Shipping Container Home Designed For Sustainable Family Living

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Danielle M Hall
Danielle M Hall - 2 timmar sedan
This guy's got jokes.
Namya Jha
Namya Jha - 8 timmar sedan
This man is so friggin' intellectual though. I love the way these two held the conversation.
Jerchio IV
Jerchio IV - 10 timmar sedan
$350,000! Jesus....
Jeanne Wagner
Jeanne Wagner - 23 timmar sedan
Love it.
J R - Dag sedan
I love the way the containers are connected but seperate! , and the sliding windows/patio doors are awesome!
تركي الحربي
تركي الحربي - 2 dagar sedan
350,000 $ toooooooooooo much
Hi Arinaa
Hi Arinaa - 3 dagar sedan
Thank you, Bryce .. you always give us top quality content, it always so heartwarming watching your videos, I'm so impressed! And the design of this house is brilliant! I love how he utilize the space and the amount of natural light is just luxurious!
Lizard Man
Lizard Man - 4 dagar sedan
I like that they say the price they spend on every ep so u can get a idea of cost
Susan Lamprecht
Susan Lamprecht - 4 dagar sedan
Great... How to get more folks seeing these videos? Someone has to be exposed to a new idea or image a number of times before they even notice it... I knew about tiny homes but it wasn’t until I subscribed to a few channels that I started really thinking about them as a viable means of living and being mindful of my footprint.
Maria G
Maria G - 4 dagar sedan
Cameron Gemstone
Cameron Gemstone - 5 dagar sedan
Dear Bryce, again another great episode provided by you and your team. A professionally filming and smooth moving of the camera/s followed by lovely music. I would personally love to see programs similar to this episode in the future for sure. Cheers mate. The house is well designed being sat in an environment like Paradise, even though there are some considerations that could be taken into, the price and the numbers of people supposedly could live/sleep in that house. I have built two houses in Sydney within the last 10 years, and I don’t think the $350,000 is a right figure for this nicely built house, it is way far from reality of today’s market, unless the price would include the land as well in that area which I think it is far from city metropolitan. And, the number of people who could sleep in that house, I would say YES if they sleep like soldiers next to each other in an army tent or in an army navy ship!!!! To throw that $$$ figure, mmmm, there could be some other reason/s ,,,,. I’m looking forward to see your fantastic videos for long long time mate. You are a great warm blooded presenter.
Grail Gal
Grail Gal - 5 dagar sedan
This guy expresses too much!
Joaquin Cabrera Macaya
Joaquin Cabrera Macaya - 6 dagar sedan
Love this house
Alexander Pitman
Alexander Pitman - 6 dagar sedan
Wow! That's expensive. Even factoring in incidentals, ouch. Granted, I live in a part of the USA where you can get an existing, nice 2000 sq/ft house for $50-120K, and that same house contracted for $175-250K. I know there are markets where this would be a cheaper, more economical option.
life is love
life is love - 6 dagar sedan
Awesome 👍
Mark Russ
Mark Russ - 6 dagar sedan
What a brilliant home. It beggars belief that more encouragement and facilitation of building homes such as this beauty, aren't being promoted through builders as the new GOLD standard.
Kelli Andrews
Kelli Andrews - 7 dagar sedan
Kitchen Way too Depressing..
However not everyone likes the same thing! Thank goodness!
I Love the Layout of the House!!!
Thank you for showing the blueprint, briefly 😆
The outside/inside living space is Absolutely Stunning!!!
I would do something different though for children!!! I laid to rest my daughter 3 years ago..And children ,especially girls, Need bright cheerful colors!!!
I would have used white and Turquoise subway tiles in bathrooms...Yet,That's just me..
A small kitchenette in in law pod. Because elders Love,to hit the fridge ,up in the middle of the night!!! Oh and an intercom system too!!! Other than my tweeks it was Gorgeous!
PS would Love to see more with outdoor spaces too!
Like really cool outdoor showers!!!
I know it sounds weird However there are some really Neat ones!!!
Bryce Bowen
Bryce Bowen - 7 dagar sedan
My dream is to build a tiny house on the base of one of those storage shed things you see sometimes.
Saeedoo - 7 dagar sedan
How much a house like this cost to build?
Ivy karanja
Ivy karanja - 7 dagar sedan
When YT recommends other tiny house channels, and I try to get into them, I can't. Not because they're bad, but this particular channel has such a friendly, relaxed and welcoming style. 😄
J Long
J Long - 7 dagar sedan
that bathroom is horrendous
Mom'sLife Ghael&Irithel
Mom'sLife Ghael&Irithel - 7 dagar sedan
It so beautiful graveh... It's so amazing..
