The Shining: Ending Explained

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The Take
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Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez - 7 dagar sedan
@Michael the Alcohol is real at least to Jack
Adela Setara
Adela Setara - 5 månader sedan
​@insanemembrane Yeah, the only person who was killed was a kind Black man... But the cycle *can* be broken: by the child, if he's able to connect with other races. The female and the young boy survived, they have the potential to end the brutal legacy of White man; which they don't, as we see in the inhumane war in Afghanistan.
Adela Setara
Adela Setara - 5 månader sedan
The film can't possibly be about addiction, because addiction itself represents something else, a greater underlying problem within the violent White civilization. Otherwise, great review! :)
straburyred - 6 månader sedan
"Crimson Peak" would be a good choice.
Perestroika Protivogaz
Perestroika Protivogaz - 17 timmar sedan
One of the circumstances where the movie is better than the novel.
Marshal Tenner Winter
Marshal Tenner Winter - 23 timmar sedan
The elevator doesn't disgorge blood. It's red rum.
scotty - Dag sedan
I like the idea that TONY has taken over Danny completely he tells his mom Danny is gone and as Tony writes the backwards Murder word on the door. I like the idea that it's TONY having taken over Danny that releases his father from the walkin fridge so that the beast that his father has become can be dealt with in the maze. I prefer thinking Tony/Danny opens the door and releases him than to accept it's the ghost. This way the entire thing is in real terms which to me is far more disturbing.
YTeecher1 - Dag sedan
stephen king is a great writer but he makes horrible horror movies. so i would take his opinion with a grain of salt.
Art Tribunal
Art Tribunal - 2 dagar sedan
This explanation is on point.
Art Tribunal
Art Tribunal - 2 dagar sedan
It failed to convince me.
Hector Adriano
Hector Adriano - 2 dagar sedan
The Shining is arguably the best horror movie ever made. The only contenders I can think of is the original Halloween and John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Modern horror movies that would contend is probably The Conjuring and It Follows.
Cara Porter
Cara Porter - 4 dagar sedan
I’ve never watched the shining, but then again this makes sense for me so, good job!
• Aesthetic Lulu •
• Aesthetic Lulu • - 4 dagar sedan
What I think is, Since some of the Caretakers that die in the hotel, For example, Grady has been a Caretaker, their pictures are in the end picture. Because the people, on
John Lester
John Lester - 5 dagar sedan
Stopped watching when the chick starts talking about how the US was so evil by taking Native American blah blah blah. Give it a damn rest already!
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez - 7 dagar sedan
Maybe like the original care taker Grady he became a part of the Hotel
kevinvanseaport - 8 dagar sedan
Trapped in the SaturnSatan reincarnation matrix. Jack is another name for Satan. If you ever remember the carpet in the hall going to room 237 then the design on the carpet are all interlocking hexagrams. Just like the hexagram opening on the north pole opening on the planet Saturn.
John Hattersley
John Hattersley - 8 dagar sedan
Airik1111 - 8 dagar sedan
Apollo 11 was an open secret, the moon landing was not real.... He filmed it for the government, that is what some believe.
Goth Boi
Goth Boi - 8 dagar sedan
When did you actually explain the ending?
Nocturnal Horrors
Nocturnal Horrors - 9 dagar sedan
Needless to say, it's a thought provoking film for sure.
Gabriel Bush
Gabriel Bush - 9 dagar sedan
Jack: I'm not going to hurt ya. You didn't let me finish my sentence! I said, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight!!
Barbie Mccabe
Barbie Mccabe - 9 dagar sedan
WORST movie ever seen. Shelly Duvall sucks. Never seen worse acting
Mohamed Sherif
Mohamed Sherif - 10 dagar sedan
I don't know. I think I actually get King's point of view more. Kubrick was perhaps a little too obsessed with technicality in the movie, which came in the way of the characters. The family dynamic is almost completely absent in the movie. In other words, they never feel like a family and the characters don't seem to have any particular traits whatsoever, with the exception of Jack of course. I think Kubrick should've actually gone with King's version and made the haunting come from the hotel and not from Jack since he really nailed the ominous aesthetic of the hotel. But deciding to make the haunting come from the main character and not really investing that much in the character's interaction with the family? I don't know it just doesn't make much sense to me. Perhaps on a second viewing I'd change my mind. With 2001 being one of my favorite movies of all time, The Shining was a little disappointing.
DaVonna Steele
DaVonna Steele - 11 dagar sedan
Still talking about it in 2019" can't beat out a classic like THE SHINING 😈
Sean Fagan
Sean Fagan - 11 dagar sedan
The book was childish and predictable. The movie was great the book sucked.
Shahin Tajeri
Shahin Tajeri - 11 dagar sedan
Alcoholism is "Overlook"ed.
xýpnios I gńosi
xýpnios I gńosi - 11 dagar sedan
Who came here after watching ken and peele
MO oOo
MO oOo - 12 dagar sedan
This is the most persuasive explanation of this movie I've ever seen, thanks a lot!
