Film Theory: The Rat That Beat Thanos! (Marvel Endgame)

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The Film Theorists
The Film Theorists - 2 månader sedan
To everyone asking whether I calculated the rats repopulating, I did and just cut it before the final draft because it got too pedantic and lost in it's own numbers. Also, we wind back up at 50 rats anyway. Here's what got cut in case you were curious:
"That means that at the beginning of five years, we're dealing with 50-ish rats in Scott Lang's area, which would replenish to their population carrying capacity in the course of just a few generations. Given that rat food supplies might be lower now that there are only half the people on the world, let's assume that they don’t get back to the full 100 rat population in Scott's immediate area, but that they make a good 50% surge back up to 75 rats roving all over Scott. Realistically it's almost impossible to know for our specific area exactly how many rats would be here, but we're making our best assumption right now and I'm trying to at least give Scott a fighting chance.
So over the course of the six months after the Great Snap, rats would have pretty much bounced back, given that a new generation of rat babies is ready to go every six weeks. To get our final number, we’ll assume that an average-sized rat community would have at most around 50 rats out searching for food at any given time, since about a third of them are statistically in the nest at a given time."
Christopher - 11 timmar sedan
Next episode , The rat that change the universe
GlaciusTS - 5 dagar sedan
What about the odds that rats wouldn’t move into that vacant building before the events of endgame? What about the odds that they wouldn’t investigate something that is clearly very colorful? Perhaps that remote had some corn based wiring in it? Or it gave off heat that attracted the rats? I would go so far as to say that a rat would probably WANT to investigate that remote. It gets to the point where it seems kinda absurd that it took 5 whole years for this to happen.
Catherine Schoeneman
Catherine Schoeneman - 7 dagar sedan
arjun aganihotri
arjun aganihotri - 7 dagar sedan
sasabnis - 10 dagar sedan
The carrying capacity for the rat population in SF has also changed since there are fewer threats (human exterminators), so it's conceivable to say the population could shoot past the 1/4 rat to human proportion. Also, when considering surface area I think you have to consider all surfaces in SF, not just the 2D map, meaning a subway section would also count the area of street above it, a 30 story building would actually count 30x the area of 1 floor, etc. I like your implementation of clustering to consider rat nests, and I think the hotspots for rat nests that you highlighted were a good argument as well. For the rat mean free path calculation though, I don't think we need to use unique paths. We can use Brownian motion random walks model to simulate that situation. It also sounded like you assumed a CDF distribution for considering the effect of 50 rats. I don't agree with that approach because it gives the number of rats too much weight in the probability calculation, it doesn't seem right. What i really loved about this episode is that it got me to look at the 1 in 14 million chance in a completely new light.
Jewel of RANDOM
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What we should be thinking about is what half the universe mean aka half of every living organism in the universe so this means that half of the people on earth are killed however after Tony gets over Tom Holland kicking the bucket he would begin to feel bad due to half of the bacteria in his body being dusted causing health problems due to sudden loss of bacteria and as most people know most bacteria in your body help keep harmful illnesses out of your body now you could also argue that half of illnesses were killed too but some forms of desease can reproduce incredibly fast and some don't even have those single celled organisms so the desease would drastically reproduced or not get dusted at all so Tony and eventually all the universe died it was inevitable but hey i don't have the rights to say the Matpat line btw this by an eleven year old so sorry for spelling mistakes but I don't care too much so whatevs
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Who else clicked on this video as soon as they saw the thumbnail?
TheRich BoyGaming
TheRich BoyGaming - 15 timmar sedan
I have 2 pet rats and they are amazing pets. Nothing to do with the video, just rats.
James Cuellar
James Cuellar - 16 timmar sedan
Rat effect=butterfly effect
N. Antoine
N. Antoine - 19 timmar sedan
Thanos: no one can stop me
Rat: are you challenging me
Agent101g - 21 timme sedan
When is the "end this person's career" joke going to get old? It's the top comment on every single YouTube video.
sandra schoof
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They still have shuri matpat so next time think of a better way to advertise nord vpn
Kayagorzan - Dag sedan
The chance is how many percentage of bacteria soap can kill
Lava 321
Lava 321 - Dag sedan
Why couldn't thanos just double the amount of resources in the universe every year instead of trying to wipe out half of it's population?
Opal’s Fantasy World
I heard that your pet rat was so small that Thanos snapped himself
Isabella Ashby
Isabella Ashby - Dag sedan
we're only 0:13 seconds in and MatPat is already calling me out.......
Eatorofsouls 2284
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no hate tho...
sub 2 pewdiepie
sub 2 pewdiepie - 2 dagar sedan
You could also say the rat killed iron man
Aussie Animations
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Wait Thanos snaps all things? Fucking R.I.P to platypuses and echidnas and every other endangered species. Thanos is an arsehole.
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 - 2 dagar sedan
In the other outcomes there was a rat trap
