NEW Mystery Riddles and Illusions to Test Your Brain

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Jay from the Kubz Scouts hacked the mainframe and is on a roll today. I (Gloom) am trying to keep up and solve these riddles with him.
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boguslawa malecka
boguslawa malecka - Dag sedan
I love these rideles
Mayfly Rose
Mayfly Rose - 2 dagar sedan
Actually I've read somewhere that if you find yourself buried alive you can actually try and break free by wiggling yourself in a position such as your back is against one side of the coffin and your feet and knees are against the other and then push. This will work only if the dirt hasn't set yet though, because breaking the side of the coffin (if the dirt hasn't set) would be easier than trying to break the lid of the coffin. Still I'd be screaming though if I can hear some noises above like voices and stuff. But yeah, definitely won't do Morse code.
Brian Duncan
Brian Duncan - 2 dagar sedan
Only one is true
Charlie Jenner
Charlie Jenner - 3 dagar sedan
RIP Lena
R00deyRoh - 3 dagar sedan
R00deyRoh - 3 dagar sedan
his wife is the red dress
GwenThingys - 3 dagar sedan
The bow of riddle 1 is the bow of the other bun.... That bow was missing. And he had the missing bow
Shivani Ramesh
Shivani Ramesh - 3 dagar sedan
1:23 No the bow fell off the girls head and somehow got stuck to her father
Aiza Gonzalez
Aiza Gonzalez - 4 dagar sedan
Varinice Pop
Varinice Pop - 4 dagar sedan
1.00 The other buns doesnt have a bow.. the bow stuck to the dad
Varinice Pop
Varinice Pop - 4 dagar sedan
Lena Kalinowska
Lena Kalinowska - 4 dagar sedan
I'm called Lena!!!
Rose Chatter
Rose Chatter - 5 dagar sedan
Jay ~ I’m not even a wife but I could be a better wife then him!!!

Umm?? Ok...
Erica Boo
Erica Boo - 4 dagar sedan
@Rose Chatter oml
Rose Chatter
Rose Chatter - 4 dagar sedan
Erica Boo yeah but it makes no sense 😂
Erica Boo
Erica Boo - 4 dagar sedan
He said him
Schultz Kids
Schultz Kids - 5 dagar sedan
On the last one she could have given her brain and then turned into a zombie
Alyssa Craig
Alyssa Craig - 5 dagar sedan
It it wasn't clark because she was an old enough to go to school
Kent Gibbons
Kent Gibbons - 6 dagar sedan
6:01 why would a dad give his 2 year old problauly not daughter a phone she is 2!
Kent Gibbons
Kent Gibbons - 6 dagar sedan
4:15 ok sowhat if this guy just said she cause he didn't know the gender so just asumed like i do that alot
Luigi Badjing
Luigi Badjing - 6 dagar sedan
1:00 I KNEW IT :D

Also me: Failed but one succeed
Elizabeth Matthews
Elizabeth Matthews - 6 dagar sedan
the little girl has 2 buns and most of the time u have 2 bows so the dad has the other bow bc the bow probably fell out
Ashlyn Foster
Ashlyn Foster - 7 dagar sedan
What if you were in an interview to become a detective and they made you watch an hour of 5-second riddles and you have to get at least 70/100 correct in order to get the job 🤔
Lazar Bum
Lazar Bum - 7 dagar sedan
Oakenlobster34 Dignan
Oakenlobster34 Dignan - 7 dagar sedan
. _ .
Oakenlobster34 Dignan
Oakenlobster34 Dignan - 7 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who finds loop holes in the who is questions example old man is wife's father young dude is baby's dad
Sky Brezovski
Sky Brezovski - 8 dagar sedan
Kristin Vetter
Kristin Vetter - 9 dagar sedan
M T - 9 dagar sedan
Jay when it said school my brain said she is to young Eric ya
jvwphotography - 9 dagar sedan
Do more videos with him
Gacha roxy
Gacha roxy - 9 dagar sedan
Them :getting it wrong
Me: nooo that's wronggggggggg
AUBREY ROBERT - 9 dagar sedan
Beautame - 9 dagar sedan
F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F. . .
Dulcie Thomas
Dulcie Thomas - 10 dagar sedan
Hi five
Dulcie Thomas
Dulcie Thomas - 10 dagar sedan
You said “red headed” lady when she was wherein a red dress!
Raylene tapia
Raylene tapia - 11 dagar sedan
EvaRamey Schutz
EvaRamey Schutz - 11 dagar sedan
Did anyone else know it was the microwave from the start and was just waiting for them to figure out😂🤣
Kristina Mohring
Kristina Mohring - 11 dagar sedan
Lena has left the chat
Lola Happy
Lola Happy - 11 dagar sedan
Conspiracy! Lena was traumatized from getting lost and grew to be a bad person!!!! Unlikely though.
Javinshoup Vaughn
Javinshoup Vaughn - 11 dagar sedan
:kubzs :I'm not even a wife and I can be a better wife than him*
:me: bruh!?
Aya Emad
Aya Emad - 12 dagar sedan
I said Eric because why would there be school on a snow day..?
Yen Hoang
Yen Hoang - 12 dagar sedan
I know morse code
Alya Poliscuk-Strazdas
Alya Poliscuk-Strazdas - 13 dagar sedan
rip lena
Gabby Fowler
Gabby Fowler - 14 dagar sedan
The reason the man had a bow was because he wore it so that if she got lost she would remember who her family is that is why they both wore a bow
Cool Nerd
Cool Nerd - 14 dagar sedan
Wouldn't the diamond dissolve in the soda?
Joe3 - 12 dagar sedan
Queen.of_ yellow_hearts
Queen.of_ yellow_hearts - 14 dagar sedan
Oh... is my school the only school that teaches Morse code in every grade????
#TWIN LIFE - 15 dagar sedan
The voice for Clark tho lol
#TWIN LIFE - 15 dagar sedan
That wasnt even 3 miles an hour lol
MAVI YUCEL - 15 dagar sedan
I knew it was Eric
Lil Peep
Lil Peep - 15 dagar sedan
At school a language I didn’t know I had to say red in that language I was messing around then it was right 😂
Aiden Follett
Aiden Follett - 16 dagar sedan
Your f##king dume
Jhamariahs - Gaming
Jhamariahs - Gaming - 16 dagar sedan
JK 31
JK 31 - 16 dagar sedan
It’s always the Butler
T1TaNFALL Pr0 - 16 dagar sedan

Emma Richards
Emma Richards - 16 dagar sedan
R.I.P Lina 😭😔😩😢😦😧🔚:-(:'(:-[
BB 4
BB 4 - 17 dagar sedan
The first one she had two bows and she gave her dad the one that fell out
David Caceres
David Caceres - 17 dagar sedan
Birdabing birdaboom!
Timothy Thedude
Timothy Thedude - 17 dagar sedan
red rose367
red rose367 - 17 dagar sedan
Megan Gralow
Megan Gralow - 17 dagar sedan
Gloom:Ayeeee this is so easy
Me:I don’t know about that
*gets wrong*.
gloom: WHATTTT
Me:yup I was right
Jordan Nguyen
Jordan Nguyen - 17 dagar sedan
I said Eric because it is winter break
Alaysa Proctor
Alaysa Proctor - 18 dagar sedan
Sleepy EclipsXoXo
Sleepy EclipsXoXo - 18 dagar sedan
Who done it?
How done it?
witch done it?
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover - 18 dagar sedan
4:11 they said it was a girl
Man on TV:The body of a young girl was just found in the back of an apartment
Jay:They didn’t say if they were male or female
Me:You have bad memory because they did say that it was girl