Kirstjen Nielsen Gets Deported from the White House | The Daily Show

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Aleyna Sorensen
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Franz Grueter
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Rachel Samson
Rachel Samson - 3 dagar sedan
If you don't want to be separated from your family & stuck in a cage...DON'T DO ILLEGAL shit!
Michael Ogden
Michael Ogden - 4 dagar sedan
Randy & kris provided logistics for trumps assassination attempts is what’s floating around..... reportedly....
razorpat1 - 4 dagar sedan
They are buuuuwing you, you stupid SA
Ann Rand
Ann Rand - 4 dagar sedan
It's not illegall for the President to block all immigration legal or otherwise..the Constitution gives him that power.
Ann Rand
Ann Rand - 4 dagar sedan
She was to soft just like your soft faggy ass
Lolo Holmes
Lolo Holmes - 5 dagar sedan
Trevor I get that you're South African but the Family Separation Act STARTED UNDER OBAMA!! Yes the Mocha Messiah who tosses salad started taking kids from their "families" & keeping them in cages, NOT TRUMP.
Jerica Self
Jerica Self - 6 dagar sedan
Really sick and sad when the President is rambling in nonsense about which of his generals could be casted into Hollywood rather than taking national/international issues seriously.
Sepehr Daghbandan
Sepehr Daghbandan - 6 dagar sedan
What is wrong with him?? Central casting??
Randy Alvarado
Randy Alvarado - 6 dagar sedan
Adolf wanted a certain look.
Crypto Knight
Crypto Knight - 6 dagar sedan
Sad... I accidentally watched this. Do people really think this guy is funny? All his material is so far from reality, and horribly ignorant. I thought people were waking up, apparently the media is still taking orders from Hillary....
Crypto Knight
Crypto Knight - 6 dagar sedan
P.S. Kids being locked up was Obama's policy dumb arse! Trump changed it....
Angelina Desir
Angelina Desir - 6 dagar sedan
Orangutan on the lose😭
Ohioan - 7 dagar sedan
Trevor does silly voices and jokes. Cat butt. Yeah ok. I like political news reviews from @daviddoel , The Rational National on yt. 1000x more informative.
skye fire
skye fire - 7 dagar sedan
I wonder how Sarah Huckabee Sanders will react if Trump cuts her loose. Will she then say Trump is an ASSHOLE and a CROOK.
ShadowFoxSF - 7 dagar sedan
Is there some way we can convince Trump to fire all of his secret service at the same time... then just watch what happens when he is out of the country without them?
BIG Stick
BIG Stick - 7 dagar sedan
A show only basement dwelling gamers will watch.. Hope you see what you haven't been told...
Bye, Bye Mainstream!! The worm is about to turn!!
Benjamin Orchard
Benjamin Orchard - 7 dagar sedan
President Donald Trump, speaking at a White House conference to promote the program, said governors in all 50 states and U.S. territories had designated 8,700 neighborhoods as Opportunity Zones, making these economically depressed areas eligible to be used for the federal tax incentives.

The program was included in the $1.5 trillion tax cut legislation that Trump pushed through Congress in 2017.

The new Opportunity Zones were set up to enable private investors to re-invest profits into designated areas. The investor can get a tax benefit by deferring their capital gains taxes invested in the zones until 2026. They also get a discount of up to 15% on the capital gains profits invested in the zones and pay no capital gains taxes on investments in the zones held for at least 10 years. What a GREAT President!
Crow Aquino
Crow Aquino - 7 dagar sedan
Honestly i feel bad for neilson. If you watch interviews congress gave her, you can see in her micro reactions heavily point to guilt, at one point she looks like she might cry. I could be wrong, but Her specialty before working for trump was cyber security. I kinda feel like she got roped into it, but she played along with it. Play in trouble, lay in trouble, sorry lady.
Diana Italy
Diana Italy - 7 dagar sedan
Yo that last meme reference was fire! Hahah "LET ME IIIIIIIIIN!"
Mysterzia S
Mysterzia S - 8 dagar sedan
Trevor is so funny
Trevor Clark
Trevor Clark - 9 dagar sedan
When did comedy shows become political, cant we take a fking break from this sh!t for an hour.
Elita Ali
Elita Ali - 9 dagar sedan
"Its me! Let me in!" 😂😂😂
Dom Brunelli
Dom Brunelli - 9 dagar sedan
From an old Paul Simon song:  " The Statue of Liberty sailing  away  to sea..."
