Which of the Sidemen knows Ethan the best?

98 655
1 135
NovemberPanicMS - 4 timmar sedan
lets all weat black and not tell Tobi
Furious - Brawl Stars
Furious - Brawl Stars - 6 timmar sedan
Lol I'm 5"7 and I'm 52kg
Niels Meijs
Niels Meijs - 8 timmar sedan
Yo Ethan we share birthdays lol
Nicholas Consiglio
Nicholas Consiglio - 16 timmar sedan
I said June 27th, I got the month right and I got Harry’s answer😂😂
Nicholas Consiglio
Nicholas Consiglio - 16 timmar sedan
Chopped Liver
Chopped Liver - 17 timmar sedan
"Rarest of them all are the redheads with blue eyes. The majority have brown eyes or hazel or green shade" Ethan does not have blue/green eyes.
Jacob Storey
Jacob Storey - 17 timmar sedan
It’s called pronebone not speedbump
Jack Wallington
Jack Wallington - 19 timmar sedan
I’m taller than Ethan and I’m 15 😂😂😂
Liam Callan
Liam Callan - 20 timmar sedan
Happy birthday ethan
Nyobi Barras
Nyobi Barras - 22 timmar sedan
Can’t believe I’m taller than Ethan and I’m 14 haha I’m 5’11
SkyDonut - Dag sedan
8:02 ethan said nigga
TheBaldSquirrel - Dag sedan
Whos here before 2.7mil views?
Miran Dutch
Miran Dutch - Dag sedan
3:58 harry s always a legend
Kaspa Fn
Kaspa Fn - Dag sedan
Subscribe to my channel!! Will stream soon!!
Frankie Perazzo
Frankie Perazzo - Dag sedan
Pretty sure Ethan says ni*** and 8:06
Charlie_3998 - Dag sedan
Ethan sounds fat
Liam Corry
Liam Corry - Dag sedan
19:28 look at Harry
Daverl33 - Dag sedan
He said the n -word 8:05
Baller Crawfish
Baller Crawfish - Dag sedan
10:00 Toby copies vik and gets the answer right😂
Marvyn Burrion
Marvyn Burrion - 2 dagar sedan
I was born on the June 20th as well
R - 2 dagar sedan
5:46 what is the father doing?
Es34t Plays
Es34t Plays - 2 dagar sedan
Im Gemini aswell
Onis Begum
Onis Begum - 2 dagar sedan
I was eating coco pops when they asked that question and its my fav aswell
charlotte scholes
charlotte scholes - 2 dagar sedan
The blur over Harry board but if you slow it down you can see the word starts with a lower case H
Gfghfgjf Fgjfgj
Gfghfgjf Fgjfgj - 2 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does Ethan says the N word at 8:04
baddestbee - 7 timmar sedan
Gfghfgjf Fgjfgj yeah I heard look how jj looks at him
McDonaldxNuggetz x
McDonaldxNuggetz x - 2 dagar sedan
8:05 listen to what ethan says to tobi... did he say what i think he said?
Ryan Mansel
Ryan Mansel - 2 dagar sedan
5:50 was hilarious
McKenzie calado
McKenzie calado - 2 dagar sedan
Who else sore tobi cheat at 10:01
Rico TheAdventure
Rico TheAdventure - 2 dagar sedan
Harry gave himself a point for the poo one, debatable if anything
Eg Saucey
Eg Saucey - 2 dagar sedan
Just founding Ethan has the same birthday as me 😂👌🏽
Eg Saucey
Eg Saucey - 2 dagar sedan
Found out^
XD - 3 dagar sedan
No one:

Literally no one in the entire universe:

Odelle Brown
Odelle Brown - 3 dagar sedan
Nice to know that Ethan likes black things. Black clothes, black cars and black women
Josh Dack
Josh Dack - 3 dagar sedan
Harry probably wrote ‘Rape’😂😂
Jacob .Mulvey
Jacob .Mulvey - 3 dagar sedan
There needs to be a what did harry say website cos this shit driving me insane
CheesecakeLasagna - 3 dagar sedan
15:57 *Grandayy*
ThatGirlFeels - 3 dagar sedan
Ethan seems like a good lad, he seems like he doesn't go to crazy and is level headed.
CheesecakeLasagna - 3 dagar sedan
I like how Ethan's giving JJ points like he's in special needs.
champagnemami00 _
champagnemami00 _ - 3 dagar sedan
Y is josh old
Kanellos - 3 dagar sedan
The "black/white isn't a colour it's a shade" bullshit is so annoying. Everyone knows what you mean when you say colour no need to be pedantic over it.
CheesecakeLasagna - 3 dagar sedan
0:09 Tobi is such a secret troll *lmao*
Sohrab Ali
Sohrab Ali - 3 dagar sedan
My big brother has the same birthday as Ethan
ZuraWrath - 3 dagar sedan
Jewn oh my god so funny
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy - 3 dagar sedan
8:04 Ethan says the N word
John Lewis
John Lewis - 3 dagar sedan
3:41 I love it
Milkloverhdxd11 Games
Milkloverhdxd11 Games - 3 dagar sedan
I weigh more than Ethan and I’m only 11 I weigh like over 10 pounds
Barry and Larry suck harry is god
Milkloverhdxd11 Games fat fuck
Chloe Keane
Chloe Keane - 3 dagar sedan
My birthdays 20th of June aswell🤪
Flame - 3 dagar sedan
Same here black and red are my favorite
Road man 45
Road man 45 - 3 dagar sedan
Those cutting roids really helped Ethan
carly rohling
carly rohling - 3 dagar sedan
I literally knew the Jennifer Anniston one lol
Lyrical G
Lyrical G - 4 dagar sedan
Ethan: I want you to put my birth day
KSI: What- has it already happened?