Kirstjen Nielsen Gets Deported from the White House | The Daily Show

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Tracy Hughes
Tracy Hughes - 10 timmar sedan
actors in movies are not professionals....they're pretending, dumbass
Wizard Tim
Wizard Tim - 11 dagar sedan
I'm genuinely curious if Trump could mistake his reflection in the water for himself and drown trying to save himself...
Melody Headburn
Melody Headburn - 15 dagar sedan
“Let me in!”
Vance Gilbert
Vance Gilbert - 21 dag sedan
The most pathetic part about this presidency is the fact that Trump is breaking federal laws by demanding his officer's break federal regulations - he is not allowed to make illegal orders to his staff, by law. What is this? His constitutional right to have freedom of speech and let Putin object to the way the laws are written here? Huh, nice. FUck off trump.
Empress Empress
Empress Empress - 21 dag sedan
Wish you were deported filthy communist pigs!😡‼️.
Ryk Son
Ryk Son - 22 dagar sedan
That last segment was point on... Trump is only comfortable looking at people with blonde wigs
Trisha Kashyap
Trisha Kashyap - 24 dagar sedan
Ok I know she’s horrible, I hate that woman, but I fell like she might’ve been pressured by Trump.
Tsianina Vibranietsova
Tsianina Vibranietsova - 25 dagar sedan
At least with that dotard as "president" the world can see America for what it really is. Never been a "melting pot", never will be.
Tommy Brounson
Tommy Brounson - 27 dagar sedan
I am Groot I tried to hold my tongue but after listening to a couple of hours Donald Trump actually speak I realize this guy is a f****** moron and anybody who actually voted for him and heard him speak first what the f*** was you thinking something's wrong with this dude did he play football when he was young was he in a car accident lately did he ride the yellow bus when he was a kid the little one what the f*** is wrong with this dude he was like watching Steve Carell smoking flakka what the hell is going on if you voted for a guy you're f****** racist no doubt about it just kill yourself I am Groot
Kasey David LeBoeuf
Kasey David LeBoeuf - Månad sedan
You're fired. It means killing yourself.
Kasey David LeBoeuf
Kasey David LeBoeuf - Månad sedan
And lied too
Kasey David LeBoeuf
Kasey David LeBoeuf - Månad sedan
That she's disgusting
Kasey David LeBoeuf
Kasey David LeBoeuf - Månad sedan
Kasey David LeBoeuf
Kasey David LeBoeuf - Månad sedan
Kasey David LeBoeuf
Kasey David LeBoeuf - Månad sedan
Kasey David LeBoeuf
Kasey David LeBoeuf - Månad sedan
Killing yourself
Kasey David LeBoeuf
Kasey David LeBoeuf - Månad sedan
Shut up
Kasey David LeBoeuf
Kasey David LeBoeuf - Månad sedan
Insult to injury2
Kasey David LeBoeuf
Kasey David LeBoeuf - Månad sedan
Pal Shah
Pal Shah - Månad sedan
Kids are not kept in cages
Pal Shah
Pal Shah - Månad sedan
Border security is not important thing for you?!!
Jacob Reedy
Jacob Reedy - Månad sedan
I don’t understand Nielsen was reinforcing the law which is what she was hired to do! If migrants went through the ports of entry there would be no separation of child and parent🤬
Also, 10,000 out of the 12,000 children were accompanied by strangers and traffickers. That’s why they were separated! Left cares more about feelings and lying propaganda than facts.They were saving children lives from rape and human smuggling.
And Trevor, your a freaking idiot and have no facts to back yourself up. You’re not even funny!
Ryan Japan
Ryan Japan - Månad sedan
2:30 you know when cats turn their back to you it’s a sign they trust you
Surtu - Månad sedan
Isn't it illegal to tell someone else to perform a crime?
Alex - 2 månader sedan
Lol, She got kicked, because she was too soft.

