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Batwoman | First Look Trailer | The CW
Varaktighet: 3:06


UB productions
UB productions - 11 timmar sedan
Ah yes it’s bat girl
Manspreading man
Misgender man
Man man
Basically any man
Adam Whitelock
Adam Whitelock - 13 timmar sedan
Why would they pick one of the worst actresses in the world to play the main role?
RightReverend BubbaBullfrog
RightReverend BubbaBullfrog - 12 timmar sedan
she's a darling of the reality TV industry (and NOT an actress). 2nd rate ex-model, 3rd rate Aussie v-jay for Australian MTV. NON-actresses are cheaper to hire than real [lesbian] actresses. There's more to my answer, but I'm sure you catch my drift. Just like I'm sure Mr. B - head boss of this show - enjoys reality tv crap while relaxing at home more than he enjoys anything theatrically 'worthwhile'.
The Filthy Casual
The Filthy Casual - 15 timmar sedan
I don't get it, why is this getting so much hate?
RightReverend BubbaBullfrog
RightReverend BubbaBullfrog - 14 timmar sedan
@The Filthy Casual But you won't bother to look into it, will you? That requires *work*. Like the work Sarah Waters put into her novels and the work that the creative team put into the 2006 Batwoman comics. You don't get to abuse semantics to justify your personal LACK of work ethic. And you will never have the opportunity to misrepresent the previous sentence as an 'attack', considering the amount of work-ethic which is required for *every* decent episode of *every* barely-passable TV show.
RightReverend BubbaBullfrog
RightReverend BubbaBullfrog - 14 timmar sedan
@The Filthy Casual That would be a fair reply except for the fact that this trailer (and all trailers 'representing what the show is 'about) is - in effect - reprimanding gender-based 'problems'. Furthermore, the show is an adaptation of a comicbook series which was never a 'simple-response'. On top of that, challenging the contextual essence of your question does NOT qualify as 'attacking', nor shall it ever *will*. And you KNOW that. Beyond that, you said "it was the first time seeing the trailer and it didn't look too bad at first glance." Well, if you want to question why the trailers for the show are receiving so many salty replies, it behooves you to look into the history of the character and the people listed in the imdb whom are responsible for bringing this travesty of the character extant since 2006 to the 'small screen'.
The Filthy Casual
The Filthy Casual - 14 timmar sedan
@RightReverend BubbaBullfrog I only asked why it got so much hate, didn't ask or deserve to be reprimanded. You could have given me a simple response rather than attack me. I asked because it was the first time seeing the trailer and it didn't look too bad at first glance.
RightReverend BubbaBullfrog
RightReverend BubbaBullfrog - 14 timmar sedan
1: critique is not 'hate', despite what the Slate/Huffpo/Buzzfeed/VICE like to present, which is ironic, since all sites like them have been critiquing Chappelle's latest netflix show. 2: This show is touting itself as a lesbian show and a feminist show. And using that 'touting' as a barricade against a lack of scripting/cinematic quality, which is again ironic, since so many feminist/lesbian pop-culture shows are REPLETE* with quality in those areas, such as Jessica Jones, Agent Carter, etc. 3: Lesbian shows deserve the best actresses and directors and screenwriters; the main people behind *this* show are alumni** of the Vampire Diaries, and lesbians/feminists deserve BETTER. *If you don't know what this word means without using an app to look it up, you have no right to ask the question you asked, considering Lesbian Authors such as Sarah Waters. **If you don't know what 'alumni' means without looking it up, you should not be publicly typing anything at ALL.
Justinio2 - 15 timmar sedan
“I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work”, says the woman that broke into Bruce Wayne’s Bat-cave that he spent time, money, and dedication on to steal his billion dollar equipment and play “Batman”, oh, I’m sorry, “BatWOMAN.” Get your OWN life girl. She not only couldn’t come up with her own gig, but takes another’s hard work and then the writers push even more unwanted SJW agenda to trigger a mini-war that’s slowly separating us instead of uniting us? What a load of garbage Hollywood has become... This is a joke, right? Why all the propaganda? They want us to hate each other...? Why? ✌️❤️🤝
Gobblers Nob
Gobblers Nob - 16 timmar sedan
Ooh! Because there's a Superman there has to be a Superwoman. Because there's a Batman there has to be a Batwoman. I can't find the word's to describe how stupid this is.