Brix Ferera
Brix Ferera - 9 dagar sedan
wont be surprised if the replacement conducts lynching and public executions at the border just to please this demented pervert TRUMP
Ronald Harback
Ronald Harback - 9 dagar sedan
What? Is he beating off the zoo again?
Benjamin Sandoval
Benjamin Sandoval - 9 dagar sedan
Trump There Are White Supremacist Who Have Tattoos On Their Face Get Them Out Of The Country .
Daivd Rothchild
Daivd Rothchild - 10 dagar sedan
This is no laughing matter decent human beings that are being tortured and treated like animals enough seen enough with this fucking shower head of a resident somebody needs to do something about this fucking idiot Sony a matter of time before somebody squares off
Pom Kittipat
Pom Kittipat - 10 dagar sedan
F... Even people in White House .
Foxy-CAM TV - 10 dagar sedan
Whoa dude..he is playing a president like he's in a movie.That explains a lot.
B. Stone
B. Stone - 10 dagar sedan
Was it as Mitt Romney suggested, and she...self-deported?
Dee Scott
Dee Scott - 10 dagar sedan
Throw a Tumble weed on top of your head🤣
Marv VanAlstine
Marv VanAlstine - 10 dagar sedan
His voice is melting my mind [trump]
Joel Wateres-muddy
Joel Wateres-muddy - 10 dagar sedan
Is it possible to avoid using video clips of Trump or possibly change his hateful voice to Elmer Fudd, a valley girl, Mickey Mouse your choice.
I find seeing and hearing his hateful voice revolting and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only American suffering from his malignant normality form of reality
justin zhu
justin zhu - 11 dagar sedan
90% of people coming across the border are NOT refugees, they are economic migrants. They need to wait in line like everyone else that lives in a poor country. My family and I did it, so they need to do it as well. This is ONLY Fair.
Handsome MAGA Fucktard
Handsome MAGA Fucktard - 11 dagar sedan
We need to stock the Rio Grande with alligators/crocodiles. How awesome would that be?
Joseph M
Joseph M - 11 dagar sedan
Another suck up out of the swamp
Larry Stevens
Larry Stevens - 11 dagar sedan
Regarding immigration, DC Fats acts like the country is one of his grossly overrated kitschy resorts and he's the bloated overfed owner and proprietor standing behind the front desk turning people away, with that squinty eyed petulant smirk on his face, while waving his widdle index fingers.
It's only a matter of time before the Treasonous Bloviating Bag of Ass Wind signs an Executive Order re-naming the country as "The United States of Amar-a-Largo." He'll of course affix it with with his yuge signature that looks like something scrawled by an attention seeking hyperactive five year old Drama Queen who stole a black magic marker from the teacher's desk.
Then he'll hit the road so he can brag about it at a Hillbilly Nuremberg rally - working up the crowd of CroMAGAtards and genetically compromised bullies, stooges, yahoos and fools with one of his rambling diatribes comprised of the usual number of baseless insults and accusations, incoherent gibberish and narcissistic preening - all delivered through his puckered gob that looks like the mouth of a poison spitting homunculus (Look up the YouTube video for a "poison spitting homunculus" if you don't believe me).
"Orinj" is the New Horrible. Resist the idiokeptocracy.
marblegrimes 1962
marblegrimes 1962 - 11 dagar sedan
We might have to believe Trump, because if there is one thing he knows about is scams, his university, his charity, etc.etc,etc.
Barbara Pisarski
Barbara Pisarski - 11 dagar sedan
Grab a tumbleweed! love it! lol
enrique iglesias heartbeat
enrique iglesias heartbeat - 11 dagar sedan
Genius idea....!!!!
"it's MEEEEEEEE...!! Let MEEE IN...!!"
JayOh AcheEn
JayOh AcheEn - 11 dagar sedan
You know what would be a good joke I just thought of? What if Mexico build a wall!!!!!??????
On Location Kats 2 Reviews and Fan Films (weirdkitty07)
Immigrants dressed as trump would blow his mind. Ha haa! Central casting. What?
bimguff - 12 dagar sedan
Jesus H Christ trump is a goddamn psycho.
Daniel Walters
Daniel Walters - 12 dagar sedan
2020's"lock her up"... to the Hague... to the Hague
RIchard Davidson
RIchard Davidson - 12 dagar sedan
Trump the toilet cleaner
P4OUR - 12 dagar sedan
People that look like they should be fighting in UFC does not mean they are bad? UFC fighters can't stop bullets either. THIS IS WHY HE DOESN'T BELIEVE THEM? Believing them isn't a reason anyway! Like his judgment is right? Let us go through how many people have been through his office! JUDGEMENT IS NOT HIS DEFINING CHARACTERISTIC, EITHER!