Word is, Trump is trying to get a hold of Satan for the job, problem is, seems like Satan is not picking up the phone, some might suggested that he is trying to avoid Trump
Walt Schmidt
Walt Schmidt - 2 månader sedan
Deported? Tabloid gossip for tards here.
Saigon68 Foxtrot
Saigon68 Foxtrot - 2 månader sedan
The Nazi Scandinavian is now on footing with those Nazi women who took those little boys and girls into the gas chambers. She and Trump will always be equated with the Holocaust. She offered her soul and body to a madmen and now she will have to pay the price.
cjdorne - 2 månader sedan
If you want to see evil, if you want to see a demon, if you want to see the Devil in human form look at Trump.
Robinsinpost - 2 månader sedan
"Here comes broken condom".
And then I saw the picture.
Ungali - 2 månader sedan
Franz Grueter
Franz Grueter - 2 månader sedan
Rachel Samson
Rachel Samson - 2 månader sedan
If you don't want to be separated from your family & stuck in a cage...DON'T DO ILLEGAL shit!
eighty elle
eighty elle - 2 månader sedan
Gumbo ThunderEagle
Gumbo ThunderEagle - 2 månader sedan
Randy & kris provided logistics for trumps assassination attempts is what’s floating around..... reportedly....
razorpat1 - 2 månader sedan
They are buuuuwing you, you stupid SA
Ann Rand
Ann Rand - 2 månader sedan
It's not illegall for the President to block all immigration legal or otherwise..the Constitution gives him that power.
Ann Rand
Ann Rand - 2 månader sedan
She was to soft just like your soft faggy ass
Lolo Holmes
Lolo Holmes - 2 månader sedan
Trevor I get that you're South African but the Family Separation Act STARTED UNDER OBAMA!! Yes the Mocha Messiah who tosses salad started taking kids from their "families" & keeping them in cages, NOT TRUMP.
Jerica Self
Jerica Self - 2 månader sedan
Really sick and sad when the President is rambling in nonsense about which of his generals could be casted into Hollywood rather than taking national/international issues seriously.
Sepehr Daghbandan
Sepehr Daghbandan - 2 månader sedan
What is wrong with him?? Central casting??
Randy Alvarado
Randy Alvarado - 2 månader sedan
Adolf wanted a certain look.
Crypto Knight
Crypto Knight - 2 månader sedan
Sad... I accidentally watched this. Do people really think this guy is funny? All his material is so far from reality, and horribly ignorant. I thought people were waking up, apparently the media is still taking orders from Hillary....
eighty elle
eighty elle - 2 månader sedan
How do you do anything "accidentally" for 7+ minutes? Cheers
Crypto Knight
Crypto Knight - 2 månader sedan
P.S. Kids being locked up was Obama's policy dumb arse! Trump changed it....
Angelina Desir
Angelina Desir - 2 månader sedan
Orangutan on the lose😭
Ohioan - 3 månader sedan
Trevor does silly voices and jokes. Cat butt. Yeah ok. I like political news reviews from @daviddoel , The Rational National on yt. 1000x more informative.
skye fire
skye fire - 3 månader sedan
I wonder how Sarah Huckabee Sanders will react if Trump cuts her loose. Will she then say Trump is an ASSHOLE and a CROOK.
ShadowFoxSF - 3 månader sedan
Is there some way we can convince Trump to fire all of his secret service at the same time... then just watch what happens when he is out of the country without them?
BIG Stick
BIG Stick - 3 månader sedan
A show only basement dwelling gamers will watch.. Hope you see what you haven't been told...
Bye, Bye Mainstream!! The worm is about to turn!!
Mitchell Sanders
Mitchell Sanders - 27 dagar sedan
Hehe. You're dumb.
Benjamin Orchard
Benjamin Orchard - 3 månader sedan
President Donald Trump, speaking at a White House conference to promote the program, said governors in all 50 states and U.S. territories had designated 8,700 neighborhoods as Opportunity Zones, making these economically depressed areas eligible to be used for the federal tax incentives.

The program was included in the $1.5 trillion tax cut legislation that Trump pushed through Congress in 2017.

The new Opportunity Zones were set up to enable private investors to re-invest profits into designated areas. The investor can get a tax benefit by deferring their capital gains taxes invested in the zones until 2026. They also get a discount of up to 15% on the capital gains profits invested in the zones and pay no capital gains taxes on investments in the zones held for at least 10 years. What a GREAT President!
Crow Aquino
Crow Aquino - 3 månader sedan
Honestly i feel bad for neilson. If you watch interviews congress gave her, you can see in her micro reactions heavily point to guilt, at one point she looks like she might cry. I could be wrong, but Her specialty before working for trump was cyber security. I kinda feel like she got roped into it, but she played along with it. Play in trouble, lay in trouble, sorry lady.
Diana Italy
Diana Italy - 3 månader sedan
Yo that last meme reference was fire! Hahah "LET ME IIIIIIIIIN!"
Mysterzia S
Mysterzia S - 3 månader sedan
Trevor is so funny