The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell - 3 månader sedan
Dive into sources and further reading here:

Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover – we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously.

Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading.

So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.
Nick Korkodylas
Nick Korkodylas - 18 timmar sedan
I am constantly being called an "anti-vaxxer" and a "science denialist" just for pointing out that it's a bad idea to allow governments make sticking needles in your children mandatory. They also called me a "conspiracy theorist" for pointing out that some vaccines used mercury compounds as preservatives.
Jordan Sutche
Jordan Sutche - 3 dagar sedan
The fact you brought up Wakefield's "research" just proved you didn't actually look into it at all. That's a fact.
Haziq Aiman
Haziq Aiman - 3 dagar sedan
Ok gus
A random Weeb
A random Weeb - 8 dagar sedan
500 comments boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
skoorb nimajnib
skoorb nimajnib - 2 timmar sedan
So in the past they poisoned us with dangerous mercury and more aluminium? So you have admitted their guilt. They are still poisoning us. Even more. Or is it just that they stay one step ahead of popular scientific knowledge. Should we trust Big Pharma and it's links to the Nazis etc. Read the book Bad Pharma. Who pays to produce these cartoons? Yes - there are bad and crazy people in power at the highest levels who instead of toothbrush moustaches have cultural ways to indoctrinate. Listen to experts, because simplified explanation can be deceiving.
Mercury and aluminium, and things like flouride, which is also a known brain toxin which is in our daily water (first added in the concentration camps to make the prisoners docile) and toothpaste have precursors...building blocks...
chemicals which contribute towards their formation. 1+1=2.
We are talking also about about injecting new born babies with many, many weird things at the same time, including viruses or parts of viruses when their immune systems are not developed so again we are talking about the combined effect of these things. If the anti-vaccine lobby is not a dumb fashion then it's arguments are worth investigating. I am not scientist but there are many scientists on that side or at least with many serious issues to raise and if more were paid by the state or Big Pharma then there would be more. The burden of proof is on the person who wants to inject millions of why is it so often the sceptics who are having to justify their position? Because many simplly believe in authority. Be careful with that. The say nuclear power is safe but look what happened in Chernobyl or Fukushima. Science is good but as it is driven by finance and investors and maybe people who belong to an elite who want to reduce the population, we have to be more than happy shoppers.
The issue about many african countries going to court over masses of tetanus viruses containing sterilisation agents is common knowledge among well-informed people. So it depends what sources are official.
But then again, ask your doctor about cancer?
It is now becoming clear that Cancer is often triggered by "harmless" viruses....and one day it will be common sense will catch up and say that it is logical. Meanwhile people are dying and the cancer industry is lagging behind the facts. Perhaps because if people can help prevent cancer by common anti-virals such as cat's claw and raw garlic then why do doctors never prescribe natural preventative medicine to their patients?
Why do schools not provide a few pieces of fruit free for every child?
Quartermaster 40k
Quartermaster 40k - 2 timmar sedan
I swear when we colonize the moon and Mars and if I have the power to choose those going I'll mkae sure no antivaxxer comes to the ships. Their stupidity and ignorance will be our downfall
Dialas Dialga
Dialas Dialga - 3 timmar sedan
I was here to roast antivaxxers in the comments, but I found intellectuals
Gacha Bob
Gacha Bob - 3 timmar sedan
Me:mom did you vaccinate me !!!!!?
Sir Admin
Sir Admin - 3 timmar sedan
If you have a antivax friend with a kid when your kid gets vaccinated host a party for the kids the antivax kid will get sick and die 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gabriel Jordan
Gabriel Jordan - 6 timmar sedan
Vaccines do NOT cause autism.
Umgrut - 7 timmar sedan
Autism causes vaccines!!!
Haziq Aiman
Haziq Aiman - 7 timmar sedan
3 virus 🏳️‍🌈
Joat Zarathustra
Joat Zarathustra - 9 timmar sedan
I refuse to use antivirus software I don’t want an autistic computer!
ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe
ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe - 9 timmar sedan
I like how as the video progressed they started to roast the anti vaxxers yarder and harder savage.
And awesome video.
janevski - 9 timmar sedan
Who's watching this after getting vaccinated?
Daddy Long Legs
Daddy Long Legs - 11 timmar sedan
Wanna roast an anti-vaxxer in the comments can someone just take one for the team and pretend they anti-vax so we can all laugh at them pls
ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe
ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe - 9 timmar sedan
You moron dont you know every person on earth who has taken vaccine yet has died pr is on a verge to death how can you compare something which has 100 percent death rates to the small proportion caused due to no vaxxx
SQUACK - 12 timmar sedan
pharmaceutical companies should have to test vaccines as a drug and should not be immune to lawsuits for childhood vaccines
Dialas Dialga
Dialas Dialga - 2 timmar sedan
@SQUACK also fuck off
Dialas Dialga
Dialas Dialga - 2 timmar sedan
Hell nah they do already, is earth flat to you?!
Noob_Frvr 676
Noob_Frvr 676 - 5 timmar sedan
Ok so, do you believe the earth is flat or something?, theres inumerous proofs that this is real but you Don't believe,but it's good for ou society if your kind of people got "erradicated"we need safety, it's just like the people who don't believe in global warming (I'm a Brazilian, my english is not that good)
SQUACK - 5 timmar sedan
@Noob_Frvr 676 Please do some real research before believing this video. We are destroying our children. A baby is designed to have no inflammation the 1st year of life. The baby is developing it's immune system and the mothers breast milk is providing immunity. We proceed in the USA to give the precious unformed immune system of an infant 24 doses of vaccines the first year of life in fact we give the hepatitis B vaccine the 1st day of life which has 10 times the recommended amount of aluminum according to the weight and the FDA guidelines. Aluminum creates an antibody response which creates inflammation in the 1st day of life. The USA has the highest infant mortality in the developed world right now. We are three times Japan which gives no vaccines the 1st year of life. Maybe our CDC FDA and HHS are being bought off by big money. Pharma, Government agencies, media and politicians are all in bed. Good luck getting any real science.
Noob_Frvr 676
Noob_Frvr 676 - 7 timmar sedan
The entire video explains how it's safe and you come here? IDIOT
SQUACK - 12 timmar sedan
This video is full of misinformation
Toast - 5 timmar sedan
How would you know
SQUACK - 12 timmar sedan
In the USA before the measles vaccine 1 in 500,000 Americans died per year
Adam Asla
Adam Asla - 9 timmar sedan
wanna know why?
largo games
largo games - 10 timmar sedan
In 1980 2,6 million people died
SQUACK - 12 timmar sedan
Vaccines destroy our health and help big pharma make more money
ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe
ThE BiNdiNg iS fRaGiLe - 9 timmar sedan
I know right i know almost 2000 people in my life probably more and every one who has taken vaccing is going to die mannn why do they take vaccines they have 100% death rate
SubscribeToPewdiepie - 12 timmar sedan
8:30 a mother has just indirectly killed their child by putting them in danger
just another account
just another account - 13 timmar sedan
If your kid dies from a vaccine, its probably better that way...
Mariah Hirsch
Mariah Hirsch - 13 timmar sedan
(⊙□⊙) sugar rush
Note Nopeti
Note Nopeti - 16 timmar sedan
Doctor : omae o wa mou shindeir
Kids : Nani?
Mysterious Snowball
Mysterious Snowball - 16 timmar sedan
All the dislikes are antivaxxers
Modd - 17 timmar sedan
Stop Vaccinating. I'm running out of buyers for Infant sized coffins
yousef issa
yousef issa - 18 timmar sedan
Me: **closes phone for 2 seconds**
YouTube: hey I'll give you two new ads because why not
Sum cringey boi
Sum cringey boi - 18 timmar sedan
Do vaccines cause autism?
