Catchin' Up w/ The Dobre Brothers

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Catchin' Up w/ The Dobre Brothers
Cody Ko
Varaktighet: 17:21


First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - Timme sedan
3 letters: Gun
Cause I wanna die.
StinKiePopsicle-DOJO - 5 timmar sedan
11 letters: ten mansions
Mako M240
Mako M240 - 6 timmar sedan
Lmfao. They went to a Lambo dealership for mom, and then took their dad to Walmart. I feel like she went way harder than the rest of them, and she finished it out savage af too.
Germaine S
Germaine S - 21 timme sedan
My nephew watches these fuckers
Marike Rheeder
Marike Rheeder - Dag sedan
Haha so funny
Marike Rheeder
Marike Rheeder - Dag sedan
You are handsome and sexy , like your attitude
Kaitlyn plays Roblox
Kaitlyn plays Roblox - Dag sedan
I’ve played that game so many times bro but instead on 1,000,000 dollar budget I had a 5 dollar budget
Randall Ramsey
Randall Ramsey - Dag sedan
5 letter plane
Samira - 2 dagar sedan
Why are they even famous? And rich?
Imaru Lewis
Imaru Lewis - 2 dagar sedan
If you become rich and the first thing you do is buy a lambo then you have bo imagination.
Preston Head
Preston Head - 2 dagar sedan
Kris P
Kris P - 2 dagar sedan
Easy cheat to this game. Connecting words via dashes. I've won. By losing all-will-to-live.
Poppy Action
Poppy Action - 2 dagar sedan
The goat wants a lamb borghini
Chelsea Carrier
Chelsea Carrier - 2 dagar sedan
3:59 😂😂 your steady decrease in jammin 😂
Fish are adorable
Fish are adorable - 3 dagar sedan
*the mucus bros*
Owen J.
Owen J. - 3 dagar sedan
Women 😎
vortex 22
vortex 22 - 3 dagar sedan
honey saves u on pornhub premium

u should have told me earlier
n a z w a !
n a z w a ! - 4 dagar sedan
hi i new subskrib
Forza Gaming
Forza Gaming - 4 dagar sedan
BRUH the black and gold ones a McLaren, but she "spelled" Lamborghini
kushegga95 - 5 dagar sedan
I wish the dobre parents had a channel. They're so cute. Plus the dad has a better screen prescence than the boys
Ango Banjo
Ango Banjo - 5 dagar sedan
Im such a fucking idiot, i thought they were rating their shows at 3:56 but they were fucking dates, what the fuck
Ann Varghese
Ann Varghese - 6 dagar sedan
noel and cody : and that's why we are talking about today's sponsor...
*honey enters the chat*
*seatgeek enters the chat*
Madison Cooper
Madison Cooper - 7 dagar sedan
I can't stop staring at the reflection of your computer screen and the back of your head in the YouTube plaque on your wall. Can you cover it in a thin layer of petroleum jelly, then a coating of baby powder so it stops.
Dan Spaghetti Master
Dan Spaghetti Master - 7 dagar sedan
I love how the 80" TV has a massive 65' written on the side, that poor dad is gonna be so upset when he gets that small piece of shit home
:Dee - 7 dagar sedan
love how that guy couldve chosen ANYTHING in the world and decided to get some fucking flip flops...
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees - 7 dagar sedan
He’s a fucking giraffe
Pau Salram
Pau Salram - 8 dagar sedan
“NO! NO! NO! nO 🖕🏻nO 🖕🏻 nOoO🖕🏻”
Shaun Mantell
Shaun Mantell - 8 dagar sedan
"Mucas"....I literally lol'd
Darkness_ B1W
Darkness_ B1W - 8 dagar sedan
Spins it to free

Shaun Mantell
Shaun Mantell - 8 dagar sedan
They cool af,right....quirky,relatable and latina.3 ticked boxes.
Brown Video Productions
Brown Video Productions - 9 dagar sedan
cody be stealing drews video idea and his video name like a year later lol
Dogle Doos
Dogle Doos - 11 dagar sedan
that dads nipple- and I opp
Gretha Herholdt
Gretha Herholdt - 11 dagar sedan
r a z z a m a t a z z
You know damn well they went to a close lambo dealer 😂😂😂
Abdullah Siddiqui
Abdullah Siddiqui - 13 dagar sedan
I was amazed that one of them actually had a real talent. That clip with the break dancing is the probably the peak of what they can do, besides exaggerating the prices of what they didn’t buy, of course.
Minecrafter Jake
Minecrafter Jake - 14 dagar sedan
“I’m just gonna call you...mucus”
Edit: thanks for no likes
Abigail Mills
Abigail Mills - 14 dagar sedan
i watched the whole ad for you
Abigail Mills
Abigail Mills - 14 dagar sedan
Can some ethnic Romanians please just disown them? Thanks- an annoyed Serb
NeNe - 14 dagar sedan
yoohh I'm cracking hard 10:26.
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter - 15 dagar sedan
They are so boring
Patrick de Mosteyrin
Patrick de Mosteyrin - 15 dagar sedan
allie kutten
allie kutten - 17 dagar sedan
okay but anyone in maryland knows they ain’t shit they fuck around in urbana
Doge Bobert
Doge Bobert - 18 dagar sedan
cody in the supreme doe
KC Dobbins
KC Dobbins - 18 dagar sedan
The parents are really cute though
Violet Child-Lanning
Violet Child-Lanning - 19 dagar sedan
did anyone else notice the way he counted w/ his hand at 7:18
Pat D
Pat D - 19 dagar sedan
At 16:05 the TV box says 65 inches. They be lying.
Popsicle Gaming
Popsicle Gaming - 20 dagar sedan
7 letter word "planet"
SimplyxVivien - 21 dag sedan
When the 11 letter word came up I immediately though of Lamborghini. and it turns out it IS 11 words...
Rizler900 - 22 dagar sedan
10:25 for a sec I though that I was watching THAT'S CRINGE
Daniel Laker
Daniel Laker - 23 dagar sedan
11.18 - "spin dat reel" how come these boys got Chinese accents?
Youtube4ever Channel
Youtube4ever Channel - 24 dagar sedan
The goat is the most sane member of this family
B K - 24 dagar sedan
Bro wasn’t the lambo place closed tho? Like 😭
Jj Mary
Jj Mary - 25 dagar sedan
“Ur gonna turn into a flip flop “😂😂 such a dad joke
caleyamil - 25 dagar sedan
cody spitting has me wet i-
Alexia Jones
Alexia Jones - 25 dagar sedan
“Mucus has to make a couple of calls” 😂
Noel Shaback
Noel Shaback - 25 dagar sedan
I fucking died laughing when he said he wanted a razzmatazz
Heidi Armstrong
Heidi Armstrong - 26 dagar sedan
I think I am gonna be sick...
iOS Toxic
iOS Toxic - 26 dagar sedan
Didn’t they have to spell it and not say it
Tigrezz - 26 dagar sedan
5:38 did the dobre brothers really just use a fucking tf2 sound effe- ok please kill me.
JFW S_Official
JFW S_Official - 26 dagar sedan
I got a 4 letter word: