Film Theory: The Rat That Beat Thanos! (Marvel Endgame)

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The Film Theorists
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To everyone asking whether I calculated the rats repopulating, I did and just cut it before the final draft because it got too pedantic and lost in it's own numbers. Also, we wind back up at 50 rats anyway. Here's what got cut in case you were curious:
"That means that at the beginning of five years, we're dealing with 50-ish rats in Scott Lang's area, which would replenish to their population carrying capacity in the course of just a few generations. Given that rat food supplies might be lower now that there are only half the people on the world, let's assume that they don’t get back to the full 100 rat population in Scott's immediate area, but that they make a good 50% surge back up to 75 rats roving all over Scott. Realistically it's almost impossible to know for our specific area exactly how many rats would be here, but we're making our best assumption right now and I'm trying to at least give Scott a fighting chance.
So over the course of the six months after the Great Snap, rats would have pretty much bounced back, given that a new generation of rat babies is ready to go every six weeks. To get our final number, we’ll assume that an average-sized rat community would have at most around 50 rats out searching for food at any given time, since about a third of them are statistically in the nest at a given time."
Noel Duffy
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+Nicolás Maduro I care
Mercy Knight
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but did you account for the fact that over the five years humans making trash to feed the rats would breed and change their numbers? i mean folks who lost a partner in the snap would move on, single folks would move on... the world would have moved forward in 5 years.
Travian Staten
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The Film Theorists if you’re reading this, I have to tell you I think I found a way to fix the Spider-Man: Homecoming year problem In Homecoming, it says it takes place 8 years after the first Avengers, meaning it took place in 2020. But that can’t happen because he bit the dust in 2018 and doesn’t come back until 2023. But there is one way it can work, there’s a different universe. In Endgame, the Ancient One is explaining to Bruce Banner what would happen if one of the stones were to disappear from her time. If we were to apply this same logic to living beings, then that could actually explain why Spider-Man is alive in 2020. When Iron Man snapped Thanos and his army out of existence, he made a new timeline/universe, one where their Thanos just disappears one day and is no longer a threat and where none of the Avengers bite the dust. But for now remember, that’s just a theory, A COMMENT THEORY
Lindy your videos so awesome
Lindy your videos so awesome - 20 timmar sedan
Rugrats theory Game Theory do game theory
MichaeLJPS - Dag sedan
Dude, it's called FATE
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I’m just leaving a comment to make the YouTube machine happy 👍
bryan gifford
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I don’t remember it being just 1 single button for the rat to click. During the movie the rat went over a control board I’m pretty sure clicking multiple buttons. I think strange’s prediction for the 1/140000000 was the rat hitting the correct sequence of buttons not just a single button, this makes more sense if Matt is saying that 99 percent of the outcomes Scott gets free. I don’t think that’s the case tho, the 1/14000000 is that rat hitting the correct order of buttons NOT JUST ONE
Megakittenex _FOREVER
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Lol the intro
The Lonely Tetra
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Would the snap affect plants, bacteria, and other living things besides animals and people?
MLGmountandew - 8 minuter sedan
Check your facts before you make your video : Scott Lang only spent 5 hours in the quantum realm!
Seba Bonilla
Seba Bonilla - 9 minuter sedan
Could you do a theory about if John wicks suit armor could actauly stop bullets.
xdSloppy_Squid - 14 minuter sedan
Saw Endgame last night/this morning
BoB Mcgee
BoB Mcgee - 16 minuter sedan
Imagine if it was squirrel I would’ve lost it
DewPieDie - 16 minuter sedan
The mouse might be controlled by a certain _Rat-Man_
OGH - 24 minuter sedan
That rat is probably getting so much ass rn for saving the earth
naruto uzimaki
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You need to make a video about the classic scene in john wick where he says he killed 3 men in a bar with a pencil IS THAT POSSIBLE
הערוץ המצחיק
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This video blowed my mind
Bobdabildur S.
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Do you think that doctor strange only said he saw 1 timeline where the avengers win because in the one that they win he says that or he said he saw 14 million because in the one they win he said that
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I dont even remember seeing that rat ROFL. For 5 years the rat population can increase a lot ,give them like 20% increase or more from the 50%. Doctor Strange saw the rat and said YEAH here we go i can give the time stone to Thanos now.
Truth_Logic_facts Dont_Care_About_feelings
It's no surprise San Francisco is the rat capital of America, San Francisco is also the capital of hobos that shit in the street. It's disgusting, San Francisco use to be beautiful but now it's a liberal progressive Utopia aka a shithole. I honestly wouldn't feel bad if the entire state of California fell into the ocean, taking with it nasty Nancy pelosi, and Mrs chicom spy Diane feinstein.
Cody10oQQ - Timme sedan
Hi Mat, can you please make a theory about the strength of cap’s shield breaking point, cause Thanos beat the crap out of cap’s shield.
Truth_Logic_facts Dont_Care_About_feelings
Jesus Christ, this video got over 2 million views in a week? My God, this channel probably makes 100 million a year.
Mary MAC
Mary MAC - Timme sedan
I have a sweet-toothed mouse living in my basement and I bet the Marvel rat is its hero and honestly I agree
Marlon Montiel
Marlon Montiel - Timme sedan
That’s not the Transamerica building, that’s the salesforce new building
Astro! - Timme sedan
This aint theory this is legit confirmed by the directors of the movie
YO Gaming
YO Gaming - Timme sedan
the mouse is another hero who will appear in revengers
John McCarthy
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Do the amazing world of gumball banana Joe's nom
dimitry pavlun
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Rat superhero
Jenaye M
Jenaye M - 2 timmar sedan
We need more Marvel theories!!! Like WHAT WAS DR STRANGE'S PLAN?????
How many people agree?
B Squad
B Squad - 2 timmar sedan
I have a new theory for u:How Old Is Scrooge
DEFENDER OF LGBTQ - 2 timmar sedan
Hey Matpat, do you think you can start doing theories on stuff like Be More Chill or Dear Evan Hansen?
Would be cool of ya just saying.
Harijot Khalsa
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This video is the nerdiest nerd of all nerds. Well done sir.
Gaetana Dixon
Gaetana Dixon - 2 timmar sedan
You’re crazy if you think Shuri can’t hack into anything!
dljprogun - 2 timmar sedan
You know you left out how quickly the rats can recover.

