FORD v FERRARI | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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Eoin Keegan
Eoin Keegan - 10 minuter sedan
Nice for you to show the ford being built in America. When it was built in England.
Gerrardo-Barrios Espinosa
Gerrardo-Barrios Espinosa - 6 timmar sedan
Looks like an awful movie tbh.
Ethan 5.0
Ethan 5.0 - 22 minuter sedan
Thanks Gerardo
cmscms123456 - 7 timmar sedan
The movie as already been BANNED in Europe.
mike cafano
mike cafano - 12 timmar sedan
Wait, we have to make all characters women. Carol needs to be karen. Lee needs to be lay. Henry needs to be Hanna. Just to make the liberal left happy about gender equality!!!!
Pedro Manuel Silva Oliveros
Pedro Manuel Silva Oliveros - 13 timmar sedan
0:47 Of course he doesn't trust him an inch, he shorted 1.3 billion on housing market… duh
Dr. Know
Dr. Know - 16 timmar sedan
What... Hollywood is going to make a movie I might actually want to see? Impossible!
Fastball Films
Fastball Films - 21 timme sedan
Idk how I feel about Matt Damon not using the exams draw mr. Shelby had...
Tongue Punch
Tongue Punch - Dag sedan
Finally and non P.C. movies ill waste my money on. About f'n time.
Jeff Yow
Jeff Yow - Dag sedan
An my advice do not listen any gypsies.. I need gun an security...
Jeff Yow
Jeff Yow - Dag sedan
Still would like destroy Dollar an USA...
Jeff Yow
Jeff Yow - Dag sedan
Do not compere an not bit Ferrari with any China’s clinton agents... they gypsies that’s why understand gypsies destroy already Italy an Europe..
Dynasty 22
Dynasty 22 - Dag sedan
Today production cars have ridiculous horsepower but the GT was an engineering masterpiece for its time. That's why Henry Ford II had the reaction he did.
Judhisthir L
Judhisthir L - Dag sedan
I hate ferrari but i love its model bcoz i love ..........other car which is very precious
Cesar Abraham
Cesar Abraham - Dag sedan
Will be watching this movie for sure!
slickmet - Dag sedan
Batman, Jason Bourne and The Punisher!?!? Awwwwwwwwwright😎
Mike Fedele
Mike Fedele - Dag sedan
“Lee Iacocca Ford Motor”...😀
jermaineonealnumber7 - Dag sedan
Can't believe we gotta wait till November...
De Corn
De Corn - Dag sedan
It’s gonna be so many ppl running outside acting a fool in they cars when this movies over 75 north will be Le Mans, fords, Pontiac’s, chevys, dodges, Subaru’s, Honda’s, Mazda’s, nissans #greasemonkeynight
Spoderman - 2 dagar sedan
2.9k dislike the video cause they chevy fans & own a slowmaro or a crappy silverado that got beat by a ford lighting 😂
Spoderman - 2 dagar sedan
U know what ford said to chevy? "i don't recall"
Spoderman - 2 dagar sedan
Finally a racing movie & about shelby & ford count me in
odiamo tutti
odiamo tutti - 2 dagar sedan
Matt Damon
, Christian Bale & Jon Bernthal ... Can't wait 😍😍😍😍😍
HunterMcGinnis66 - 2 dagar sedan
Sinton Nison
Sinton Nison - 2 dagar sedan
1:28 no its not the first... first henrry ford was loving and supporting Adolf H
Nithin Mohan
Nithin Mohan - 2 dagar sedan
Me to dad before going to school : 2:02
After first day 2:13
Costas J.T.
Costas J.T. - 3 dagar sedan
And nobody could come up with a better name for the movie?
Dane Tabor
Dane Tabor - 3 dagar sedan
This would be a bit more niche, but if we got a Group-B movie that would be next level...
Vicky 12
Vicky 12 - 3 dagar sedan
Hey, nothing against the Ford GT 40, and not that I dislike a movie about the magic of cars that does not evolve around macho one-liners and their slow-mo crashes through skyscrapers... but really, the "American spirit outdoes European engineering"- cliché?! 🙄 I'm sure it's entertaining, well-played by Damon + Bale, just sounds and looks like the eversame nostalgic self-image of American Exceptionalism!🤷🏻‍♀️
Kevin King
Kevin King - 3 dagar sedan
I hope they got it right. One of my favorite stories in racing history
الاء محمود محمود
Khairul Anwar
Khairul Anwar - 3 dagar sedan
Next movie: Audi Quattro Vs Lancia 037 directed by Jeremy Clarkson
Peter Anthony
Peter Anthony - 4 dagar sedan
Now a movie about senna vs prost
Daniel D
Daniel D - 4 dagar sedan
I'm rewatching the 2019 24 Hours of Le Mans, and man, I cannot wait for this movie.
Mats Hansen
Mats Hansen - 4 dagar sedan
im crying of joy im so happy thay made this in to a movie
60s 70s
60s 70s - 4 dagar sedan
Sometimes I just forget that Christian bale is actually British
60s 70s
60s 70s - 4 dagar sedan
"I have to return some videotapes"
60s 70s
60s 70s - 4 dagar sedan
Let's see paul Allen's Ferrari
60s 70s
60s 70s - 4 dagar sedan
Oml Christian Bale's British accent is so smooth
Tenille Johnson
Tenille Johnson - 2 dagar sedan
He’s literally British
Michele Mitchell
Michele Mitchell - 4 dagar sedan
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Matthew Haverkamp
Matthew Haverkamp - 5 dagar sedan
Rest in peace Lee Iacocca
Billy Bob
Billy Bob - 5 dagar sedan
If you don't see this movie, you're clearly NOT a car guy. lol
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash - 5 dagar sedan
Oooo this will be interesting!!
MonkeyMechanic01 - 5 dagar sedan
2:03 I cant keep a straight face and watch this🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Justin M
Justin M - 5 dagar sedan
Spoiler, Ford wins...a few times.
anonymousMarine - 5 dagar sedan
Thought that was Jim Caviezel not Bale
zc 1235832
zc 1235832 - 5 dagar sedan
Why dat kid be lookin like a little tom holland
飞哥 - 5 dagar sedan
Tom Beattie
Tom Beattie - 5 dagar sedan
🎶 It's just a shot away! 🎶
Round_Lake - 5 dagar sedan
The hype is beond and above for this movie!
Azuka Yuukanna
Azuka Yuukanna - 5 dagar sedan
Next : Lamborghini v ferrari