6 Vegans vs 1 Secret Meat Eater

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Jubilee - 4 månader sedan
Hey good humans! Hope you enjoyed this episode of Odd Man Out - more coming soon! IMPORTANT NOTE: We absolutely understand how a lot of you are feeling regarding behavior shown in this video and know that this type of behavior is not what we stand for, but we wanted to be honest with what happened on set. Our ask is that even still you all be respectful of the individuals in our videos regardless of whether you are upset with what they said or did. Please do not go personal or invade their privacy - we do not stand by that at all. We do appreciate your passion, but let’s all try to focus it on positivity when we can 🙏
abby ._.
abby ._. - 5 dagar sedan
profswazy - 2 månader sedan
Jubilee yikes. This episode was awful all thanks to Erin. Possibly one of the worst people to ever be on this channel. Please cut ties with her
jo-ann - 2 månader sedan
never bring erin back
Taline Bxp
Taline Bxp - 2 månader sedan
Well at least it was entertaining lmfao i love these videos
Hannah - 2 månader sedan
@Eduardo Zamorano I've already replied and said I didn't save it. I just happened to watch the video super early when the links were still up. And tbh even if I had it, I wouldn't give it out when Jubilee clearly doesn't want people to have it. I have a feeling all the people asking me just want to send hate messages anyway.
Jesus Medina
Jesus Medina - 12 minuter sedan
Erin is an asshole I’m glad she didn’t win the money
sarah siegel
sarah siegel - 45 minuter sedan
this comment section is
90.9% “that’s not vegan” / hating erin
9% “poor brandon”
.1% miscellaneous

also erin got on my nerves so much
Martand Agarwal
Martand Agarwal - 49 minuter sedan
Jaylen: wins the match
Erin: That's not vegan
Dakota Knapton
Dakota Knapton - 56 minuter sedan
I speak for everyone when I say we never wanna hear Erin's voice again
florentino mondragon
florentino mondragon - 58 minuter sedan
*in my mind* meat eater: and there is the moment i oop-
florentino mondragon
florentino mondragon - 58 minuter sedan
I hope i didnt offended vegans if i did im sorry
Bea H
Bea H - Timme sedan
“That’s not vegan”
JJB 12
JJB 12 - Timme sedan
Bro why is Erin so annoying. She gets mad at everyone because they mistake one thing, and she also gets a ton of the facts wrong. She is legit the most annoying person that I think I’ve ever seen.
cat - 2 timmar sedan
erin: attacking literally everyone
like 2 people: well there is some vegan options at taco bell
erin: wow don’t come at me like that woah like wow stop
The Misfits CREW
The Misfits CREW - 2 timmar sedan
The dyke was so mean
Zetapology - 2 timmar sedan
Erin is not just a vegan but also a complete control freak, in the strongest possible sense
bargen0w - 3 timmar sedan
note for all vegans: dont be an erin. lol no one will like you.
EllaTube - 3 timmar sedan
whos gonna tell them that sour patch kids are actually vegan
Lazer Waffle
Lazer Waffle - 3 timmar sedan
Brandon said nerds and Erin just forced him to name a different one
Christopher Chionchio
Christopher Chionchio - 3 timmar sedan
I'm a carnivore because I don't support plant cruelty.
Justin popdan
Justin popdan - 3 timmar sedan
I kind of like sour patch kids... THtaTs noT VEgaN
EddieGLO ROTMG - 3 timmar sedan
MY BOY brandon lowkey was gonna cry though
Izzy Gaming & Sports
Izzy Gaming & Sports - 4 timmar sedan
I brush my hair once a week
ItzKayla - 4 timmar sedan
I hate the girl named Erin
David Marquez
David Marquez - 4 timmar sedan
The woman with the green pants