Am looking forward to the upcoming movie "Doctor sleep" :D
Sillius Soddus
Sillius Soddus - 12 dagar sedan
I feel like the place is alive, would explain why windows, paintings, furniture change on a whim. And every time someone gets corrupted/killed by the hotel, they become trapped. This would explain why Delbert is convinced that Jack has always been the caretaker (that or he’s manipulating him).
Eddy Pineda
Eddy Pineda - 13 dagar sedan
This "ending explain" sounds more like a SJW victimization kind of crap...
John Hagar III
John Hagar III - 14 dagar sedan
basically the film is about a family who should have split a long time ago, however their split is inevitable. the hotel is over native american ground and it’s a symbol for america facing its harsh truth of the violence towards them. the family comes to this hotel to face their inevitable demise of their family
Bri Goose
Bri Goose - 14 dagar sedan
The photo at the ending is his soul in the hotel forever hence him in the photo.
rlalko l
rlalko l - 14 dagar sedan
Yep my father was a crazy ass.
Daddy Erich
Daddy Erich - 15 dagar sedan
What a talented actor
Andrew Wasielewski
Andrew Wasielewski - 19 dagar sedan
What if the overlook represents Hell
Tom Alfano
Tom Alfano - 20 dagar sedan
Loyd I've been away , but now I'm back , lol
Mo O
Mo O - 20 dagar sedan
People have done this video, this person thinks she knows something, she is a fraud, got this info from 10 other videos, this is a scam just to earn youtube money
Tsunami Scientist
Tsunami Scientist - 22 dagar sedan
Mia DeAngelis
Mia DeAngelis - 23 dagar sedan
Wish somebody would call me “light if my life” like that
Big Huge
Big Huge - 23 dagar sedan
While watching this video I was reminded of a time I got an A at Pratt Institute by creating psychological reasonings for this horrible project I concocted ten minutes before class while those who spent hours at home on theirs got worse grades because they didn't sell theirs the way I did. One can no doubt make Jaws The Revenge seem like a Shakespearean masterpiece with the right kind of BS. "Notice the vocalization of the shark under torment and the way it defies gravity by hovering high above the surface of the water denotes the evolution of the shark from mere predator to almost reaching a sense of its own divinity." Seriously, this kind of talk got me that A. Don't take this wrong; I found this video extremely interesting but I also sense a lot of overreaching and invention as well. For instance, the bit with the American flag and its colors were fascinatinig until I saw those colors were among other colors in different wardrobe changes. Still, it does make one think there might have been a little more thought behind the movie than as first appears.
BabyBoomerChannel - 23 dagar sedan
There is no doubt that this is film within a film.
BabyBoomerChannel - 23 dagar sedan
evertime Jack talks to a ghost, he's talking to himself in a mirror. Come on. Don't be a sh1thead. This movie is about Jack being the result of child abuse, and become a child abuser himself (on Danny). By leaving Jack "frozen", and escaping the maze, Danny is escaping the legacy of a long line of abusers. Jack (representing the recurring abuser) is frozen, but always there to unfreeze. Jack is smiling because Danny has escaped the family tradition of abusing the child. Either that, or it's about the abandonment of the Gold Standard (tee hee).
Artyomata - 24 dagar sedan
14:17 ' of my loins'
YaBoiSmitt - 24 dagar sedan
2019 gang yurrrrrrr still a great movie
Kelly Fischer
Kelly Fischer - 25 dagar sedan
Through complex motifs, The Shining represents... blah, b. d. blah blah... It also represents that you don't know what the hell you're talking about.
The Shining movie is the story of AN AUTHOR who has come to a hotel, he has no ideas on what to write, but is told about a murder that happened at the hotel, and badda boom badda bing we transition seamlessly into the novel as he writes it. There are clues throughout to back this up. Even the ending makes sense - the story took place July 4th 1921.
But people like to make crap up to show how "smart" they are:
"By focusing on the background we see the Calumet Indian logo which signifies white brutality..."
Stanley Kubrick: "I like the Cleveland Indians, so I put those cans in the shot."
The Regular
The Regular - 25 dagar sedan
robert brunelle
robert brunelle - 27 dagar sedan
who say you explain
i look like jack
Michael Bojkowski
Michael Bojkowski - 27 dagar sedan
Oh wow. These 'Ending Explained' videos are soooo dumb. Live with the mystery. No-one needs this video.
Mark Israel
Mark Israel - 27 dagar sedan
All this nonsense between Kubrick & King was ridiculous. Kubrick bought the rights to the book. So he could keep or change anything he wanted. This film is and will always be a classic.
Baby Irene
Baby Irene - 28 dagar sedan
Content: of good quality
Voice delivering the content:
bannor216 - 28 dagar sedan
typical lame female voice. click off
Tunisia H
Tunisia H - 28 dagar sedan
White man sins will be the death of them all the evils of there pass will have its day
RHIAN HEGARTY - 29 dagar sedan
That one scene where jack is pacing slowly in front of Wendy up the stairs by far scares the shit out of me than any other scene in the film. Just as jaws scarred me as a child into never going into the sea as an adult, if ANYONE follows me up the stairs now, even as an adult, scares the shit out of me as it did when i first saw this film.