Blueface Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Complex - 10 dagar sedan
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Janaha Jashai
Janaha Jashai - 22 timmar sedan
Complex bring quando rondo to the show plzzzz 😩 !!!!
Kailee Rose
Kailee Rose - Timme sedan
If he a crip why he want all red shoes that one he said "these fire"🤦🏽‍♀️🤣
Joe Soto
Joe Soto - Timme sedan
Joe Soto
Joe Soto - Timme sedan
Man he mumbles like a drunk!
sennsir_ - 2 timmar sedan
5:42 Perfect UPSELL moment! 😂😂😂
yoitsjonathan - 2 timmar sedan
Love how the cashiers are always emotionless
K O N D Z I - 3 timmar sedan
3:15 - 3:20 English please?😂
Iconic Rose
Iconic Rose - 3 timmar sedan
How blue face got on here before LeBron?
kntwing - 3 timmar sedan
why most of the time these guest are black people?i would say 90%
his favorite color is blue?
Jamie Candelaria
Jamie Candelaria - 4 timmar sedan
This dude is a herb
Shang SZN
Shang SZN - 4 timmar sedan
That cashier girl totally wanted to give him a blow in the back of the store
Stavrilaos 10.000 subs without videos
Blueface baby, yeah aight
Rashad Kelty
Rashad Kelty - 5 timmar sedan
take me sneaker shopping
JJ Beats
JJ Beats - 7 timmar sedan
No one:
Blueface: I'm gonna blow it man
Legion LegacyDMK
Legion LegacyDMK - 8 timmar sedan
He is still off beat on this song , smh
Kaseyjashae Sings
Kaseyjashae Sings - 9 timmar sedan
He actually talk better then I thought. I hope he doesn’t end up being a mumble rapper😅
Babez Chase
Babez Chase - 9 timmar sedan
blueface off-beat bleedem
Legion LegacyDMK
Legion LegacyDMK - 10 timmar sedan
Should I put the entire subtitles on the comment?
UPRCLS - 10 timmar sedan
yall be afraid to moan during sex meanwhile I be in my girls ear like 5:53
Aaron Jooste
Aaron Jooste - 11 timmar sedan
Is blueface speaking english ?
Tray Tary
Tray Tary - 12 timmar sedan
I wonder what nursery rhyme blueface used to listen to because they rhyme and he don’t 😂
Jaydas Awesome videos
Jaydas Awesome videos - 12 timmar sedan
Blueface baby yeah aight!😂🔥
Just Qua
Just Qua - 12 timmar sedan
Flight Club stay over charging
capazjin stroman
capazjin stroman - 13 timmar sedan
Cas V
Cas V - 13 timmar sedan
Bruh still havent got Travis on this show
Canyon Tritt
Canyon Tritt - 14 timmar sedan
" I like blue" - Blueface, 2019.
Fernandino Velasquez
Fernandino Velasquez - 14 timmar sedan
Bro i cant understand what blueface was saying
What Up Big Boi
What Up Big Boi - 16 timmar sedan
blueface even talks off beat
Franklin Santana
Franklin Santana - 16 timmar sedan
im here for the oneclicks guys
Franklin Santana
Franklin Santana - 16 timmar sedan
blueface bitchhh
Andre Aviles
Andre Aviles - 17 timmar sedan
literally no body:
blueface: yeaight
Jordis Gaming
Jordis Gaming - 17 timmar sedan
Blue face think it’s funny to like blue 🤣
Perccents - 19 timmar sedan
Watch Blueface walk up to the cashier and say

“Bust down”
lotusheart - 19 timmar sedan
Can I get a closed caption...bouncy ball...translator.... something????
SHINIGAMI XIII - 21 timme sedan
*500 for huaraches...*
Belen Osorio
Belen Osorio - 21 timme sedan
Bust down tatiana
Xx_Fortnite IsFun_xX
Xx_Fortnite IsFun_xX - 21 timme sedan
Blueface every time he sees a pair of shoes : I like blue .. :)
melissa brown
melissa brown - 21 timme sedan
for people who don't understand what he's saying use captions

it works but not really but its funny 😂😂😂
Carlos Spence
Carlos Spence - 21 timme sedan
Blueface is dope
yall be hating him so much
TripEL OG Darkness
TripEL OG Darkness - 21 timme sedan
Dressed like Eddie Murphy’s in RAW
Elijah Mathes
Elijah Mathes - 21 timme sedan
Blue face-2.5k
Juice wrld-hold my beer boys
Kid Triz
Kid Triz - 22 timmar sedan
Complex: ask question
Rapper: uhh uhh fuck yeah
Lil Mason
Lil Mason - 22 timmar sedan
I see blueface is still offbeat even just talking
Jaidyn NJ
Jaidyn NJ - 23 timmar sedan
Blueface probably Crip walked into the sneaker shop
Johnpaul Medina
Johnpaul Medina - Dag sedan
He mumbles way too much I didn't understand a word blueface said lol
Alejandro Hernández
Alejandro Hernández - Dag sedan
the captions could not know what he was saying
Leasi Rivera
Leasi Rivera - Dag sedan
yup - Dag sedan
Two thousand four seven cents oooo that had me died😂😂😂😂
yup - Dag sedan
Blueface😱😱😱yeah alright
This dude i only know how yeah alright
ِ - Dag sedan
Ratul Hassan Shadin
Ratul Hassan Shadin - Dag sedan
What's the cashier girl name?
Lil ol me
Lil ol me - Dag sedan
I have no fucking idea on what he was sayin
NYB fadi69 The king
NYB fadi69 The king - Dag sedan
Dam blue face really living his life❤️
girlygirlgracie - Dag sedan
BlueFace has some sleepy voice, it kinda sounds cute 🤪
Tomáš Takáč
Tomáš Takáč - Dag sedan
Bryan Badass Dass
Bryan Badass Dass - Dag sedan
Blue Face: rrfrmfrrgrrfrrmghrrmmurfurfmrshr..... Yeah man
I like BLUE!

