Blueface Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Complex - 3 månader sedan
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Kassandra Thomas
Kassandra Thomas - 2 dagar sedan
Complex don’t let me go back in the game again
cnaasty visuals
cnaasty visuals - 3 dagar sedan
cnaasty visuals
cnaasty visuals - 3 dagar sedan
Tay Tay h
Nina Peterson
Nina Peterson - 6 dagar sedan
Blueface can u please get me some shoes
Ryoz Vxndi
Ryoz Vxndi - 7 dagar sedan
iHazzy no one cares
Issac Miranda
Issac Miranda - 5 timmar sedan
His breathing is offbeat
Jake Livermore
Jake Livermore - 7 timmar sedan
"How hard was it for you to get sneakers?"
"Was hard but not hard"
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith - 9 timmar sedan
I'm so glad someone paid cash
Josue Cardenas
Josue Cardenas - 9 timmar sedan
Whats blue face even sayin
4:14 _
4:14 _ - 13 timmar sedan
He is like a caveman😂
Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker - 13 timmar sedan
Get Fredo Bang
Justy Theking
Justy Theking - 16 timmar sedan
All the shoes blue
NIKE AIR JORDAN IV: they tryna be crip they tryna be crip
FaZeHeXaL YT - 17 timmar sedan
did blueface really but some Jordan 15's for $300
DereMeme - 17 timmar sedan
no one :
blueface : yE Ai ✨
Philip Okala
Philip Okala - 18 timmar sedan
It’s a walking t poser
Nízhoni Tom
Nízhoni Tom - 20 timmar sedan
If you ain't black then I understand why you can't understand
Goliathus - 22 timmar sedan
No one:
Blueface:I like bLuE
Purple Savage
Purple Savage - Dag sedan
Use me as the BUST DOWN button
Janaya Jones
Janaya Jones - Dag sedan
This dude trying to flex to ole girl she wasn’t playing no attention to him lmao 💜💀
idek - Dag sedan
This is how many times
blueface said hell yeah
tyrantrumtor the great
This man speaking earfquake
Aimen Hammou
Aimen Hammou - Dag sedan
This dude's voice has autotune by itself or what?
Alana Heng
Alana Heng - Dag sedan
Why ppl can nobody understand him? He don’t talk that unclear 😂😪
Tik Tok Kid Amir
Tik Tok Kid Amir - Dag sedan
Imma c walk in my red jays
He trippin
HyDro Pizzaツ
HyDro Pizzaツ - Dag sedan
Ah good I live in Texas where any thing ain’t expensive
StylishSquid Games
StylishSquid Games - Dag sedan
Blueface baby
Heartbreak Richy
Heartbreak Richy - Dag sedan
I just noticed no guest ever tries on the shoes before buying them
xmaide x
xmaide x - Dag sedan
Never knew blueface knew how to count
Pro QuickScoper342
Pro QuickScoper342 - Dag sedan
Great vid!" cant wait for the english version.
Rdagoat X4
Rdagoat X4 - Dag sedan
BlueFace: BOP!
Nonstop11 Josh Owens
Nonstop11 Josh Owens - 6 timmar sedan
U got alot of likes
Noah P
Noah P - Dag sedan
What he say
Gengi 615
Gengi 615 - Dag sedan
Almost $600 for some huraches?🤣🤣 mfs better come signed by blue face for that price 😡
Paul Chilson
Paul Chilson - Dag sedan
Blueface: hem hum hmm pemm yeh (mumbling) hemm hmm yeah telm dun guy (more mumbling)
NBAngel Wings
NBAngel Wings - Dag sedan
6:02 He reminds me of Wiz
NBAngel Wings
NBAngel Wings - Dag sedan
I like that blueface chain tho. Different.
Francisco Edeza
Francisco Edeza - Dag sedan
6:10 Ohh Yeah, I Forgot Blueface Can't Really Flirt Because He Supposedly Has 2 Girlfriends.
Dsigbi - Dag sedan
Imagine if we could all just walk into a store and be like "These, these and these" without looking at 1 tag
Dsigbi - Dag sedan
I understand every single letter he pronounces so why these comments look like under a future video
I love To animate
I love To animate - Dag sedan
Blue face:i like blue. Me:.......
Declan Hovey
Declan Hovey - Dag sedan
Yo is he wearing fear of god cause they 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
FuRy_PyRo - 2 dagar sedan
Who else wants to see melly go sneaker shopping
Oofer Mcooferton
Oofer Mcooferton - 2 dagar sedan
The way he says ooooo
Astazia Davis
Astazia Davis - 2 dagar sedan
I like jus how he grabs the shoes like it nothing
Makeit happen
Makeit happen - 2 dagar sedan
I wonder if he can go 20 seconds without saying yeah aight
Catalina Machuca
Catalina Machuca - 2 dagar sedan
Absolutely nobody:
Not a living soul:
Victoria Berg
Victoria Berg - 2 dagar sedan
my dream was to own a pair of retro 11 but growing up my parents never had the money and they still don't
Dve123 D
Dve123 D - 2 dagar sedan
Aleksandar Stojanovic
Aleksandar Stojanovic - 2 dagar sedan
Blueface: Hell yeh
M-FITNESS - - 2 dagar sedan
Joe: are there any sneakers that stand out to you
Blue face: fUgVvhNJjGgHJhGhJJkKHhhhHJhsAiGHt
BLAQK ! - 2 dagar sedan
I wouldn't pay that much for none of those sneakers...BOP!
iTz h3zY
iTz h3zY - 2 dagar sedan
i LiKe BlUe
ツFaiint - 2 dagar sedan
on the deadlocs
Alejandro Perez
Alejandro Perez - 3 dagar sedan
Do nle chappa
hellraisingg ?
hellraisingg ? - 3 dagar sedan
i like how this guy said rapping is a lot less work then football. cuz it is when you say “used to ride the buss round’ , now i wear bussdowns”