Kurzgesagt: "Well, yes but actually no."
Marco Gögele
Marco Gögele - 20 timmar sedan
Who else looking for Karens
Kysier - 21 timme sedan
I think the saddest part of the whole anti-vax b/s is they not only have no idea how vaccines work, they also lack even fundamental knowledge of what autism is. It's like 2 different schools of ignorance had a baby (that immediately died of measles).
Gabriel Platter
Gabriel Platter - 21 timme sedan
Birth also causes autism. We should stop birth to stop autism.
MrIndecisive - 21 timme sedan
Gabriel Platter big brain
Gulag Ticket
Gulag Ticket - 21 timme sedan
It is simple thing:
Vaxxers: Soviet Union 1945
Bacterea: German Reich 1945
Antivaxxer Children:France 1939
Rainbow the Dragon Cat
*Faith in humanity has dropped by 1%*
Hello hello
Hello hello - Dag sedan
Ah yes.
Inslaved autism.
Josh son ofZeus
Josh son ofZeus - Dag sedan
ohh, a bird cell
Trần Thị Minh Châu Đàm
Memory cells: *Sees Flu virus*
Memory cells: *Has Vietnam Flashback*
Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire - Dag sedan
Nice stolen comment
אמנון נחשלים
I am glad that we have David Icke for unadulterated information.
Herd immunity=herd ignorance☹
Xx RangoNLevi06 xX
Xx RangoNLevi06 xX - Dag sedan
Wait, if u beat cancer does that mean u can’t get it again?
terrarian - 13 timmar sedan
No. Sorry but cancer is a mutation in your cells making them multiply uncontrollably so you cannot be immune.
Vary Olla
Vary Olla - Dag sedan
Partially correct Ashley. You are correct in that cancer represents an idiopathic aberration with your cellular makeup rather than an external pathogen as with infectious diseases. Yet your body periodically produces aberrant cells as a normal byproduct of the cellular mitosis which drives our bodies. Your immune system will usually identify these defective cells and instruct them to commit "suicide" via apoptosis. When that system breaks down however = we see tumors and cancer result. So cancer represents a dysfunctional immune system and accordingly there is nothing to "learn". All we can do is to try to destroy those aberrant cells externally via things like chemo or radiation and hope the immune system will kick in to do the rest. Moral of the story: because it failed to do it's job to begin with = it can similarly fail again. That is why we sometimes see reoccurrence after a time or else cancers affecting other systems. Something is amiss with the body which it can not overcome = making it subjective to the individual alone. We can prevent measles because it's cause is a single known virus. Cancers on the other hand can be the result of multiple etiologies making them difficult to pin down. Have a nice day.
Ashley Gardner
Ashley Gardner - Dag sedan
Cancer is a little different. Cancer is a mutation from cells already inside your body so its nothing you contract. Your body may learn from previous cancer, but cancer cells are much harder to destroy
Roy the big gey is not go no more gey
Births cause autism
Lea Tompkins
Lea Tompkins - Dag sedan
To many antivaxxers dont realize how bad these diseases are. I've herd stories from my grandmother about kids with polio when she was young, and how scary it was you could be next in the hospital with an iron lung.
Trần Thị Minh Châu Đàm
Me, a coffin seller: *Sees an anti-vaxxer*
Me: *STONKS* 📈
Nate Da Grate
Nate Da Grate - Dag sedan
I sorta am half in half out. I've been vaccinated but at the same time I havent been vaccinated in everything. Now please don't kill me, but I do believe that some vaccines are lethal and unnecessary. But vaccines that are necessary obviously are needed. So yea if u wanna get vaccinated just think if it's unnecessary or not
Danimeme - Dag sedan
Kurzgesagt puts its foot don at the end
Aji Pangestu
Aji Pangestu - Dag sedan
Come on leave the antivaxxers alone, they are very valuable to develop new deadly disease so we can reduce our number
6969 subscribers with 0 videos challenge
harmful bacteria: **enters the second time**
also harmful bacteria: "why do i hear boss music?"
