Catchin' Up w/ The Dobre Brothers

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Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez
Anyone else think that Cody is high key fit 🤭🤭
Intoxicating Devil
Intoxicating Devil - 11 timmar sedan
"Mucus" I fucking died😂
Sydne F
Sydne F - 11 timmar sedan
Great video!! These boys be wild. You’re hilarious and I love your channel
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass - 13 timmar sedan
Lamborghini is 12
Charity Ava
Charity Ava - 17 timmar sedan
Mom birthed the men that dared to look homicidal maniacs in the lense and say "stop that." She deserves that Lambo..
sooa loves jisung
sooa loves jisung - 20 timmar sedan
i'd buy so many cats
Vlad V
Vlad V - 22 timmar sedan
This Guy is sooo much better then that akward swedish kid with a fake laugh..
Kaitlin Keener
Kaitlin Keener - 23 timmar sedan
I found out my brother watches the dobre brothers and I’ve never been so disappointed in someone until now.
Biggy Andrews
Biggy Andrews - Dag sedan
They got my man 69 on a song
Ethan - Dag sedan
Who else thought the dobre bros were pronounced “dobray” and not “dober”
B REX 34
B REX 34 - Dag sedan
They have NO personality
Rigsby Edits
Rigsby Edits - Dag sedan
Can you react to “I am X official semifinals” it’s a really really REALLY awkward and bad magician
Leaky Got Skill
Leaky Got Skill - Dag sedan
Rigsby Edits
Rigsby Edits - Dag sedan
Do another reaction vid
Daniel Hewett
Daniel Hewett - Dag sedan
there shows look like there held at 2 pm and in a community centre
Max Macdonald
Max Macdonald - Dag sedan
U are very horrible
Emilame - 2 dagar sedan
They just don’t understand how credit cards work
Haley Lee
Haley Lee - 2 dagar sedan
Hey cody you should do the deplorable choir
lilclorox - 2 dagar sedan
Cody:Parents this days...spoiled
Bamn Tha God
Bamn Tha God - 2 dagar sedan
She really said I am not dressed to by a lambo. Like WHat?
Its Hannah
Its Hannah - 2 dagar sedan
Says in most monotone voice ever: yeah mom
Crazygamer 10145
Crazygamer 10145 - 3 dagar sedan
When you said “we’ve all played this game” you sounded like the EA Sports guy
Benjy_ntm - 3 dagar sedan
Since when flip flop or gucci is 3 letters ?
Isabel Byrne
Isabel Byrne - 3 dagar sedan
Last round:
Husband spins after his wife says a man
*lands on 7 letters*
Husband: “oOooOoHhhHhH I kNoW. A DiVoRcE!!”
Sidney glass
Sidney glass - 3 dagar sedan
Make a video making fun of commercials
Benjamin ronell
Benjamin ronell - 3 dagar sedan
yo, what was the taxes thing? Kinda a dick move
SleepyPills - 3 dagar sedan
Hmmm....Privatejets...1..2...3...4..5..6...7...8...9...10..11 WORDS!!!!!
Sadie Lookabaugh
Sadie Lookabaugh - 3 dagar sedan
how did this have both the exact same, and the exact opposite energy as david dobrik
Crystal Loera
Crystal Loera - 4 dagar sedan
Such an awkward family.
Saul Betancourt
Saul Betancourt - 4 dagar sedan
Why is the mom a gold digger to her kids
Tik Tok Queen
Tik Tok Queen - 4 dagar sedan
Stop talking trash about Dobre brothers
Francesca Bontempo
Francesca Bontempo - 4 dagar sedan
cody lookin crusty in HD with that zoom
Hayden Rozier
Hayden Rozier - 4 dagar sedan
Also, who gave those idiots the right to care of a goat?
Landan Babinger
Landan Babinger - 4 dagar sedan
are you still waiting for that double high five from danny (gary winthrope)
Forza Gaming
Forza Gaming - 4 dagar sedan
If I won a Lamborghini, I would sell it, and buy the 2020 ford-shelby GT500
It'sGudStuf - 4 dagar sedan
It's funny cause they're actually using their parent's money.
Tabeeb Hossain
Tabeeb Hossain - 4 dagar sedan
They’re neck looks scary as fuck in the thumbnail
Paul Zamora
Paul Zamora - 4 dagar sedan
At first I didn’t like you and now I love you
Iconic Fusion
Iconic Fusion - 5 dagar sedan
I have dyslexia
Cl1pi7 - 5 dagar sedan
I wonder if honey uses honey to get a discount on how much they pay you for advertising.
Sebastian Andersson
Sebastian Andersson - 5 dagar sedan
Cody spelled S-U-P-R-E-M-E so his parents bought him that
Brayden Oliver
Brayden Oliver - 5 dagar sedan
I thought it was a spell challenge not a saying challenge
Lexi isn’t a dancer
Lexi isn’t a dancer - 5 dagar sedan
For the 3 letter word just say ice and get a new watch lmao
CheesyBuch - 6 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but they have kid fans that looks like about 5 or 6 years old? Why?!!!
ツlvl2 - 6 dagar sedan
That shirt Cody has on is CLEEEAN
Lemon Candy
Lemon Candy - 6 dagar sedan
I met the dobre bros at a Chick-fil-A in Pennsylvania 😂
Jacu p
Jacu p - 6 dagar sedan
that’s not a truck ya stupid bitch that’s a suv
Jule Campbell
Jule Campbell - 7 dagar sedan
Did anyone else notice they got their dad a 65 inch TV and not an 80 inch
Hey Mckay
Hey Mckay - 7 dagar sedan
Lamborghini is 11
chunky monkey
chunky monkey - 7 dagar sedan
I'd rather watch the mum than watch the brothers