104 633
2 129
TwentyOneMuffinz Mistal
TwentyOneMuffinz Mistal - 8 timmar sedan
Lmao I guessed that simon would be the host for the 3 leg race and I got it right XD
Legend of Nibbaheem
Legend of Nibbaheem - 9 timmar sedan
Justice for Vikk
Mattias Azzopardi
Mattias Azzopardi - 10 timmar sedan
Yo should do an arm wrestling challenge
OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria
OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria - 11 timmar sedan
I just noticed that me and Vik have the same shoes lmao
Faith Ogie
Faith Ogie - 13 timmar sedan
I like how Jj chose Toby because underneath it all they're brothers. Mandem stick together always xx
Hu Wenwei
Hu Wenwei - 14 timmar sedan
Fr tho jj needa chillllllll #stopbullyingvik
x-_-x D4NG3R x-_-x
x-_-x D4NG3R x-_-x - 19 timmar sedan
Do hide n seek
Carlos Moura
Carlos Moura - 20 timmar sedan
The most cardio jj has done since the logan fight
Retro 5
Retro 5 - 21 timme sedan
7:19 “my leg”
Rahela Shikorina
Rahela Shikorina - Dag sedan
Yo yall needa chill with Vik bruh. He's human
Storemarkus - Dag sedan
I imagine the neighbours are happy about the noises
Im DUMBUMB - Dag sedan
98% comments about vik getting bullied by jj 2% actually about the video
Lameck Nicholas
Lameck Nicholas - Dag sedan
6:15 😂his face lol this is the best duo alive 😂😂
The King Plays
The King Plays - Dag sedan
Deji- 9.7 Million Subs - 200,000 views per video
Sidemen- 4.5 Million Subs - 3.1 Million views per video
Oof er
Oof er - Dag sedan
Why is JJ so mean to Vikk, i feel really bad for him, makes me wonder why everyone watches Jj's vids
AhmedTO - Dag sedan
M8 its a joke
Leon Zigrovic
Leon Zigrovic - Dag sedan
Harry had 4 points
1. Sack race (2:09)
2. That music something (this 8:21 )
3. Wheel barrel race ( 12:43)
4. Tug of war
Ethan had
1. Sack race( 2:09)
2. Ring toss ( 2:14)
3. Tug of war
So Harry won
sa y
sa y - Dag sedan
Everyone subscribe to Vikk
saket vadlani
saket vadlani - Dag sedan
Unpaid Lamborghini back at it again... only ogs will understand
Team Lucid
Team Lucid - Dag sedan
I hate Ja
Jeremiah Gomez
Jeremiah Gomez - Dag sedan
JJ destroyed the whole video
Naughty Nawab
Naughty Nawab - 2 dagar sedan
Stop bullying vik man it ain't funny anymore
iFruitified - 2 dagar sedan
Jj in the intro got me weak
Asad Iqbal
Asad Iqbal - 2 dagar sedan
Red team=ksi simon toby
Blue team=vik harry ethan
Old fuck=josh
Joy Not Joyce
Joy Not Joyce - 2 dagar sedan
Odhran Mc Shane
Odhran Mc Shane - 2 dagar sedan
What happened to Toby's brother
Taj Taylor
Taj Taylor - 2 dagar sedan
At 16.04 who was that indioan
Helmet Boy22
Helmet Boy22 - 2 dagar sedan
ReD tEaM
YoYo - 2 dagar sedan
19:23 VAR needed on this one. Did Ethan drop it before or after crossing the line?
Melanie Pullen
Melanie Pullen - 2 dagar sedan
#StopVikkAbuseForever, guys just stop bullying Vikk and target JJ instead!!!