6969 subscribers with 0 videos challenge
8k dislikes are from anti vaxxers
Playeryboi - Dag sedan
If you get sick over the weak cousin of measles then you’d probably die with the real measles parasite
Rubicon AU
Rubicon AU - Dag sedan
Honestly if I had money I would be buying so much merchandise and using Patreon.
Rubicon AU
Rubicon AU - Dag sedan
At 7:38 all 8k Anti-vaccinators disliked. They got proven wrong by probably the *BEST* Channel of its type (my opinion).
Ethan Stankowski
Ethan Stankowski - Dag sedan
Did anti-vaxers (in America)
Fail history class
Lea Tompkins
Lea Tompkins - Dag sedan
Irwan Nirwana
Irwan Nirwana - Dag sedan
Did u from u.s.a?
as - Dag sedan
Fake video. Vaccines cause more deaths than measles worldwide
Vary Olla
Vary Olla - 6 timmar sedan
Of course they do not Noob. lol! On a side note what "as" referred to would ultimately be oxymoronic for the following reason. The MeV only infects humans much the same as the Variola virus which caused smallpox did. Accordingly since humans are it's only host = by the time potential deaths from administering the MMR outnumbered actual deaths by measles the disease would all but be eradicated...........thereby eliminating the need for the measles vaccine to be administered. As such it represents a self-correcting problem as such vaccine deaths would then no longer be possible as vaccine employment would cease as it has for widespread smallpox vaccination when it too was declared eradicated long ago. Have a nice day.
Noob_Frvr 676
Noob_Frvr 676 - 7 timmar sedan
Have you any fact or prove ?
Vary Olla
Vary Olla - 8 timmar sedan
That then as = would a beautiful thing. That would mean that vaccines had reduced the incidence of measles sooooooooo low = that those rare severe reactions to the MMR then outnumbered actual deaths by measles. Of course it is not true as measles still kills worldwide each year tens of thousands of people = last stat I saw some time back was around 90K. Meanwhile the chances of death from the MMR are actually extremely low = extremely low. Better luck next time.
Chris Heil
Chris Heil - Dag sedan
Show me them sources like this video did bud....
Danimeme - Dag sedan
Oh silly but vaccines prevent measles deaths
Remer Mequiota
Remer Mequiota - Dag sedan
dat end music tho
Remer Mequiota
Remer Mequiota - Dag sedan
dont forget about dengue vaccines here in the phillipines
ryahmib - Dag sedan
4:55 why your scenario take place in the MCU ?
The Shinto Railfan
The Shinto Railfan - Dag sedan
Cause' why not?
ZapaX - Dag sedan
This video is dedicated to Karen, an anti-vax mom.
Roblox Cringe
Roblox Cringe - Dag sedan
crackerjack fox
crackerjack fox - Dag sedan
think of this vaccines are like care packages for you immune system get care pacgaegs and you bady will win e was a vaccinate you and your kids
Illogikalli _
Illogikalli _ - Dag sedan
Anti vaccine people are retards
Ryoss - 2 dagar sedan
8.1k people are antivaxxers named Karen
aidan saikia
aidan saikia - 2 dagar sedan
saying vaccines are dangerous are like saying seatbelts cause car crashes
Some Guy
Some Guy - Dag sedan
@incativated for the love of... if you want to prove your point then show us hard proof that vaccines are bad. Something to discredit the literal hundreds of researches made by professionals
Playeryboi - Dag sedan
incativated vaccines are proven to work. In the EU there is currently a measles outbreak and it’s only getting worse because you anti-vaccine fuck heads don’t do any research whatsoever and only argue with feelings. Unless you can send me a link to an article that proves vaccines don’t work and do more harm, than good I won’t change my mind.