Yes half the rats were turned to dust by the snap, but they are fast reproducers. Rats can reach sexual maturity at 5 weeks, a single female rat in decent health can have 12 babies every 3 or 4 weeks so in those 5 years a female rat can make 1,020 more rats and that is just from ONE female rat that is not including the other female rats that she is producing that are reproducing themselves after they reach age 5 weeks.
And with half of the human exterminators gone rats would be doing very well. So those numbers would actually be higher.
Sona Karnik
Sona Karnik - 2 timmar sedan
You are actually wrong because although 50% got snapped away it has been 5 years since the snap in the movie meaning that the rats could have repopulated
Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown - 2 timmar sedan
I decided to watch endgame and then watch this
GoodSports Evening
GoodSports Evening - 2 timmar sedan
Ant-man more like Ratman
ThatAsianKid Who’sNameIsGabe
Can we please have a moment of silence for our savior Rat
Izriboss - 2 timmar sedan
GoodSports Evening
GoodSports Evening - 2 timmar sedan
I calculations or 1 and 37 quadrillion

Me explain so there’s a chance that the rat that stepped on the button could’ve never been born it could’ve been snapped out of reality it could’ve been eaten by a hawk it could’ve been stepped on someone it could’ve been shot it could’ve been eaten by a wild fox that just decided to come in the city for some reason it could’ve been eaten by someone’s dog could’ve been poisoned it could’ve been exterminated it could’ve been never even worn it could’ve been and over by a car he could’ve been eaten by a hobo on the street that’s desperate
Jaronius - 2 timmar sedan
Vinylguy 123
Vinylguy 123 - 3 timmar sedan
rat chews through wires on the quantum universe machine
Always_ Music
Always_ Music - 3 timmar sedan
The rat is Loki he’s alive!!!!!!
R3TRO_MAFIA - 3 timmar sedan
What the fuck do you mean rats have nests
Vortex - 3 timmar sedan
2:26 it's actually 5 hours because every thing in the realm is shorter

Like if agree
MCFinalNinja FTW
MCFinalNinja FTW - 3 timmar sedan
0:44 There's a well known comedian named Gabriel Iglesias who made shirts back then to match his size and weight. Maybe Hulk did something like that.
DragonRaider7567 - 3 timmar sedan
This all started with a mouse

