IT CHAPTER TWO - Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

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Renee Alyce
Renee Alyce - 13 minuter sedan
Awesome Halloween costume idea 😂
DragonFangs - 15 minuter sedan
2:31 isn't he from SNL? He's Bill Hader right?
Roro a
Roro a - 19 minuter sedan
Ухухух... Интригует
Lil Buzz
Lil Buzz - 20 minuter sedan
Axotic Pianogtar
Axotic Pianogtar - 24 minuter sedan
I was always waiting for this trailer can’t wait to see the movie
Hunter Morgan
Hunter Morgan - 27 minuter sedan
RealPickleJuice - 40 minuter sedan
Bruh they all grown up!! 😀
anna silk
anna silk - 47 minuter sedan
she looks the the grandmother from the visit!
slimsoforeign - 52 minuter sedan
when you ask your classmate for chips but he just finished it 🤦‍♂️
NYChick101 - Timme sedan
That creepy run to the kitchen lol
Eba III - Timme sedan
The trailer could’ve been thirty seconds but they had to stare at each other for so long.
Shah Ayaz
Shah Ayaz - Timme sedan
When the old lady was attacking the women, it looked like a naked man. Like if you agree
Jack Hayman
Jack Hayman - Timme sedan
At the end he sounds like Winnie the pooh
Ayaan Mustafa
Ayaan Mustafa - Timme sedan
Producers: How creepy do you want to be
Grandma: yes
Haroon Khan
Haroon Khan - Timme sedan
Ahlam Matalkah
Ahlam Matalkah - Timme sedan
You don’t know how much I want to watch this movie but the problem is that I miss the old actors 😿😿
Plushie Studios
Plushie Studios - Timme sedan
Why is the grandma the most scariest part of the trailer
Tarah Ridge
Tarah Ridge - Timme sedan
khaled abdul jader
khaled abdul jader - Timme sedan
IT'S IT!!!!!
Blaze - Timme sedan
Yeet the old lady out the window
Bromie - Timme sedan
Mom : how's your test today?
Me : 1:11
Burak Kaya
Burak Kaya - Timme sedan
Burak Kaya
Burak Kaya - Timme sedan
Cici Grimaldo
Cici Grimaldo - Timme sedan
I'm too ready for this
Gacha life girl xxx Xxx
Gacha life girl xxx Xxx - Timme sedan
Is this real
Weatherman 315
Weatherman 315 - Timme sedan
1:12 when you go somewhere for a while and come back to see you forgot to charge your phone and it’s 1%
lilyrose mitchell
lilyrose mitchell - Timme sedan
If I had of known this would have a scary old lady in it, I wouldn't have watched it right before I go out to look after some! 😂😭👏🏽😳
PBF- Fredo
PBF- Fredo - Timme sedan
I thought pennywise just eats kids not grown ass adults
Patrick Meade
Patrick Meade - Timme sedan
This looks so bad.
Hisan Yusuff
Hisan Yusuff - Timme sedan
I look forward to this cuz I really loved the book minus the cheating.
logan kerr
logan kerr - Timme sedan
Pennywise vs The BEAST!!
Mileia Conner
Mileia Conner - 2 timmar sedan
Is it just me who thought that pennywise low key sounded like Winnie the pooh
Faze Lit
Faze Lit - 2 timmar sedan
She should have ran when she saw the Grannys chest
AriZSaM - 2 timmar sedan
This shit too funny 😂 I love the it movies it can be a little scary but most time it’s funny like what person gon be like I used to live here can I come in like that’s some white person shit
Ruby Layton
Ruby Layton - 2 timmar sedan
I don’t think it’s going to be better than chapter 1 because it has new people in chapter 2
Alma Brzek
Alma Brzek - 2 timmar sedan
Why the fuck was the old lady running around naked shes crazy
Lindsey Coleman
Lindsey Coleman - 2 timmar sedan
Jeopardyhost: what would a burglar not wanna see
Focus videos
Focus videos - 2 timmar sedan
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Muhammad Ashhad
Muhammad Ashhad - 2 timmar sedan
I was know that he will be back 🤦🏻
Awesome Gaming25
Awesome Gaming25 - 2 timmar sedan
Like the film is gonna be fine not scary the scariest scene is Naked Grandma like I acctually freaked when Naked Grandma came on

And is anyone else getting Avengers Endgame vibes at the loser club Reunion
YUKO NGUYEN - 2 timmar sedan
I wanna see
Ruined Jason
Ruined Jason - 2 timmar sedan
IT vs. Joker
Jacob Mejia
Jacob Mejia - 2 timmar sedan
1:12 very creepy but still want to see moive
All these racks give me a boner
Great first I feared clowns and now I fear *Grandmas*
Not Justin Y.
Not Justin Y. - 2 timmar sedan
Can someone tell me what the tea turned into, because I saw Beverly gag
Jack Campbell
Jack Campbell - 2 timmar sedan
I rele hope this one sticks the landing. After finally finishing the book I’m not as much of a fan of the first movie. Too many jump scares and unnecessary loud music whenever something creepy is on screen. Fingers crossed fuckers
It’s LeiLei
It’s LeiLei - 2 timmar sedan
*okay but is no one talking about how much pennywise sounded like Winnie the Pooh that SENT ME 😂*
GOLD YT - 2 timmar sedan
Carlos Stuard jimenez
Carlos Stuard jimenez - 2 timmar sedan
La creta que miedo xdxd
UltraGamer - 3 timmar sedan
When I saw that old lady running naked, my reaction: *WHAT TF*
SealAngel - 3 timmar sedan
KatOf X
KatOf X - 3 timmar sedan
This is such a good scene in the books
Amo Dub
Amo Dub - 3 timmar sedan
When you just completed watching every part of Michael Jackson dance 1:58
kristine - 3 timmar sedan
lowkey got hereditary vibes
FIRE RED - 3 timmar sedan
Whinnypenis is back

