Amazing Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Home ▶3

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FATIMA SIMENIKIN - 18 timmar sedan
Quero saber como fazer esse chuveiro de jardim?
Público Marco Antonio Aculeo antoninus
😠Qué poca madre tener peces en esas condiciones tan culeras
K.K ASAOTI BELOGER - 2 dagar sedan
Very. Nice👌👌👍👍💕
Sharing Experience
Sharing Experience - 2 dagar sedan
يا جماعه برا في حاجه اسمها خامات وادوات وامكانيات ......مصر 👎
Eliel Costa
Eliel Costa - 4 dagar sedan
Só resta_me dizer uma palavra: incrível!
Галя Юркова
Галя Юркова - 4 dagar sedan
Climapod DBA 360Organic - Greenhouse manufacture
Dislike where the womans leg that on image thumbnails 👹
Luis Marmolejo
Luis Marmolejo - 6 dagar sedan
How is make tha flor shower
MShrader211 - 6 dagar sedan
In-ground trampoline pit needs a way to drain, otherwise it will become a smelly mosquito-infested bog underneath that trampoline! Just saying....
Ed Julio
Ed Julio - 7 dagar sedan
Fantástico. Obrigado
محمد البدر
محمد البدر - 8 dagar sedan
But, Fish needs air (oxygen)
Dave Connolly
Dave Connolly - 8 dagar sedan
Cynical Cunts
mmdirtyworkz - 9 dagar sedan
1st clip - imagine the stench after a week or two. B!tch to clean those PVC pipes as opposed to glass aquarium. Some ideas never saw the light of the day as they are stupid and impractical.
MShrader211 - 6 dagar sedan
Fish can and will jump out... I've had Tiger Oscars jump out of my living room tank with heavy glass lid even, 1 made it all the way to my dining room table before I found and rescued it luckily! Had I not been home, could have turned out much worse. :-\
::: - 10 dagar sedan
쟈밌게 잘봤고 전 못하겟네요
Nightmare dreams
Nightmare dreams - 11 dagar sedan
8:26 minecraft pressure plates be like:
Yukanda Forever
Yukanda Forever - 11 dagar sedan
kikochef - 11 dagar sedan
Hola me he suscrito a tu canal. Si te gusta la cocina sana y fácil sencilla visitame te sorprenderá. Seguimos en contacto.
ar nas
ar nas - 12 dagar sedan
aquarium kyak gitu habis ikan lo di mkan kucing
Johny TV
Johny TV - 12 dagar sedan
JKL1 - 14 dagar sedan
This video was more like a bunch of ads with a few minutes of video included.
mmdirtyworkz - 9 dagar sedan
AdBlock ftw. I literally NEVER saw an add on YT. Ever.
Eli Gantz
Eli Gantz - 14 dagar sedan
While I'm not a triggered PETA pussy I still gotta say using animals as decoration in such a bland tube is just a fucking dick move.
Надежда Армашевская
Кот будет очень благодарен за такой аквариум
Quran Kareem
Quran Kareem - 14 dagar sedan
Good work
S4 L. ProWuju
S4 L. ProWuju - 14 dagar sedan
1:07 Direkt Dislike und deabo! Tierquälerei. Fische sind Keine Deko sondern Tiere.
1. Zu wenig Wasser und wassertiefe
2. Hält man keine Fische in einem Plastik behälter.
3. Hält man keine Goldfische und Guppys zusammen (kalt und warmwasser Fische!)
4. Für Guppys zu wenig Platz und Pflanzen.
5. Keine Technik wie Pumpe o.ä.
Worldwide history One canal
Worldwide history One canal - 14 dagar sedan
Ну и как нам сделать этот душ во дворе, что нибудь подобрал,
bogdansss - 15 dagar sedan
Did I just watch a compilation of stolen videos?
Asad Pubg Pro
Asad Pubg Pro - 15 dagar sedan
8:10 Thanks me later
Rybka Lubi Pływać
Rybka Lubi Pływać - 15 dagar sedan
1 filmik z rybkami zaj3bisty ale jak przymocowac tą szybe do tych rur?
Emir Ali Semerci
Emir Ali Semerci - 16 dagar sedan
Socks - 16 dagar sedan
That dolphin floor is so ugly
D. Randall 2.0
D. Randall 2.0 - 17 dagar sedan
Awesomely Creative
Lill Nova
Lill Nova - 18 dagar sedan
Brilliant! - I love the fish tank table, looks awesome has anyone tried it yet?
ABC Woodworking
ABC Woodworking - 19 dagar sedan
Amazing Idea
Scrum Reabar
Scrum Reabar - 19 dagar sedan
Okay, the hottub is pretty sweet! And pretty easy to make.
benjamin lipinski
benjamin lipinski - 19 dagar sedan
Upgrade your home with a sauna with equipment that costs more than your house and all that extra time I just cant figure out what to do with. Awesome!
transtornado - 20 dagar sedan
Qual que é a brisa do cara, colocar os peixes em canos? stop world
look look
look look - 20 dagar sedan
El 5 esta chevere...pero se dan cuenta que la chica sintio el chorro de agua en la chocha y salto como liebre en creo que se atreva a culiar en ese le congela el culo....😂😂😂😂
look look
look look - 20 dagar sedan
El cuarto es una gran hijueputada...todo ese dineto para crear algo tan inoficioso...ademas se le olvido traer la silla de rueda..por que si se cae..minimo se parte el culo en 5 partes....😂😂😂😂
look look
look look - 20 dagar sedan
El tercero esta bien...pero al poner la novia sobre la mesa para culiar bien rico creo que se va raspar las rodillitas....😂😂😂😂
look look
look look - 20 dagar sedan
El segundo video esta claro....para meterse con la novia y pegarse una culiada con bajada al pozo y darle por el culo y ella una buena mamada y hacerla venir 3 veces seguidas...por que pa que el trabajo en madera quedo bien y creo que solo va servir para eso...