Joseph Keenan
Joseph Keenan - 2 dagar sedan
I thought he was about to put both their hands up at the end to mock the fight 😂😂
Bmx Megaskillz
Bmx Megaskillz - 2 dagar sedan
Ethan won errr what a loser
SolaR David
SolaR David - 2 dagar sedan
Call petea On Sidemen To help vik
Random pie
Random pie - 2 dagar sedan
akneehow guys
Zion H
Zion H - 3 dagar sedan
Bullying = right
Bia’s Art
Bia’s Art - 3 dagar sedan
I love how tobi is so caring for Vikk and his shoulder
HazzaPadmore - 3 dagar sedan
Poor vik
Reece Jackson
Reece Jackson - 3 dagar sedan
17:56 only me who finds Harry funny? 😂🤔
Nasher - 3 dagar sedan
Stop vikkkk abuce
Ross - 3 dagar sedan
so many set 8 memes could be made off of this :D
The dude 2
The dude 2 - 3 dagar sedan
Cops: KSI please take your hand out of your pockets
King King
King King - 3 dagar sedan
Jjs a prik
Ali Alkoot
Ali Alkoot - 3 dagar sedan
Shaurya Sanghvi
Shaurya Sanghvi - 3 dagar sedan
vikk wasn't even bullied this episode stop being melons
Katja Staudenmayer
Katja Staudenmayer - 3 dagar sedan
The bulking really got to just on tug of war
Pancake King
Pancake King - 3 dagar sedan
it was really close 4:45
Pancake King
Pancake King - 3 dagar sedan
4:42 Vic hates his life
fatima jobe
fatima jobe - 3 dagar sedan
It funny how KSi is just glaring at Vick 14:30
Leo Graham
Leo Graham - 3 dagar sedan
Yo I’m new to your vids I love them so much and your merch 👌🏾
zoella sugg
zoella sugg - 3 dagar sedan
I wish my friends was as funny as them .... wait I don’t have any 😭😂
arturoplayz - 3 dagar sedan
why was countdown removed
KJ RS - 3 dagar sedan
The relation between jj and vikk is the most hilarious thing
Mr Maniac
Mr Maniac - 3 dagar sedan
We are all giving Vick too much attention what about father josh I feel bad for josh
Codrax97 - 3 dagar sedan
Not Vick wtf it's Vik, and Josh isn't actually a father they are just joking because he has a beard and he got some gray hairs
im ree
im ree - 3 dagar sedan
We need a new 100$ (KSI Simon Tobi) vs 10000$ holiday (Vik Ethan And Harry)
EnderSlayer6777 - 3 dagar sedan
Tomas Anders
Tomas Anders - 3 dagar sedan
15:57 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 poor josh
gaming genius
gaming genius - 3 dagar sedan
4:46 tell me u dont feel sad for vikk
ItzVortexx - 3 dagar sedan
What happened to the new vid
MK SIDDIQ - 3 dagar sedan
Sdmn actually uploaded a video but deleted it (idk y)
But the vid was great though..
It was a spelling and maths contest type vid.....
Btw how many of u watched it?
jack Davis
jack Davis - 3 dagar sedan
I hate miniminter now he is such a begger to jj and doesn't ever want to lose
Monkey.D.luffy G6 7
Monkey.D.luffy G6 7 - 3 dagar sedan
Does jj hate vikk bec of the diss
Kate Ralston
Kate Ralston - 3 dagar sedan
Can u collab with @tgfbro
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious - 3 dagar sedan
Petition for Sidemen to re-upload "Sidemen Countdown"
Sign here📝
And here📝
And finally down here⬇️
Chinmay - 3 dagar sedan
imAmbiguous - 3 dagar sedan
Anyone else waiting
GhoulsGaming - 3 dagar sedan
Do your part.
ABDUL SUBHAN - 3 dagar sedan
I never ws2 in jj's team
S C - 3 dagar sedan
What happened to the countdown video
MARZ TV - 3 dagar sedan
Where is this weeks sidemen Sunday?
Ethan Woods
Ethan Woods - 3 dagar sedan
The new vid got taken down fs
JessRyePlayz - 3 dagar sedan
Sidemen missed a week😭
5000 subs without any videos?
JessRyePlayz - 3 dagar sedan
Joker oh okay thanks
Joker - 3 dagar sedan
+JessRyePlayz something to do with countdown i saw the video notification but did not get the chance to watch it.