A Mickey mouse XD XD
Tom TCB - 3 timmar sedan
The fact that people are getting this annoyed about this scene is just sad
Tom TCB - 3 timmar sedan
Still love you though, Matt. That was a joke
Clyde Tiburcio
Clyde Tiburcio - 3 timmar sedan
How much time do you have?!
Kyle Osial
Kyle Osial - 3 timmar sedan
Your out of ideas
Why matt. Why
Walter - 3 timmar sedan
Did you calculate how the rat got inside the van? The chances that a rat would do that and how many of those rats weigh enough to apply the force needed to get through into van and step on the button.
But don't also don't forget that within the five years, somebody sometime took that van from the parking garage and put it into a storage without taking anything or using the van for any other purposes.
Then how long can a van battery last without being started. If the button has access to the battery power that means it must being using it or was it in sleep mode? That button did a lot for a machine that took 3 humans to yeah the rat was an act of OAA.
Doodleboy - 3 timmar sedan
remy is a avenger stupid
TheBroz Gaming
TheBroz Gaming - 3 timmar sedan
Wow, rats beat both THANOS and JOTARO? They really need to be stopped.
get In It for Truth
get In It for Truth - 3 timmar sedan
It's a fantasy movie with characters that can turn into rats. Also, um, yeah, it's fantasy. 1 in 14 million holds up
G K WooD
G K WooD - 3 timmar sedan
This is the dumbest video I’ve ever seen from you.

I understand being upset with the narrative framework resting on this natural occurrence rather than the actions of one of our many heroes but it was obviously a likely possibility. They gave it five years. You didn’t even calculate the reproduction rate which would lead to a resurgence in the rat population.

I'm not really mad but- -
I mean- -
It’s just- -
This video seemed like a waste of your time.
S0uptime - 3 timmar sedan
Ratatouille, the strongest avenger
panggop jio
panggop jio - 4 timmar sedan
Let's just praise the rat
Yuji Yagi
Yuji Yagi - 4 timmar sedan
13:50 covers about MCU but uses Superman's body
Lps Feisty
Lps Feisty - 4 timmar sedan
MatPat I dare you to Do a theory on Popee the Performer
Alex Brown
Alex Brown - 4 timmar sedan
You're assuming it's a normal three-dimensional nonsentient rat. It's very possible if not probable that there was way more to that rat than just "accidentally" pushing that button.
Tim Parsons
Tim Parsons - 5 timmar sedan
That Jacksfilms burn, though... Haha!
Ian Patton
Ian Patton - 5 timmar sedan
Wow I thought I was the only one who realized the rat saved the whole universe
Arc_099 - 5 timmar sedan
hahaha wait what? Why the Fuck would you be annoyed by this idea? Why the Fuck would you even think that it was Fucking impossible in the first place? haha It’s not Fucking impossible for a rat to hit a button!! hahahaha jesus Fucking christ Animals sometimes randomly walk over shit it’s not Fucking impossible for a rat to randomly walk over a Fucking button in 5 Fucking years!! also the rat population might not have even been halved, it’s not 50% of each individual species it’s 50% of all life, that might be the only rat on the planet or there might have only been 1 rat that got dusted. Oh my god I am frustrated now 😂 Fuck me!! 😂
Let'sPlay Derek
Let'sPlay Derek - 5 timmar sedan
Hey matpat I was hoping you could make a theory about who should win if thanos and one punch man battled
Jessica Mann
Jessica Mann - 5 timmar sedan
There’s something I noticed—I don’t know if it matters, but rats don’t live very long.
As someone who’s actually had pet rats, rats only live two to three years, three being the maximum. So would the older rats die out and the younger rats have to learn their territory? Would that influence if they found the van, because the younger rats don’t know their territory as well as the older ones, who have passed?
I honestly have no clue, I’m just throwing things out there.
MiniBeast Kid
MiniBeast Kid - 5 timmar sedan
What if it was a mouse...
Hacklord360 - 5 timmar sedan
You didn't count that half the rats died in thanos snap
Bloody Fortnite Legend
Bloody Fortnite Legend - 5 timmar sedan
This is just what I said when I watched End Game
Alok Kumar
Alok Kumar - 5 timmar sedan
it wasn't any regular rat... it was mickey. mouse mickey.
paperclip - 5 timmar sedan
Hey matpat which of the three jokers is the joker from the trailers
9 Naibe 9
9 Naibe 9 - 5 timmar sedan
Tmnt crossover rat's splinter
Yew - 5 timmar sedan
sponsership basically encourages breaking the law
Nicolas Wilson
Nicolas Wilson - 6 timmar sedan
*COUGH* Markiplier needs a theory on a video he made called DAMIEN *COUGH*
SCAiNT - 6 timmar sedan
but its about 5 years now
Shannon Connelly
Shannon Connelly - 6 timmar sedan
I mean, rats are incredibly intelligent, so I wouldn’t put it past them!
SCAiNT - 6 timmar sedan
Let's just praise the rat
Dustin Dreampine's Stories
Dustin Dreampine's Stories - 6 timmar sedan