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 - 2 dagar sedan
I have a request for this channel:
Who actually peed Scott Lang’s pants?
Mathew Ferreira
Mathew Ferreira - 2 dagar sedan
When I first saw this video 😧 after I watch it 🤐
Ruba Sabagh
Ruba Sabagh - 2 dagar sedan
I mean obviously the numbers a high 99.99% because u did it without replacement. Like if the rat doesnt go back to the same place. Which it definitly will.
XxDallasCoboysXx - 3 dagar sedan
No it five hours mat pat on earth it been five years .It is five hours because he said and In condom 1year is 1 hour
Mr.Galxo O'connor
Mr.Galxo O'connor - 3 dagar sedan
Not the hero we wanted but we needed
CleanixX MC
CleanixX MC - 3 dagar sedan
Hey people...
I couldnt but notice how unnecessary Cpt Marvel was in this film! I mean Tony and Nebula should have been way more than capable of re-configuring the Milano into a ship using electricity as fuel and then simply hopping the ARC-reactor onto the system right? (Tony built a suit with an ultra high power electro magnet in a cave surrounded by terrorists as a reminder, the professor who helped him was probably just as intelligent as Nebula...) and when Cpt Marvel destroyed half of Thanos' army... That was just something that made it a lot easier and faster to deal with but wasnt actually needed since the good guys' army should have been able to deal with it...
Techa - 3 dagar sedan
so that 1 in 14 million scenario was based on when a rat step on a button?
Techa - 3 dagar sedan
OMG, the MOMENT I saw that rat I knew someone was going to talk about how much of an effect it had on the Marvel universe!
John Chavez
John Chavez - 3 dagar sedan
Thank you ive been saying this for a while i saw a rat free scott i was like bullshit
EMPIRE MAN - 3 dagar sedan
You can tell that film theory will overthink EVERY small detail, it’s enjoyable yet painful
Danniel Sarate
Danniel Sarate - 3 dagar sedan
Wouldn’t the rats also reproduce and therefore be a changing variable?
itz ya girl izzi
itz ya girl izzi - 3 dagar sedan
Did doctor strange really look through time just to know that the fate of all the universe relies on that one rat? I guess he just thought yeah We're doomed...
imanol bello
imanol bello - 3 dagar sedan
Did I just watch a 15 mins ad?
alarcon99 - 4 dagar sedan
I don't think the unbelievable posibility is that a random rat found the button. I think that the unbelievable possibility is that any wire in that van is NOT chewed through.
Katherine Poole
Katherine Poole - 4 dagar sedan
Me at 1 AM: I should probably start studying for my chemistry test...
My brain: C’mon just 5 more minutes.
Me: fine.
Five minutes later
Me: I gotta study!
James Black
James Black - 4 dagar sedan
Matpat, that was no random rat. his cousin owns the earth. says so in a very special guide. you have your towel right?
BilalRB - 4 dagar sedan
2:25 over 5 minutes* (ant-man said 5 minutes)
Susana Siobhan
Susana Siobhan - 4 dagar sedan
Rats can be hella cute tho
Monkey Scream
Monkey Scream - 4 dagar sedan
You used to say aaaaaaaand cut at the end of the vid but now it's a sponsor, Do that at the Beginning!
Joshua Delauney
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I saw Nord VPN coming in from a mile away
andrew williams
andrew williams - 4 dagar sedan
but I am subscribed tho
Adam Freed
Adam Freed - 4 dagar sedan
Yes but what are the odds the rats hit the wrong button instead and unplug the power or mess something up?
Insane Darkness | Gaming
Insane Darkness | Gaming - 4 dagar sedan
Yes. This is what I watch Film Theory for.
BaoHadir - 4 dagar sedan
A good theory. Even more interesting is that this doesn't include an explosion in rat population as they breed nearly uninhibited. With a lack of exterminators and a loss of many of their natural predators, the rats would breed like crazy, leading to a population explosion and likely far, far more than 50 rats with a chance to touch the button.
Blursed Images
Blursed Images - 4 dagar sedan
3 hours daily watching mat ruin games and films, you underestimate the actual time that I spend doing that
Caitlyn Calder
Caitlyn Calder - 4 dagar sedan
This video is making me glad Alberta doesn’t have any rats!!
DANKerTester - 5 dagar sedan
To be fair, if it only took just hitting that button once, I think it's inevitable that the button would eventually be pressed. Not even from a rat, but literally anything just flopping on the control panel. Whether it was 2 years, 5, 7, or 20; Scott would be freed at some point and it would still only be hours for him and he would go about as he did in the movie. It just so happened to be a rat after 5 years that pressed the button
DANKerTester - 5 dagar sedan
To be honest though, I think it would have been better if someone actually found the van and tried to get it working again, thus freeing Scott.
Russel Aquino
Russel Aquino - 5 dagar sedan
What about rat reproduction and natursl death?
Ani Balabanyan
Ani Balabanyan - 5 dagar sedan
Thanos: snaps half of the world
Rat: if you steal my job you’re dead
Koemi 01
Koemi 01 - 5 dagar sedan
I can’t be the only one who genuinely thought the rat was Loki.
Koemi 01
Koemi 01 - 4 dagar sedan
Тимур М'якшило I was in denial that he died in Infinity War! And since he can change form, I thought maybe he could transform into that rat... Guess I was wrong 😂
Тимур М'якшило
Тимур М'якшило - 5 dagar sedan
Daniel Fisher
Daniel Fisher - 5 dagar sedan
It gets even better when you consider that anything could’ve pressed that button.
I Love Animals
I Love Animals - 6 dagar sedan
Rat: NO! My MOM! SISTERs x8 and BROTHERS x9 ARE GONE! Oh and like half of my other friends and family!

Thanos: MWHAHA!

Rat: Thats it! Im ending this mans career!
Christopher Obando
Christopher Obando - 6 dagar sedan
Ratatouille saved the avengers Lmao
Edward Htoo Htet Aung Law
Edward Htoo Htet Aung Law - 6 dagar sedan
You need to calculate the probability with "replacement". Afterall, a rat never walks his own path is almost impossible (considering its habits etc).