6 Vegans vs 1 Secret Meat Eater

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Varaktighet: 12:03


Jubilee - 7 månader sedan
Hey good humans! Hope you enjoyed this episode of Odd Man Out - more coming soon! IMPORTANT NOTE: We absolutely understand how a lot of you are feeling regarding behavior shown in this video and know that this type of behavior is not what we stand for, but we wanted to be honest with what happened on set. Our ask is that even still you all be respectful of the individuals in our videos regardless of whether you are upset with what they said or did. Please do not go personal or invade their privacy - we do not stand by that at all. We do appreciate your passion, but let’s all try to focus it on positivity when we can 🙏
badassmotha40001 - 10 dagar sedan
Erin is probably an Antifa member...
T Percy
T Percy - 2 månader sedan
You should've pulled her from the set or at least taken a break and asked her to be more respectful to the other participants.
Kissa Rococo
Kissa Rococo - 2 månader sedan
Purists looking for sinners made them lose. Erin was too involved in critiquing candy and if the person had "correct" views to see the liar.
Angie Vidal
Angie Vidal - 2 månader sedan
@Tales From the Pipes what's her insta? asking for a friend
Star Neal
Star Neal - 3 månader sedan
So what happens when the people you bring in don't respect others?
8mmKyle - 2 timmar sedan
Came here to see where all the “Erin: That’s not vegan” comments came from
Maria C
Maria C - 5 timmar sedan
I kept scolding her through the tv she made me mad everytime she spoke ahhh
Guapie - 6 timmar sedan
I hate the human hilighter she’s just ew
Bigblue564 - 6 timmar sedan
Erin must be very popular at parties. That's if Erin got invited in the first place.
NGAI SHING LEE - 6 timmar sedan
I would have been sure that Erin is not the mole but still voted her out as she was way too annoying. That guy Brandon already said that he went vegan for his skin so it was all food related and Erin just freaking talk about leather accessories and honey. I mean honey is good for skin what are you supposed to do about it. She is also judging Brandon's choice for breakfast, well I wanted to tell you that don't judge people eating buckwheat for breakfast when you had nukes for dinner.
Josiah Brady
Josiah Brady - 6 timmar sedan
I would become vegan for Elizabeth though
The Mickey Squad
The Mickey Squad - 6 timmar sedan
Hey Erin, can you stfu? Thanks
Chase - 8 timmar sedan
I’m going to eat double the meat to waste Erins efforts.
Satisfied Waffle
Satisfied Waffle - 8 timmar sedan
erin is an annoying rat
Livi Xo
Livi Xo - 8 timmar sedan
Erin please just s h u t u p
Bela Fogg
Bela Fogg - 8 timmar sedan
i love how jubilee didn’t add erin in the bio
Jullian Leonard
Jullian Leonard - 9 timmar sedan
If I had a gun with 7 bullets in it I would shoot Erin with all of them
Jullian Leonard
Jullian Leonard - 9 timmar sedan
Erin is what is wrong with the US in 2020
Anna Digges
Anna Digges - 9 timmar sedan
"HonEY IsNT VeGAn"
Brooke Nguyen
Brooke Nguyen - 9 timmar sedan
Erin is an ass. But ngl that type of personality is gud for a game like this.
Carl Sagan 1207
Carl Sagan 1207 - 9 timmar sedan
Sooner or later there’s gonna be a video called “can 6 people guess who’s not a person”
Eva Lanham
Eva Lanham - 11 timmar sedan
bruh can erin stfu
XpurtBryツ - 11 timmar sedan
watching this eating a chicken sandwich
Jenny - 11 timmar sedan
erin was so rude. she’s so judgemental, and would literally attack brandon for every little thing he said, and even judge him, because he eats buckwheat in the morning? people even tried to defend him by saying you can make fast food vegan, and then she would be like “i don’t know why you guys are telling me all this, woah!”, and got all offended, when she does the same thing to brandon. erin clearly doesn’t consider someone / brandon vegan, just because he eats at taco bell, and doesn’t know every single ingredient in sour patch kids ( which actually are vegan ). he tries his best to be vegan, and veganism is a journey. if he tries his best to stay away from animal products, then he is considered a vegan. this is what makes new vegans, like brandon not feeling welcomed into the vegan community.
Kenta201 - 11 timmar sedan
Erin keeps grilling people but barelyed answered
Eagle - 11 timmar sedan
Just came to check comments about Erin
Sidharth Rao
Sidharth Rao - 11 timmar sedan
Erin the Vegan, Derrick the Incel, and Sean the "Sex Symbol" have to be some of the worst people I've seen on this channel.