You know film theroy, I am watching a old movie with killer clowns 🤡 from outer space and I think that there should be a theroy about this because there's 1 Question, what is the clowns weaknesses because there's good research for this theroy
knipping - 6 timmar sedan
The film theorist claimed Antman would be only trapped forever in 4 out of 14,000,605 futures. But I think it even looks very good for Antman in these cases. If I got the video right it just calculated his probability of being freed by a rat *within five years*. There is again a good high are that he will be freed in the sixth year. In fact, the bigger danger would be to be released early on, like after just some minutes, and then not realizing about the different time flow.
Ro Nin
Ro Nin - 6 timmar sedan
You could of done a theory about time travel in Endgame... Why this?
Lag Tech
Lag Tech - 7 timmar sedan
And people complain about GoT having bad writing...
sagiv etedgi
sagiv etedgi - 7 timmar sedan
thay come to tell a story so statistcks are not relly effected
LeeW89 - 7 timmar sedan
While statistically possible for the rat to walk over the button, there are several other factors that make the premise impossible, imo:
1) The sequence to release Ant-Man is set up to just need one button to be pressed
2) The rat doesn't mess everything up by hitting other keys before hitting the correct one
3) The rat does hit other keys but they have no effect
4) Rats haven't chewed through the cables in the 5 year interim
All of the above, while varying degrees of unlikely, I am willing to suspend my disbelief and accept. However, there is one point I refuse to accept:
5) The device still has power after 5 years of inactivity!
If the device is connected to the van's battery, it would've been running until it was found and either drained completely or been turned off after being moved to the storage garage. If it had a separate external power source, it would've drained completely or been disconnected to move it. Even if the power source could survive 5 years of constant draining, and nobody disconnected it or damaged the cables, the machine itself would have begun to fall apart with no maintenance. The entire premise of the device being functional after 5 years is too unrealistic for me to suspend my disbelief. I challenge you, MatPat, to prove me wrong and see if there is a way that the device could still be functional at the time the rat walked over the appropriate button.
Eimear Cullen
Eimear Cullen - 7 timmar sedan
When he started talking about how the avengers needed a hacker i couldn't have been the inly one that immediately went NED!!!
Vir Prasada-Bridle
Vir Prasada-Bridle - 7 timmar sedan
But Vision is coming back stoopid.
Fake Account 1984
Fake Account 1984 - 8 timmar sedan
Make a film theory on the
Netflix film How It Ends
Hadius - 8 timmar sedan
Can’t believe I watched this
Tan Yu Yong
Tan Yu Yong - 8 timmar sedan
Mat Pat, could you do a theory of the Godzilla: King Of The Monsters movie?
Sean Jamerson
Sean Jamerson - 8 timmar sedan
MarPat you should do a theory why we don’t have Wakey Wakey yet.
Praveen Rohira
Praveen Rohira - 8 timmar sedan
That rat was probably Disney's Mickey mouse. I think it was a metaphor that Disney saved marvel
joe - 8 timmar sedan
MatPat can you calculate how long Jake from adventure time can expand? It would be good
FT 02667
FT 02667 - 8 timmar sedan
Your theory about daenerys going to be the mad king is now a fact
Zahirulhaq Azri
Zahirulhaq Azri - 9 timmar sedan
make a theory on hulk's theory on time travel
zoroark MASTER
zoroark MASTER - 9 timmar sedan
I don’t know if the snap actually affected wild creatures (they’re one of the ressources that thanos say the surviving population will have plenty of A.K.A meat to eat) I think that only sentient being were affected by the snap
Sloth Gaming
Sloth Gaming - 9 timmar sedan
Thanos: I am inevitable!

Rat who freed Ant Man: hold my beer
KrAzY_ nUg
KrAzY_ nUg - 9 timmar sedan
Sooooo everyone is going to ignore the fact that the controller is out in the open and not in the van
Goritom Gorila
Goritom Gorila - 10 timmar sedan
Where's the actor who plays the rat?
MangoesAndGrapes - 10 timmar sedan
Loki stans: LOKI WAS THE RAT!!!! *sobbing*
Norman I
Norman I - 10 timmar sedan
When you finally stop procrastinating and go watch Endgame so you can finally watch all of the Endgame episodes of Film theory
TheGoldenRaptor - 10 timmar sedan
Wouldn't animal population skyrocket if there aren't as many humans to be predators?
Burak ERKOL - 12 timmar sedan
Mickey Mouse saved marvel universe. Thank you Mickey Mouse
Bella Galaxyheart
Bella Galaxyheart - 12 timmar sedan
Who else freaked out a the galaxy background💜✨
Bella Galaxyheart
Bella Galaxyheart - 12 timmar sedan
Please do a Umbrella Academy theory!
Liz - 12 timmar sedan
I mean, after 5 years, the rats will have multiplied a ton, so the chances are even higher.
Maida - 12 timmar sedan