Comedy Actors Roundtable: Sacha Baron Cohen, Jim Carrey, Don Cheadle & More | Close Up

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Jason Freebird
Jason Freebird - Timme sedan
Carrey seems like a pompus ass.
PSYCHE DELIC - 2 timmar sedan
They may be laughing, but Jim Carrey was being serious. It is true what they said about most comedians, they make people happy but behind the scenes there was something dark. Just take the late Robin Williams for example.
Pal Cadaval
Pal Cadaval - 4 timmar sedan
It is so weird to hear Ted swear.
Michael Newman
Michael Newman - 6 timmar sedan
Don Cheadle is a comedy actor?
Fabbio Timpano
Fabbio Timpano - 7 timmar sedan
Jim you are the only thing that matters in our life time! thank you from everyone
The Man
The Man - 7 timmar sedan
Jim Carrey has really come down to earth..
mejsjalv - 7 timmar sedan
Not that Cheadle can't be fun, but he's famous mostly for his dramatic work. They should have traded Cheadle for Tom Hanks from the Actor's Roundtable for this one. Much more of a "Comedy Actor" than Cheadle for sure.
Will Hickman
Will Hickman - 7 timmar sedan
So Sasha was just trying to bait people so he could feel good about him self.
kikleine - 8 timmar sedan
I miss Eddie
Hayley Beck
Hayley Beck - 11 timmar sedan
I wanna see Sacha Baron Cohen win an Oscar one day. I believe he is that good.
Joyce Johnson
Joyce Johnson - 11 timmar sedan
e-mail to Jim Carrey: How do you sleep at night knowing so many people hate you? Jim: Without underwear so they can kiss my ass.
xKardiaL - 12 timmar sedan
Jim has a point but how to deprogram the masses.
Mahatma Levolence
Mahatma Levolence - 12 timmar sedan
I act because...i come from an affluent background and i know i'll never be short of work in my life because Jewish people run Hollywood and i'm Jewish, bitches!
Ulo Magyar
Ulo Magyar - 15 timmar sedan
disapproving Islam is not racist, that's an ideology not a race *facepalm*
Alex Byron
Alex Byron - 15 timmar sedan
Well done to the interviewer for getting a lot of out these chaps! Good roundtable!
OddOneOut665 - 16 timmar sedan
It's a goddamn crime that Jim Carrey didn't get an Emmy Nod for 'Kidding'...
Fernando Marquez
Fernando Marquez - 17 timmar sedan
jim Carrey really needs to take himself less seriously- I like his movies but man seriously you guys joked about it but you're not inventing the cure to cancer, let alone acting in truly meaningful roles which I appreciate is subjective but Jesus man relax.
ARKANOiiDE - 18 timmar sedan
There should be the actor who played Al Bundy.
W.D. Asencios
W.D. Asencios - 19 timmar sedan
take out Don Cheadle! He's the worst actor there. Not even funny
Don Santiago Ramon Cajal
Don Santiago Ramon Cajal - 21 timme sedan
Holy shit that's The Fonze !!
Elizabeth - 21 timme sedan
Can you imagine getting complimented by Jim Carrey about something you wrote/created?!?!? Lol man, I would melt
Mates Zizkovsky
Mates Zizkovsky - 22 timmar sedan
the chemistry between Sacha and Jim is real!!!
The Real KaYnE
The Real KaYnE - 22 timmar sedan
When Jim complimented Sacha, I felt that. Imagine being complimented by someone you look up to, and feeling like you can genuinely feel proud of what you've accomplished.
The Real KaYnE
The Real KaYnE - 22 timmar sedan
I'd love to have an experience like that. The closest thing I've experienced was the rapper Hopsin listening to one of my songs, but his feedback was mildly critical, which hurt my feelings, I was disappointed. Perhaps I had unrealistic expectations of getting a proper compliment, but it was an opportunity to get that validation that just didn't turn out as I expected.
Fur Cue 2
Fur Cue 2 - 23 timmar sedan
Longest YouTube clip I've ever watched and could happily watch the whole thing again.
TooSweeet - 23 timmar sedan
Honestly one of the most entertaining things i have watched in a long long time....
Ian Allen
Ian Allen - Dag sedan
The moderator/ interviewer is excellent!
GJLCreativeVLOG - Dag sedan
Jim Carrey takes himself way too fucking seriously. Holy shit, man. Stop sniffing your own farts
Danny Baxter
Danny Baxter - Dag sedan
Timothy Simons could be a Burt Reynolds fill in for a Smokey and the Bandit prequel.
camisha mill
camisha mill - Dag sedan
don cheadle is hilarious!!!