The Shinto Railfan
The Shinto Railfan - Dag sedan
No, @incativated, I had a fever of 103 Fahrenheit. Anything higher could've been lethal.
incativated - Dag sedan
@The Shinto Railfan I've had many times in my life where i felt like dying.
velorien996 - 2 dagar sedan
BuT WhAt aBouT auTiSM?
There is nothing wrong with autism Karen it normally doesn't make someone unable to function properly unlike you
Superior Mind Studios
Superior Mind Studios - 2 dagar sedan
Goddamn anti vaxxers🙄
In my country if u don't vaccinate you will definetly die
This I guarantee
aidan saikia
aidan saikia - 2 dagar sedan
*T H I S P L E A S E S K A R EN T H E A N T I V A X E R*
Sans Zockt
Sans Zockt - 2 dagar sedan
Germs when the Body is Vaccinated:
We've been fooled, We've been tricked and quite possibly Bamboozled.
Germs when the Body is not Vaccinated:
Mazda 787B
Mazda 787B - 2 dagar sedan
Memory cells must have Vietnam flashbacks on the daily
Miles Gutierrez
Miles Gutierrez - 2 dagar sedan
Seatbelts are like the shock suits that storm troopers wear. In an accident where you absolutely would have died, the seatbelt could definitely save you, but in a smaller scale minor accident, it's more likely that the seatbelt is going to kill you or injure you than the car.
Gingerbrave - 2 dagar sedan
Vaccinate your kids or I'll shoot measles at you.
Guinness - 2 dagar sedan
Russian intelligence have spread a lot of anti-vaxx bull online to stoke division. That along with political fake stories, they try to disrupt our societies. Apparently over the bodies of dead children
Haziq Aiman
Haziq Aiman - 2 dagar sedan
Krishna Karma
Krishna Karma - 2 dagar sedan
Antivaxxers : Why to trust doctors and everyone else when we can trust a blogger oh kurzgesagt video that support us "clicks on the video" Why to trust youtube when we can trust the old blogger (ps: Personaly I can't imagine what makes people think like this even a illiterate one in my area understands that vaccine are soo important for their child as well as adults stupids antivaxxers lol)
Dl3 Yeah
Dl3 Yeah - 2 dagar sedan
Is it safe to say that anti-vax people are murderers?
Oasis - 7 timmar sedan
Second degree murder as it it “requires killing either to be intentional or reckless”
Rainbow the Dragon Cat
MYTHICAL ENTIRES - 2 dagar sedan
Anti-vaxx parents will agreed about this
Mitch_ Camo
Mitch_ Camo - 2 dagar sedan
Saying vaccines causes autism is like saying seatbelts cause car crashes :/
e l
e l - 2 dagar sedan
Autism does comes from these! Your facts are far off! When it comes to autism in tons of cases can be directly linked to specific shots required in the states! Video proof of children being outgoing normal children to non moving huge signs of autism directly after shots. It’s 2019 we all have tons of videos of our child now! All hit very high temperatures after vaccine then completely different child within 24 hours. Fact is you know nothing of what the government does outside of your books!!
Noob_Frvr 676
Noob_Frvr 676 - 7 timmar sedan
Austism does not do one people Stupid or useless, being you do it
Initial - 17 timmar sedan
Ey b0ss, Provides your source please my Ni🅱🅱a
orange juice
orange juice - Dag sedan
guys he/she isn't responding because they died of polio
anti bully
anti bully - Dag sedan
there is almost enough research to make a planet that says that vaccines do not cause autism.