look look
look look - 20 dagar sedan
El acuario del primer video.. que cosa tan asquerosa...una gonorrea de invento...que agradezcan que los pescaditos no hablan sino la demanda seria recontrahijueputa...😂😂😂
K M - 20 dagar sedan
@10:30: the floor of the bathroom look nice, but is it really safe for showering or doing anything in the bathroom that is too much slippery and no gripping of our footsteps? safety should be more priority than the look.
azisz - 21 dag sedan
goldfish need 100L water or lake
Up live ciamis
Up live ciamis - 21 dag sedan
dereje asressahegn
dereje asressahegn - 21 dag sedan
quantm i am not ader stand for shawer
dereje asressahegn
dereje asressahegn - 21 dag sedan
i am not aderstad fo the shawer
Jiří Šťastný
Jiří Šťastný - 21 dag sedan
Brent Rivers
Brent Rivers - 21 dag sedan
round trampolines are the most dangerous. kiss your insurance goodbye if they find out
Francesco Lauritano
Francesco Lauritano - 22 dagar sedan
Anyone knows the name of the metal structure used by the girl at minute 5?
Scrum Reabar
Scrum Reabar - 19 dagar sedan
Some kind of entertainment center
TU PAC DELOIN - 23 dagar sedan
陳威州 - 23 dagar sedan
I only see a bunch of expensive tools except the first one.
And the manufacturer's set of equipment
The ProAgent Team - Gaston Coma Raywhite
As a real estate agent I can say with confidence that neither of these will improve the value of your home.
leqitLetriax _
leqitLetriax _ - 15 dagar sedan
The ProAgent Team - Gaston Coma Raywhite It‘s just for clickbait to make money...
Naveed Khan
Naveed Khan - 23 dagar sedan
Amazing video ❕😘👍👌
CL Cary
CL Cary - 24 dagar sedan
About the Trampoline
Great idea for the kid's safety as it helps if they fall away from the net.
Problem is the hole. There was no drainage for it. The pooled water will be a great breeding ground for mosquitoes and who knows what else.
El Guey Chido
El Guey Chido - 26 dagar sedan
Fish are dead in three days due to lack of proper water maintenance.
Pedro Winter
Pedro Winter - 27 dagar sedan
Like and scribe!
Please subcribe
Anonymous creep
Anonymous creep - 29 dagar sedan
These ideas are bad....or, ass. Not badass.
Prince Kumar
Prince Kumar - 29 dagar sedan
Is that kind of aquarium works ????
Анатолий Климов
Вообще то бред, бредом!!!
Chani Iosia-Sipeli
Chani Iosia-Sipeli - Månad sedan
I love making stuff and watching videos of ppl making stuff
pafpaf paflol
pafpaf paflol - Månad sedan
Le chinois a dit de sauter 😄😄
Eduardo Sanchez
Eduardo Sanchez - Månad sedan
Nice...I only need the house🙈😢😢
seltenda - Månad sedan
I always ask myself how does this You Tube Channel generate so many views and likes by showing useless Content!?
marks100000 - Månad sedan
The goldfish table was great, the midnight snack was loved by my cats.
henryk nagorka
henryk nagorka - Månad sedan
una mierda y publicidad que vayan al garajo
Rebel Eazy
Rebel Eazy - Månad sedan
Ummmm. Zero value added to these homes. Zero
PaganWizard - Månad sedan
Kinook is awesome.........but not available in the USA..........and that sucks.
Ricardo Armenta
Ricardo Armenta - Månad sedan
perdi bastante tiempo viendo puras idioteces
Валерий Бурмистров
Потрясающие Идеи Которые Улучшат Ваш Дом?????? что уникального то?? наши давно уже вещи по круче придумали. Зря время потратил, вот только рыбки понравились....
Captain AhabO
Captain AhabO - Månad sedan
All you need is a lot of money, knowledge, skill, free time, big yard, a shit ton of tools, a professional to personally guide you, a shit ton of money, and a whole lot of ambition! It’s that easy folks! This video might as well have just showed us how to gold plate everything in our homes!
Captain AhabO
Captain AhabO - Månad sedan
The third idea is great! All you need is about a half million dollars to buy a shit ton of commercial grade woodworking tools!
Дмитрий Панихин
4.25 банька или что?
Владимир К
Владимир К - Månad sedan
Ванная с подогревом от печки.
steven herrold
steven herrold - Månad sedan
fish tank made of pvc pipe is dumb idea your not required to be
anything to be a youtuber the world is full of stpidutyity
Mattie Fee
Mattie Fee - Månad sedan
This should be called "Amazing Ideas That Are Expensive And Require Really Skilled People To Build!"
Mattie Fee
Mattie Fee - Månad sedan
2:47 Yes, a professional wood working shop would upgrade my home!
Meg Milev
Meg Milev - 4 dagar sedan
Lol right
Dude Guy
Dude Guy - Månad sedan
What, you don't have a table saw, router, planer, and band saw? Me neither.
colton carlson
colton carlson - Månad sedan
9:30 omg wtf did they do to that beautiful tile .... some people think with there assholes
CiroMrl - Månad sedan
Who put dolphins on the floor? Wtf
jair zubillaga
jair zubillaga - Månad sedan
Cosa de hijo de puta mantener a los peces así. Si por lo menos fuera para comer por necesidad, pero no. El ser humano necesita ser dueño de una vida para sentirse realizado, sea un hijo o un animal, cada día siento más asco de nuestra raza.
Ian R
Ian R - Månad sedan
Not so peaceful with the pump noise