I had given up on AMD… until today - Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review

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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips - 14 dagar sedan
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joblow tor
joblow tor - 2 dagar sedan
Paid shill.
Nicolas Edwards
Nicolas Edwards - 4 dagar sedan
Robert Tarr
Robert Tarr - 7 dagar sedan
@LinusTechTips Maybe on PCI-4.0 you need something like this for your nvme m.2 .... Air Volume: 23-89 CFM, Noise: 20dBA, RPM 8000?. Let me know what you think?? www.amazon.com/dp/B07T7VD87G/?coliid=I21PLBLC7025LG&colid=1MP5KEDS7WDX2&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
Jarno Fret
Jarno Fret - 8 dagar sedan
Hey à good video idea would be switching from Intel to ryzen do you have to do any windows updates or anything like that
m3.fever - 41 minut sedan
I haven't considered AMD for a decade now. Now I'm buying the R9 3900X, only problem everyone is sold out‼️
Charlie - 2 timmar sedan
but can it survive a Dwarf Fortress Catsplosion
1Blastarr - 2 timmar sedan
I'll be building a new PC in by next summer, thanks! With the 3900X do you know what the performance would be running FL Studio, Corel Suite, Clip Studio Paint EX, and maybe Blender, Animation Master, or Cinema 4DXL? I will be running an AMD / ATI Video Card with as much Memory as I can afford at least 6GB.
1Blastarr - 2 timmar sedan
I don't care, screw Intel.
agile52 - 4 timmar sedan
woah you can use somebody else's overclocking profile
Zmaniac Gamerz
Zmaniac Gamerz - 6 timmar sedan
Great information for my next build
Jenk Meier
Jenk Meier - 6 timmar sedan
Since u already showed us ryzen dram oc tool. Can u tell how much performance gains we could get with memory oc'ed to 3600 cl14 comared to 3200 cl14 on ryzen 3000. On 2nd generation Ryzen cpu the sweetspot was 3466 cl14 and u could see performance boosts too 20%. How does intensive Ram oc effect ryzen 3000 series ?
배주현's Puppet
배주현's Puppet - 8 timmar sedan
Linus : "Speaking of deeper"

my Brain: Ana~*stops* wrong channel.
Esteban Garita
Esteban Garita - 9 timmar sedan
Maybe I should have kept my AMD stocks?.
Esteban Garita
Esteban Garita - 9 timmar sedan
Damn it I just checked... they have more than doubled since I sold.
Dihelson Mendonca
Dihelson Mendonca - 10 timmar sedan
I know only this: *PRICES NEED TO LOWER* !
RealDarkKnight - 10 timmar sedan
Wow AMD did it... now i am confused what cpu to buy when i just want to game with it.
Rom3 - 10 timmar sedan
my first Build was AMD Hoorah, Buuut i did wanna give INTEL a go
heri Helke
heri Helke - 11 timmar sedan
The fact we have no B550 boards, really cuts their sales in my opinion.
The average Joe won't tinker with B450 X470 bios to make it work.
Declan O'Neill
Declan O'Neill - 12 timmar sedan
Even if you do just use your computer for games. I’d much prefer a cheaper cpu that’s almost all of the way there and a couple extra games.
Paul Sandino Canoy
Paul Sandino Canoy - 13 timmar sedan
what the app to use to measure cpu temperatures accurately ?
Josh Sidey
Josh Sidey - 15 timmar sedan
Is anyone gonna point out the "Look Closelier" at 7:16
Badeumus - 15 timmar sedan
Imagine opening a video in 2019 with Intel is king.....
FrackleBerry - 15 timmar sedan
Listen Linus, these cpus are cool and all. But can they run minecraft?
Ethan - 15 timmar sedan
Look c l o s l i e r
Bo Bo
Bo Bo - 16 timmar sedan
I see that you`ve gotten better at acting.
Felipe Dimas
Felipe Dimas - 17 timmar sedan
Going for a AMD Ryzen 5 3600 in November, paired with a RX 590 because i cant afford the RX 5700 yet, no worries, i think it will give more joy than i can imagine.
Andrei Moutchkine
Andrei Moutchkine - 18 timmar sedan
Do I sense, like, dramatic acting?
