The Shining: Ending Explained

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What happened at the end of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining? Until the last minute, the plot seems to be wrapping up in a conventional way. But... Support us on Patreon (Thank you!):
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The Take
The Take - 2 år sedan
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cvand - 28 dagar sedan
The Take what’s the song in the outro? Thanks
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez - 4 månader sedan
@Michael the Alcohol is real at least to Jack
Adela Setara
Adela Setara - 9 månader sedan
​@insanemembrane Yeah, the only person who was killed was a kind Black man... But the cycle *can* be broken: by the child, if he's able to connect with other races. The female and the young boy survived, they have the potential to end the brutal legacy of White man; which they don't, as we see in the inhumane war in Afghanistan.
Adela Setara
Adela Setara - 9 månader sedan
The film can't possibly be about addiction, because addiction itself represents something else, a greater underlying problem within the violent White civilization. Otherwise, great review! :)
straburyred - 10 månader sedan
"Crimson Peak" would be a good choice.
Olivia Whitis
Olivia Whitis - Dag sedan
I’m lost
Vince L
Vince L - 3 dagar sedan
Jack is the caretaker...He always has been the caretaker.
MegaRuru123 - 4 dagar sedan
Who’s here now after they watched doctor sleep
Badass Uchiha
Badass Uchiha - 4 dagar sedan
I know this is a Stupid Question but can someone age after being Frozen under Ice for very long
crum boy
crum boy - 5 dagar sedan
I'm never using hotel trivago again...
Spanglish_ fly
Spanglish_ fly - 5 dagar sedan
It was the last fiction book I read BUT honestly I think the movie is better.
Ken Lamboy
Ken Lamboy - 6 dagar sedan
I love how once you watch Doctor Sleep you realize that maybe Jack wasn’t a reincarnation, or a spirit, or absorbed into the past of the hotel and maybe he was one of those vampire people who are immortal
Wallace Callow
Wallace Callow - 6 dagar sedan
One of the things I couldn't understand about the movie,
and how it didn't fit, concerning the (hallucination of Grady) and his dialogue
with Jack, was saying that Jack was always the caretaker. I think now that
it was the demon inside Jack, in that scene, that Grady was talking to,
not Jack himself. And the same demon was inside Grady, whom Jack was
talking to. That demon, or Native American entity, was the same one that
took over the Charles Grady in 1970, and killed his wife and kids. Jack
was living in Denver, then, so he couldn't have been the caretaker.
Jack, in his past life, was there in 1921, as the photo at the end
shows, but he may not have killed anyone. He was just at the 1921, July
4th Ball. Jack wasn't ALWAYS there. And Jack was seeing a hallucination
of Grady in the bathroom, which was actually the entity
talking to itself through Jack. That would make more sense- Grady wouldn't have
always been there, either. He was there in 1970, reincarnated as Charles
Grady, after living a past life as Delbert Grady in 1921. But it
doesn't mean he was always there. So Jack lived a life there in 1921,
and reincarnated later, only to be possessed by that demon, as Charles
Zakaria Zahrani
Zakaria Zahrani - 6 dagar sedan
Have you ever considered that the movie simply sucks? Could Kubrik simply have screwed up here, or is that blasphemy?
Mark Keith
Mark Keith - 7 dagar sedan
I figured it was an ancestor of Jack chalking it down to an eerie coincidence. Not very interesting for a movie however so I threw out that theory. My new theory; a guy from the past that looks just like Jack. Again, not very interesting.
Valkyrie Sardo
Valkyrie Sardo - 8 dagar sedan
Read the book. Danny has the Shine. The Overlook wants the boy in order to increase its power. Jack's alcoholism makes him the most vulnerable to attack. So the hotel possesses Jack as a tool to acquire Danny.
Starship Ghetto Byrd
Starship Ghetto Byrd - 8 dagar sedan
Probably the most literate analysis I've found on YouTube.
William Mac
William Mac - 9 dagar sedan
The emphasis on mirrors and pairs also indicates the dual nature of evil. The lower case “i”s used in the title push this idea to the fore. Also the number 237 is made of only prime numbers - numbers that are alone in the sense that they can’t be made by multiples of other numbers yet they repeat in their own separate system - much like the eternal yet repeating nature of (human) evil. The film is like a nightmare - characters and time melt away into obscurity whilst underpinning archetypes and patterns reach out to us. It succeeds because it’s a horror film not about ghosts or monsters; but because it’s about true evil. This takes two forms - (white) man’s love for comfort in the form of development and order at any cost; and the lonely inward labyrinthian absorption which can result from seeking earthly glory at all costs.
dez roberts
dez roberts - 9 dagar sedan
It would seem there is no definitive explanation just many possible interpretations.Its a truely amazing film.
