Trump Fights with China, Rudy Seeks Ukraine’s Help in 2020: A Closer Look

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addi stewart
addi stewart - 13 timmar sedan
What a dumb bunch of old men. I thought that the president was supposed to work not sit around talking golf and telling jokes
Eugene O'Sullivan
Eugene O'Sullivan - 17 timmar sedan
It really wouldn't surprise me if the Trump crew were confusing the Ukraine with the UK.
Trean9 - 23 timmar sedan
i dunno, but you, Seth, might have the best "Bernie Sanders".... :)
Fernando Queiroz Popovic
Hummm Rudy is almost like his cartoon character from the "our cartoon president" series and he is just the same
Robert Beccue
Robert Beccue - Dag sedan
Trump is a horses ass
Heather Remlin
Heather Remlin - Dag sedan
Just can't believe, people actually support this BAFOON!
Jaqen Higar
Jaqen Higar - Dag sedan
America is becoming a dictatorship in front of our eyes, keep your your fascist trump zombies out
B AQS - Dag sedan
highly respected all over Europe? are you fucking sick in your head? Trump sucks...
Lisa Riley
Lisa Riley - Dag sedan
R/entitled people....
blanket - Dag sedan
please, leave Ukraine alone, we have enough problems as it is
and America asks for OUR help?
Luna Kat
Luna Kat - Dag sedan
This is such manipulative, misleading b.s. I dislike trump as a human, but even I can see through the misleading media. Wake up Sheeple.
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong - Dag sedan
Omg!! that golf Story was the most low class childish Story I have ever heard in my life!! I just don't understand what is wrong with American people which voted this guy to presidency. Where Is The honour and the nobility 😯😯😯😲😲
Frederiksted St. Croix
Rudy is a charlatan
Mark Porter
Mark Porter - Dag sedan
Am I the only one that noticed the hair-coloring job on Giuliani? Like a 40 year old , rancid bottle of Grecian Formula.
Megan Meadows
Megan Meadows - Dag sedan
Lisa Broody
Lisa Broody - Dag sedan
So China is sending products to the U.S. free! No manufacturing charges! To make our products seem too expensive. To put our factories out of business with "wish" & "dollar store" sales. Trump says this is bad for the country. & This puppet talk show host, & idiot followers! This country is in trouble!
Denton Fender
Denton Fender - Dag sedan
Rudy Julianne as the Vampyre from Transylvania----Nosferatu!!!!!!!!!!!! at
Solengarugar Subarbengabu
Not funny at all!! You're just a shitty lefty!!! You are just a retard!!!!
Denton Fender
Denton Fender - Dag sedan
Biden is on the take from the Banksters, and Wall Street. Bernie Sanders for President in 2020.
Denton Fender
Denton Fender - Dag sedan
I see Trump went to the Larry Storch school of eloquent speech, and acting.
President Prime Minister Admiral General Aladeen
i'm kinda going to miss trump when he gets locked up,...
will he still be able to tweet?;
"OMG!!,. the food is horrible in here!!! @SO SAD!!!"
Denton Fender
Denton Fender - Dag sedan
Trump lies his head off at these "yes" men. And then they are on their knees with their lips puckered kissing Trump's rump.
Richard James Lasiw
Richard James Lasiw - Dag sedan
3.3k negative comments vs trumps 10m positive comments. You're not fooling anyone about whose going to win the 2020 election.
Carol McKee
Carol McKee - Dag sedan
Classic gas lighting
That Guy
That Guy - Dag sedan
Princess Luna
Princess Luna - Dag sedan
Positrive 😂😂😂
Dean Naisby
Dean Naisby - Dag sedan
T.R.U.M.P. ..... The Really Useful Moronic President - As the Russians know him
Gregg Smith
Gregg Smith - Dag sedan
Who are the biggest losers in Trumps trade wars. Not Trump or his closest cronies but the American people. Not only will the price of all goods rise but once they see how much more they are going to lose from their paychecks, if they have a paycheck, but all the frills they have gotten from imported goods are going to be a thing of the past. Good luck to all the average workers in the US.
Fur Queue
Fur Queue - Dag sedan
Ughhhhh you idiot
Martin Chan
Martin Chan - 2 dagar sedan
Oyun Günlükcüleri
Oyun Günlükcüleri - 2 dagar sedan
Nerde türkler ?? Haydi
Bobby Blue
Bobby Blue - 2 dagar sedan
This dude is a fucking idiot.
Xicos - 2 dagar sedan
Rudy dyed whatever hair he has left hahahahaha
hemmojito - 2 dagar sedan
"Highly respected all over Europe ... " Even Urban is like "Really? okay..."
Steven Lindsey
Steven Lindsey - 2 dagar sedan
Oh Seth! Do you expect your audience to believe that you are not a multi millionaire?
Steven Lindsey
Steven Lindsey - 2 dagar sedan
Trump is great at making deals.Look at all of the wealth and jobs that came back.Jobs that Obama said were never coming back.
Steven Lindsey
Steven Lindsey - 2 dagar sedan
Opening monologue,False.Joe and Hunter Biden are under criminal investigation in Ukraine.Guilliani wanted the specifics.
