How to Understand the Black Hole Image

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Veritasium - 3 månader sedan
OK, just over an hour to go! This is the link to the Washington DC National Science Foundation livestream:
Click here for links to other live streams (there are several available in different countries):
STAY CLINT - Månad sedan
nasa is fake mate
shahid pk
shahid pk - Månad sedan
In qurhan black hole is mentioned 1400 yers ago reffer surha najm means stars
Joe Chang
Joe Chang - Månad sedan
Mainstream science is monkey science. Most scientists believe they have monkey ancestors. They all have a black hole in their butt and a while hole in their toilet. Future is not a physical place, they lied they can travel to the future. Gravity is instantaneous force, they lied gravity traveling in space at light speed C. They lied detected gravitational wave from 1.3 billion years ago which is impossible. Nobel Prize awarded those liars. There is no such thing as photon particle, dark matter, virtual particle. Quantum anything is BS. All these fifty years of conscious brooding have brought me no nearer to the answer to the question, 'What are light quanta?' Nowadays every Tom, D i c k and Harry thinks he knows it, but he is mistaken. -Albert Einstein 1953 He was the godfather of quantum concept, won Nobel for photoelectric effect theory. Why science community took his gold as a fart in the wind? Why scientists took his fart relativity as gold?
Ahlam Barbour
Ahlam Barbour - 2 månader sedan
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Austin Fox
Austin Fox - 5 timmar sedan
How do physical rings form around any celestial body limited to a specific plane? If there’s no up or down and all position is relative why does the ring form how it does? It makes more sense in my caveman brain for spherical rings expanding in all help explain this to me PLEASE
Crispin Koech
Crispin Koech - Dag sedan
+1 for the interstellar example.
Robert Devino
Robert Devino - 2 dagar sedan
That's easy first look at it and you should recognize the natural shape of a plasmoid! Well that is unless of course you are a pseudo scientist that believes in fairy-tale things like black holes and Dark Matter. Plasma Science and the Electric Universe theory explain this and many other things we see in the universe without invoking magic ! When gravity based cosmologists are befuddles by what they find. Electric Universe Scientists are smiling because what is found is what they predicted !!!!! They don't have to constantly create had hock fixes to theories because of how many things they find that exist that contradict their theories! The idea that the ruling force in the universe is out dates and has so many holes in it that they should have admitted a long time ago it is wrong! But they can't do that because their diplomas value and the funding is all tied to those disproved theories! They can't admit they are wrong ! If they do they are ruined! But we seriously need to stop funding all this antiquated Einstein inspired research and focus more on what Tesla tried to show us! WE are wasting billions of dollars and untold time with this misguided science! You show me how to get an infinitely dense singularity without illegal math operations and randomly inserting planks constant and maybe I will listen then. I mean you are not even following the simplest and most basic of math rules and you want people to buy it because you say so????? You guys can't even get a computer model to produce a super nova. There is never enough rebound pressure to create the explosion. You have to manipulate the programming to get it to go??? Take a hint!!!
Salahudin Tsabit
Salahudin Tsabit - 2 dagar sedan
i wish stephen hawking can see that
srbharadwaj - 2 dagar sedan
Can anyone explain this?
workout hard
workout hard - 3 dagar sedan
Sir you are awesome
Sabine Bilka
Sabine Bilka - 4 dagar sedan
This answers the question I have had since the black hole image has been released, and the explanation is cristal clear, thank you so much
Saji baskar
Saji baskar - 5 dagar sedan
Black holes can't just like center of whirlpool??
ImperfecT - 5 dagar sedan
one of my friend who is in Commerce stream .. shared the image and captioned it "happiest moment!! woow!! this is an enormous achievement"
and then I commented below "dude.. cm'on!! what type of happiness do YOU get from this....i mean u ppl deal with balance sheet and business... right?"
He didn't talk to me since then!!
McG - 5 dagar sedan
One thing I don't understand about black holes. How can anything ever go inside the event horizon? Since time slows down more and more the closer you come to the event horizon, an outside observer should _never_ see anything go past the horizon. But everywhere you hear people talk about stuff being sucked into black holes. In this video he talks about something "very quickly going into the black hole". How can this be true? I'm sure I am misunderstanding something about black holes.
Captain America
Captain America - 6 dagar sedan
It’s Thanos.
Furnace Furn
Furnace Furn - 6 dagar sedan
This guy can science!
He's smart!
My new favourite!
JAG 0937 EB
JAG 0937 EB - 6 dagar sedan
nonsense, black holes are flat
Abel SM
Abel SM - 6 dagar sedan
They were planning to take Marzia's camera but they accidentally took Felix's
Vítor Salles
Vítor Salles - 6 dagar sedan
it just amazes me how perfect was your explanation compared to the actual picture. Thank you so much!
Zig - 6 dagar sedan
Extremely hard to wrap your head around. Fascinating indeed.
rnaguilar75 - 7 dagar sedan
Awesome video bro! Love it!
Josh White
Josh White - 7 dagar sedan
Who thinks just switching back and forth between the side and main camera angle on a timer is a good idea?