Istiak Ahmad
Istiak Ahmad - 8 dagar sedan
this vid sucks in a way that we NEED to see how its been made
cody huweart
cody huweart - 8 dagar sedan
How much
Adrian Nostromo
Adrian Nostromo - 8 dagar sedan
I love this home, amazing. Thank you for including the blue print.
nitrolx - 8 dagar sedan
Love the bathroom! Beautiful!
Shiva Best
Shiva Best - 8 dagar sedan
250k USD for a full-sized house is pretty good! Question though: What is with Australians and combining light brown wood (sorry: "timber") with black accents? Is this an interior design trend elsewhere?
Kelli Andrews
Kelli Andrews - 7 dagar sedan
I think it's Beautiful in a weird way lol... Although a few years ago I saw a kit home that had a modern design. Lots of Outdoor deck space..Weirdly it was the same color scheme.... I personally like Island colors
chapman - 9 dagar sedan
I guess that they will add solar panels and water capture and recuperation, sort of like the Earthships homes since they are interested in sustainability. Using the shipping container doors is genius, it can provide extra safety in hurricanes. Houses in hurricane areas could benefit a lot from this. Thanks Bryce for including this home even if it not tiny.
setphaser - 9 dagar sedan
put the kids play area in the darkest part of the house, give them no privacy or storage with bunk beds, make 10 people share one bathroom, i live in 80sqm apartment alone and i couldn’t stand having one other person in this space. this guy loves the sound of his own voice, highly controlling, basically a nutter.
Ken Keicher
Ken Keicher - 9 dagar sedan
Personally, I don't think that this home fits the theme of this YouTube channel, simply because it isn't a tiny house. If you had the space and the financial resources, you could use any number of shipping containers and build huge structures, but still they wouldn't be tiny houses.
Real Experience GS SINGH
Real Experience GS SINGH - 9 dagar sedan
Great idea , and the deck level and a water tank, the original look at the out side and the color commotions is great out side, and the number of ppl it’s fit is great, second level deck three level with seating capacity is great , the straight one level box from the top view ,
Three 20” one 40” containers combined is great choose , great original view inside and out is unique, open door to deck is wow and play room for kids , the panel on the deck under space brings a light through, frame kitchen open view is great as well , black combination is cool as well, nice simple and clean open bathroom, nice guest pod room with height is great, And personal bathroom is also great,
Cost 359000 $ cost is lot for a house like this is heigh but the quality of natural value is also great,
Andy Hay.
Andy Hay. - 10 dagar sedan
Nothing says "community" like a 7ft steel fence.
theacme3 - 10 dagar sedan
i never understood why people use containers. It costs you between 3k to 5k each and for that money you could easily build a wood frame with outer sheeting. The difference is that it's much easier to modify, insulate, put windows and doors in and if you need different dimensions you can simply adapt it. If you want the fashion of container, then buy some old container doors and put them on the outside. Works just fine give the container look.
Jed Honrado
Jed Honrado - 10 dagar sedan
Is that a Koala at 13:24?
vempriex - 11 dagar sedan
Ah finally someone thinking out of the shipping container thermal insulation wise! Less windows and more privacy for me tho ( I like to walk around minimally ;P). Nice touch on the outside water tank and shower. Ideas a brewing.
English Muffin
English Muffin - 11 dagar sedan
Too many PC buzzwords for my taste. Looks too sterile on the inside. Lovely wood decking though.
Dalia Flanders
Dalia Flanders - 12 dagar sedan
This home is gorgeous!!! Love it as well as the concept and thought that went into the build!!
JoceyVDV - 12 dagar sedan
This isn’t even a container home . It just has containers 😐 . Like he said he has “corridors “ to connect them . And the “ dining/living room” is outside the containers 😒
iya cruz
iya cruz - 12 dagar sedan
$350,000 wow! Only rich people can afford that simple house here in my country coz if I convert that price it's 18 million plus here 😂
Kurswell - 9 dagar sedan
@iya cruz it's also depends on your country regulations, and the human labor cost hahaha if this house was built here In Indonesia , pretty sure it will be way cheaper. But i agree with you , if we have to spend $300K for this house , it's pretty much expensive.
iya cruz
iya cruz - 10 dagar sedan
Oh! Wrong convertion, still can only afford by rich people ... 😂
Kurswell - 10 dagar sedan
Don't forget it's in Australian dollars
Greyfort - 12 dagar sedan
I love shipping container homes.
Noël Sag
Noël Sag - 12 dagar sedan
less is more.
less s a bore.
epSos Premium
epSos Premium - 13 dagar sedan
*Beautiful home.* The garden is a useful part of the home. It's good that the space is very connected to the outside sitting !
allison tamouzian
allison tamouzian - 13 dagar sedan
This home is beautiful and I love how the owner explained his reasoning for why they designed the home this way.