BurglaaR Tv
BurglaaR Tv - 2 dagar sedan
If you get everyone to not respect a person it’s hard to give them any credit.
Like when a group of bullies get everyone against you you can never win because they were taught to hate you and it will stay that way.
Keep reading those prepared scripts guys people who aren’t persuaded by your nazi propaganda can see right through the bs
Cher Chu Hai Kieu
Cher Chu Hai Kieu - 2 dagar sedan
Woah Trump sound like a narcissist!
carole coward
carole coward - 2 dagar sedan
Donald Duck says that about all of them , said the same thing about Puttin. Look what happens. And kim of China.
Hekat the Evil B-tch
Hekat the Evil B-tch - 2 dagar sedan
Tr*mp and friends; pod people who’ve been thrown out of the pod...
James Blackburn
James Blackburn - 2 dagar sedan
I thought Ted Virtue was a character from The Venture Brothers
Ladik Ermis
Ladik Ermis - 2 dagar sedan
Bernie Baby, 2020
Roentgen8 - 2 dagar sedan
Like for that Bernie impression holy guac lmao!!!!!
Unjaded Realist
Unjaded Realist - 2 dagar sedan
"Suspesdid" 😆
Robert DeRoos
Robert DeRoos - 2 dagar sedan
The biggest cheater.
Maria Robles
Maria Robles - 2 dagar sedan
From Honduras hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha
Jessie Johnson
Jessie Johnson - 2 dagar sedan
Absotively ! :D Keep up the good work, Seth. Thank you.
OpiatedBliss - 2 dagar sedan
3 years in and the derangement still going strong. keep it up yanks lol
papa furr
papa furr - 2 dagar sedan
Louis Delmonte
Louis Delmonte - 2 dagar sedan
They should use suspesticide to round up Trump.
Eliza Grogan
Eliza Grogan - 2 dagar sedan
Excuse me Trump, the rest of Europe does not admire Orban. We despise him almost as much as we despise you.
Alejandro K
Alejandro K - 2 dagar sedan
Seth's Bernie Sanders is legendary
Superb Gaming
Superb Gaming - 2 dagar sedan
Yall are being manipulated
Pedro Heberle
Pedro Heberle - 2 dagar sedan
I was peeling apples (yeah) and I actually thought it was Bernie Sanders.
Nj Osborne
Nj Osborne - 3 dagar sedan
Ah, the Magical Hand of Commerce 🐂💩
The Jedi mind trick only works if you’re not mindless 🙃
That’s how our Government is being managed 😱
Was wondering about that😂 And,
Thanks for the confirmation 🤪
It’s More than a little bit confrontational
And, quoting Congressman Adam Schiff,
And a query,
You wouldn’t have a doghouse that said
“The Biggest Looser”,
So why have one over the White House⁉️
Anders Jackson
Anders Jackson - 3 dagar sedan
"Should you tell that story?"
Proper answer would be "no"
Eric Filsinger
Eric Filsinger - 3 dagar sedan
Where was Seth, Jimmi and Steven during the horrid Obama years?
PaperxMario - 3 dagar sedan
that Bernie impersonation was spot on
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson - 3 dagar sedan
Amazing Bernie, Seth. :)
Sam Rankin
Sam Rankin - 3 dagar sedan
I kinda want Sanders to win in 2020, because I enjoy Meyers’ impression of him so much.
JDMime - 3 dagar sedan
LOL (Seth's impression of an out of touch rich douchebag)
atopermusic - 3 dagar sedan
*CIVIL WAR 2020!*
Light Walker
Light Walker - 3 dagar sedan
Hungary? (parliamentary representative democratic republic) Hungary is an independent democratic constitutional republic, with an independent judiciary etc. The silly Leftists like Jessica DeNittis, and others, are confused. It isn't any wonder, they turn to left wing COMICS for political and "news" insight. Sad really. Thus the NPC meme....
FidelHimself - 3 dagar sedan
Fake news. Watch this if you want to believe what the CIA want you to believe.
FidelHimself - 3 dagar sedan
Fake news. Watch this if you want to believe what the CIA want you to believe.
Warren Bennett
Warren Bennett - 3 dagar sedan
JHC. The oligarchical pricks running your pissy country are using this dipshit as a distraction. BTW Dad was born in Brooklyn, got Bronze Star in NewGuinea. I used to like the USA, not anymore. Suck my boongie.
8alot4t - 3 dagar sedan
Yet another good friend of Trump - who is hated by his own people.
Mr. Adventure
Mr. Adventure - 3 dagar sedan
Oh my goodness, tRump and friends are beyond ridiculous. Wow! Just so much mind blowing stuff.
terry walker
terry walker - 3 dagar sedan
Go Trump, please give the leftist nutcases another good hiding come 20/20!
