IT CHAPTER TWO - Final Trailer [HD]

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IT CHAPTER TWO only in theaters September 6, 2019
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Evil resurfaces in Derry as director Andy Muschietti reunites the Losers Club-young and adult-in a return to where it all began with “It Chapter Two.”
The film is Muschietti’s follow-up to 2017’s critically acclaimed and massive worldwide box office hit “IT,” which grossed over $700 million globally. Both redefining and transcending the genre, “IT” became part of the cultural zeitgeist as well as the highest-grossing horror film of all time.
Because every 27 years evil revisits the town of Derry, Maine, “It Chapter Two” brings the characters-who’ve long since gone their separate ways-back together as adults, nearly three decades after the events of the first film.
Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain (“Zero Dark Thirty,” “Mama”) stars as Beverly, James McAvoy (“Split,” upcoming “Glass”) as Bill, Bill Hader (HBO’s “Barry,” “The Skeleton Twins”) as Richie, Isaiah Mustafa (TV’s “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments”) as Mike, Jay Ryan (TV’s “Mary Kills People”) as Ben, James Ransone (HBO’s “The Wire”) as Eddie, and Andy Bean (“Allegiant,” Starz’ “Power”) as Stanley. Reprising their roles as the original members of the Losers Club are Jaeden Martell as Bill, Wyatt Oleff as Stanley, Jack Dylan Grazer as Eddie, Finn Wolfhard as Richie, Sophia Lillis as Beverly, Chosen Jacobs as Mike, and Jeremy Ray Taylor as Ben. Bill Skarsgård returns in the seminal role of Pennywise.
Muschietti directed the film from a screenplay by Gary Dauberman (“IT,” “Annabelle: Creation”) based on the novel IT by Stephen King. Barbara Muschietti, Dan Lin and Roy Lee produced the film, with Marty Ewing, Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg serving as the executive producers.
The behind-the-scenes creative team included director of photography Checco Varese (“The 33”), Oscar-winning production designer Paul Denham Austerberry (“The Shape of Water”), editor Jason Ballantine (“IT,” “Mad Max: Fury Road”), and Oscar-nominated costume designer Luis Sequeira (“The Shape of Water,” “Mama”). The music is by Benjamin Wallfisch (“Shazam!,” “Blade Runner 2049,” “IT”).
New Line Cinema presents, a Vertigo Entertainment/Rideback Production, an Andy Muschietti film, “It Chapter Two.” The film is slated for release in theaters and IMAX on September 6, 2019 and will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.
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Coolman436 - 42 minuter sedan
They should make a Pennywise VS Mary like if you agree
Kayo Alves silva
Kayo Alves silva - Timme sedan
*for twenty seven years I waited for this trailer*
•Cold•ice• - 8 timmar sedan
Who cried when Stanley wrote the letter when he killed himself 😭
•Cold•ice• - 8 timmar sedan
Because he wanted to save his friends 😭
Devin Sasser
Devin Sasser - 9 timmar sedan
Eww that smile 😨😰😰😥😥
Truth Ridgnal
Truth Ridgnal - 10 timmar sedan
Pennywise helped me realize that “dream’t” is a real word
平澤浩 - Dag sedan
JUNJUNBTMD junhaerin@JGjadjtmKTATJ it
DarkOfNights - Dag sedan
I think I have a crush on pennywise now bc of this
keshawn safiyar
keshawn safiyar - Dag sedan
I think penny wise took all those year's to inflate those baloons
FuturePheonix 237
FuturePheonix 237 - Dag sedan
Robert Delafuente
Robert Delafuente - Dag sedan
In this trailer it shows mike & pennywise at a broken down building why they cut it out??
BananaBoi _
BananaBoi _ - 15 timmar sedan
The movie was gonna originally gonna be 7 hours long so they had to cut off more than half. Btw da movie was a MASTERPIECE
Robert Delafuente
Robert Delafuente - Dag sedan
In #IT2
They cut out the solo encounters of mike & pennywise
It shows IT and mike in a broken down building
Brendan Milburn
Brendan Milburn - Dag sedan
The movie was already 2hr and 50min. Somethings had to be cut for time.
Milk Roblox
Milk Roblox - 2 dagar sedan
Chapter 3: The children of them! :)
Amin Guides
Amin Guides - 2 dagar sedan
Best & Perfect thriller horror movie 😍
steelbarber - 2 dagar sedan
No matter what the movie was like, this trailer still gives me chills.
keepyafaithxo - 2 dagar sedan
James Mcavoy needs an oscar if he doesn't have one.
he is the same actor from split, narnia
keepyafaithxo - 2 dagar sedan
0:47 he is a hottie oh damn.
Gacha Lunarxx
Gacha Lunarxx - 2 dagar sedan
Why am I watching this 😳
dewtuber - 2 dagar sedan
Bill Skarsgård who plays pennywise is my mom’s third cousin
Yassry Mustapha
Yassry Mustapha - 2 dagar sedan
Watch the actor of pennywises dad play the old pennywise in it3
kick-Ass Productions
kick-Ass Productions - 2 dagar sedan
I just came here to read the reviews of the movie. After reading the comments seriously what the fu*k is going on ? They are talking all about MAC D balloons shitttt 😣
Paolo Celentano
Paolo Celentano - 3 dagar sedan
The Most EPIC Trailer Ever
Jaylon Sharp
Jaylon Sharp - 3 dagar sedan
I’m probably the only one that thought Bill was sayin Gabe 🤦‍♂️
Jaylon Sharp
Jaylon Sharp - Dag sedan
Maleek King I think he was sayin kid though right
Maleek King
Maleek King - Dag sedan
Me too
Kacem - 3 dagar sedan
Amazing movie better than the first one
alaa. gacha
alaa. gacha - 3 dagar sedan
Finn Wolfhard❤️😍
1000 subs please?
1000 subs please? - 4 dagar sedan
The only part of the movie I like most is.....
When pennywise talk
Royalty 300
Royalty 300 - 4 dagar sedan
Aww reunion
Sam LSD - 4 dagar sedan
Stephen King makes best books.
Epic Kid
Epic Kid - 4 dagar sedan
Here Comes Pennywise
Here Comes Pennywise
He is from Derry Maine
He eats kids with fear on them
He thinks it tastes real good
He will scare you half to death
And make your Holiday stink.
Marc Gamer
Marc Gamer - 4 dagar sedan
I like the part when pennywise became small.he looks cute
BananaBoi _
BananaBoi _ - 15 timmar sedan
1,000 Subs With No Videos
1,000 Subs With No Videos - 4 dagar sedan
Pennywise will be in your room tonight