The Hero Shade
The Hero Shade - 18 timmar sedan
Bat woman actress should have been replaced with the angry GameStop customer and rename the show BatMA’AM.
FTLAUD 911 - 18 timmar sedan
Wow!!! This is horrible. The best part was that it ended finally. Good luck. CW should bring on the new 007 as a guest character...LOL
Jorge Delucas
Jorge Delucas - 18 timmar sedan
I would rather watch paint dry than watch this trash
Elyon Kunda
Elyon Kunda - 18 timmar sedan
Who came up with this crap?
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith - 19 timmar sedan
#Save the show swamp thing!
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith - 19 timmar sedan
Omg cancel this, swamp thing deserves to be a show not this. I am not investing money in buying batwoman episodes on my Xbox .
413dan - 19 timmar sedan
Waiting for black widower to empower men
Kent Keller
Kent Keller - 20 timmar sedan
So woke.
White Candle
White Candle - 20 timmar sedan
Criticize away, SJWhiners, it doesn't change one second of this terribly acted, terribly scripted, terrible terribleness that is the Batwoman Trailer.
Check any of the 50,000+ carefully worded critiques of this Trailer that are spot on. You are, as they say, trying to defend the indefensible.
Pokémon Trainer Max -NintendoPlushWorld-
No DC don’t stoop to the level of marvel
War Zone
War Zone - 23 timmar sedan
BULLSHIT series. I'm not gonna watch this
War Zone
War Zone - 23 timmar sedan
Dislikes are higher than likes :p
Kermit Muppet
Kermit Muppet - 23 timmar sedan
*😂you guys don't even realize what really going on*
*on this earth aka earth 1 Bruce Wayne lets just say "missing" ok not really but that what im assuming the red death is Bruce Wayne fused with barry on a another earth also "kate" just want to sound tough so im assuming there well be a episode of batwoman vs red death i know it sounds stupid what you expect 😂
Henry Adams
Henry Adams - 23 timmar sedan
Lol are nerds so butthurt about women superheroes because of their own personal rejection?? Please tell
RightReverend BubbaBullfrog
RightReverend BubbaBullfrog - 15 timmar sedan
Are you a teenager trying to get an internship at the Slate or Huffpo or Buzzfeed or VIce? *Why* are you disregarding the hundreds of comments by women (including queer women) which only reference the lousy choreography/dialogue/etc., things which have *nothing* to do with gender? Do you think you'll score instagram points by going after the low-hanging-fruit, while only offering low-hanging-fruit of your own, cerebrally-speaking? Do you think if you don't reply to real questions over real problems with the TV show ANYONE will consider your comment above to be... 'real'?
Nina W
Nina W - 23 timmar sedan
i cant wait to watch 😄
Venom - 23 timmar sedan
So now not only marvel is sjw garbage, but dc also... rip american comics, time to switch to manga/anime
Starhunter - Dag sedan
*Look at all those hate comments.* 🤣
Carl Mannerheim
Carl Mannerheim - Dag sedan
Batdyke at the barber: Just gimme the "I find everything problematic" look
Barber: Say no more I gotchu
Carl Mannerheim
Carl Mannerheim - Dag sedan
This is a parody right? No1 could make something this bad and cringe on purpose lmfao
Savant - Dag sedan
Alfred: “Master Bruce, do you remember your Cousin Kate, she’s coming back to Gotham!”

Bruce: “Ight Imma Head Out“
ReysExtremeCinema - Dag sedan
I can not wait to not see this!
Vincent Chavez
Vincent Chavez - Dag sedan
It would've worked way much better if they chose a black woman (a straight woman, that is) as Batwoman. But no, they chose a lesbian who looks like Justin Beaver instead.