DieMouseundLego - 14 dagar sedan
That is what I love to call harmony :-) I think its the first Home I see with no TV ;-) or its hidden .... fantastic!
Diana Torres Rojo
Diana Torres Rojo - 14 dagar sedan
Honestly couldn't love more this channel!! l love everything about it!! please never stop. lots of love from Mexico
Mark Jenkins
Mark Jenkins - 15 dagar sedan
Thanks with regard to delivering these superb information.
Kymberly East
Kymberly East - 15 dagar sedan
What a LOVELY interview! Thank you, Bryce!
Lily Ypinazar
Lily Ypinazar - 15 dagar sedan
When ‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ becomes a Netflix show, my life will be complete
Anita Page
Anita Page - 15 dagar sedan
+ Emma Vicktorius Bryce definitely has a way with People! He exemplifies the cordial manner we should all have when meeting a stranger! It's honestly celebrating people for their positive contribution to society- we need more avenues like this for pre-teens, Teens & College aged folks to really showcase their skills!
Mark Kennedy
Mark Kennedy - 16 dagar sedan
What dreams are made of....WoW!
PUSHPITA BHOWMICK - 16 dagar sedan
Such a beautiful house
Hood Rich Tutorials
Hood Rich Tutorials - 16 dagar sedan
Take a drink every time the owner says externally 😂
Crafty Loops
Crafty Loops - 16 dagar sedan
My normal bricks and mortar house is a teeny tiny 69sqm (742sq ft). So this space is simply beautiful. I'd gladly give up my teeny house to live in shipping containers like this, teehee.
cubecube bean
cubecube bean - 16 dagar sedan
Why those houses can't be designed to collecting rain water ?!!
guerrier weg
guerrier weg - 16 dagar sedan
What an arse
RGP B - 16 dagar sedan
This channel and its message are so fantastic!
DreamingFlurry - 17 dagar sedan
Chrome may be energy-intensive, but it is also (at least when it comes to stuff used in the bathroom) in use for decades in most cases and it doesn't look like it has been scavenged from a WW2-Era ship or factory! Seriously, that bathroom needs nicer taps etc. :(

10 people? Do they have 8 kids and if so: Do they plan to expand when the kids grow older? (I mean call me an ass if you want, but I would have probably had a nervous breakdown if I didn't have my own room as a teenager!)
Zoé Le Lan
Zoé Le Lan - 17 dagar sedan
e x t e r n a l l y
Thembani Sibande
Thembani Sibande - 17 dagar sedan
love the content
Ms E
Ms E - 17 dagar sedan
This definitely belongs on your tiny-mansion spin-off series :)
Marky Mark
Marky Mark - 17 dagar sedan
I love shipping container homes done with class and modern touch.
Ilja Hetem
Ilja Hetem - 18 dagar sedan
Lilac - 18 dagar sedan
Nice and airy, but too many windows to clean, lol!
D Narry Julie Ton
D Narry Julie Ton - 18 dagar sedan
I very much enjoyed this episode. Simon was very eloquent in his words. I enjoying watching and listening to everything that was being said. :)
Nathan Bai
Nathan Bai - 18 dagar sedan
Do you know what can also fit 10 people comfortably?
A car
Athena Page
Athena Page - 18 dagar sedan
I think it’s so beautiful with the wood around the windows and the decking outside! 💕
snowl - 18 dagar sedan
Love this house! Amazing people build it and live in it!! 💘
Sarah James
Sarah James - 18 dagar sedan
RIP all those plants in dark corners.
ShiaLaBluff - 19 dagar sedan
I must say as cool all those tiny homes are, they would be just too small for me and my GF. This seems like an awesome way of having a not large villa or something but still enough room to not feel crammed. Awesome house!
Sprits Fal
Sprits Fal - 19 dagar sedan
I don't like this, the guy Bryce is talking to sounds WAY too much like a salesman. He says so many fluff words. Ex: the length it took him to say "there is no renewable energy"
Anthony Drouin
Anthony Drouin - 19 dagar sedan
Looking for work a tiny home
Dylan - 19 dagar sedan
You should have a tv show
Anna Kartashova
Anna Kartashova - 19 dagar sedan
Enjoyed Bryce previous videos, but this one is for the birds. Well done on the house, and the summary at the end. Personally I find the owner and Bryce are like marketing twins spinnig the same buzz words (marvelous, fantastic, wonderful, spectacular, love, celebrated, broading of the view, express the containers, really like, very intrested, honoring the shiping containers, establish a reconnection with yourself, minimalist aesthetic and lastely the lovely connection with vegetation from the informal seating). For cyring out loud, can people not just speak ad-lib anymore. Guys you can do better, turn it down a bit and tongue and cheek 'establish a reconnection with yourself' by speaking from the heart, even if you don't like something. Success. Feel free to give me thumbs down.
