6 Vegans vs 1 Secret Meat Eater

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Jubilee - 21 dag sedan
Hey good humans! Hope you enjoyed this episode of Odd Man Out - more coming soon! IMPORTANT NOTE: We absolutely understand how a lot of you are feeling regarding behavior shown in this video and know that this type of behavior is not what we stand for, but we wanted to be honest with what happened on set. Our ask is that even still you all be respectful of the individuals in our videos regardless of whether you are upset with what they said or did. Please do not go personal or invade their privacy - we do not stand by that at all. We do appreciate your passion, but let’s all try to focus it on positivity when we can 🙏
Stoney Caster
Stoney Caster - 2 dagar sedan
Trump Supporters v Trump Hater (ill be the hater)
Save Our Planet
Save Our Planet - 5 dagar sedan
thank you for being honest i think we were all a bit upset with the behavior.
Jq B
Jq B - 6 dagar sedan
Jubilee Erin so annoying
Piperjude - 8 dagar sedan
I’m sure Erin was mad and emailed them. She’s such a gray piece of bacon.
Henry Kovan
Henry Kovan - 11 dagar sedan
Jubilee that doesn’t sound very vegan
irene carrillo rodrigo
irene carrillo rodrigo - 15 minuter sedan
Pro-choice and pro life
Saraiya P
Saraiya P - 15 minuter sedan
I dislike Erin so much she was being so rude to Brandon and she kept cutting people off
crystal m
crystal m - 25 minuter sedan
3 weeks later I'm back here reading more Erin comments lol
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi - 32 minuter sedan
How about 6 BTS stans VS 1 non-kpop stan???
Elp Smith
Elp Smith - 39 minuter sedan
All the comments are about Erin. R.I.P.
Peachy Starr
Peachy Starr - 40 minuter sedan
Erin was being so rude.. I mean I can see why she was but she didn’t have to attack everyone
shara bull
shara bull - 52 minuter sedan
The chic in the green was acting like she was the boss of everyone
Smallcow LoL
Smallcow LoL - 55 minuter sedan
Sour patch kids ARE vegan. F U Erin.
Ricky M
Ricky M - 59 minuter sedan
Elizabeth: I feel like I could've won if I hadn't been affected by everyone's doubtfulness
Yall know damn she talkin bout Erin glowstick lookin ass🤣🤣
Cipry Dominates
Cipry Dominates - Timme sedan
1 gay vs 6 straight guys
Non Existent
Non Existent - Timme sedan
Ema E
Ema E - Timme sedan
Devon1326 - Timme sedan
I don't like Erin (3 mins in)
School Name
School Name - Timme sedan
99% of comments : Erin can die
1% of comments : Hey good humans!
Taylor Herrmann
Taylor Herrmann - Timme sedan
I’m re-watching this to just to hate Erin even more.
Edit: they full on took Erin off of the featured list so people couldn’t find her and hate her😂
Caroline Bekeng
Caroline Bekeng - Timme sedan
I find the way that Erin treated Brandon to be extremely rude, obnoxious and disrespectful. Like at least he’s doing his best and trying to become vegan unlike the rest of us. He’s new to the hole thing and you could tell that he didn’t have as much knowledge about it because of that, but it’s a learning process and should be encouraged and included by others to keep going instead of feeling like a failure and not belonging like ErIn did. I hope she reads the comments and can better herself as a person. Also, I looked it up online and it’s very unclear whether or not sour patch kids are actually vegan as a lot of people say yes, but some people say they aren’t. Even sour patch kids themselves haven’t confirmed whether or not they are vegan so unless you somehow have the sour patch kids recipe I think you should get off your high horse and become more encouraging of peoples effort. I know this kind of became a rant but I felt like I had to because I’m tired of people like her who think they are better than everyone else for no reason and only contribute with negativity and picking on innocent people. PERIOD.
Caroline Bekeng
Caroline Bekeng - 42 minuter sedan
Oh ALSO just checked and the Taco Bell order that Brandon said he would order is vegan too!!! She just made him doubt himself and feel ashamed for accidentally not eating vegan food when in reality what he was eating is certified vegan!
Jami Griggs
Jami Griggs - Timme sedan
I can imagine people leaving her yoga class either sobbing or laughing uncontrollably.
Me: Doing Downward Dog...
Erin: That's not vegan.
Armando Is life
Armando Is life - Timme sedan
Erin is the pearson everyone hates
Depressed Tater tot
Depressed Tater tot - Timme sedan
I'm sorry but I hate Erin -_-
DeeDee 00
DeeDee 00 - Timme sedan
Patty reminds me of my mom and any person who reminds me of my mom it makes me happy.
DeeDee 00
DeeDee 00 - Timme sedan
Im in love with these videos and idek why... Subscribe to jubilee. ALSO ERIN IS ANNOYING BRUH SHE THINK SHE THE BOSS.