Dakota Dennis
Dakota Dennis - Dag sedan
Wow, this was great
camisha mill
camisha mill - Dag sedan
came here for jim!!
ConsciousThought - Dag sedan
Jim is so conscious and a genius. He had an awakening a few years ago and I remember everybody was saying how he needed help but he's just elevated on a different level. Grew up on him and Adam Sandler. Jim is very humble now and was serious when he said kids don't come to Hollywood. Sacha is a Genius also. Good thing Sacha knows his rights.
C Brooks
C Brooks - Dag sedan
Steve Carell should have been on here instead of that veep guy. Let's be honest.
Megan - 16 timmar sedan
C Brooks it’s about the shows that are Emmy contenders though and Steve isn’t in anything on TV currently
D H - Dag sedan
I hate the presumption that everyone is racist, rather people don't like bad people no matter the victim group they identify as, people don't want to live with crazy people who are hostile to them if they are lgbtq, republican, Jewish etc, although talented in the make-believe - they shouldn't bring there work home, they don't live with mosques, and don't live in urban areas, also if we moved to middle-east and started putting up churches I could understand the people with different ideas about life and culture would stop it (a lot more forcefully than our inaction), people know the baggage that each culture has, so to expect instant harmony is insane.
There are different levels to people are are racist that we ignore, having a negative view of a group could be fair depending on the evidence, plus everyone is mixed and so really we are all human so its abit of a concept more than reality. The only time I see it as a real problem is when people act on negative ideas without evidence, if your in a high crime area you are on guard, its prejudging but fair, u don't think everyone is a criminal but u do see potential, so saying someone is prejudice is only telling less than half of the story/context.
The west is the best place to live but u wouldn't believe it from the media and celebrities, people mention trump as a short-hand for bad man, but they are so vague and politically correct they cant tell when he is joking - I mean some places are shitholes, some women will do anything for career progression, but if u cant see that your lost if group think, leftist victhood, anti-capitalist bs, name a better system - lifes not fair so get over it, do your best and stop trying to blame people for hierarchy as hierarchy cannot be fixed as its a law of nature, there are bad guys but not like in the middleeast where true oppression is
Guy Collishaw
Guy Collishaw - Dag sedan
It's really strange how Carrey and Danson blatantly talk 'through' each other. Not over each other but as if either isn't there sometimes. You don't see that very often without either party suddenly stopping and/or apologising. Obviously nothing bad meant by it, they just clash and it's quite odd haha.
Stephen Waters
Stephen Waters - Dag sedan
#metoo no-one has express rights to nodding like a dog.. sorry english term.. we dont get anywhere with ladies pretending to b
e men.. no mrs who.. no mrs holmes.. true #metoo will find a way to invent great original rolls for women. the battle you have cannot be won by impersonation. the crowd will love you for originality.the #metoo is pissy when it copies old male rolls. be boldn invent new things
Neil Joe Ramos
Neil Joe Ramos - Dag sedan
The amount of sadness in this room. You can feel it. Its true, saddest people on earth are comedians.
Ω Shred
Ω Shred - Dag sedan
A butcher edited this
Marcusmiller - Dag sedan
Jim Carrey trying to 'One Up' Sacha's story... 'yeah comedy is dangerous' come on man. What Sacha is doing is totally different than your style of comedy and that's okay. But Jim tried to make another sentational story after Sacha's story...
Marcusmiller - Dag sedan
Interesting to see Sacha and Jim Carrey. A huge contrast i think: Sacha is very down to earth and Jim is kinda well...he seems lost, kind of depressed. I hope he finds a way. Wish him all the best.
Moth Coffins
Moth Coffins - Dag sedan
Who are these people? Is this an Old jazz band or something?
Logan Sappington
Logan Sappington - Dag sedan
This should be called, "Let's interrupt Don Cheadle."
DSolarisKnight - 20 timmar sedan
I went on a long search for a comment like this. Glad somebody pointed that out.
Emilia Johnson
Emilia Johnson - Dag sedan
0:23 3:35
한우리 - Dag sedan
such a great interview
chocjane08 - Dag sedan
This was good round table, one of the better I've seen in a long time.
michael - Dag sedan
@Hollywood Reporter: please do more of these interviews. This is really unique content on the web!!
Knead - Dag sedan
Jim Carrey is such a decent, kind and supremely honest guy.
Yoga with Kassandra
Yoga with Kassandra - Dag sedan
Timothy Simons is so likeable!
michael bianco
michael bianco - 2 dagar sedan
I love Sasha Cohen but I low key think he bullshittin bout possibly being threatened with guns
fred freddy
fred freddy - 2 dagar sedan
I only know 4 of 7