K. San
K. San - 9 dagar sedan
I feel like one of the best aspects of The Shining is the ambiguity. Most likely he’s crazy, which may be why a lot doesn’t make since, but there’s still a little to explain...
Dave Juergens
Dave Juergens - 9 dagar sedan
I paid to watch the movie 6 times when it came out. I love about the 3rd time I watched it, when Wendy runs the halls in the last 5 minutes and there is the apparition of the two costume party goers doing Lord knows what in their room . To me it gives me pause at the history of violence and debauchery of this great Hotel!!!
Jazz - 9 dagar sedan
OMG. 1MiL views of entertainment analysis.
JohnWesley Downey
JohnWesley Downey - 9 dagar sedan
Oh thank you thank you thank you wise people of THE TAKE because us mere viewers of the movie would never be intelligent enough to figure out a friggin' movie ending without your help. Because working for a you tube channel means you are so much smarter than the every day movie goer.
Lil Down Syndrome
Lil Down Syndrome - 9 dagar sedan
The hotel will make people violent? Looks like that hotel’s got some VIDEO GAMES
Ratna Ningtyas
Ratna Ningtyas - 10 dagar sedan
Well thank god that the Kubrick's version didn't burned the hotel in the first movie otherwise the old Danny wouldn't come to the hotel in the Doctor Sleep... Hehe
Atti Ylänen
Atti Ylänen - 10 dagar sedan
I'm glad the G.O.A.T. directed the Shining and not mr. Maximum Overdrive.
Joe Dexter
Joe Dexter - 10 dagar sedan
Why don’t somebody just ask jack Nikolai’s what the hell this movie is about 🤔
canvas11xD - 10 dagar sedan
My theory is the overlook takes souls of those who die in the area. Probably a curse of being on a Indian burial ground and probably pissed off spirts because they can’t leave. So the spirits probably turn people mad to cause murder.
Sorry we ran into a Problem
Sorry we ran into a Problem - 10 dagar sedan
Do you know the song midnight the stars and you at the end? Well if you play roblox you will probably know about chuck Lloyd! In a part of the movie he says something about a word what means 'have I been here before?' Chuck Lloyd always goes to the
same places! If he dosent something different then the paradox will restart (also if you do play roblox and don't know about him
The song plays after 6am in game)
La Serpenta Canta
La Serpenta Canta - 10 dagar sedan
Stephen King is a true imbecile. I guess Trump derrangement syndrome has been striking for a very long time.
Johnny Maldonado
Johnny Maldonado - 11 dagar sedan
Why does this look like the movie doctor sleep ?
Omar Magdi
Omar Magdi - 11 dagar sedan
Hey guys can any one explain to me what it was meant by when Jack told Lloyd the bar man "I'm the kind of man that loves to know who is buying his drinks"??? Waiting for the answer.
Weeaboss - 11 dagar sedan
"The hotel's destructive cycle may be broken"
*laughs in Doctor Sleep*
Ana Frias
Ana Frias - 11 dagar sedan
we saw the hotel in REAL LIFE it was cool i even cheated in the maze
Mercedes Benz Bentley Range Rover
This movie even more dark and evil than The exorcist
Angela Guidolin
Angela Guidolin - 12 dagar sedan
The fact that the UN building in NY is built on a graveyard speaks volumes.
rizzo316 - 12 dagar sedan
With all due respect to Stephen King, the movie is better.
YuGiOhDuelChannel - 12 dagar sedan
"The film ask us if we can escape our violent legacies" what a artsy hogwash way of watching this movie, so freaking monotonous I cant finish this video....wah wah wah wah
Pete Puebla
Pete Puebla - 12 dagar sedan
We'll see if there's a Breaking of the deaths you're talking about because there's a sequel to The Shining call Doctor sleep.
Pete Puebla
Pete Puebla - 12 dagar sedan
This video really explains a lot! Thank you!
milk - 12 dagar sedan
idk If this is already a theory but maybe all those people in the photo have died at the hotel and now the hotel has there souls and it takes control or persuades or whatever u call it peoples latent evil to kill other people the more souls/people it has the better idk just quickly thought it up
Matthew Myers
Matthew Myers - 12 dagar sedan
“Cultural disrespect to the Indians.” Give me a break
Fergie Fergus
Fergie Fergus - 12 dagar sedan
Jack is the best actor in Hollywood. I have always thought this.
HangaFang - 12 dagar sedan
i believe you're thinking too hard. i can find the Devil on the label of lemonade. I went to Valencia Film school. Now, the scariest part of the movie is the bathroom scene. he has entered Purgatory. you can't check out. between Heaven and Hell. there is someone in the World that looks exactly like YOU. right now. "You have always been the caretaker." get it?