Like to undo
Пороро Фирил
Пороро Фирил - 4 dagar sedan
Это пидар
Этого пидара проследовал всю жизнь пидарас
После этого голоя бабка хотела с есть женщину😂
Ryan Le
Ryan Le - 4 dagar sedan
Ksi if he were a clown
Lazylilly Is silly
Lazylilly Is silly - 5 dagar sedan
Jojo Siwa: I have the worst hairline in the world >=)

Like my comment =)

PennyWise :Hold my Baby infested fortune cookie
Lucas Xaxier
Lucas Xaxier - 5 dagar sedan
I enjoyed the first IT but this looks crappy sorry to say.
Li Designer
Li Designer - 5 dagar sedan
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This is something that Argentina exported to the world )
Christian Paulino
Christian Paulino - 5 dagar sedan
At 1:31, the sudden noises that are made every few seconds sends chills down my spine every time-
Danilo S
Danilo S - 5 dagar sedan
Fueron las 2 horas y media más asquerosas de mi vida. Que puta pérdida de tiempo. Película ridícula
keepyafaithxo - 5 dagar sedan
I hated the beginning.
The beginning was awful.
A Baddie
A Baddie - 2 dagar sedan
Not really
Ayanna's World
Ayanna's World - 5 dagar sedan
@kemal 2:17 when he has no crack
Project_Xbruh - 5 dagar sedan
This was the best movie