Camren Mugabe
Camren Mugabe - 12 dagar sedan
2:20 So Kristen Nielsen was not enough of a racist bitch to be considered worthy of being a part of the Trump administration? I thought being cruel even casually cruel was good enough to join the Trump administration. 😒🤔🤔
Camren Mugabe
Camren Mugabe - 12 dagar sedan
1:22 Damn Trevor you savage! 🤣🤣
Mike Wazoskiii
Mike Wazoskiii - 12 dagar sedan
Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn
K C - 12 dagar sedan
There is a God... thank you....
Elizabeth Williamson
Elizabeth Williamson - 12 dagar sedan
Lemmon where did you get your journalistic license. You're gone to far now. Won't watch, bye
Gordon Anderson
Gordon Anderson - 12 dagar sedan
Nothing anyone in the USA would be more important to stopping the refugees and illegals coming to the border,
than to help all these countries stop the drug gangs and their massive killings; what the USA/CIA "Deaths Squads" taught them to do.
We could take over half Drug lords biz, and profits, away in 1 day, with National Legalization of Cannabis.
ForeverMe543 - 12 dagar sedan
What evil people, truly evil.
Tripod Threefoot
Tripod Threefoot - 12 dagar sedan
Anyone remember Adolf Hitler? He wanted only people who looked like him also, well not exactly like him, it would have been stupid if everyone carry that silly moustache. But you get the idea!
L L - 12 dagar sedan
Can't Stand this man!!! UGH!
negra lopez
negra lopez - 12 dagar sedan
What an asshole. Dump is in a category all by himself. I ran out of words it’s been a extremely long almost 4 yrs
chibangin007 - 12 dagar sedan
I want trump dead on live tv!
Vicki Ross Tudor
Vicki Ross Tudor - 12 dagar sedan
Vile woman be gone!
Liang Jiang
Liang Jiang - 12 dagar sedan
Trump promised to get hard on immigration when he was running for the presidency, and he got elected, no matter how you hate him, he was elected, and he is keeping his word, citizens of the US are responsible for this.
Sierra Louder
Sierra Louder - 12 dagar sedan
I live in Tampa Florida why the fuck did I see a boarder patrol officer today? I’m starting to get scared of internment cities popping up. “Sanctuary”
Vanessa - 13 dagar sedan
central casting as the villain
Hallands Menved
Hallands Menved - 13 dagar sedan
Vitriolic lies are spewing out of this disgusting, twisted dimbulb. What a sad spectacle...
Hallands Menved
Hallands Menved - 13 dagar sedan
All involved with the treasonous cabale to fraudulently remove a duly elected president needs to be not just fired, but prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. How else would the swamp be drained?
Such subversion must never be repeated. The countermeasures should therefo be prohibitive. But I guess I'm in the twilight zone of eternal denial? Brennan, Clapper, Obama, Lynch, Strzock, Lisa Page, Comey aso didn't do nothing illegal, right?
Ad Affa
Ad Affa - 13 dagar sedan
She was a witch who jailed kids.
Jaime Emerson
Jaime Emerson - 13 dagar sedan
I hope she writes a book.
MrRuss10000 - 13 dagar sedan
A thankless tough Job .. Put in someone like me .. Shut down the dam mIleage B.S
mw izzie
mw izzie - 13 dagar sedan
I learn a lot from your channel. Don't watch tv lol
mw izzie
mw izzie - 13 dagar sedan
So sad guys.
John Green
John Green - 13 dagar sedan
Look another dumb brutha.
blueberries rasberries
blueberries rasberries - 13 dagar sedan
Since so many Republicans have evil hearts I no longer hate Trump being the president. Trump is tearing American good image to pieces. If Putin can be happy, so can we, outside US just enjoy the show.
Dorinda George
Dorinda George - 13 dagar sedan
It is not the policy of this country that we let people get to come here an take advantage of our system because the Obama’s opened the floodgates for people to just shove their kid across the border and lay down and or crawl across the border to acclaim asylum. Crazy! I agree with Trump.....these certain people are some of them VERY DANGEROUS!!! We don’t and should not let them in without proper investigations being done!! No one should’ve allowed anyone through without that. God only knows what kind of people we have here because the floodgates were opened. And I would love to know since that’s happened how much per year since then has been spend compared to before these people came here! Our country can’t carry all these people on our backs! Americans are not happy about this!! Period! Make -
Kate - 13 dagar sedan
He is fucking evil
OhPlease a
OhPlease a - 13 dagar sedan
i love the way private dump is so focused on looks. So ..... everyone is going to be orange next election .. hail king orange dump.