Mondo patrick657
Mondo patrick657 - Dag sedan
this SUCKS
Then again I’m just a casual fan
Manuel Avila
Manuel Avila - Dag sedan
unbearable garbage
Kamil Ene
Kamil Ene - Dag sedan
Gdzie tenczowa pelerynka ??
Patrickc9330 - Dag sedan
Looks terrible. Why does she that irritating way?
Vinyl Blair
Vinyl Blair - Dag sedan
Batwhaman -"Your bass is ma cousin"
Them - "Yass queen"
Vivek Govekar
Vivek Govekar - Dag sedan
@rubyrose I see. Cool.
Juicy Smellit
Juicy Smellit - Dag sedan
Lot of korean 🇸hill🇸 🇸🇺🇨king CW 🇨o🇨k today.
A B - Dag sedan
sergio carreon
sergio carreon - Dag sedan
What is she doing out of kitchen ??😹
Icecream Killer
Icecream Killer - Dag sedan
losers all over world are here ㅉㅉ 병신새끼들
Icecream Killer
Icecream Killer - 16 timmar sedan
Juicy Smellit 너 루저잖아 ㅇㅅㅇ 루저야~~
Juicy Smellit
Juicy Smellit - Dag sedan
Nah, the losers are in korea.
Konki - Dag sedan
"The batmobil is perfect"
"It will be, when it has a parking assistant"
외긇애 - Dag sedan
There are four hundred and thirty thousand reasons to watch this show.
크리수마스 - Dag sedan
You're right.
l l
l l - Dag sedan
와 개꿀잼 예상~😍🥰🥰😍
oilgudasai - Dag sedan
싫어요 횟수 = 그만큼 이 영상이 옳다 ^^
Тимур М'якшило
"this series is literal perfection"
"It will be. When it gets cancelled."
GravityBoy72 - Dag sedan
Men are bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad.
I get the message.
What a load of bollocks.
what i want
what i want - Dag sedan
She is Awesome Handsome Remarkable Hero I can’t wait to see
Тимур М'якшило
Doktor Magnus
Doktor Magnus - Dag sedan
Cringey and horrendous
Identity Withheld
Identity Withheld - Dag sedan
All they need to do is give her mask the white eyes or I ain't watching!
chinggis83 - Dag sedan
At least they haven't disabled ratings and comments yet.
Syasya Ames
Syasya Ames - Dag sedan
Maybe it'll be alright... People hated on Titans when they first started...
Aman Smith-martin
Aman Smith-martin - Dag sedan
ME: This is gonna be a great comedy!
MY friend: This isn't a comedy. It's supposed to be serious.
ME: Well what do you expect from the CW?
Carter Wilcox
Carter Wilcox - Dag sedan
*CW launches pilot*
Everyone: *Never even thinks about watching it*
*CW retracts everything ever released to avoid bankruptcy*

Seriously though the amount of times I rolled my eyes back farther than ever before will always beat the amount of views this show will ever get xD
TonCZ - Dag sedan
I would rather watch the film Cats
Gjokaj - Dag sedan
SJW's are ruining every show, movie, n video games with this political stuff smh
lowrthnu92 - Dag sedan
So, is that a woman or Nah ?
Derpzila - Dag sedan
Bahahahahah 🤣 who is this aimed at??? 🤣🤣🤣
The AdamWarlock KCM
The AdamWarlock KCM - Dag sedan
a show written by masochists presents: Lesbian Bat Cosplay
Its Just For Me
Its Just For Me - Dag sedan
This would be cool if it wasn't talking about feminist stuff and how the suit would be perfection when it fits a woman and how it's pushing the sexuality of the character... Please don't let them mention this every 5 minutes
John Helis
John Helis - Dag sedan
I feel like this could actually be good if it wasn’t so crazy feminist
sahil rajpoot
sahil rajpoot - Dag sedan
I dont know why all wiimen... Superheros are lesbians 🤣🤣🤣ooh crap....
Henry Mmene
Henry Mmene - Dag sedan
When you want to have a good laugh always read comments on a batwoman trailer.
Ege Akçay
Ege Akçay - Dag sedan
The suit looks so weird