan
I hate restaurants that give shredded lettuce and iceberg lettuce for lettuce on burgers it’s just a mood killer I understand why Gordon Ramsay don’t like commercialized restaurants.
ChrisG- - 3 dagar sedan
you can make anything taste good with a lot of butter and salt..
Daniel Stone
Daniel Stone - 3 dagar sedan
Gordon is the kind of guy to salt and pepper his salt and pepper.
Mia Rose
Mia Rose - 3 dagar sedan
God that looks so good...
fwex - 3 dagar sedan
once gord gets the diamond play button : Grill is piping hot, olive oil on, lightly season with salt and pepper
Bunty SuryaTej
Bunty SuryaTej - 3 dagar sedan
At the end, he did an Indian thing, joining his hands and thanking people 🙏
Matthew Nielsen
Matthew Nielsen - 4 dagar sedan
This dude has no clue how to grill
Cool Kidd
Cool Kidd - 4 dagar sedan
You burn it Gordon! For God's sake!
Mike ivey
Mike ivey - 4 dagar sedan
This is art
SHDW - 4 dagar sedan
Lets drink a glass of olive oil to celebrate.
Marek Bednar
Marek Bednar - 4 dagar sedan
Steve irving Is Gordon ramsay now!🤫
Tom The Tit
Tom The Tit - 4 dagar sedan
0.28 = Conor McGregor.
Ibrahim Akhtar
Ibrahim Akhtar - 4 dagar sedan
Gordon: and a brush of olive oil
*Pours 1/4 of the bottle of olive oil*
Yxng Scholar
Yxng Scholar - 4 dagar sedan
Not a single soul:
Gordon: *pattay*
Drew KingTM
Drew KingTM - 4 dagar sedan
jamal som
jamal som - 4 dagar sedan
Must be name Over Kill Burger 😂
GENJI SHIMADA - 4 dagar sedan
Aw come on now Gordon, we all know Sean is a hot sauce crazed maniac, give him the benefit of the doubt😂