Kalasherie - 18 timmar sedan
god i love amd
Peanut Fiends
Peanut Fiends - 19 timmar sedan
Atheist Oreo
Atheist Oreo - 20 timmar sedan
9900k now just about as same as 3900x, its 550$ lol
GGhuanson - 21 timme sedan
wait untill the quantum shit hits
GGhuanson - 21 timme sedan
Sigitas Shields
Sigitas Shields - 21 timme sedan
If you're building a PC now, only AMD makes sense.
Gustavo Salgado
Gustavo Salgado - 12 timmar sedan
@Sigitas Shields they updated bios?
Sigitas Shields
Sigitas Shields - 12 timmar sedan
@Gustavo Salgado youre sacrificing nothing with 3rd gen Ryzen, you just have more money left over for a better GPU or what not. Gaming performance is same or better now.
Gustavo Salgado
Gustavo Salgado - 16 timmar sedan
But what if i only game i want to pair it with 2080 super and get absolute best fps
MejiCast - 22 timmar sedan
AMD has always been king in HIGH END gaming in my book. and now it looks like poor people have the BEST HIGH END GAMING CPU on the market now.
Intel fanny boys can suck it LOL
Peanut Fiends
Peanut Fiends - 18 timmar sedan
Plus AMD has always been WAY more stable. I love my Ryzen, best cpu ive ever owned.
Hadrian Rex
Hadrian Rex - 22 timmar sedan
Look closelyer.
john done
john done - 22 timmar sedan
hi wat system do i remove dis program sedsvc.exe ???
mustafa abbas
mustafa abbas - 23 timmar sedan
10/10 goodbye shintel your time is up buddy
SerxRox - 23 timmar sedan
Speaking of deeper, how deep did we get fckd by intel all these years...
Hinterfrage! - 23 timmar sedan
What's wrong with you ? ... you're a man and wear earrings like a little girl
Marcus Ciantar
Marcus Ciantar - Dag sedan
What about the r5 3600?
Simon Horne
Simon Horne - Dag sedan
Why does everyone always look at the cpu and ignore the chipset x570 has a long way to go pay more attention to the chipset
张思想的古拉格 - Dag sedan
Adria - Dag sedan
wow amd finally destroyed Intel Nvidia abuse of pricing these years very sad everyone's already using them 😂
Corey - Dag sedan
7:11 6000mbps streaming. Nice.
Littletweeter - Dag sedan
the thing is; for the AVERAGE person building a gaming PC, why the hell wouldn't you go with Ryzen?
Sparrowhawk - Dag sedan
Ultimate point my friend!
LegendMask - Dag sedan
A decade ago on October 2009 you posted a video about AMD Phenom X4 965 black edition that convinced me to buy my first AMD CPU, and now here you do it again 10 years later... I’m convinced to buy my second AMD processor.... hopefully will celebrate it by buying it on October this year as well
Thanks Linus
Soffro di ping alto
Soffro di ping alto - Dag sedan
Now that you have my attention, I just want to tell you a totally related thing with the video:
Linux is shit
username username
username username - Dag sedan
Amd’s brand new launch is barley beating out intels last year launch at a non competitive price is what I got from this. This is good that amd is actually trying it means the next intell launch is gonna be really good.
Abyss Fwtiadis
Abyss Fwtiadis - Dag sedan
I will dislike every video you have because of your commercials im so tired of them, they are in every video and they are annoying as hell because of you!
indiekiduk - Dag sedan
Very clever intro, enjoyed that!
DesertCookie - Dag sedan
Love the opening! Great writing.
Anung UnRama
Anung UnRama - Dag sedan
Such an animal proc! Ryzen 7 3700x all the way. Price is more then affordable considering what a beast proc it is. As an intel fanboi i can finally say: they can suck it.
Sam Parsons
Sam Parsons - Dag sedan
7:17 This man just said closelyer. Its just one of those weird brain moment and I love it. We all do it.
J Wallace
J Wallace - Dag sedan
See the problem here is that even though AMD is killing it essentially, the AMD motherboard manufacturers are making a killing by over pricing their motherboards to make up the difference in cost vs. Intel.
Example: (Intel) Asrock Z390 Phantom "gaming" 9 = $250 (AMD) ASUS ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Hero $380
Jorge Nascimento
Jorge Nascimento - Dag sedan
Take yourself down the biggest tech scammer on YouTube. The most bias and bad reviews. 1st linus, 2 jayhalfcents...