Lily Vo
Lily Vo - Timme sedan
Erin is the vegan everybody hates. Literally everything that Brandon said he ate, she goes, "ThAt's nOT veGAn!!!!!!!"
Cody Farkas
Cody Farkas - Timme sedan
Kinda sad that some of the money is probably going towards purchasing animal products
Bella Carcamo
Bella Carcamo - Timme sedan
Wow watching this hurt. When I transitioned into veganism it took more than a year to understand how to change my diet and transition. I had no idea how many animal products were in everything from candy, tempera veggies, beer and even chips. I would have felt so disheartened if I had someone like Erin making me feel less of a vegan because I wasn’t doing enough, especially because he has only been vegan for 8 months or so. People are vegan for so many reasons and incorporate it into their lives in different ways. Uplift and encourage change- don’t stifle it with rules. Being vegan does not require anyone’s validation
Bella Carcamo
Bella Carcamo - Timme sedan
And I eat sour patch kids. There is conflicting information about it but most of my vegan go to food sites say it’s a matter of preference if you’re aright with refined sugar from North America. There isn’t any gelatin, dairy or eggs. The dye isn’t from animals either FYI
Piper Katherine
Piper Katherine - Timme sedan
Erin: what’s ur favorite documentary
Sherrian: um... I can’t remember the names
Erin: ThAt’S nOt VeGaN
TheGolden Potato
TheGolden Potato - Timme sedan
10% Comments about the video
10% Other random comments
80% Getting annoyed at Erin
Ashley Kim
Ashley Kim - Timme sedan
Brandon: talks about taco bel el.
Erin: Taco Bell isn’t vegan
Everyone else: says that
Taco Bell is vegan
Erin: I don’t know why you guys are coming at me
Ashley Kim
Ashley Kim - Timme sedan
Erin: people are asking so much questions!!
Her:asks toooo many questions..🙄
Braeden Chang
Braeden Chang - Timme sedan
Erin needs to chill out
Ashley Kim
Ashley Kim - Timme sedan
Erin is such a bi@ch.
joshua sazo
joshua sazo - 2 timmar sedan
erin annoying af like wtf coming at my guy because he’s asian
Lavender Washington
Lavender Washington - 2 timmar sedan
Everyone's talking about how Erin's awful, I just keep thinking about that in turn who's going to Taco Bell and doesn't know that their beans are fried with lard😓😓😓
Lavender Washington
Lavender Washington - Timme sedan
Lol then I was miss informed by an employee
Alyssa Billips
Alyssa Billips - Timme sedan
No their beans are lard free (:
Ridley Wanamaker
Ridley Wanamaker - 2 timmar sedan
Use me as a here because of Charlie button
Allie Boswell
Allie Boswell - 2 timmar sedan
Erin just gets on my nerves if I was there I would rip her up by her boy hair
sisters - 2 timmar sedan
What do y'all have against Erin
Sir Budz
Sir Budz - 2 timmar sedan
Why does Erin's face look like its collapsing into itself. Being vegan and not enjoying food must be truly healthy for her. She can't be from tbis earth
Sir Budz
Sir Budz - 2 timmar sedan
Listening to vegans has given me autism. Nice going
Reagan Lancaster
Reagan Lancaster - 2 timmar sedan
erin made me so mad i-
Froggzle - 2 timmar sedan
Erin is gay
Jared white
Jared white - 2 timmar sedan
It was so obvious it was Jalyn from the start the only reason everyone else couldn't tell was Erin was in the way the whole time
Madison Rose
Madison Rose - 2 timmar sedan
People like Erin is why I don’t want to be vegan
Weston Atkins
Weston Atkins - 2 timmar sedan
somebody needs to shove their eggplant in erin's mouth.
Izzy Cruz
Izzy Cruz - 2 timmar sedan
Take a shot every time Erin says “That’s not vegan!!!!”
Jared white
Jared white - 2 timmar sedan
Erin can go suck a vegan d*ck. There, I said it.
Jeremias - 2 timmar sedan
You also call beings humans?!!!?
Mario Bros
Mario Bros - 2 timmar sedan
I share the same opinions of the comment section about Erin. But, Erin as rude and obnoxious as she was, she had a point. Someone who is vegan, don't eat or wear anything related to animal product. The guy that Erin bully out didn't seem like the person who actually was vegan(doesn't matter if he identified as one). There's already a definition for the word, it shouldn't change for your convenience. I'm not vegan, just stating my opinion.
Katherine :3
Katherine :3 - 2 timmar sedan
Erin is that one assistant manager that makes you do so much work while she goes online and rants about peta is a legit organization
Iman Amari
Iman Amari - 2 timmar sedan
The tortillas at taco Bell are vegan.... Easiest place to get vegan alternatives........ And Erin is annoyin and rude.... Ethical vegans ugh unwelcoming. Brandon I feel you. They should be willing to educate in a compassionate way.
Mucefita Donelly
Mucefita Donelly - 3 timmar sedan
Erin needs to get some meat inside her 😉 like both types of meat, she is an absolutely embittered human.