Oops thats pennywise
I need another joker dance
Bloodsaber64 - 3 timmar sedan
1:11 grama
wat r u doin
sweet sweety
sweet sweety - 3 timmar sedan
waiting for this movie for so longg..finaly the wait will over soon
Exotic Moe
Exotic Moe - 3 timmar sedan
Grandma kinda looks like a crack head 😂
Montysingh जादौन
Montysingh जादौन - 3 timmar sedan
I just now watched IT-CHAPTER-1
and after watching this Trailer i sure gonna watch h this too👌👌👌👌👌
jeanny bae
jeanny bae - 3 timmar sedan
Remember the game Angry Gran run ? Hahahhaa
Sai Ganesh
Sai Ganesh - 3 timmar sedan
Get ReaDy To Scare #IT2 On SEP6TH 😎 !
Shy - 3 timmar sedan
Anybody Else Feel Like The Old Lady Part Is At The End?
This Is My Theory, They Get Rid Of PennyWise And The Rest Of The Loser's Club Goes Home But Beverly Stays Back So She Can See What Her Old House Has Become, And then PennyWise Shows Up And He's Back. But If You've Read The Novel Then I Doubt it 😂
Mustapha cormeh
Mustapha cormeh - 3 timmar sedan
He sounds like winnie the pooh
Jim Stan
Jim Stan - 3 timmar sedan
Steve Harvey Family Feud. That guy that said "Naked Grandma". He was right.
BeHero7 - 3 timmar sedan
Girl: hey grandma drink dis bleach
Grandma: ok *drinks
Granda: im the grudge
Pilcrow - 3 timmar sedan
At the start when she opens the door it's actually Pennywise's voice
Just Here
Just Here - 4 timmar sedan
Me: *sees that Georgie has both of his hands at **2:25*
*I'm TriGGeReD*
Наташа Белоконь
Русиш пипл?
iKonik Boi
iKonik Boi - 4 timmar sedan
This is IT chief
iiStar _ Light
iiStar _ Light - 4 timmar sedan
Round 2
arpit goyal
arpit goyal - 4 timmar sedan
The best!!!
Adam :D
Adam :D - 4 timmar sedan
2:46 me when i find the last cookie in the box
Syam Viper
Syam Viper - 4 timmar sedan
iam witing.........
Egg -Kun
Egg -Kun - 4 timmar sedan
Fuckitty Spaghetti
James W
James W - 4 timmar sedan
2:47 F**k me! The years have not been kind to Winnie the Pooh.
Tori Walthers
Tori Walthers - 4 timmar sedan
I ain’t gonna lie this hurt my stomach 😂😂😂 I can’t wait to see it
Jackson - 4 timmar sedan
Comment section:
99% about naked old ladies
1% about movie
Leopard Gamer star
Leopard Gamer star - 5 timmar sedan
Does the girl survive?

One like one slap to the clown
Who bettter girl or Georgie
Georgie comment like girl
Mörten Märtha
Mörten Märtha - 5 timmar sedan
Me: cheats on a test
Teacher: 2:46
Me: 1:12
Karla & Savannah
Karla & Savannah - 5 timmar sedan
2:15 me when my friends steal my lunch at school
coco fun
coco fun - 5 timmar sedan
When you opened a pack of chips in the classroom
Your friend 2:47
memetastic memecastic
memetastic memecastic - 5 timmar sedan
Why does pennywises voice this time sound like wenny the pooh.
Stanley King
Stanley King - 5 timmar sedan
I see the grandmother from The Visit is still creeping people out 😕
Elena Andro
Elena Andro - 5 timmar sedan
Plot twist- It is actually a pedophile child loving pervert who kidnaps children.
Silhouette Cthulu
Silhouette Cthulu - 5 timmar sedan
Grandma struting across the hall:
Bob Seger: "Just take those old records off the shelf"
Zeus9800 - 5 timmar sedan
2:15 when grand-ma isn’t taking her pills
Zesion D. Dragon
Zesion D. Dragon - 6 timmar sedan
Me(Before watching the trailer) I'm never going to Australia,
Spiders are my worst nightmare.
Granny: Hold my clothes.
Me: 1 ticket to Australia please.
wanderinggaming the horse
wanderinggaming the horse - 6 timmar sedan
And that is how IT collected the Infinity stone
shubham singh
shubham singh - 6 timmar sedan
Oo shitt😨
king A
king A - 6 timmar sedan
I think the granny is HowToBasic's daughter thats why she is naked
Like if you agree👍
gamekiller 6543
gamekiller 6543 - 6 timmar sedan
Did they have to give grandma a hicky for the mark on her chest
Raw Mesh
Raw Mesh - 6 timmar sedan
Claudia Lellean
Claudia Lellean - 6 timmar sedan
I want to watch this when it comes out
Error Hatake
Error Hatake - 6 timmar sedan
1:51 look at the fucking door
Umut - 6 timmar sedan
Damn. The moment when this old lady in the background looked around the corner and ran naked across the floor scared the shit out of me. God damn.
noshin anjum
noshin anjum - 6 timmar sedan
I knew it ! Old ladies are actually scary ar hell
Reshma Mohammed Rafique shaikh
Wooow can’t wait tooo seeee the other part of the movie 🎥 🍿 hope u got killed pennywise 🙅🏻‍♀️
Zuzka a Janka Zvierata zo safari
Daniel Clover
Daniel Clover - 7 timmar sedan
thank god, they are adults now
hen ko
hen ko - 7 timmar sedan
Is this a comedy or horror, lol