Maxence R
Maxence R - 13 dagar sedan
Central Casting... Yeah, in Idiocracy maybe!
mike carson
mike carson - 13 dagar sedan
her legacy will be putting Mexican children in cages and then looking stupid eating at a Mexican restaurant.
Calvin C
Calvin C - 13 dagar sedan
Who ever wrote that cat anus joke should be fired...
Aaron Cartlidge
Aaron Cartlidge - 13 dagar sedan
Trump's obsession with Central Casting explains all the 'acting' positions in the White House.
Ben M
Ben M - 13 dagar sedan
Steven Miller's hand is so far up trump, and trump is liking it very very much
John Humphrys
John Humphrys - 13 dagar sedan
They already reached mexico that is there asylum country.mexico is there new homeland now they can wave there mexico flag.
Debra Williams
Debra Williams - 13 dagar sedan
Debra Williams
Debra Williams - 13 dagar sedan
Debra Williams
Debra Williams - 13 dagar sedan
Debra Williams
Debra Williams - 13 dagar sedan
Amosa Farani
Amosa Farani - 13 dagar sedan
Baby shatk
IxDxGxAxFxWxYxS - 13 dagar sedan
Trump ruin Kirestjen So sad very sad. but she knew what she was getting her self into. Everyone that jumps in with trump. will face some sort shame or ruins. The followers are just as evil "stating" Whos Jesus and God. Trump is our God.. Some say to go to the border and start shooting mexican at their kneecaps. To be dirty just like they did the blacks..Im disgusted how America is turning out to be. Breaks my heart
IxDxGxAxFxWxYxS - 13 dagar sedan
Trump ruin Kirestjen So sad very sad. but she knew what she was getting her self into. Everyone that jumps in with trump. will face some sort shame or ruins. The followers are just as evil "stating" Whos Jesus and God. Trump is our God.. Some say to go to the border and start shooting mexican at their kneecaps. To be dirty just like they did the blacks..Im disgusted how America is turning out to be. Breaks my heart
Rasheed Al-Nimr Al-Adab Siz Al-Muqrif
Why don't you do more comedy about South Africa? Tell us about the names that include exclamation marks!😂😂😂
Stephanie S
Stephanie S - 13 dagar sedan
What is central casting? Im guess its a show biz thing? Is it a club? An agency?
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto - 13 dagar sedan
Trump is a scam attacking Humanity in his untreated paranoia
grigoriisi1 - 13 dagar sedan
They must have some knew writers or something, this clips are getting funnier lately.
Akym Rinkovsky
Akym Rinkovsky - 13 dagar sedan
Hello Trevor ~ Trump a tough guy lol. Oh please he is such a pussy. Want evidence okay, he is known for screening you've fired on his TV show. Right, so let's examine that shall we. First we got Rex Tillerson, who found out he was fired from someone else. General Mattis aka Mad Dog who found out while he was overseas cause trump would have balls to fire him face to face. Of course we got James Comey the same thing. Not face to face. And did you know that Reince Priebus was taken on a car ride in DC, told he along with 3 others. That they going out to eat, so they pull over and Reince gets out of the car and the three take off. Leave him standing there alone. That's how he got fired ~ Now if those examples are not the definition of pussy man what IS? LOL I'm just saying you know 😅 I call them as they are "TAUTOLOGY" Dump trump
Warren Muller
Warren Muller - 13 dagar sedan
When they are coming to get you in a horror movie 6:48
Krys Williams
Krys Williams - 13 dagar sedan
I'm still a bit focused on the fact Trump bullied the man whose job was to protect him. Does he think himself untouchable?
Clarissa O'Neill
Clarissa O'Neill - 14 dagar sedan
this one was ACID
Arthur Toppan
Arthur Toppan - 14 dagar sedan
Trump is a Russian asset. He should be lynched for being a traitor of the american people!
TraviTrail - 14 dagar sedan
Trevor Noah is a fucking joke...he's so fucking jealous of the whites because he will never be
Patricia Hyland
Patricia Hyland - 14 dagar sedan
Daffy Duck
Daffy Duck - 14 dagar sedan
Easy when other's write your joke's and you can't come up with your own material!ps go back to south Africa please!