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez - 8 dagar sedan
Im glad we can't hear celestial objects unless sound travels tgrough something. Black holes would be screaming in space infinitely if that weren't the case.
I LOVE YOU LORD - 8 dagar sedan
How I wish my teachers were like this,
Luc Adie Hikmawan
Luc Adie Hikmawan - 8 dagar sedan
DUDE you stole that black ball from recevoir!!!
Troy P
Troy P - 8 dagar sedan
This was a great illustration. Thank you!
Dan - 9 dagar sedan
one time like at 1:44 i thought that there is a mirroring surface in between the black ball and the ecrision(?) disk. Sometimes im just stupid
but lol ok
JeJe - 9 dagar sedan
computergeek 101
computergeek 101 - 9 dagar sedan
Technically, light does have mass... no? After all, if E=mc^2, then m=E/c^2, and so all energy technically has mass... and that’s one reason light falls in.
Roman - 9 dagar sedan
I love how you stop between sentence and look into a camera as if wanting to see if your words produced a desired effect. Believe me, they did.
antonio francescon
antonio francescon - 10 dagar sedan
This video is awesome in the way it clealy and practically explains what happens in that terrific galactic maelstrom and why it appears so distorted in its (realistic) depictions.
Thanks a lot for it and keep up your great work!
kamal rastogi
kamal rastogi - 10 dagar sedan
Is black hole a point or something like a planet?
Philip P
Philip P - 12 dagar sedan
Part of my brain saw this: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Roger Relfe
Roger Relfe - 13 dagar sedan
Thanks. Good job. So, my simple question is the uinified field theory answered on the 2.6?
Nuassul - 13 dagar sedan
Se agradece tu esfuerzo, muy didáctico, entretenido, ilustrativo (la maqueta) y satisfactorio el contenido de este video, saludos :-)
Wooosh Deceiver
Wooosh Deceiver - 13 dagar sedan
That's wack
Simnater Croc
Simnater Croc - 14 dagar sedan
What I like about blackholes is that its 4 dimensions I think🤔
Victor Palacio
Victor Palacio - 14 dagar sedan
Wonderful presentation, thanks for sharing!
Michael Tortolano
Michael Tortolano - 15 dagar sedan
Of all things to dislike what sort or nuggets dislike this, nuggets!
*Katana geimer*
*Katana geimer* - 15 dagar sedan
Bob C
Bob C - 15 dagar sedan
This is awesome. This would be been nice to have seen before I watched interstellar. And... I post this, un-pause the video and he mentions the image from intersrellar.....🤣
Brad Harbst
Brad Harbst - 15 dagar sedan
if a black hole is finite then how can they say that what happens once something moves Beyond the Event Horizon of a black hole it can't ever affect anything on the outside of a black hole? for example using the analogy one person is at a safe distance away from a black hole and their friend moves toward the black hole and as they approached they move slower and slower and slower and fade and fade and fade but are never seen going into the black hole. so if said black hole is in fact finite then how can that be? in other words what does the friend see of his friend?
aeabottss22 - 16 dagar sedan
Why would a black hole grow in size and how would it happen?
Samuel Taylor, Jr.
Samuel Taylor, Jr. - 16 dagar sedan
Excellent description of a complex, often misunderstood phenomenon. One of the very best I have seen. Our family really enjoys your videos and teaching style. Would you consider creating a video breaking down another couple of complex physics concepts, the holographic universe theory and quantum entanglement? Would really appreciate and enjoy it! Thanks for considering.
Mason Davis
Mason Davis - 17 dagar sedan
Why doesn’t NASA just send a camera that is broadcasting live into a black hold
random name
random name - 15 dagar sedan
cuz they are too far away
Life, Everything And The Universe
Gravity does not exists as a "pulling" force. Therefore, any talk of black holes and that they "suck" everything in via a force is nonsense.
Arjun S
Arjun S - 18 dagar sedan
But thet image is 55 million years old. Not the present photo.
necromancer - 19 dagar sedan
I didn't get it but I enjoyed it !!
Jane Rogers
Jane Rogers - 19 dagar sedan
Awesome explanation
paul Issus
paul Issus - 19 dagar sedan
I am not School'd so this may be a stupid question, could the Black of a blackhole be defined as the ultimate Black on the Colour palette...that's if black is a colour?
Mgl 1206
Mgl 1206 - 18 dagar sedan
paul Issus technically yes. Because the black that is the black hole is the absolute lack of light. In other words it’s darker than anything can ever be.
Marcel Jones
Marcel Jones - 20 dagar sedan
If you could telepath with a blackhole, would the sender lose their mind considering the blackhole would pull it , and everything associated with that thought ; which would be the entire person , into its center? My imagination says theres one person who can escape the blackhole.
Mgl 1206
Mgl 1206 - 18 dagar sedan
Marcel Jones it’s a one way road, you can’t feel anything there. There would be a complete lack of existence where the black hole it because you won’t be able to register the ‘interaction’ but I doubt it will ‘drag’ the persons consciousness with it. (If my understanding of your statement is correct.
Prot - 21 dag sedan
The Plow Guys
The Plow Guys - 22 dagar sedan
Very good explanation of how light travels around a black hole. I actually understand it much better now.