Felix Sandman & Benjamin Ingrosso - Happy Thoughts (Music Video)

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juanita8708 - 5 timmar sedan
Seriously, this video is just aesthetically pleasing and creative!!
Javiera Paredes
Javiera Paredes - 7 timmar sedan
Escuchandola desde Chilee 🇨🇱
KjellyO - Dag sedan
The real question is, Who's walking the 'right' way and who's being mirrored?
Stefan Fabian
Stefan Fabian - Dag sedan
Felix and Benjamin both sing perfectly super song together and a very good video 👍
Alex Torrez
Alex Torrez - Dag sedan
Dunno why, but this song makes me think happy thoughts as well.
Manuella Merlot
Manuella Merlot - Dag sedan
Great tune guys, the chorus kinda reminds me of "super far" by LANY
Sass Dumonde
Sass Dumonde - 2 dagar sedan
Det är inte bara polackerna som tycker om låten. Grattis killar skit bra sång, skit bra video! Pussar från Turkiet ❤️❤️😊
Sara Arcangeli
Sara Arcangeli - 2 dagar sedan
yes,i’m here from Quicksand,and i hope i’m not the only one.
benjix sandgrosso
benjix sandgrosso - 2 dagar sedan
Camila Obregon
Camila Obregon - 3 dagar sedan
Me encanto
Aliny Souza
Aliny Souza - 3 dagar sedan
Paula Biderman
Paula Biderman - 3 dagar sedan
love from uruguay!!!! you are amazing guys (L)
Крыс е
Крыс е - 3 dagar sedan
boys please keep making music together ♥
so coooool omg
Maria Clara
Maria Clara - 3 dagar sedan
lucky Silk
lucky Silk - 3 dagar sedan
love from ireland 🇮🇪❤️
sofia •
sofia • - 3 dagar sedan
bro Felix is HOT
Noémi Nichter
Noémi Nichter - 4 dagar sedan
okay this is fucking genius!!!!
Noémi Nichter
Noémi Nichter - 4 dagar sedan
okay this is fucking genius!!!!
Camila ayelen Pizarro
Camila ayelen Pizarro - 4 dagar sedan
Camila ayelen Pizarro
Camila ayelen Pizarro - 4 dagar sedan
Esc Τony
Esc Τony - 4 dagar sedan
Good song
Eva Jonsson
Eva Jonsson - 4 dagar sedan
Love Musics
Love Musics - 4 dagar sedan
What a great couple! They look perfect.
Giovanna Flammia
Giovanna Flammia - 5 dagar sedan
To the people who pressed the thumb down button piss off.
YouDontSay - 5 dagar sedan
*i'm gay greetings from poland🇵🇱*
oridinary girl
oridinary girl - 5 dagar sedan
Greetings from poland ❤️
DX CC - 5 dagar sedan
buen ritmo jsjs
Elis Lindsten
Elis Lindsten - 5 dagar sedan
Poland is the shit
Rhania Sd
Rhania Sd - 5 dagar sedan
Jag älskar dig mycket, du är en bra skådespelare och sångare? ❤️🇫🇷
Kusin teamet
Kusin teamet - 5 dagar sedan
No airpods lol 😂
Kristen-Elaine Harris
Kristen-Elaine Harris - 5 dagar sedan
you guys need to go on eurovision 2020🙏
쥬만 - 6 dagar sedan
I love this song from korea ㅋㅋㅋ 띵곡이더 ㄹㅇ
Oana Puha
Oana Puha - 6 dagar sedan
Wow, another good song from Benjamin. Romania here, not Poland. 😜
Katarzyna Domańska
Katarzyna Domańska - 6 dagar sedan
Amazing song! Greetings from Poland ❤
Scotland Life
Scotland Life - 6 dagar sedan
Benjamin and felix Scotland awaits u
Cara de Ladilla
Cara de Ladilla - 6 dagar sedan
Great Video... You're real GREAT!!! Congrats from ARGENTINA (Soud América)
agus arg
agus arg - 6 dagar sedan
Jennifer - 6 dagar sedan
Era collabs är fan bäst
Nata AH
Nata AH - 6 dagar sedan
Detta är min favorit låt a alla låtar som finns i hela Universum
bby898 - 6 dagar sedan
Love this song, love this mv, love you guys, love everything about ittt×× 🇮🇹🇮🇹
Karla Orengo
Karla Orengo - 7 dagar sedan
I love youuu and your music!! Greetings from Puerto Rico!! 💕🇵🇷
Hawa Barre
Hawa Barre - 7 dagar sedan
I come from Norway. Since apparently we are all saying were we come from in this comment section
Agnes Strand nilsson
Agnes Strand nilsson - 7 dagar sedan
Åååååå jag fucking älskarrr er asså ni fattar inte omgg❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Frida - 7 dagar sedan
Sjukt snygg video till en riktigt bra låt!!!
Soundless - 7 dagar sedan
I'm so happy I googled Quicksand's cast haha Creative music video and a really catchy song!
Duckz - 7 dagar sedan
Only me that was waiting for the boat to get out from the camera?

Lmao LOL
ehichanty - 7 dagar sedan
this song is drug 🔥✨
Natalia - 7 dagar sedan
Ingenious video boys! Love you! Come to Poland ❤🇵🇱
Andrea Joudi
Andrea Joudi - 7 dagar sedan
Frida Bäck
Frida Bäck - 7 dagar sedan
Why is everyone from Poland haha
Solveig Andersson
Solveig Andersson - 7 dagar sedan
Just be a duo, and make it official😂😂😂
Marcelo Luiz
Marcelo Luiz - 7 dagar sedan
Jeihz - 8 dagar sedan
*Skaffa airpods*
Linnea Thulin
Linnea Thulin - 8 dagar sedan
So good! ❤️
pong kevin
pong kevin - 8 dagar sedan
We are huge Benjamin & Felix fans in China 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 I Stan this couple! Go go go happy thoughts!
hayley edits;
hayley edits; - 8 dagar sedan
goodness i love this so much
Silver Kif
Silver Kif - 8 dagar sedan
Love it! From The Netherla-uuuuh I mean Poland!