Nuclear Phantom
Nuclear Phantom - 2 dagar sedan
My friend has autism but has a 98 total average in 8th grade. Autism doesn’t make people stupid, they just aren’t the best with social interactions. And it also comes from genetics, not flu shots.
cyclopsdias - 2 dagar sedan
10:06 I feel so bad for the poor mommy bird that sees its young dead :(
Danimeme - Dag sedan
Me too
Firebossman77 Youtube
Firebossman77 Youtube - 2 dagar sedan
Man I hate anti vaxers
EpicDingus - 2 dagar sedan
Wait isn't autism linked to genetics? Idk tho I'm 15
Vary Olla
Vary Olla - Dag sedan
Yes Epic. Children are born autistic as a result of something in their genetic makeup results in neurocognitive deficits. Unless those deficits are severe in nature however = an autistic child will not usually manifest signs of that autism until a latter point in their lives as their brains are still developing. This is what I mean. Human children are born with the capacity for language and movement. Yet a newborn can not immediately speak anymore than it can get up and walk or run like say a baby gazelle. That is because it's brain is still developing those capabilities. So it will coo and grasp at it's feet at first ---------> then it will roll around on the floor and attempt to crawl = and eventually it will make sounds and try to stand and then walk. Likewise a doctor will usually wait until 12 months or later to assess an infant for neurocognitive deficits because the child can not tell us what it is feeling while the doctor can not accurately gage some capacities absent that verbal interaction. Meanwhile vaccinations sometimes overlap this timeframe. Accordingly some parents will conflate a diagnosis of autism with the timing of those vaccines as causing it = wrong. Lastly is after the fact neurological damage which results in "autism-like" behaviors. Before there was an MMR each year in the US we used to see thousands of children hospitalized with encephalitis from catching measles. Today while it is possible for the MMR to cause encephalitis = thankfully that is a rare occurrence. Because both the vaccine and the disease cause the same problem = the virus and not the vaccine per se is responsible. So a child who receives the MMR and develops encephalitis which causes some neurological damage resulting in autism-like behavior would be no different than say a child who received perhaps a blow to the head from a baseball bat and who suffered brain damage as a result which precipitated autism-like behaviors. Do baseball bats then cause autism = of course not. Rather such a child is reflective of those we used to see anyways in the time before the MMR who could not tolerate exposure to measles and who reacted harshly as a result. Most often those children who react badly to being vaccinated = have some underlying health issue which is driving the reaction since almost all children vaccinated do not react as such. That makes the preexisting health issue responsible and not the vaccine as absent it = the child would not have reacted as they did to the vaccine. Have a nice day.
The Shinto Railfan
The Shinto Railfan - Dag sedan
Somewhat. I think the main cause is older parents.
Rip - 2 dagar sedan
@TmtoSouper That means you want to get the worst disease in the entire world...
TmtoSouper - 2 dagar sedan
ye it is
Quiet Girl
Quiet Girl - 2 dagar sedan
Imran Qubbaj
Imran Qubbaj - 2 dagar sedan
So basically we have a constant war in our bodies.......not scary at all....
Angela Lakes
Angela Lakes - 2 dagar sedan
Does 7th grade shots hurt I'm getting it tommorw
Danimeme - Dag sedan
Nighxmare - 2 dagar sedan
Try not to tense your muscles in the area of injection. Distract yourself with something if it’s too hard. From my experience, it hurts the most when you tense your muscles, so try to stay calm. If you relax, it’s not that bad.
WinxBattles Season3
WinxBattles Season3 - 2 dagar sedan
Angela Lakes by “less than the disease” I mean it will hurt a bit, but getting the real thing instead is about 100 times worse
Angela Lakes
Angela Lakes - 2 dagar sedan
@OwlSong UwU thank you sweetie
OwlSong UwU
OwlSong UwU - 2 dagar sedan
I mean, it’s just like any other shot lol. It shouldn’t hurt too much. :) Just try to stay calm beforehand
Roy Rice
Roy Rice - 2 dagar sedan
It's hard to undo even a false alarm.
Roy Rice
Roy Rice - 2 dagar sedan
Life causes death and they haven't found the vaccine yet that you can live with.