Ok boomer
katelynn s
katelynn s - 4 timmar sedan
Erin was totally unfair to Brandon. She has been a vegan for 10 years and Brandon was vegan for 8 months. Of course he doesn’t know all the little things about being vegan. She put him on the spot and asked him so many questions to the point where Brandon questioned his “veganality.” Seriously Brandon was so wholesome and Erin was such a stuck up.
John Mathhew
John Mathhew - 4 timmar sedan
Erins super meen
Danny Ceniceros
Danny Ceniceros - 4 timmar sedan
katelynn s
katelynn s - 4 timmar sedan
I love how some other random julibee videos, people comment: “Erin:tHatS nOt VeGaN!” And I knew exactly what they were talking about. I mean Erin is not someone you would forget.
Thndr_ - 5 timmar sedan
Erin made this hard to watch
K.C. Cook
K.C. Cook - 5 timmar sedan
Yo Brandon, you are trying. thats all that counts
Rawten Vegan
Rawten Vegan - 5 timmar sedan
"I actually don't even eat honey like I just don't at all" *nervous laugh*. They were too busy bullying Brandon to see how off that Jaylyn guy was lol. He was giving off nervous liar energy the whole time.
Roy Ramirez
Roy Ramirez - 5 timmar sedan
Erin caaaaannnnnn go to hell
Internet .Lozer
Internet .Lozer - 5 timmar sedan
Brandon: hey guys so-
Erin:tHaTs nOt VeGaN 🌱
Melanie Renae
Melanie Renae - 6 timmar sedan
lmao okay wait because sour patch kids literally are vegan. Erin should’ve been eliminated for her behavior
Park Haruka
Park Haruka - 6 timmar sedan
poor Brandon lol
Park Haruka
Park Haruka - 6 timmar sedan
Elizabeth is so beautiful
Maylette Huerta
Maylette Huerta - 6 timmar sedan
What’s more awkward being vegan in a room with only non-vegans or the opposite?
Park Haruka
Park Haruka - 6 timmar sedan
What is she even eating lol but she looks chubby actually funny
period poo
period poo - 6 timmar sedan
everyone sleeping on patty
Ivar Losna
Ivar Losna - 6 timmar sedan
Erin was such a typical vegan. I'm glad she didn't get paid.
Viviana M.
Viviana M. - 6 timmar sedan
I’m vegan but Erin is really damn annoying lmfao
Park Haruka
Park Haruka - 6 timmar sedan
Jaylyn i knew he was the mole he memorized his little script lol
Anabelle Fields
Anabelle Fields - 6 timmar sedan
Hi :)
Bryce Trent
Bryce Trent - 6 timmar sedan
I knew Erin was a vegan by how annoying she was😂
Kanashī Asylum
Kanashī Asylum - 6 timmar sedan
I wanna dropkick Erin
Millie the Innocent Bean
Millie the Innocent Bean - 6 timmar sedan
People like Erin are why people think of vegans as annoying and shoving their lifestyle down people’s throats.
CJH200iiWii - 6 timmar sedan
Erin is so god damn obnoxious, she just won’t leave Brandon alone, and she won’t stop interrupting everyone.. ugh
XXR Games
XXR Games - 6 timmar sedan
”honey isn’t vegan”
Harry van de Sunweb
Harry van de Sunweb - 7 timmar sedan
I would've just outright said to everyone that I didn't like Erin and I wanted to vote her out because of it. She's the most annoying and rude person on this show so far. Usually when there's someone putting everyone on the spot with hard questions they don't even get it right. I really enjoyed it when Erin didn't win anything.
tearxuxi !
tearxuxi ! - 7 timmar sedan
I haven't watched the video yet but all I'm seeing is "thats not vegan"
LORD LUCIVNO - 7 timmar sedan
Erin acts like she's tha damn vegan queen. god damn!
Maddy Langley
Maddy Langley - 7 timmar sedan
Erins acting as if being vegan is a cult not a choice and like their reasons for being vegan weren’t right because they didn’t align with her beliefs. It’s a choice if you want to go vegan and you do this with your own goals and ideas of what veganism is when you do so no body should be judging you if you’re not the same as they are.
A meat eater :)
Matt from Wii Sports
Matt from Wii Sports - 7 timmar sedan
“Because that wouldn’t be vegan” bruh I hear that way to much from the white hair chick
Casey Connolly
Casey Connolly - 7 timmar sedan
Erin came across so rude oml
Brendan Betterman
Brendan Betterman - 8 timmar sedan
Sour patch kids are vegan there is no gelatin or glycerin they use gum root which is vegan. Get educated Erin
Buddy Stewart
Buddy Stewart - 8 timmar sedan
Guys, common. Without Erin this episode would be boring as hell.
Thomas - 8 timmar sedan
Erin, sour patch kids are vegan. Brian keep doing you homeslice.
Thomas - 8 timmar sedan
Im so glad Erin didn't win any of the money
Kelsey Burnham
Kelsey Burnham - 8 timmar sedan
Erin is the stereotypical aggressive and shaming vegan 🤦🏻‍♀️
HalfBloodOtter - 8 timmar sedan
Someone tell me erin's instagram please
Kezia - 9 timmar sedan
The famous Erin that everyone talks about. Finally, and I agree with all the comments ! She is so condescending.
Vanessa Ramzieh
Vanessa Ramzieh - 9 timmar sedan
I could barley watch this video because of Erin. Talk about a self centered person.
Miles Harrison
Miles Harrison - 9 timmar sedan
Erin how aggressive can you be no wonder you lost
Flor1n 21
Flor1n 21 - 9 timmar sedan
Erin is the type of person that would judge you over everything. To me she just seems like one of the most annoying person on the planeeettt😂