say what you want tho - he got the money
Gilbert B
Gilbert B - Dag sedan
Shoe guy:
Blueface: Ouuuu bop
BigRod BigRod
BigRod BigRod - Dag sedan
If he really knew what he was buying he would of gave a shot out to Nip because Nipsey was the first crip to wear them blue hurrache in his picture me rollin video
Darrell Bell
Darrell Bell - Dag sedan
Blueface gone get anything comfortable enough for him to C-Walk in !
young pippo
young pippo - Dag sedan
Damn i thought Desiigner was retarded
Quintavion Burns
Quintavion Burns - Dag sedan
Rouz - Dag sedan
Jayden Garcia
Jayden Garcia - Dag sedan
I like blue 😂
808 Reaper Beatz
808 Reaper Beatz - Dag sedan
Cant understand what this mf saying
Onmyblock Scenes
Onmyblock Scenes - Dag sedan
0:55 hairy ass legs but yea ight
Cael J. Harden
Cael J. Harden - Dag sedan
Blueface: They bussin’?
Joe: *awkward laugh* hehe yea
Blueface: They bussin’?!??!
Joe: Yeah. They are bussing.
random loner
random loner - Dag sedan
2k? Juice spent 42k😂
sadavocado - Dag sedan
He looks like Nick Cannon lmao
rainbow kush
rainbow kush - Dag sedan
Stinkers sneakers 🤣
Cole Blasco
Cole Blasco - Dag sedan
Bluface: "I like blue"
3 seconds later: shows A picture of him in Air Force Ones with a red Swoosh
Royalty. Gold
Royalty. Gold - Dag sedan
*-Blueface Enters The Chat*
Royalty. Gold
Royalty. Gold - Dag sedan
*Blue Sneaker Pops Up*
Blueface:These Are Cool I Like Blue :)
imsw4gandkoolmlg420iam 9yearsolddudean
This wholesome comment is once again unrecognized
dfdfdgg gjhjjh
dfdfdgg gjhjjh - Dag sedan
Never heard of blueface before, but I'm pretty sure the guy is full blown autistic.
sergio ortiz
sergio ortiz - Dag sedan
This Illuminati Puppet smh
yung xaniac
yung xaniac - Dag sedan
Broke nigga alert he got no credit card
“Juice wrld still winning with 40k spent in the store”
Wasal Hj Salat
Wasal Hj Salat - Dag sedan
Next few months those face goin to be like primary school table,full of drawing and shit🤣🤣
Djdill45 - Dag sedan
Imagine spending 500 on huaraches
andrew guru
andrew guru - Dag sedan
His crip walk is just like his manager.

*WACK 100%* of the time
Dripaholic - Dag sedan
swizo - Dag sedan
2:15 “Maybe half a year, six months”
Mans a dumbass
Michel Almanza
Michel Almanza - Dag sedan
Who else get exited when u see a shoe u have🤗
Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose - Dag sedan
Use Caption To Understand Because Mr Porter Cannot Remove His Cotton On His Mouth.
GabrielGaming360 GabrielGaming540
Haracheese oh dam i din even ask for those
I spell the shoes wrong on purpose
CHINO - Dag sedan
This guy talks off beat wow
Nope May
Nope May - Dag sedan
Ansel Greene
Ansel Greene - Dag sedan
"shoutout to the youth"
Siam Hossain
Siam Hossain - Dag sedan
Yea!! Special ed represent 👌
gangstalishis - Dag sedan
0:55 this dude got werewolf legs, and so do I lol. no hate just an observation.
Almighty Doflamingo
Almighty Doflamingo - Dag sedan
People hate on huraches but blue face likes em, I’m kinda suprised
AD Adreonna
AD Adreonna - 2 dagar sedan
Blueface a Fake Crip !!
xLittleBoy- - 2 dagar sedan
Complex only does these interviews to get these people to spend there money on shoes lol
toast ios
toast ios - 2 dagar sedan
use me as the “yeah ight” button
wanted - 2 dagar sedan
Parents: Blueface, what’s your favorite color?

Blueface: 𝐈 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐛𝐥𝐮𝐞.
Kay Kay
Kay Kay - 2 dagar sedan
Why he stay be tryin to crip walk tf!?!?
gamingwit josh
gamingwit josh - 2 dagar sedan
Bet you won't catch him buying red shoes 😂😂
Juicello - 2 dagar sedan
Blueface could be sooo attractive if he didn't have so many tattoos and actually talked clearly
Karlee Cherry
Karlee Cherry - 2 dagar sedan
how he a famous crip but got a pair of bright red shoes ?
wame woood
wame woood - 2 dagar sedan
Wtf he can’t talk
XXXELLIEL / - 2 dagar sedan
Juice wrld spent more than him
Ramani Warner
Ramani Warner - 2 dagar sedan
What was those noises ? 6:01