Emma Eileen
Emma Eileen - 8 dagar sedan
Love this song, you should come to The Netherlands 😊
Mister Krabs
Mister Krabs - 8 dagar sedan
2 soy boys
Butterflai [GD]
Butterflai [GD] - 8 dagar sedan
This is actually really bad ;-;
King_L - 8 dagar sedan
ZiMPAN - 8 dagar sedan
*T R A S H*
Andreas Lund
Andreas Lund - 8 dagar sedan
What a great song, ❤️Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱❤️
Tsm mahamud Gg
Tsm mahamud Gg - 5 dagar sedan
Oprah Silver yeeee jag är från Sverige och dom med
Oprah Silver
Oprah Silver - 6 dagar sedan
They don't leave in Poland in sweden
Jonatan Prado
Jonatan Prado - 8 dagar sedan
México 🇲🇽 supports you!! 🙌
Loglady 1998
Loglady 1998 - 8 dagar sedan
Wonderful song💜💜💜💜💜
Loglady 1998
Loglady 1998 - 8 dagar sedan
Wonderful song💜💜💜💜💜
Tim Carlberg
Tim Carlberg - 8 dagar sedan
Hannah Czisch
Hannah Czisch - 8 dagar sedan
Why is this so underrated i listen to this every day😝❤
Ida N
Ida N - 8 dagar sedan
Is this trending in other countries or are people here because of "quicksand"? Rly confused hah
Katthy Miranda
Katthy Miranda - 8 dagar sedan
Thildam - 8 dagar sedan
love it
Embla Lemira
Embla Lemira - 8 dagar sedan
Asså ni är ju för grymma tillsammans! Oml vad bra ni är!!!!!!😻❤️❤️
Eric Zheng
Eric Zheng - 8 dagar sedan
Obsessed with their song, but why do your headphones have wires? Haha
Hannah Czisch
Hannah Czisch - 8 dagar sedan
Cause they are real and the real ones dont flex🤪
King K
King K - 8 dagar sedan
Ni två asssååå
Amasloth - 8 dagar sedan
Marvelek 13
Marvelek 13 - 9 dagar sedan
I Love that video
Gayane Khachatryan
Gayane Khachatryan - 9 dagar sedan
So idyllic. Sounds like a mantra. Such a nice and peaceful sound with equally nice vocals. It’s amazing how both artists complement each other so extremely well. Absolutely love it. During these 3 minutes, huge array of peace settles over me, sooths my mental and physical irritation. This song is simple but it chases away my anxiety.
Ier Plezier
Ier Plezier - 9 dagar sedan
His moves are driving me crazyyyy
Pattie ts
Pattie ts - 9 dagar sedan
Poland loves ♥
Basia Zarembska
Basia Zarembska - 9 dagar sedan
Poland is here! We waiting for You Felix ❤️🇵🇱
Alice Johansson
Alice Johansson - 9 dagar sedan
chiara wagner
chiara wagner - 9 dagar sedan
We need you in Germany !❤️❤️
Hannah Czisch
Hannah Czisch - 8 dagar sedan
Omg ja ich liebe sie
Marisa B
Marisa B - 9 dagar sedan
Miranda Michelle
Miranda Michelle - 9 dagar sedan
S N Y G G T 👌✨
Agne Gintvainyte
Agne Gintvainyte - 9 dagar sedan
Felix! 😊❤️
Baninya Tobia
Baninya Tobia - 9 dagar sedan
ros roso
ros roso - 9 dagar sedan
sterre en femke
sterre en femke - 9 dagar sedan
Much love from the Netherlands 🇳🇱
constanza belén
constanza belén - 9 dagar sedan
Te amo hoy y siempre felix):
constanza belén
constanza belén - 9 dagar sedan
osvaldo rojas
osvaldo rojas - 9 dagar sedan
I like, i like. 👍🏻🇲🇽
Patricia Olivares
Patricia Olivares - 10 dagar sedan
me encantaaaaaaa♥️😍🥰 🇨🇱
Matros Willy
Matros Willy - 10 dagar sedan
A ja myślałam że jestem taka orginalna że ich słucham, a tu proszę 😂😂😂 MY POLACY WIEMY CO TO DOBRA MUZYKA 😍😍😍😍
Alicja Hirsz
Alicja Hirsz - 2 dagar sedan
Matros Willy oby przyjechał do Polski❤️❤️❤️❤️🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
STACCS - 10 dagar sedan
Vilken grym låt killar! 👑 Vi la precis upp reaktionsvideon på vår youtube från när ni var och hälsade på oss!
Gabriela Dias Galheiro
Gabriela Dias Galheiro - 10 dagar sedan
Como não esse cara ❤️🇧🇷
Benin Mosa
Benin Mosa - 10 dagar sedan
The best
Evangelina Gallo
Evangelina Gallo - 10 dagar sedan
Great!! Greetings from Argentina💜💜
to ja
to ja - 10 dagar sedan
to jest tak dobre
Jessica H
Jessica H - 10 dagar sedan
Ni är ju friendship goals!!❤️❤️love uuu❤️
Lazy FknPotato
Lazy FknPotato - 10 dagar sedan
varför är alla från poland? grym låt, älskar dig felix ❤️
Ellapella56 6
Ellapella56 6 - 10 dagar sedan
Gå in kolla kolla laijna06 senaste video som heter: Sverige slakt