I had given up on AMD… until today - Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review

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AMD is launching ALL of their third-gen Ryzen CPUs today - We’ve got our hands on two of the best to see if they really can take the fight to Intel’s doorstep: Gaming.
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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips - 4 månader sedan
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Use code LINUS and get 25% off GlassWire at https://lmg.gg/glasswire
Son Of Troy
Son Of Troy - 2 dagar sedan
Hey LTT, I’m in the process of building my very first PC but out here in central California their are no computer hardware stores in my area that can supply the build I want, I even went to Best Buy and they don’t carry high-end pc build parts, I’m left with the option of ordering online... if you were going to buy very high-end parts for a pc build online, who would you buy from? Or where do you go to get all your pc build parts...
2nde06 BOUNAJMA Mehdi
2nde06 BOUNAJMA Mehdi - 8 dagar sedan
amd is fucking intel simply
Lovro Mačič Kotnik
Lovro Mačič Kotnik - 19 dagar sedan
Hi linus i started you watching last year when i started to get really into computers i watched every your video and i love your channel and everyone on this channel i just wanna make sure that you know how much your channel do to me
Hop Pine Cliff
Hop Pine Cliff - 24 dagar sedan
I just got a brand new laptop do you have a video on what I should do to it?
Ben R.
Ben R. - 28 dagar sedan
Yes, that's what I always say too. People just don't know how bad they are getting screwed when buying all these Taiwanese semiconductor parts. All of it is based from there and is so cheaply designed and made. Any real technical person in the field can or that works in a fab can tell you how cheap these damn products are. These monopolies all rip people off with these price fixing products. Who puts the value on the products? The monopolies do. Like real estate. Same damn thing. It's because there is no free market any longer just monopolies that buy every competitor or price them out of business like Amazon. Corsair, Thermaltake, Gigabyte, MSI, Zotac, Biostar, all these cheap Taiwanese based companies use the same damn parts in everything cheaply designed and put together without any real engineering thought that goes in it. Cheap controllers, PWM, VRM, Caps, switches, everything is so damn cheap in every part yet most people don't give a shit as long as it works. The failure rate is at it's highest today with these parts being at the highest cost it has ever been. AMD might be the underdog but who's to say that they wouldn't be Intel today and vice versa. Fanboys. Monopolies have killed the free market along with good products that used to exist 30 years ago.
Adilton Azure
Adilton Azure - 15 timmar sedan
Crazy how some people Get this Ai development kit to play pong in hd
MegaLatexxx - 21 timme sedan
To anyone saying that Intel are not feeling the squeeze because they still have a huge market share. The new XE processors are coming out with HALF the price tag, HALF. If that's not good for consumers, I don't know what is. I've used intel CPUs since 2006, with a brief stint using an fx4100 for about a month. Last year I switched back to red, unless there is a HUGE game breaker, I don't see myself shelling out for intel cpus anytime soon. Even on the laptop end, traditionally dominated by intel, the ryzen 5 H series is doing pretty good and is a worthy pick for a gaming laptop.
Church - Dag sedan
I would definitely like to see how these CPUs perform at different memory speeds. I would love to upgrade to an x570 and a 3600, but don't want to toss my 32gbs of ddr4 2133.
Babi Ranger
Babi Ranger - 2 dagar sedan
3:46 i thought it's another ad
Eduardo Lacagnina
Eduardo Lacagnina - 2 dagar sedan
After watching this I bought AMD stock and the payoff is looking good so far. Thanks Linus!
Tony Demarzio
Tony Demarzio - 2 dagar sedan
Look closlier he says lol
Virus Frankie
Virus Frankie - 3 dagar sedan
Жаль что я не владею английским. Тем не менее, это не помешало мне понять что ты, мудак проплаченный, пиздишь как дышишь. Разумеется во всяких там тестах, бенчах и т.д. ryzen обгоняет intel за счёт большего количества ядер и потоков, но как только дело доходит до игр (как раз таки единственная причина сборки пк в 80% случаев) то ryzen 7 3700x просто по королевски отсасывает у core i7 9700k, а ryzen 9 3900x тем временем, просто как ёбаный куколд стоит, смотрит на это всё и говорит: "Понял, понял... Ухожу".
og looneyy
og looneyy - 3 dagar sedan
Switching from an i3 to Ryzen 5 wit Radeon graphics. Worth it?