Kelli Andrews
Kelli Andrews - 7 dagar sedan
THANK YOU! SO MUCH FOR SAYING THIS I COULD HUG YOU!!! have a great week PS..Does the younger generation even know what ad libbing is??? 🤣🤣🤣
Josh _101
Josh _101 - 19 dagar sedan
I find it weird that people who build these sort of houses never have televisions🤷‍♂️
chapman - 8 dagar sedan
On the plan ,the TV is in the kids play area and one seat is drawn in. If you want to watch a movie with the family, wouldn't be more practical to put the TV in the living room?
BUTTHOLASAURUS - 19 dagar sedan
$350,000 is a lot , even tho its nice.
Cf J
Cf J - 19 dagar sedan
I love the idea of minimizing material for building and living, and it does not reduce the quality of the house. The family can enjoy the view and the outdoor space. What an AMAZING job.
Eloïse Terrier
Eloïse Terrier - 20 dagar sedan
Bryce, do you keep contact with all these families ?
Eloïse Terrier
Eloïse Terrier - 20 dagar sedan
very good philosophy from Simon =) I like it!
London Knight
London Knight - 20 dagar sedan
Well done.. Reusable materials is good for us and environment
Angel Aguirre
Angel Aguirre - 20 dagar sedan
Is that 350,000 US Dollars?
Donna E
Donna E - 20 dagar sedan
I love love love this place!
Colin-kun :3
Colin-kun :3 - 20 dagar sedan
This house looks pretty cool
VI god
VI god - 20 dagar sedan
Hands down one of the best houses ı have ever seen ! İ love this !
Kreative Pulp
Kreative Pulp - 20 dagar sedan
Kangaroos staring at the drone. 😂😂😂
Thomas Christopher White
Thomas Christopher White - 21 dag sedan
Saj alex
Saj alex - 21 dag sedan
Appreciate the concept n the work awesome
Magpie - 22 dagar sedan
Absolutely stunning design. I love that these builds are shown too!
Lynne Davies
Lynne Davies - 22 dagar sedan
It's a beautiful house and they have clearly really thought about how they live within the spaces they created. The only issue I would have with living in it is the echo. I work with the elderly in a care home, many of whom use hearing aids. They would find the echoing really hard to deal with, and as I am going deaf in one ear, I would need to add some sound absorbing panels to kill that echo.
riki manuel
riki manuel - 22 dagar sedan
great home. must be in management...seems like a wanker.
RinnyDale - 22 dagar sedan
Vicki Lawrence
Vicki Lawrence - 22 dagar sedan
I love Bryce and I love this channel.
But am I the only one who found the 4 bunkbeds creepy, a house designed to comfortably house 10 people with 4 people living full time. Maybe I'm overthinking but the 10 people could live comfortably in this pretty large house was said a lot. Then the 2 bunkbeds filled the one room.
My grandkids love to sleep in the livingroom build forts eat fall asleep especially when I have all of them spending the night because it's a large room and they get to all sleep together.
Ana Paula Brito
Ana Paula Brito - 22 dagar sedan
I just loved!!!
Hopes and Dreams
Hopes and Dreams - 22 dagar sedan
Yup! I love the house for what it cost to build, the owner is still coming out on top in the end.
At $350,000 and building with an architect oh WOW! the owner got a wonderful home in the
end. Would be interesting to know what the land cost, etc; as a standard build house on land
begins around $560,000 upwards to $799,000.
Thanks Bryce! for broadening our minds on tiny housing, and shipping container homes.
Showdown - 22 dagar sedan
A shitbox......................
Anna Dela Cruz
Anna Dela Cruz - 22 dagar sedan
Great job on this container home. Fits every aspect of our life and what you wanted. Very nicely done and I do like the areas and definitely how you fit all the containers in and each area was done so well. I liked this a lot and I would love to do something like this. Thank you for sharing and talking about it. Big smile from Anna Banana!
Gail Frayer
Gail Frayer - 22 dagar sedan
Your home is beautiful.
MultiSmiley94 - 22 dagar sedan
There are no doors between hall and master bedroom? O.o I didnt see one
Dil Lee
Dil Lee - 22 dagar sedan
Very nice channel, but I'm not sure if this was cheap, I think it probably could have built this house cheaper without the containers.
Catty Mansoor
Catty Mansoor - 22 dagar sedan
I'm really love this style of tiny house 😍
Irfan Ashaari
Irfan Ashaari - 23 dagar sedan
When Bryce said "downside to doing that though..." I was about to lose it because I would be so upset if someone was giving unnecessary comments about my house, but then I just giggled when he said "to always keep the shelves tidy" hehe