JackieSinclair29 - 4 timmar sedan
Sidharth Rao you forgot about rick the paparazzi dude
Chris Puente
Chris Puente - 12 timmar sedan
Erin: isnt vegan...isn't vegan...isn't vegan" like girl chill theres a vegan lifestyle and a vegan diet
user_666 - 13 timmar sedan
erin thinks there's only one way of being vegan
user_666 - 13 timmar sedan
we can get oats instead of meats at taco bell
Ty11stix - 13 timmar sedan
I'm gonna a steak in honor of that annoying chick.
user_666 - 13 timmar sedan
erin is literally the person who judges you for everything unless you live exactly like her
ColdPlayzGamezDaily - 13 timmar sedan
Its all fun and games until the ‘Meat Eater’ whips out 7 ribs
A Obitts
A Obitts - 14 timmar sedan
Brandon: not the mole
Erin: thAts nOt vEgAn
FancyHenry 24
FancyHenry 24 - 14 timmar sedan
Erin is so annoying she kept cutting everyone off and then saying that she wanted to find out from everyone and then she is the one who is taking up the time
Bella Lax
Bella Lax - 15 timmar sedan
Bro why is she like that girl in athletics who thinks she can score a touchdown in soccer
Maria Oelker
Maria Oelker - 15 timmar sedan
Shereen: "I quit eating meat cold turkey"
Erin: "That's not vegan"
April Lowe
April Lowe - 15 timmar sedan
Erin looks like a mouse.
channing bloom
channing bloom - 15 timmar sedan
Even though Erin got under my skin a couple of times she did play the game well. When she saw that Brandon could be the mole, she jumped all over him on it. That’s good. That’s how you figure out the mole in the game. How she approached Brandon I do not entirely agree but I do wish the best for her in the future.
Zombycow - 16 timmar sedan
why does the feel like danganronpa, but with money instead of executions
Zoe Silver
Zoe Silver - 17 timmar sedan
Erin: cuts someone off from talking
Also Erin: tells her life story o_O
Felicity Nicholls
Felicity Nicholls - 18 timmar sedan
Erin was horrible and super bossy
katie May
katie May - 19 timmar sedan
I dont like Erin perioddtttt🙄
Charlie W
Charlie W - 19 timmar sedan
Erin I am a vegan and you are an embarrassment to us. Entitled vegans are the worst
Just Mako
Just Mako - 19 timmar sedan
erin is so annoying
irgend wer
irgend wer - 19 timmar sedan
Erin is SO ANNOYING. We get it. You're vegan. You are not any better than others girl
Kya’s World
Kya’s World - 20 timmar sedan
Yeaaa Erins sassy but how much money does the winner get 👀👀
Myeosu - 20 timmar sedan
Its erins fault they lost. Because shes such a vegan expert, she should’ve known who the mole was.
무니카 - 20 timmar sedan
*everyone talking about why they vegan*
Erin's turn: So i've b--
Weh she interrupted the first guy and i was so interested in what he was saying too v.v
thatonegamergirl 11
thatonegamergirl 11 - 20 timmar sedan
Erin is a walking vegan stereotype. Good job
Legoand Me
Legoand Me - Dag sedan
Nunpuia Hauhnar
Nunpuia Hauhnar - Dag sedan
Thats Not Vegannn
Kelli Schafer
Kelli Schafer - Dag sedan
Erin, if you ever read this: I dislike you as much as I dislike slaughter houses and animal abuse.. so essentially your personality is as bad as what you stand against. Reevaluate yourself and your behaviors as well as the way you treat people. Being vegan isn't helpful to society when you counteract it with bullying. Girl bye.
DJ MARCO PENTA - Dag sedan
I didn't know why people would comment Erin: "tHaTs NoT VeGan!" on every odd man out episode until I saw this LOL.
Kelvin Galvan
Kelvin Galvan - Dag sedan
The highlight of my day was when the box turned red with Erin still inside of it
Kelvin Galvan
Kelvin Galvan - Dag sedan
Erin out here making everyone question their veganism
Auston Riddle
Auston Riddle - Dag sedan
Vegans please don't make Erin your spokesperson. She did not help your cause.
Titan - Dag sedan
We can all agree Erin needs to chill but gotta give respect to her she wanted to run that money boy 😂 if I’m playing for that cash I’m hunting y’all down no cap
Cynthia Meisinger
Cynthia Meisinger - Dag sedan
where’s erins social media accounts i just want to talk... about how much of a b!tch she is 😂
Ratna Karemore
Ratna Karemore - Dag sedan
Jaylyn is so handsome 😍
Vybz OnKBM
Vybz OnKBM - Dag sedan
Erin Needs To Stfu
Arielle Timtiman
Arielle Timtiman - Dag sedan
When Erin complained that people started grilling her Bc of her comment but that whole thing happened Bc Erins being a little a hole and telling a new vegan(Brandon) what hes doing wrong
lupe vargas
lupe vargas - Dag sedan
Erins a yoga teacher? Your kidding.
lovly lottie
lovly lottie - Dag sedan
Erins just pisses cus she can’t eat chicken wings