NEW Mystery Riddles and Illusions to Test Your Brain

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tessie collins
tessie collins - Timme sedan
They did a video on the buried alive thing on Myth Busters before (I think or another show like it) and there is a way to actually get it to work as far as breaking out of the coffin. I know no one really needed to know this but I thought it was interesting 😂😂
Michelle Normand
Michelle Normand - 3 timmar sedan
ashley bourgeois
ashley bourgeois - 4 timmar sedan
Don’t be so loud
Elanatiger123 gacha
Elanatiger123 gacha - 5 timmar sedan
Lol why did Jay sound like elmo when ge was trying to do the bird voice
Jon Hayden
Jon Hayden - 5 timmar sedan
he is the grinch
MinganFang AndEverleighTea
MinganFang AndEverleighTea - 6 timmar sedan
Vampire riddle: because they are cold blooded...
Me: even if the temperature goes up, vampires are immortal and wouldn’t be affected... DUH!!! XD
AcidH20//BeatBud - 6 timmar sedan
Its in the microwave. Because only one note is true, if it was in the oven, two notes would be true. Both the fridge note and oven note. It can't be in the washer because two notes would be true. The fridge note and microwave note. It's not in the fridge because it would make both the washer and microwave note true. It's in the microwave because the only true message is saying it's in the microwave, or the washer note.
trashcanzart - 6 timmar sedan
Wait what's morse code 🤔
Blacky The wolf
Blacky The wolf - 6 timmar sedan
I know morse code
gaming.dan10 - 6 timmar sedan
Scott Hibbs
Scott Hibbs - 7 timmar sedan
fairy Blake
fairy Blake - 7 timmar sedan
It’s because the girl lost her bow :/ :p
GemLuka - 8 timmar sedan
Diamond days steven universe everyone
kendra lin
kendra lin - 9 timmar sedan
1:15 I swear Im dead rn 💀
Jayden Vaughn
Jayden Vaughn - 9 timmar sedan
The news it said it was a girl
Xmen Chan
Xmen Chan - 10 timmar sedan
“Tony made friends with a boy next door named Steve”

ABHIGNA POLEPALLY - 10 timmar sedan
Jay: it looks like she has a diamond necklace with a diamond missing
Me: it's a pearl necklace
Kclovesfoodsxoxo - 10 timmar sedan
4:57 where is the dog then!
Shaniya Heastie
Shaniya Heastie - 10 timmar sedan
Morscode for SOS is
Beep beep beep
Beep beep beep
Beep beep beep
It stands for
Vlad Kronos
Vlad Kronos - 10 timmar sedan
u can actually dig out from buried underground there is a tutorial I watched and it seemed pretty easy to do but really scary but still it is possible you just need a shirt on your head so you would suffocate cuz of dirt falling on you
Nora McGregor-Beug
Nora McGregor-Beug - 10 timmar sedan
You weren't going to choose the oven you were gonna choose the oven. Bye the way I LOVE this series.😍💖
ZOE RUIZ - 10 timmar sedan
The dad is Eric bc she was only 2 so she doesn’t go to school
MAI’ QUEEN - 11 timmar sedan
The first riddle the man has a bow bc she was missing one from her hair. Your welcome 🙏🏾
Lisa Cropley
Lisa Cropley - 11 timmar sedan
the girl had one bow in her hair the dad had the other one
Liam Thompson
Liam Thompson - 11 timmar sedan
8:03-8:04 my favourite parts I could not stop laughing 😂😂🤣😆
* PinkCrystalDiva *
* PinkCrystalDiva * - 11 timmar sedan
For the first riddle I think he had the other bow for the girls hair.
Esha Tommy
Esha Tommy - 12 timmar sedan
Esha Tommy
Esha Tommy - 12 timmar sedan
I said Eric!
Shining Vixy
Shining Vixy - 12 timmar sedan
In 6:15 where Eric dog? Why would he bring his dog in the middle of winter
Shining Vixy
Shining Vixy - 12 timmar sedan
The thing that does not make sense is where is the wedding ring for the wife and husband in 2:40
Diana Charles
Diana Charles - 12 timmar sedan
JustTake MyPhone
JustTake MyPhone - 13 timmar sedan
12:01 look at the right bottom corner you can see the bird taking the diamond
Trường Phan Văn Trị
Trường Phan Văn Trị - 13 timmar sedan
Fat trouble
Leonitis of K1NGZ
Leonitis of K1NGZ - 13 timmar sedan
But the girl is 2 so she can't go to school
vimal Patel
vimal Patel - 14 timmar sedan
Vampires are cold blooded
Isabella /\ _ /\ Lost
Isabella /\ _ /\ Lost - 14 timmar sedan
I think when it says comments it's bc they don't know the answer
IEatPotatoes_Playz xD
IEatPotatoes_Playz xD - 14 timmar sedan
Wait, The, Eric Should’nt Be The Dad! It’s WINTER, And They Never Said They Had A Dog! And It’s Snowing, Why Would They Go Too The Dog Park?
saddi m&m
saddi m&m - 14 timmar sedan
On the Vampire one I would go through the middle door answer:middle door
Emiliana C
Emiliana C - 15 timmar sedan
0:01 I paused the video & saw this.

Just one, _ONE_ normal video. It's all I ask.
ITS YOUR BRO ARCHIE - 15 timmar sedan
It should of been A on the coffin when u break it put the soil to the side and dig out
Lisa Linder
Lisa Linder - 16 timmar sedan
How should you walk your dog if it is snowing the dog would get to cold 🥶
Jake Munday
Jake Munday - 16 timmar sedan
Mikayla Rose
Mikayla Rose - 16 timmar sedan
For the first question they putted a bow so she knows who her parents r
bugging bug
bugging bug - 17 timmar sedan
RIP Lenna
Amz Hansen
Amz Hansen - 17 timmar sedan
12:19 Oh so we found out how Rick Sanchez stole the dimenson diamond
Andrey Voloshenko
Andrey Voloshenko - 17 timmar sedan
I went for Morse code
Josie Bayley
Josie Bayley - 17 timmar sedan
R.I.P Lena
Mr. Noober
Mr. Noober - 18 timmar sedan
You can have more than one kid
Crazy Kiks
Crazy Kiks - 18 timmar sedan
Godzilla King
Godzilla King - 19 timmar sedan
Exit in the middle of the maze how dumb