Which of the Sidemen knows Ethan the best?

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Arihant Jain
Arihant Jain - Dag sedan
2:51 JJ forgot his own birthday
Ifeanyi Umeh
Ifeanyi Umeh - 6 dagar sedan
A millionaire who can’t spell June = Harry
yoga Pratama
yoga Pratama - 6 dagar sedan
You guys censored the sound, but not the words in the board 😂😂😂
Astrobeast - 8 dagar sedan
my poop is hot
Alexander James Holmes
Alexander James Holmes - 8 dagar sedan
same birthday my jigga
Alexander James Holmes
Alexander James Holmes - 8 dagar sedan
same birthday my jigga
Lj - 10 dagar sedan
Vik is such a fucking nerd 😂 fidgeting to win a test like how sad can you be
Zakkary WingZK
Zakkary WingZK - 11 dagar sedan
What did harry write?
alisha - 11 dagar sedan
Zakkary WingZK rape...
Imran Kanj
Imran Kanj - 12 dagar sedan
Make a vid who knows Vik the most
Efrin Abraham
Efrin Abraham - 13 dagar sedan
Harry gave himself a point for writing poo
joshua wainwright
joshua wainwright - 13 dagar sedan
CCccttTT - 14 dagar sedan
Finlay Kingdon
Finlay Kingdon - 14 dagar sedan
Harry wrote “rape” if anyone wants to know
Bob Scoots
Bob Scoots - 18 dagar sedan
Harry the only reason to watch sidemen videos
Destiny Olisemeke
Destiny Olisemeke - 19 dagar sedan
everything about harry just says *cba*
azeri8819 - 19 dagar sedan
16:11 12 16:37 6 how
fazel rehman
fazel rehman - 20 dagar sedan
what did harry draw
Nathan Atkinson
Nathan Atkinson - 22 dagar sedan
I am 5,6 and I am ten years old
Luci Louise
Luci Louise - 22 dagar sedan
avxry _
avxry _ - 22 dagar sedan
Ethan has the same birthday as my dad. My dad is also probably 30 years older than him, or 27 years. *_:D_*
- IdonplayAdc -
- IdonplayAdc - - 23 dagar sedan
Omg my bday is June 20 too!
Grace Cook
Grace Cook - 23 dagar sedan
Even I knew Ethan's celeb crush was Jennifer Anniston 🤣🤣
Adam Weston
Adam Weston - 25 dagar sedan
Those midroles doh
Lilceecee ondabeat
Lilceecee ondabeat - 25 dagar sedan
5:48 Josh sticking his head through the fence killed me lmao
Avacado Kid
Avacado Kid - 25 dagar sedan
no wander ethan loves JJ and Tobi
Frans Sitorus
Frans Sitorus - 27 dagar sedan
14:40 jj doing the draymond green
3GamersAndConsoles - 27 dagar sedan
Ethan: whens my birthday?
Vik: do you get a point for the month? lmao
Archie Shiel
Archie Shiel - 28 dagar sedan
Petition to get Harry’s whiteboard unbleeped
KWIBLEKNIT Taft - 29 dagar sedan
Who else has scrolled to the comments to see if they know what harry wrote
Adam Carr
Adam Carr - Månad sedan
What did harry say
Taran Gill
Taran Gill - Månad sedan
There should be a video showing all beeped and blurred sidemen edits
ThatDuckTho - Månad sedan
8.04 does Ethan say the N word???
Zakiry - Månad sedan
They should make a twitter for the shit Harry says what can't go in the videos
W Karpiey
W Karpiey - Månad sedan
If I lived in London I would like to date Ethan, for real, hit me up boo
Abbie Haughton
Abbie Haughton - Månad sedan
Tobi 9:59-10:03
Ahigith Chowdhary
Ahigith Chowdhary - Månad sedan
Let's just not tell tobi that the colour cod is all black
Yeet - Månad sedan
Rah JJ that was smooth 18:48 😂
Mike Graber III
Mike Graber III - Månad sedan
Technically if it was a color it would be black because black is a color
Oliver de BRIEY
Oliver de BRIEY - Månad sedan
27th of jean lololololHGAAGHAGSHSGAHSGAHAGS i can't even 2:29
Blood0cean - Månad sedan
And vikk claimed he was 5 8 when ethan is 5 7.....
Suga! Kookie!
Suga! Kookie! - Månad sedan
17:16 look at Josh’s hand that’s in the railing and look at the shadow, it looks like praying hand
Fusion Tv
Fusion Tv - Månad sedan
Lmao 16:40
Mastaneh Vahidi
Mastaneh Vahidi - Månad sedan
I’m a 16 year old girl and the same height as Ethan. Oop 💀💀💀
Pencil Shavings
Pencil Shavings - Månad sedan
Fluff Y
Fluff Y - Månad sedan
JJ's excuse be like: "I'm colorblind"
Callum Keates
Callum Keates - Månad sedan
N*gga flip is what harry said
Siobhan Kewley
Siobhan Kewley - Månad sedan
I would like Ethan to speed bump me
Mega Mike
Mega Mike - Månad sedan
Everyone: June 20th

Harry in private school: jEWn 4983249872348032749
George Bryant
George Bryant - Månad sedan
KSI needs to realize he says dates the US (wrong) way fml
Beth Richardson
Beth Richardson - Månad sedan
At 17:20 when I actually did say awwww!
BC Ethan-regardless of his weight, is wonderful and lovely! Personality and humor!!!!
Mike Graber III
Mike Graber III - 2 månader sedan
No technically black is a color
Big Wardy
Big Wardy - 2 månader sedan
How many times did Ethan take to pass his theory test
Jose Villanueva
Jose Villanueva - 2 månader sedan
The all have small weewees
Vicente Vasconcelos
Vicente Vasconcelos - 2 månader sedan
i dont even know ethan and i was thinking about jennifer aniston lol
Sensational Sahil
Sensational Sahil - 2 månader sedan
My bday is also June the 20
10k subs without videos
10k subs without videos - 2 månader sedan
Lets all wear black and not tell tobi
Alessandro Vigano
Alessandro Vigano - 2 månader sedan
I am six days before birthday
Zeeshan Hussain
Zeeshan Hussain - 2 månader sedan
I played along and got more than Harry lol
Keri Sartorius xx
Keri Sartorius xx - 2 månader sedan
2:33 Harry !! That’s my birthday ❤️😭!
Sajad Sadeqi
Sajad Sadeqi - Månad sedan
Keri Sartorius xx 27th of Jewn
Amelia Williams
Amelia Williams - 2 månader sedan
When I watched this and y’all said star sign I was so confused because in America we call it zodiac sign.