JessRyePlayz - 3 dagar sedan
Bensamwil oh what was it
Bensamwil - 3 dagar sedan
No the video got taken down
brendan mclennan
brendan mclennan - 3 dagar sedan
I guess it’s the 1st week I’ve been subbed that no sidemen Sunday’s appeared
EnderSlayer6777 - 3 dagar sedan
they did upload it it got taken down tho
Meklit Abazi
Meklit Abazi - 3 dagar sedan
Sub 2 Pewdiepie
Mathias Jaan Mark
Mathias Jaan Mark - 3 dagar sedan
R.I.P Countdown: Sidemen Edition
Think English Channel
Think English Channel - 3 dagar sedan
Where's the other sidemen sunday
Bensamwil - 3 dagar sedan
Got taken down
DrMeMo 23
DrMeMo 23 - 3 dagar sedan
No video?
Bensamwil - 3 dagar sedan
DrMeMo 23 😂
DrMeMo 23
DrMeMo 23 - 3 dagar sedan
I was looking for it 😂I knew they uploaded a video
DrMeMo 23
DrMeMo 23 - 3 dagar sedan
+Bensamwil ohhh thats why
Bensamwil - 3 dagar sedan
Got taken down
Satchel Koenig
Satchel Koenig - 3 dagar sedan
Needs better/funnier editing
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 3 dagar sedan
Liverpool 4Life
Liverpool 4Life - 3 dagar sedan
Where is today’s sidemen Sunday
Liverpool 4Life
Liverpool 4Life - 3 dagar sedan
K thx
Farzam Khizar
Farzam Khizar - 3 dagar sedan
Was taken down due to some editing mistakes. Check Josh's twitter
Sal - 3 dagar sedan
simon did NOT have two feet in, dont @ me
Dae Dae
Dae Dae - 3 dagar sedan
Why are we all forgetting vikk plays Minecraft
Beaudoin Motorsports
Beaudoin Motorsports - 3 dagar sedan
JJ deserves all the Credit for Vikk winning
DJ Vikash MUSIC - 4 dagar sedan here is sidemen new video that got deleted
Ivan Perez
Ivan Perez - 4 dagar sedan
Why did they take off the new one?
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah - 3 dagar sedan
DD 2303
DD 2303 - 4 dagar sedan
What happened to the new video
John Walsh
John Walsh - 4 dagar sedan
If anyone is here because the sidemen vid got taking down can someone explain what happened in it and why it got talking down
solange ella
solange ella - 4 dagar sedan
It had editing mistakes and it was sidemen countdown
Denisse A
Denisse A - 4 dagar sedan
I do not appreciate Vikk being bullied by JJ :(
Mahfuz Sheikh
Mahfuz Sheikh - 4 dagar sedan
No sidemen video this week?
James Warrell
James Warrell - 4 dagar sedan
cr!Tical sh0t
cr!Tical sh0t - 4 dagar sedan
For those who missed the upload before it got taken down type in sidemen countdown deleted video
The B3A57 Gamer Ladd
The B3A57 Gamer Ladd - 4 dagar sedan
Where is new Sunday of the sidemen broooo
cr!Tical sh0t
cr!Tical sh0t - 4 dagar sedan
It was posted but it was then deleted like 30 minutes it was count downand i managed to watch it before it got taken down. I think its because it seemed very badly edited or copyright. It was a pretty cool 36 min vid though and they might repost it
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - 4 dagar sedan
Why are Click such a btec Australian Sidemen
Tamil Remakes
Tamil Remakes - 4 dagar sedan
AndretheDias - 4 dagar sedan
Whos here brcause latest upload was deleted the sidemen countdown
Tamil Remakes
Tamil Remakes - 4 dagar sedan
M Peas
M Peas - 4 dagar sedan
Anyone else waiting for the new vid?
alex johns
alex johns - 4 dagar sedan
Whos here waiting for a sidemen sunday vid