Moon Lord
Moon Lord - 3 dagar sedan
what is the computer mounting device you use to mount your mother board in the video at 11:10?
ʌǝʇǝɾnʌʍ ınɟǝɾnı
Maybe the worst feature of the 3900X is "not available" or "delivery postponed". This is why I gave up and canceled my order. I'm now a happy owner of 9900KS.
Thunder Spikepaw
Thunder Spikepaw - 4 dagar sedan
I´m so proud to say AMD IS FINALLY BACK
Tim U
Tim U - 4 dagar sedan
Look closelyer.
TechTom - 4 dagar sedan
The most important thing is the "Performance per $" ratio.
Don't compare CPUs of the same Generation but of the same Pricetag...
that's it...
Amon Ra
Amon Ra - 4 dagar sedan
I have a way of accelerating ordinary PCs up to 3000 times for general computational tasks such as Photoshop. ++385 35 481 341, mobile ++385-91-390-3479 (Tvrtko Rajcevic, Croatia, EU) I would like to sell my invention to Intel or whoever offers the most cash. The price is €1BN+30% of future profits or what is being offered at the table. 13.11.2019.
A. Bach
A. Bach - 4 dagar sedan
waiting for the next review of the 3950 and threadshitter 3 and how its no longer for the "poor people." Furthermore, can't wait for the influencers to tell everyone how the 3900 and 3700 are so blase now that 3950 is here
Gábor Szabó
Gábor Szabó - 5 dagar sedan
Well, where I live Ryzen 7 3700X is almost the same priced as i7-9700K and Ryzen 9 3900X is 25% more expensive than i9-9900k. Which is ridiculous when everybody says that it should be cheaper.
Баходурбек Абдурахманов
are y dolboeb⁉️ or ebobobo⁉️ 👎🏼
Azi CH
Azi CH - 5 dagar sedan
You mustn't test CPUs
Scalliboy - 5 dagar sedan
IzzuRba - 5 dagar sedan
i just bought Ryzen proccessor, do i need to put a extra thermal paste even that the proccessor has it pre applied???
Sticksdoesminecraft - 5 dagar sedan
No leave it alone u add more will make it run like shit
Relaks Media
Relaks Media - 6 dagar sedan
I honestly thought he said look closely here, and yeah the “speaking of” has its stigma. LOL
William Johnson
William Johnson - 6 dagar sedan
3770K on a Z77 motherboard. I can stand the upgrade. It would make my workflow lag less.
Sabre Vanson
Sabre Vanson - 6 dagar sedan
replaced my old I5 6600k with Ryzen 5 3600. its a great cpu
yahya ghazal
yahya ghazal - 6 dagar sedan
Core I7 9700K:*exists*
Linus:"Core I9 9700K"
epicwolf - 6 dagar sedan
Did Linus just said look "closlier"? 7:17. I know he is Canadian but I doubt closlier is an actual word
Duo Joshuacindy
Duo Joshuacindy - 7 dagar sedan
well... depends what aspect of poverty you are talking about, for poor people from the financial perspective, or from the intellectual perspective? because buying something cheaper and better is acting smarter and buying overpriced stuff doesnt make you richer.... makes you ignorant or better say, poor from the intelectual perspective, so i guess intel is for poor people, from the intellectual perspective and im not a fan boy i never owned a amd cpu, intel my whole life since the 90s so think about that.
Yam - 7 dagar sedan
In the GPU market, right now nvidia is beating the shit out of AMD, but in the CPU market AMD is beating the shit out of intel
Anil Rampersad
Anil Rampersad - 7 dagar sedan
When he said " speaking of deeper " I got scared lol
Mr ekg98
Mr ekg98 - 7 dagar sedan
I gave up on amd 21 years ago.
Mr ekg98
Mr ekg98 - 7 dagar sedan
CATaclysmic nope. Castrated processors. They burned me years ago. Never again. Wont buy anything amd. If they are the only pc on the market i wont use them
CATaclysmic - 7 dagar sedan
Until now
PrimeEXE - 7 dagar sedan
nicky jensen
nicky jensen - 8 dagar sedan
giant thumbs up for south park reference :D
David Wilcox
David Wilcox - 8 dagar sedan
UEFI sucks.