En Ming Hee
En Ming Hee - 13 dagar sedan
It's just a movie about a failure of a man who sells his soul to the darkest desire of his heart to belong somewhere else for fame and glory. No matter which theory you go by that is the reasonable final conclusion.
Ceona Benjamin Salve
Ceona Benjamin Salve - 13 dagar sedan
Just watching this to refresh my memories of the movie. Absolutely love your analysis. On to Doctor sleep now. Hope it's not as disappointing as the new terminator.
Jason Chang
Jason Chang - 13 dagar sedan
this movie is bad!
achez51 - 13 dagar sedan
No u
Jason Chang
Jason Chang - 13 dagar sedan
i agree with this guy
Timmy Moynahan
Timmy Moynahan - 13 dagar sedan
Kubrick admitting to faking moon landing
Pat Moynahan
Pat Moynahan - 13 dagar sedan
All work and no play = A11= apollo 11. In the book sisters not twins .Apollo program replaced gemini ( the twins). In the book rm 217 room 237 in movie at time accepted diatance to moon was avraged 237000miles. Danny wearing apollo 11 jacket thru most of movie even multiple cans of tang pkaced in storage
Pat Moynahan
Pat Moynahan - 13 dagar sedan
Entire film metaphor for cold war .addler tyewriter means eagle as in the eagle has landed notice the indian motiff jack bounceing ball against look like the number of rockets representing moon landings
The Lonely Kitsune - 孤独なキツネ
You are wrong on a few things. The Calumet logo back then was a chieftain head. It was for years. That was product placement. Product placement was and is still huge.
The patterns on the flooring was very popular during that time. I hated it back then, still not a fan.
Wow, overthinking things.
Douglas Daniel
Douglas Daniel - 14 dagar sedan
When, when, when will people stop building stuff on Native American burials grounds? Geez, you'd think there'd be an EPA advisory about it or something.....
Dora Balog
Dora Balog - 14 dagar sedan
I like the movie more because it states that we are in control of what we do and that we attract only the things we want in our life. It gives more responsibility unlike the novel that states that others are to blame. I’m not saying Jack wanted to kill his family, he wanted an excuse for not making it as a writer, for not providing, connecting and protecting his family, for hurting his kid. He didn’t even stop drinking right after he hurt his kid . He hates that his son is not enough for him to give up the bad things he does in his life. I could go on and on...and for me, it all connects to the american dream, to the ideals that are far beyond what humans can do and if jack only found forgiveness for his actions because he’s human I don’t think any of it would happen.
Kamal Hussain
Kamal Hussain - 14 dagar sedan
If you've read the book, then you're glad Kubrick is dead and King is still alive. Absolutely ruined the adaptation, by making a shitty attempt at a horror movie.
andria Biebs
andria Biebs - 14 dagar sedan
I love about this movie is it shot at timberline Lodge which is Mount Hood in Oregon State. I live by there so I thought that’s really cool.This is a great video
Edd - 14 dagar sedan
Coogi on my socks 🧦
agthaog1986 - 14 dagar sedan
Mr. Ullman sounds alot more like Mr. Omen....could it be possible hes the devil. The flag what he someways he is liie the devil offering the family power in. A big hotel 2 stay
rhrabar0004 - 15 dagar sedan
Great content but the blurbs brought on screen were too fast to read. I had to time myself pausing the scene to read the annotation and then go back 15 to 20 seconds before pressing play again. Give us time to breath
Caleb Cook
Caleb Cook - 15 dagar sedan
10:23 so can people from Alabama
Talaris Watts-EL
Talaris Watts-EL - 15 dagar sedan
Absolutely agree.
Alexandra CM
Alexandra CM - 16 dagar sedan
Or... Maybe you should have read Stephen King's The Shining. Then you would have understood the end of the movie, even though Kubrick has changed A LOT of the original story.
SILHOUETTE FILMS - 16 dagar sedan
Sorry, no.
Maddox Atom
Maddox Atom - 16 dagar sedan
Wow this film was waaaaayy ahead of its time. Classic horror movies are the bEsT. Also ive mostly become desensitized to horror since im a junky but the shining still gives me the creeps. This film and the exorcist will always stand the test of time
Shebz - 16 dagar sedan
So now I get were AHS house season 1 comes from 🤨
A - 16 dagar sedan
I don’t understand why people think this is such a good movie. 70s decor, cringy filming and questionable acting. I still don’t understand what “the shining”’ is and it wasn’t scary at all. Just a guy going mad. I needed way more paranormal activity. I also don’t understand why there was need for a second movie. A second movie about something which really looks like a nothing. I just don’t get it.