Delroy Brown
Delroy Brown - 3 dagar sedan
Isn't Biden sin dead. Why does Rudy wants him investigated.
b weaver
b weaver - 3 dagar sedan
Since the first time someone said our new president has the mind of a fifth grader, 've been wondering what Baron Trump's been up to. These last 2 years (?) have been like a horror show remake with Trump and his youngest son in the starring roles of "Freaky Friday", where by some strange happening, they've switched bodies so it's actually his fifth or sixth grade son that's running the country. Just seems to explain a lot...???
4ichpich - 3 dagar sedan
Or as jean-claude juncker called him, the dictator
gold star
gold star - 3 dagar sedan
He explain all the major events of Russia's TWO revolutions of 1917– the February Revolution that ended Tsarist rule in Russia, and the October Revolution, that brought the Bolsheviks to power. We explain the causes of Tsar Nicholas II's growing unpopularity - the role of the mysterious Siberian mystic Rasputin, Russia's disastrous involvement in World War One, and the events on the streets of Petrograd that led to the Tsar's abdication. That summer Russia lurched from crisis to crisis, with a Provisional Government that faced riots (the July Days), military revolt (the Kornilov Affair), economic chaos, and constantly dwindling support. Socialist Prime Minister Alexander Kerensky, once hailed as Russia's great hope, was unable to restore order, or, in October, prevent the Bolsheviks from launching a coup, organised by Leon Trotsky and led by Vladimir Lenin, that overthrow the Provisional Government and brought the Bolsheviks to power. A brutal civil war followed, leading to the death of more than 10 million Russians – amongst them Tsar Nicholas II and his family, executed by Bolsheviks at Yekaterinburg in July 1918. From the wreckage emerged the Soviet Union, formed in 1922, and destined to be one of the 20th century's two superpowers. ?? 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5. ???
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Faye Toliver
Faye Toliver - 3 dagar sedan
Rudy got new teeth 🤣🤣🤣
Elle - 3 dagar sedan
watching seth laugh like that made me laugh even more 😂
Tracy - 3 dagar sedan
Lol! 🤣🤣
doobiewah357 - 3 dagar sedan
Even Dave Chappelle said, Seth Meyers & Sandra Bee ruin the world of comedy every night
Matthew Varnam
Matthew Varnam - 3 dagar sedan
People act like President Trump is the only one that chest's his taxes. I can say Trump is the only President with a Back Bone and make our enemies Stand Down when they are threatening our allies with missiles When the other presidents wouldn't.
The New Talker Guy
The New Talker Guy - 3 dagar sedan
So going to Ukraine to find out if they have been meddling in our elections IS meddling in our elections?
I dont like trump either. But cmon. This guy is a joke. And not a funny one.
Mark W.
Mark W. - 3 dagar sedan
Stay funny ellen!
Wisconsin Farmer
Wisconsin Farmer - 3 dagar sedan
The Dow has been stagnant and modulating around 25000 for two years
richard calhoun
richard calhoun - 3 dagar sedan
A hole in one "what was her name" how much did it cost.
Monica X
Monica X - 3 dagar sedan
Trump is a manipulative narcissist... that golf story proves it
Just Me
Just Me - 3 dagar sedan
It's waaaaaay past time to put more people in jail. Let's start with the ones who won't show up after being subpoenaed to appear before Congress.
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson - 3 dagar sedan
Trumps dirty little secret is He doesn't know how to read, just look it up.

WOW: Trump Fails Basic Literacy Test
zxKAOS1 - 3 dagar sedan
Steve Jobs distortion field... eat your heart out!
Suzanne Reilman
Suzanne Reilman - 3 dagar sedan
...fat azz, fat-azzed gut, and zeeeeerohhhh d€£k...!!!
kinn grimm
kinn grimm - 3 dagar sedan
9:39 these guys were not thinking about going, but about kicking Bidens ass for getting close to their sister like that.
kohrean - 3 dagar sedan
bernie impersonation on point
Michi Mus
Michi Mus - 3 dagar sedan
Did Giuliani dyed his sparse hair?
Damien - 3 dagar sedan
Anyone else notice that while Trump was talking about how great the economy is doing, it showed the Dow being down by 571 pts?
EDDIE LEAL - 3 dagar sedan
I think Trump is drinking a little too much before his speeches. lol!
A. D.S.
A. D.S. - 3 dagar sedan
Sooo... Its for sure Biden will be nominated yup the system its rigged 😂😂😂😂. How convenient.... He revealed his plans 😂😂😂.
Maryann Jefferson
Maryann Jefferson - 3 dagar sedan
Rudy Giuliani, you do not look younger with the hair dye! Also your liar, propaganda is showing also. We see you for what you are, despicable for AMERICAN HISTORY.
boston babe
boston babe - 3 dagar sedan
If Trump wants to “close that internet up,” all he will need is an opinion from his Attorney General that section 606 gives him authority to do so, and that the threat of terrorism is compelling enough to override any First Amendment concerns. You watch. He'll fake a terror attack, proclaim war, and use this to control/censor the internet. You watch.
boston babe
boston babe - 3 dagar sedan
Section 606.
boston babe
boston babe - 3 dagar sedan
And this how he's going to do it.
boston babe
boston babe - 3 dagar sedan
boston babe
boston babe - 3 dagar sedan
Article 25 time.