David Wilcox
David Wilcox - 8 dagar sedan
it's hard on the kings peasants when their king gets dethroned.
BeatmasterAC - 8 dagar sedan
@7:30 did amd finally patched the cpu group bug?
Entity 99
Entity 99 - 8 dagar sedan
honestly i was about to go for intel next year but now that i know about 3rd gen ryzen i will definitely give it a second thought....................team blue work harder....team red lead the way man
DjZorlag - 8 dagar sedan
There is no faster reflex in my body than my finger going to letter L to press it a couple of times when Linus's mood suddenly changes and he says "Speaking of...".
satyajit sale
satyajit sale - 9 dagar sedan
If u r into computer marketing, just close your eyes and follow Linus, much thanks buddy
satyajit sale
satyajit sale - 9 dagar sedan
Hey hey what's i9 9700k u r talking about
Butters Scotch
Butters Scotch - 9 dagar sedan
I’m switching boys
sukant karmakar
sukant karmakar - 9 dagar sedan
what a Drama king 😄😊
Lim Steven
Lim Steven - 10 dagar sedan
8:07 is it Core i7 9700K , instead of "Core i9 9700K" ?
Mustache Merlin
Mustache Merlin - 10 dagar sedan
Okay okay, it can run Crysis. But can it render a CSS animation at more than 4fps? I'm talking _truly_ impossible stuff here.
NoxZero - 10 dagar sedan
*staring at 2700x*

look how they massacred my boy
NoxZero - 10 dagar sedan
The fact is intel is focused on mobile and other things. AMD took the desktop ball and ran with it.
david mason
david mason - 11 dagar sedan
I always thought amd was better for gaming
Mario Beky
Mario Beky - 11 dagar sedan
And the Oscar goes to... Anthony.
Syou Jyou Chin
Syou Jyou Chin - 11 dagar sedan
AMD yes
Octopop - 12 dagar sedan
It's not "just a second choice for poor people" I have a R7 and prefer intel purely just because my brain likes amd. Simple as that. It's a preference I didn't think about.
Jeff Derek
Jeff Derek - 12 dagar sedan
7:17 wait what
gary proffitt
gary proffitt - 12 dagar sedan
Wow LTT, Thank again the Amazing 1,226 cores ($1,000,000 ???)
Grand Paladin
Grand Paladin - 14 dagar sedan
No more nvidia or intel for me from now on
VOYTASNY - 14 dagar sedan
AMD and Intel future for as Let see If something new going present in 2 to 3 years I can't wait for 7nm move out 4nm come out be use In future Any way I bet that Computers can not started at less 16 GB of ram you going meet requirement to install in PC Desktop in future more more space for game install You going need SSD with 3TB as normal run low games probably going happen Microsoft Working at win 10 until October 2020 y they finish investment at win 10 project After October 2020 only major update patches like securities once every few months until 2025 year They don't say if someone going be release they keep secret. I bet some going be out faster new system maybe better no one know what future will be in PC We have more PC for Games then any elses People use for streaming samll devices like Fire stick Roku Apple TV Cell phone The same for web browsing on internet Today using laptops are more then PC Desktop Everything change went internet connection come power AMD years was behind today come back I wish AMD build CPU for small computer like box will not take space and not over heat fit with small components and hardware for entertainment PC Desktop !!!
Darling i'm blind
Darling i'm blind - 14 dagar sedan
R9 3950x comes out this November (This month) and I'm locked and loaded ready to buy a new pc to last me another 5 years :O it's truly a special month anything could happen. Long live da king
TheShardsFamily - 14 dagar sedan
Nice to hear, been waiting for something like this competition is good and AMD been the underdog for awhile goid to see them get a bite
my name is my name
my name is my name - 14 dagar sedan
I love how emotional and angry people get, some.just despise the opposite side hahaja
TheDiverandMusician - 14 dagar sedan
Im not poor
My dad somethimes dont wanna spent money
But he has money
WiZard Authorised
WiZard Authorised - 14 dagar sedan
review ryzen 5 3500
powderrider700 - 15 dagar sedan
AMD....coming back...ass raping Intel...HARD!...Payback is always sweeeeet!
Joe - 15 dagar sedan
"speaking of deeper" 1:20
Sori Pop
Sori Pop - 16 dagar sedan
AMD: yes